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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza tells Tad about Hillary Wilson being Damon’s mother. Damon tells Colby that Tad thinks that he is playing everyone. Colby asks if he is. Marissa and A.J. spend time with J.R. J.R. wants to go home, but Marissa insists that he is not strong enough yet. At the Chandler mansion, David watches Annie and Adam from the tunnel. Adam searches around the room for his medication, but cannot seem to find it. Brooke comes into the living room to check on Adam. Adam insists he can take care of himself but finally admits that he has forgotten where he put his pills. Brooke finds the bottle and gives it to him. Annie brings in champagne and oysters, but finds Adam gone and only Brooke there. Annie asks Brooke to move back to the Valley Inn. Greenlee lashes out at Ryan for David leaving town and her not knowing where he is. When Ryan gives her a hug, she pushes him away. Annie calls Ryan to come and pick up Emma so that she can spends some time alone with Adam. Opal arrives at the P.D. right before Damon’s hearing. Opal finds out that Hillary Wilson is Damon’s mother. At Fusion, when Greenlee finds out that Randi planned a photo shoot at the castle, she is against the idea. Ryan tells Jesse about his talk with Greenlee and they come up with an alternate plan to catch David. When Annie tells Adam that she asked Brooke to move back to the Valley Inn, he gets quite upset and orders Annie apologize to Brooke and ask her to come back. Adam takes a drink on top of his recent medication.

Greenlee and Madison discuss the photo shoot. Damon has his day in court. Colby questions Damon about his mom. Annie tells Adam that Brooke is already gone. Adam and Annie go call her and ask her to return. David sneaks out and steals food off the tray. When he hears the front door open, he puts the bunch of grapes in his mouth and runs back to his hiding place. Emma comes into the living room and takes one of the grapes. Annie comes in and tells Emma that she will ruin her dinner. Emma insists that she only had one grape, leaving Annie to wonder what happened to the rest of the food. Marissa tells Brooke about J.R.'s condition. J.R. sees Brooke and wants to talk to her. J.R. finds out that Annie asked Brooke to move out. Brooke gets a call asking her to come back to the Chandler mansion. J.R. insists that she move back to save his dad from Annie's clutches. Damon gets probation and community service as long as an adult supervises him. Tad agrees. Damon thanks Tad for his help. As Adam has a heart attack, David comes out of hiding and remarks that he's a dead man.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Carly and Jack discuss how this might confuse the kids if they tell them now about Janet’s baby until they know who the father is. Carly seems to think it is cut and dried. Janet loves Dusty and he loves her. Jack says that could all change if he turns out to be Janet’s baby dad. The lab technician tells Janet that she seems to be about 5 weeks pregnant so they all know that it has to be Jack’s baby. Janet says she will tell Liberty and make her understand this baby is not just a bone marrow donor. Carly waits for the phone call but Jack shows up in person. They make love and he tells Carly that he will always be there for Janet and the baby, but he loves her and will be with her. Dusty tries to reject taking back the ring, but Janet insists. He still wants to marry her; the baby doesn’t change anything. Carly barges in and tells Janet so the baby is Jack’s, but he loves her and Janet better get used to Carly’s face as she is always going to be around to help Liberty.

Henry and Barbara have another one of their exhausting escapades and make plans for a later encore. He gets off the elevator and comes face to face with Vienna. She won’t let Henry escape her. She tells him how foolish she was to leave him again, but she is back for that good side of him now that she knows he gave the Stenbeck money to the hospital. Coming down the hallway, Barbara spies Vienna kissing Henry and assumes the worst. Everywhere he turns, Reid seems to find Luke popping up. Reid finally dispels any notion that he is homophobic by confessing to Luke that he too is gay. He is not in the closet or ashamed of that yet doesn’t feel the need to spread the word to everybody he meets. Luke offers his private plane to help get Reid back to Dallas quicker, but Reid nixes that idea since it is a favor from Luke and he has no intention of bonding with him. Dusty tells Jack that although Jack is the father of the baby he is going to be there for Janet so Jack can be free to be with Carly.

Carly brings Jack breakfast to the police station, but although, he thanks her for it, he tells her that he has some things to do before he goes to meet Janet to be there for her for her sonogram. Jack tells Carly that this may be his child and he is going to be there for Janet. Jack lets Carly know that his marriage to Janet is over. Dusty visits Janet and notices that she is looking at the ring. Janet lets Dusty know that she had talked to Liberty and she had sounded weaker. Barbara asks Henry if he was telling Katie about them, what would he say. Henry tells Barbara that she is a remarkable woman. Vienna looks at a pic of Henry and tells him that she will see him soon. Katie gives Reid a pair of handcuffs to remind him of Oakdale. Reid says good-bye to Katie. Jack comes to the hospital for Janet’s sonogram. Janet wonders what he is doing here. Carly also arrives. Jack asks Carly to leave. The doctor calls Janet in for her sonogram. Reid gives Katie his beeper number. Katie promises to send him some pics of Jacob. Henry tells Barbara that he wants her and they make plans for later. Henry tells Barbara that the has to go to the diner. Vienna and Henry meet. Henry is surprised to see her. Vienna congratulates Henry on donating his fortune to the hospital. Henry wonders how Vienna had found out and Vienna tells him that Katie had called her. Luke interrupts Katie and Reid. Luke offers Reid the use of his jet to fly him and Noah to Dallas. Reid refuses. Carly and Barbara bump into each other and Barbara sees Carly’s designs and is very impressed, Barbara finds out that Carly and Jack are back together. Jack finds out that he is the father of Janet’s baby. Katie meets up with Henry and Vienna. They make plans for a celebration for the donation of the money to the hospital. Henry refuses to give the money to the hospital. Dusty refuses to take back his proposal. Jack lets Carly know that the baby is his. Carly visits Janet and promises to be there for her all the way. Henry calls Barbara and cancels their plans for the evening and the next day. Katie lets Reid know that he can stay in town because Henry donated the money to the hospital. Janet tells Dusty that she cannot marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Complete with little furry black ears, Cougar Jackie comes on to Owen. It distracts him long enough to stop thinking about Bridget. They make love and Jackie says she realizes that he could never betray her. She loves him and he is all hers. Nick and Bridget get romantic and vow not to look back. Steffy tells Oliver that the line has to be drawn. She is not going to sit on this video and let Brooke and the Logan’s take back over the company. This is her weapon and she is going to use it. He asks if there is anything he can do to change her mind and not use the video. She says whatever happens is worth it. She is sorry if Hope gets hurt, but she has to do this for her family.

Oliver says this is not cool. If she shows the video to Brooke, she could call her bluff and ruin a lot of good people’s marriages. He shot the video and he doesn’t want to be associated with that now. He gets that there’s a feud and she has been hurt, but this is not the way to solve it. Oliver is late for picking up Hope for their date so she starts to head home. Brooke asks her to please drop off some photo shoots to Taylor and Stephanie first. She walks out to the pool area and sees Oliver just as he is trying to persuade Steffy with a big kiss not to show the video to Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami continues to worry about what she did to Rafe, and if he is angry with her. Both EJ and Rafe urge Sami to focus on Sydney instead. Anna searches her hideout frantically for the boots she left behind. She finally locates them, but can’t get them into her bag and begins to panic, as she is already late for her flight. Later, Rafe finds out about the hideout being leased from month to month, and suspicious, goes to check it out. Daniel tells Victor about his being Melanie’s father, and Victor assures him that he won’t let Vivian hurt Melanie. Meanwhile, Vivian assures Carly that she will be satisfied, and won’t seek revenge--so long as Carly goes to prison. Carly decides to plead guilty to shooting Melanie. EJ offers Arianna a job. Brady proposes again, and this time, Arianna accepts. Chloe confides in Nicole about what is going on with Daniel and Carly. Nicole advises Chloe to keep Daniel on a short leash. Later, Daniel assures Chloe that all he cares about is planning their wedding, not Carly Manning.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claire tells Carly and Sonny that Michael had better appear in court. Carly says Michael is “backpacking and unreachable” enjoying spring break. Ethan frightens Kristina then he tells her he’s “not interested.” Kristina is embarrassed and mortified so she runs out of the casino. Luke isn’t happy with the way Ethan spoke to Kristina. Sam runs into Kristina at the Metro Court restaurant. Sam notices the mark on Kristina’s arm. Maxie asks Jason to check on Spinelli. Spinelli tells Jason he isn’t “manly enough” for Maxie. Bernie shows up on the island just in time to stop Michael from taking off. Lulu and Dante are interrupted yet again when they try to have some alone time. Claire wants Dante to track Michael down. Sonny asks Luke to talk Lulu out of “fielding Dante’s anger” at the trial. Kiefer lurks outside as Sam and Kristina get back to the house. Kristina tells Sam what happened with Ethan. Dante asks Sonny to bring Michael home and “let him tell the truth.” Lulu deals with an irate Kate. Maxie heads back to work but she clearly isn’t feeling well. Jason arrives just as Sonny seems about ready to tell Dante the truth. Sam tells Ethan to stay away from Kristina. Kiefer confronts Kristina for canceling out on him and hits her, knocking her to the ground.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

After Phyllis lets Nick know about Summer, he thanks her, but she wishes that she hadn’t. Victoria and Sharon discuss the possibility of Faith being alive. Ashley plays peek-a-boo with Faith and insists that she is hers. Billy lets Ashley know that Nick and Sharon may get lawyers to fight for Faith. Victor looks for Adam while Jack goes to check on Ashley. Jack walks into Ashley’s and finds her begging Robert not to go. Jack questions Ashley about the night that Faith was born and how Adam gave her medication to make her sleep. Victor assures Jack that Adam will pay for what he did to Ashley. A man lets Victor that they found a man’s body, but the helicopter cannot land. Victor gives Adam C.P.R. in order to revive him. Phyllis wonders what kind of woman would wish that her husband’s child wasn’t alive. Nick tries to console Phyllis and tells her that he wants to see his child. Phyllis agrees to go with him. Sharon has a dream about Cassie telling her that Faith is alive. Sharon, Nick, and Phyllis go to see Faith. Heather arrives at the hospital to take over Adam’s case. Adam tells her to just take him on to jail because he doesn’t want to live without Sharon. J.T. vows to fight for full custody of Reed after his conversation with Victoria in which he had found out what the Newman family did to Adam. Ashley asks Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis to leave. Ashley makes plans to leave Genoa City with Faith.

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