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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. begins to go into shock with his family watching, frantically. Everyone begins to panic. J.R. visits heaven and once again talks to Dixie, who encourages him to go back home. J.R. insists that he doesn’t want to go home. Annie watches the family. Brooke sees Annie. Adam offers to go talk to Annie, but Brooke insists on letting her go. Brooke helps Annie back to her room, and they have a heart to heart talk about Adam. Brooke lets Annie know that she knows that she is J.R.’s donor. Tad senses Dixie is near and goes to the chapel. Jesse joins him. Tad asks Jesse if he is going crazy. Angie lets the family know that J.R. went into shock and encourages Marissa to talk to him. Brooke tells Annie what happened to J.R. and she begins to blame herself. Dixie tells J.R. to listen to his family when they talk to him. Angie offers encouragement to Marissa about J.R. Scott talks to J.R. about his childhood. Colby goes in and also talks to J.R. Adam encourages Tad not to say good-bye to J.R. Colby is home with Damon and thanks him for his help. Liza comes looking for Colby and takes her back to the hospital. Tad talks to J.R. and also to Dixie to get her to send J.R. home. Adam and A.J. visit J.R. J.R. begins to cough and tries to awaken.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly arrives just in time to keep Damian from kidnapping Lily. Faith helps Holden to a curb to sit down. Faith lets Holden know what went down between Damian and Lily. An officer visits Luke to let him know that Holden escaped. Emma visits Meg at the psych hospital and brings her cookies and some pics of Eliza. Meg expresses her doubts that she will ever get out of here. Paul, Eliza and Emily are playing with a cell phone when Emily reads a news report that informs them of Holden's escape. Meg calls Emily and asks her to come to the psych hospital that she needs to talk to her. Meg and Lily wrestle as Damian watches. Damian tries to separate them. Molly manages to knock Damian to the ground. Damian hurriedly, gets up and tries to force Lily to leave with him. Luke finds Faith at the police station suffering from the side effects of the pills that she took .When Emily visits Meg, she asks her to be Eliza’s mother. Emily agrees almost instantly. Paul asks Emma questions about Meg, but Emma wonders why Paul is so interested in Meg since he was partly responsible for the trouble that Meg is in.

Holden catches up with Damian, Lily and Molly. An argument erupts. Damian locks Molly in a closet while Damian holds a gun on Lily and Holden. Damian threatens to kill Holden. Lily agrees to go with Damian if he means that it would save Holden’s life. Holden and Damian get into a fight which results in Lily getting hold of the gun. At home, Emily tells Paul that Meg wants Emily to be Eliza’s mother. Paul objects and hopes Emily said no. Paul decides to take Eliza to visit Meg. At the psych hospital, Meg refuses to see Eliza. Luke confronts Faith about being on drugs and demands to see what Faith took .The police arrive and arrest both Holden and Damian. Molly comes back to visit Holden before he is taken back to jail. Molly and Holden kiss. Holden lets Molly know that nothing has changed between him and Lily. Faith takes another one of the little white pills. Lily gives Damian back his wedding ring.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he will talk to Steffy and see if she won’t go easier on her. Brooke says she can handle herself; she just hopes Steffy doesn’t do something to her kids. Nick guides Bridget secretly to the jet. He thinks they can have a little snack on the tarmac. He’s going to whisk her away to some secret place where they don‘t have to deal with anyone else. She calls Brooke to let her know; their time to heal and she will never ever let Nick forget how much he loves him. Brooke gives Ridge a visual reminder of what the Brooke’s Bedroom Line looks like, incredible in red. She appreciates him standing up for her today at the meeting. His support meant a lot since Taylor and his mother is against her.

Steffy welcomes Oliver to her pool party for two and rifles through his backpack when he goes to change to his suit. She can’t wait to get her hands on his cell phone with the videos. She has a hard time accessing them and he catches her. She tries to lie her way out of it, but he leaves when he realizes what she really is up to. He even deletes the image completely from his phone. Ridge and Brooke disrobe and make love on the desk in his office. The door is unlocked and they are caught canoodling on the couch by Stephanie who shows her disdain at Brooke’s seduction games. After Stephanie leaves, they go back for seconds. Nick gives Bridget a toe massage and even kisses them. He wants them to get back to their true feelings. Steffy gets an e-mail from Oliver and somehow the video of Bridget and Owen is included. She exclaims that Bridget is just like her mother. Now what can she do with this?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ asks Sami if he can stay the night with her and the kids. Rafe reluctantly agrees. Rafe grills EJ about the kidnapping calls he received, and later takes Sami’s laptop and pulls EJ’s phone records to look for clues. Melanie confronts Stephanie about not delivering her letter to Nathan, and Stephanie lays into her for what she is doing to Philip. Cowed, Melanie later admits to herself that Stephanie is right, and that she doesn’t want to hurt Philip. Nathan confides in Maggie about Melanie, who advised him to move on, as Melanie is married. Later, Maggie passes out in her kitchen. Will gives Mia a St. Christopher medal and tells her he wants to date her exclusively. Mia, meanwhile, can’t get Chad off of her mind. Arianna turns down Brady’s marriage proposal, saying that she doesn’t feel grown up enough right now to get married. She tells Brady that she still wants to be with him, however.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick has flashes of Lisa in her underwear. He later informs her that nothing will ever happen between them. Spinelli and Maxie remained trapped for the night in the sewer. Michael tries to convince Sam and Jason to leave him on the island and return to Port Charles. Later, Michael sneaks off when Sam and Jason aren’t paying attention. Kristina goes to the casino to see Ethan, claiming to be doing a paper on “poker.” Ethan acts uninterested and gives Kristina a gentle but cold shoulder. Kristina overhears Ethan telling Luke that she needs to “mature” and he might be interested in her. Maxie starts to lose consciousness just as Johnny comes upon her and Spinelli. Johnny carries Maxie to safety and gets her to GH. Spinelli gets his injured leg checked out at GH. Alexis and Diane go head to head with Claire. Kristina models some “mature” outfits for Kiefer then picks something she thinks will impress Ethan. Tracy warns Lulu about Dante. Molly confides the truth about Michael in Diane. When Alexis catches them together, Diane covers for Molly. Jason catches Michael trying to take off in the speedboat. Ethan tells Luke he won’t be working with Johnny again. Lisa and Patrick get stuck on an elevator. Johnny tries to make Spinelli look like a hero by telling Maxie that Spinelli sent him a text with their location. Robin warns Maxie about her health. Max and Milo stop Michael from yet another escape attempt.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

A couple of Kim's pole dancer friends show up at the Buchanan mansion for Kim's wedding. Kevin warns Kim not to hurt Clint. Clint tells Bo & Nora about the wedding. Todd taunts Kevin about Kelly turning down his marriage proposal. Dani sees the two of them fighting. Todd tells her that he won't tell Tea or the school that Dani is skipping school if she spends the day with him. She decides to go back to school. Blair suspects that Todd and Kelly are becoming involved.

Charlie tells Dorian that Viki has asked for a divorce. Dorian encourages him to ask Viki for a second chance, but he says he is out of chances with Viki. Viki confides to Tea that Charlie shut her out when they needed each other most, and she doesn’t think their marriage will recover. Dorian goes to see Viki in Charlie's defense.

Rex admits that he has missed Gigi and wants to be with her. Greg informs Schuyler that the ethics charges against him were dropped. When Rachel is happy about that, Greg tells says he can't understand why she is defending an addict. She reminds him that she is a recovering addict, too. Sierra Rose is released from the hospital. Schuyler goes to pick her up but before he can take her home, Elijah comes in with a court order granting temporary custody to Gigi. Tea arrives at the hospital just in time to stop Gigi from taking Sierra Rose.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Adam wakes up and asks Sharon if she set him up. Sharon tells Adam not to blame her, that this was his doing. Nikki calls Victor to let him know that she is on her way to the cabin, but then she sees the article in “Restless Style” on Tucker McCall and decides to check on Katherine. Tucker sees the cover of “Restless Style” and instantly blames Katherine no matter what she says. Jill tells the person on the phone that she is proud of the article that she wrote on Tucker McCall. Adam finds out that the entire Newman family is behind him being here. Phyllis meets with Mrs. Harrison and with a lot of difficulty, finally gets the letter from her that was addressed to Phyllis Newman. Phyllis finds out that Ashley suffered a miscarriage and that Sharon’s baby is alive. Phyllis asks Michael to drive her to the cabin, but on the way changes her mind and wants to go home. Michael tries to talk Phyllis into doing the right thing and revealing the truth to everyone. Nick accuses Adam of selling the baby, but he denies it. Everyone pleads with Adam to tell them what happened to Sharon’s baby. Jill and Tucker have a confrontation over the article and find out that Katherine wasn’t behind the it. Katherine visits Jill and blasts her for running the article. Tucker deals with his troubles over the phone.

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