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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone at the hospital is overjoyed that J.R. has awakened. Annie tells Angie that J.R. is awake and it is all due to her. Tad lies asleep in the chapel when Dixie runs her fingers through his hair. Tad is overjoyed to see her. Greenlee, Randi, and Madison are busy at work at Fusion when Jack comes to visit Greenlee. Greenlee tells Jack all about David being on the run and asks him to defend her husband. Jack refuses and says that David needs to pay for what he has done. To Jack’s dismay, he finds out that Greenlee helped David escape. Jack lets Greenlee know the dangers of helping David.  David visits Leo’s grave and talks to him about Greenlee. Marissa and Adam talk to J.R. about A.J. Dixie tells Tad that this is all a dream. J.R. asks to see A.J. Liza and Damon go over his testimony for court. Damon’s mom, Hillary calls him and tells him that she will not be coming to his arraignment. Liza finds out that Damon's mom is Hillary Wilson, who was once married to Tad. Annie arrives to see how J.R. is doing. Colby promises J.R. that she will get rid of Annie. Greenlee receives a call from David telling her to meet him at Leo’s grave. Greenlee comes to the cemetery and is approached by two police officers. David and Greenlee are reunited. Jack tells Ryan that Greenlee asked him to defend David. Jack encourages Ryan not to give up on Greenlee. Greenlee tells David that she asked Jack to represent him. Annie gets everyone’s attention by telling them how much she did for J.R., but doesn’t let them know that she was his bone marrow donor. Tad gives Damon some helpful advice on how to act when he gets in the courtroom. Liza tells Tad that Hillary is Damon’s mother. David hides out in the tunnels at the Chandler mansion. David watches Adam and Annie. Jesse and his officers find out that David was at the cemetery.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah gives Luke papers to nullify the his adoption by Damian and Lily because Reid is not charging him for the operation since he is getting money from a research grant. Noah tells Luke that Reid even got him a job at the hospital in Texas to help pay for his housing expenses. Luke and Noah say a tearful good-bye to each other. Luke has a heated confrontation with Reid because he is angry that he is taking Noah to Texas but later they both apologize to each other and Reid agrees that Luke should visit Noah in Texas.

Chris almost runs over Katie while she is trying to get Jacob to the hospital because she thinks the baby swallowed a button. Chris examines Jacob and tells Katie the baby is fine. Chris isn't happy to learn that Reid is working at the hospital since he can't stand Reid because he stole a fellowship from him in medical school. Chris also reveals to Henry that Reid is gay and Henry is upset with Katie because she knew and didn't tell him about it. Henry is so upset that he forgets that he wanted to tell Katie that he and Barbara are a couple. Kim sees Barbara and Henry kissing and she is the first to learn about their relationship. Barbara is surprised when Kim tells her that she should go for it with Henry if he makes her happy. Bob asks Reid to stay at Memorial but he says no and Kim is surprised when Bob tells her that he wanted to train Reid so that he can take over some of his responsibilities at the hospital. Bob and Kim are thrilled when Chris tells them he is staying in town for a while but he isn't ready to work at the hospital yet.

Barbara tries to help Henry get used to his life of luxury but he still thinks he should put his fortune to better use. Katie calls Vienna and tells her that Henry is a changed man he just needs guidance on how to spend his fortune the right way. Vienna returns to Oakdale hoping to reclaim her relationship with Henry and she heads upstairs to his room unaware that Barbara is with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke thinks Hope has that certain glow and wonders if she has a boyfriend and she is the last to know. Oliver calls and wants to know if they are still on for tonight. Owen pampers Jackie with red wine and rose petals in the bath, but he can’t keep his guilty mind off of Bridget. Nick and Bridget settle into Paradise and she insists they need to talk about the situation of losing the baby so they can get past it. Oliver returns to the Forrester pool area and accuses Steffy of e-mailing the video from his phone to herself. He wants to know what she intends to do with it now. She savors the thought that this will do major damage to the one person she wants it to hurt – Brooke. This is her bargaining chip to help her dad get rid of the Logan’s within the company. Oliver asks her not to do it and she asks who is going to stop her?

With Nick out of the room to retrieve Bridget another gift, she calls Owen to let him know that she and Nick are starting over. She is glad he and Jackie are doing well too. No one will ever know their little secret. Nick returns with a guitar he borrowed at the desk. He can serenade her with it or she can crack him over the head with it. He tells her their marriages are a test and they just need to keep their game face on. She tells him that she is so blessed with what they have. As Jackie gathers and lights more candles for their bath, Owen remembers the candles on the altar that he and Bridget built. He tells Jackie there is no one else in this world that he wants except her. Oliver doesn’t want to be the cause of anymore trouble with Bridget and Nick and Aggie. Steffy argues that she has stood by for years watching the Logan’s take over and brush the Forrester’s aside. So she is going to use this against Brooke to get her away from her family. He tells her when she drags someone into the mud, you are still in the mud yourself. He’s asking her to give up this notion; do it for him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe comes to visit Nicole in prison to tell her about Sydney’s return. Nicole struggles to remember something more about the kidnapping. EJ confides in Anna that he has further plans to punish Sami. Anna, who has collected her money, prepares to leave town, but accidentally leaves the boots she used in the kidnapping behind. Rafe works on finding out who kidnapped Sydney, and discovers that the kidnapper was contacting EJ from a wooded area near town. Daniel comes to talk to Maggie about Melanie, but learns that an auto-immune disorder Maggie is suffering from is acting up, causing tremors and temporary paralysis in her hand. Maggie goes to see a neurologist at Daniel’s urging, and has her medication adjusted. She tells a worried Melanie what is going on with her. Brady and Arianna speak to Sami and Rafe, respectively, and Brady and Arianna urge them both to spend more time together, as they’re both close to finding happiness with each other. Brady later decides to try to propose to Arianna again.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Max and Milo try to occupy Michael’s time on the island. Alexis lets it be known to Sonny that she’s suspicious of him sending Michael out of the country. Alexis thinks Michael “saw something he shouldn’t have” the night Claudia died. Patrick thinks Lisa “managed to get the elevator stuck” so she could get him alone. She denies the accusation and the two spend their time chatting. Carly is uncooperative when Dante asks her about where Michael is and what he knows. Mac comes to GH to check on Maxie and isn’t happy to hear that she could possibly have pneumonia. Mac takes his anger out on Spinelli and warns Maxie to cut him loose. Spinelli tells Maxie he “made it all up” about the chef being a serial killer so they could “solve a mystery together” and he could be her “hero.” Spinelli says his plan was “stupid and dangerous” then comes clean that he didn’t text Johnny with their location. Kristina gets all dolled up, then calls Kiefer and cancels their date. Molly helps Kristina get an email to Ethan saying his date cancelled on him. Carly listens as Dante tells Claire the case is solid without Michael’s testimony. Claire thinks Dante could “compromise” her case. Michael hatches another scheme to escape the island by getting some women to occupy Max and Milo. Lulu takes Dante to look at an apartment. Sonny is happy when Carly says she overheard Dante tell Claire that they don’t need Michael’s testimony. Sonny tells Carly he’s considering telling Dante “the truth.” Michael sneaks off while Max and Milo are occupied. Claire gives Sonny and Carly a subpoena for Michael. Kristina goes to the casino to see Ethan. Meanwhile, Kiefer comes to the house in a rage looking for Kristina. When Ethan grabs her arm to escort her out of the casino, Kristina gets visibly shaken up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kim and Clint find a way to get their wedding underway. Kevin is alone without Kelly. Todd asks Kelly to work with him at the Sun and there is question that maybe the two of them might hook up. Dorian attempts to convince Viki not to divorce Charlie and give him another chance. But she does not listen. There's a big battle for custody of baby Sierra. Eli first grants Gigi temporary custody. But Tea "trumps his ace" and get Schuyler cleared to take her home. Yet Rex and Gigi are not going to give up the fight to get full custody and take her from Schuyler regardless. Meanwhile, Greg and Rachel argue about her belief that Schuyler should be absolved for stealing the drug and his belief that he can't get away with it. And it looks like they are going to break up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Everyone is assembled at the cabin. The charges are read against Adam and he is found guilty by everyone but Sharon, who abstains. Nick reminds Sharon of all that Adam did to her. Adam cries out to Sharon when Nick grabs him. Adam offers to find Sharon’s baby himself when Phyllis walks in and tells the group that Adam won’t have to look far for the baby. Phyllis gives Ashley the letter that Dr. Taylor wrote on his way to the hospital right before he died. Ashley doesn’t believe what she is reading, thinking that it is all a lie. Ashley insists that she gave birth but then begins to remember the night of the storm and falling down the stairs. Ashley begins to tell everyone what happened that night. Adam insists that he helped deliver Faith. Sharon begins to believe that Faith is hers and Nick’s. Phyllis tells everyone that Faith is Nick and Sharon’s baby. Ashley insists to Sharon that Faith is not her child. Billy and Jack asks for a D.N.A. test on Faith. Phyllis comes home and tells Michael that she almost destroyed the letter, but he stopped her. Victor tells everyone to go home. Nikki asks Sharon to come and stay with her and Victor. Nick comes home to Phyllis and finds them playing cards. Nick and Phyllis make plans to let Nikki take care of Summer. Victoria reads up on “Hysterical Pregnancy.” Sharon insists that Faith is her baby. Ashley tells Billy that Faith is hers.

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