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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Krystal tries to comfort Marissa as they await word on J.R. Brooke confronts Adam about Annie being J.R.’s bone marrow donor. Brooke wants to tell J.R., but Adam makes her promise that she will keep quiet about it. Jesse catches up with Angie in the corridor and tells her about their search for David. Ryan lets Jake know that he is tracking Greenlee as they speak and she will lead them straight to David .Greenlee goes to see Erica and finds her tied up. Brooke tells Adam that Scott told her that he was having some problems with his heart. At the hospital in the corridor, David watches as the Chandler family console each other. From his tracking device, Ryan finds that Greenlee is at Erica’s. Erica offers Greenlee help in looking for the clue that David left her. Greenlee finds a note from David under the vase on the table. Greenlee denies having found anything. She places the key to the handcuffs in front of Erica and leaves. Ryan hides around the corner and watches Greenlee get in the elevator. David sneaks into Angie’s office and retrieves his passport and some money from the desk drawer with a false bottom. Ryan goes into Erica’s apartment and finds her tied up. Ryan finds out that Greenlee is with David at the hospital. Erica accompanies Ryan to the hospital. David and Greenlee meet in the chapel. She wants to go with him, but David promises her that he will be back. Ryan and Erica arrive and hear Greenlee talking to Jake instead of David. Jake visits Angie to discuss David’s whereabouts. J.R.’s doctor tells the Chandler family that they will soon begin the transplantation. Colby wants to thank the donor for J.R., but Adam stops her. Angie suggests to Jake that he take over the Chief of Staff position, but he refuses. Everyone stands vigil at the hospital until the bone marrow transplant begins. Colby, Tad, Adam, and Marissa each fantasize about what it will be like when J.R. fully recovers. David hides out alone in a dark room. J.R.'s throat becomes inflamed and he gags as everyone watches in horror.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig tells Ellis that he plans to return the money he is taking from Parker's trust fund with interest as soon as Monte Carlo begins to show a profit because he considers taking the money a loan not theft. Ellis worries that he and Craig will get caught and go to jail but Craig tells Ellis that won't happen if they do things the right way. Carly gets so excited when Craig shows her some of her designs as actual clothes that she wants to make the Monte Carlo Launch even bigger so she tells Craig to ask the investor for more money. Carly promises Craig that she won't allow her personal life to distract her from work so Craig agrees to get her more money from their investor.

Janet worries about Liberty when she calls to check on her and Parker informs her Liberty had a bad day today. Dusty tells Jack that there is a chance that the baby Janet is carrying could be his but they will know for sure when Janet has a sonogram. Dusty decides to buy a house for Janet to show her that whatever happens they can get married and have a wonderful life together. Janet tells Dusty she can't respond to his marriage proposal until things are more settled between her and Jack. Dusty tells Janet that the house is ready whenever she is and he will also wait on her as long as it takes until she is ready to be with him.

Damian tells Lily that they can have a happy life together away from Oakdale and everyone who turned her against him. Lily tries to persuade Damian that he should tell people he is alive and get Holden out of jail before they can be together but Damian doesn't think she is telling the truth. Faith interrupts Damian and Lily's talk so he ties her up and takes Lily away with plans to take her far away from Oakdale on a ship. Molly finds Faith and unties her and then Molly and Faith find an unconscious Holden and revive him. Holden wants to go after Damian but Molly promises Holden and faith that she will go after Damian and not allow anything to happen to Lily. Molly tells Faith to wait for the ambulance to take Holden to the hospital and to tell the police everything when they arrive. Lily tells Damian that she doesn't love him anymore and she wishes that he had really died. Damian gets angry and tells Lily once they are far away from Oakdale she will learn to love him or die alone. Molly arrives and gets on the ship just before it leaves and tells Damian she hopes she isn't interrupting an important conversation between him and Lily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver plays innocent as Steffy grills him about the couple in the picture. It looked like Bridget and Owen making love although they are married to other people and would not do that. She invites him over for a swim that night. She gloats to herself that while he is swimming, she will be looking at the video. Donna tries to sneak a lemon bar and Pam puts the spritz on Big Stuff. She’s even going to fumigate the place of all the Logan’s. Ridge tells Stephanie that he’s not going to be sucked into the turf war. Brooke wonders if he changed his mind and is dropping the Hope line or did someone else change it for him? All eventually agree that Hope will be busy her senior year and then interviewing colleges so her time at Forrester could be cut down a bit. Brooke is not happy when they discuss dropping the Bedroom Line. But she has Ridge’s ear and playfully convinces him to keep it for now. Stephanie and Taylor walk out of the meeting.

Nick pampers Bridget and tries to get her out of her funk. He tells her nothing from their past is worth tearing them apart. Steffy tells Brooke that she continues to be a thorn in her mom and grandmother’s side. Brooke tells her that she doesn’t want to battle her. She wants to love her. She thinks FC is big enough for both her and Hope. She warns Steffy that she can take whatever Steffy dishes out, but leave Hope alone. She better hear that. Steffy sighs aloud to herself, okay perhaps Hope is off limits but if she is right, it is the other daughter Brooke better worry about. She will get her hands on that video and prove it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie discovers that Nathan doesn’t know about the letter she wrote him, and figures out that Stephanie must not have given it to him. Stephanie confides in Lexie about what she has done. Lexie advises her that the truth comes out any time someone tries to keep a secret. Stephanie later panics when she thinks Nathan knows she hid the letter from him, but is relieved to discover that he doesn’t know anything about it. She decides to try to make sure that Nathan never finds out, despite Lexie’s warning. EJ threatens to throw Stefano out of the house after he and Kate learn that Sydney is home. Sami admits to Rafe that she knew about the ransom note. She is worried that Rafe is upset, but Rafe only seems to care that Sydney is home, and that she is safe. Later, he grows incensed when he overhears EJ asking Sami if he can spend the night with her. Brady proposes to Arianna at an out-of-town retreat, but she doesn’t accept.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie deals with the chef Spinelli is staking out. Carly doesn’t want Sonny sending Michael to the island. Dante wants Jason to “convince” Michael to talk to him about the night of Claudia’s murder. Patrick and Robin disagree about the time he spends at Jake’s. Kristina again witnesses Ethan with another woman. Dante and Lulu try to spend some quality alone time but Maxie interrupts. Kiefer says he has big plans for Kristina and he asks her to dress “super sexy.” Carly goes to Jason and tells him she doesn’t want Michael taken to the island. Carly reassures Michael that Sonny won’t go to prison. With Carly’s blessing, Michael heads to the island with Jason and Sam. Olivia tells Sonny she’s glad he wasn’t involved in Dante’s childhood because of his chosen profession. Robin seems uncomfortable with Lisa’s interactions with Patrick. Carly asks Lulu to ask Dante to “show sympathy for Sonny” when he testifies. Lulu tells Carly she can’t “help” with Sonny. Carly warns Lulu that Sonny will eventually “wear Dante down and the two will “connect.” Dante tells Ronnie they don’t need Michael’s testimony to win the case. Sonny is upset to find Ronnie in his home with Dante. Spinelli and Maxi continue their investigation of the chef but they end up in the sewer tunnels near the hotel. Somehow the two get trapped. Michael is resentful that everyone treats him like a child. Dante is clearly torn about using Michael against Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty does not have a chance to get around to telling John that she is pregnant. And she overhears him talking to Oliver about whether Oliver is ready to be a father. Oliver has mixed feelings about whether he wants to claim Sierra as his daughter if the test results confirm that she is. Clint tells Kim that he will not marry her nor raise the baby with her unless she signs the pre-nup. At first, she hasn't a clue what to do. But Stacy's ghost tells her she must find a way to sign it so she can raise Stacy's baby. Allison Perkins is spying upon both Bree and Shane and takes both of their pictures to give to Mitch.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe, Amber, Michael and Chance are together at the coffeehouse discussing Cane and his deportation. Chance lets Chloe know that he is going to further investigate the car which tried to hit Chance and Chloe. Chance calls the police station and has a check run on the license plate of the car. Lily and Neil are together at the Athletic Club. Neil offers to stay with Lily until she gets the results of her pet scan. Katherine comes to visit Cane at Immigration headquarters. Jill sits across the table from them. Katherine tries to offer encouragement to Cane. At the coffeehouse, Lauren sits alone when Daisy comes in and asks how she is feeling. Daisy offers to get her a cup of coffee which she laces with Liquid X. Michael comes in and joins Lauren. After talking to Michael a few moments, Lauren and Michael get up to leave, thus refusing the coffee. Daisy looks at the pic of Lauren and Paul kissing. Daisy writes Michael’s name on the outside of the envelope. Daniel stops by to see Lily and to see how she is doing. Jill lets Cane know how much she and Katherine love him. Cane tells Jill that he plans on escaping custody if Lily’s pet scan results come back bad. Chloe and Amber come by to see Cane before he leaves. Amber and Chloe offers Cane their help. Katherine meets Tucker at Jimmy’s bar to sign the final papers on Katherine getting back partial control of Chandler Enterprises. Katherine asks Tucker if he is going to double cross her over this deal. Paul, at home, thinks about the kiss between him and Lauren. Lauren and Michael visit Paul to let him know that Michael is going to check into Patty’s case. Paul asks Lauren why she got Michael involved. Jill tells Neil what Cane is planning. Lily starts back down the stairs and overhears Jill’s conversation with Neil.

Lily picks up her things and tells Jill and Neil that she is going to the Immigration office. Daniel offers to drive her. When Katherine confronts Tucker, he signs the papers giving her partial control of Chandler Enterprises. Katherine is reluctant to sign the papers. Michael tells Paul about the meeting with the judge about Patty. Michael gets a call and leaves. Lauren lets Paul know that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Paul suggests that Lauren see someone. Amber and Chloe fix some cookies for Cane. Chloe questions Chance about the license plate. Chloe lets Chance know that she is in love with him. Chance also tells Chloe that he loves her. Chloe wants to make love, but Chance puts her off until a better time. The bartender shows Tucker the new issue of “Restless Style” with him on the cover. Katherine takes the magazine from him and asks him if he thinks that she had anything to do with this.

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