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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam pours himself and Brooke a drink. Seeing the look in Brooke’s eyes, Adam asks her if she wants to know why he married Annie. Before the harvesting of her bone marrow, Annie panics and tells them to stop. Angie tries to relieve her worries. At Wildwind, Greenlee lashes out at Ryan for what he, Erica and Jake did to David. Ryan lets her know that he would do it all over again. Jake, Natalia and the police arrive, but David is nowhere to be found. David and Erica have a confrontation about how they both used each other. While Annie has an anxiety attack, Angie calls Adam and asks him to come to the hospital to calm his wife. David ties Erica up to a chair just like she did to him. Erica reminds David of all the things that he did to people in Pine Valley. Greenlee tries to tell Natalia what Ryan did to her when he took her to the castle. Erica urges David to turn himself in, but he wants the ten million dollars back that he invested in Fusion. Brooke and Scott look at his computer and realize that Annie has been Googling Brooke. Erica suggests that David leave the country and takes Greenlee with him. Greenlee tells Ryan that she will join David even if he sits alone on a beach.

David refuses Erica’s plan. Greenlee confronts both Natalia and Jesse at the police station. Adam tries his best to relieve Annie’s anxieties so that she will give J.R. her bone marrow. Annie is concerned that Adam will leave her for Brooke. Ryan lets Jake know that he put his phone in Greenlee's purse to act as a homing device, so she will lead them right to David. David calls Greenlee from Erica's phone so she knows where he is. He then asks her to remember the Valentine's Day gift he gave her. She asks him to be careful. Brooke arrives at the hospital and finds out that Annie is J.R.’s bone marrow donor. Greenlee walks in and sees Erica tied up to a chair then bursts out laughing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian presses Faith with subtle threats into making sure she gets Lily to a house outside of town. Faith concocts a story about going back to school and asks her mom to take her to her friend’s house. Faith says goodbye to her dad before she supposedly heads back to school still worried about if she is doing the right thing by keeping Damian’s secret. Molly goes to Faith’s school and learns a horrifying truth – that Damian was the one that picked Faith up. Holden is trying to delay being transferred to a different lockup, but the police officer isn’t interested in listening. Molly is able to get a moment with Holden before they take him away; she tells Holden about what she found out at Faith’s school. Holden is devastated, and now puts the pieces together about the trap Lily and Faith are walking into. Jack and Carly are relishing in their newfound freedom to be together; they are open and able to say I love you to one another, as they fall into bed with one another. They promise they will never let go of one another again. At this time, Janet is at the hospital trying to process the information that she is pregnant. She wants to believe that it is Jack’s and immediately wants to share her news with him. Dusty is not jumping on the bandwagon and wants her to consider the baby might be his, but she won’t hear of it because it is a gift for Liberty. Jack and Carly’s blissful moment is interrupted when Janet calls with her news, as Jack and Carly are overwrought. Jack has to go to talk with Janet, as Carly struggles to be ok with this. Jack, once downstairs however, races back to Carly to reassure her again with words and kisses promising that he loves her and this will not change anything – even though Carly is sure it will. Lily sees Faith’s reaction to a text by Damian and pushes her to admit to her about what is really going on. Faith breaks down and admits to Lily what is going on with Damian. Lily is upset that Faith didn’t tell them what Damian was doing. She calls the police, but the reception is bad; she decides that she is going to talk with Damian herself. Faith is worried about her going in alone, but Lily is sure the police are not far behind. Holden pleads with the officer to listen to him about his family being in trouble, but he won’t. Holden overtakes the officer and runs off with the help of Molly. Jack interrupts Dusty pleading with Janet to entertain the possibility the baby could be his, but she won't. Dusty doesn’t say anything to Jack about his belief and leaves them to talk. Janet assures Jack that she is just thankful for his gift and this changes nothing between them because she knows he loves Carly; they are still going to get an annulment. Dusty tells Teri about his feeling, but Teri is also unsure given the length of time since he was with Janet, but Dusty reminds her that Janet wasn’t feeling well for weeks. Dusty decides he needs to know who the father of the baby is. Sage figures out that Carly and Jack are back together, as Carly tries to downplay the reconciliation since it is complicated, but when Jack comes back, Sage can hardly contain herself. After she leaves, Jack is worried about Carly telling her the truth. Carly is frustrated that he sounded like he wanted her to lie, Jack quickly changes his tune explaining that is not what he wants; he wants her and to be a family again; he is just trying to digest all of this. They again reconfirm that they won’t let this affect their future, but when they hug they both look concerned independently. Dusty tries to get Janet to believe he could be the father, but Janet can’t let herself because the odds of helping Liberty are so much more with Jack’s baby. She is upset that he is pressuring her. Dusty won’t back down because she hasn’t been feeling well for weeks. Janet shoots back that Liberty has been sick and she was just stressed. Dusty continues to remind her that he loves her; he needs to know, as he pulls her in closely. Lily walks into the house calling out for Damian. Damian comes from behind her happy to see in his mind that ‘she has come back to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget silently relives the moment when Agnes fell in her home and they found out the baby was dead and then the intimate evening with Owen. Jackie and Owen stop by and Jackie offers her condolences while Owen and Bridget just stare guiltily at each other. Steffy and Stephanie share coffee at Insomnia. Stephanie tells her that she is very proud of Steffy and not just because she got the company back from Bill. Stephanie thinks it is a little delicate right now to go after Brooke since she just lost a grandchild….and she is still Ridge’s wife. It’s enough to have the company back without ruffling Brooke any more. Brooke comes over to Bridget’s and consoles her too. Nick tells Bridget that they just need to put all of this behind them and move forward. Oliver visits Agnes and advises her not to talk to Bridget anymore. If she needs someone to talk to about this, then choose him. She’s not ready for this to be over. She felt like she was part of a family. She doesn’t even know if she has a job anymore. She was important for a while and now she isn’t.

Owen finds Bridget alone and asks how she is. She states that she did not tell Nick the truth. She doesn’t like to deliberately lie to her husband. Owen reminds her that Nick and Jackie will never understand what happened, so they need to keep this as their little secret. It will be better for all concerned. They can all move on with their lives. Oliver goes back to Insomnia and is looking at the photos on his cell when Steffy walks up and asks what he is looking at. She teases him about his kiss with Hope. While she is getting a refill, Oliver plugs in his cell to show a large image on a screen and Steffy returns and sees it – Bridget and Owen making love. Nick tells Bridget they all need to forgive and forget everything in the past. Can she do that? She reflects on the evening with Owen and finally says if that is what Nick wants, then yes she can put it behind her. She tells Nick that he has no idea how much she loves him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and her family reunite with Sydney. Rafe later becomes incensed when he overhears Sami and EJ talking about how she knew about the ransom letter. Stephanie confides in Caroline about hiding the letter Melanie wanted her to give to Nathan. Nathan and Chloe both confront Carly over what she did to Melanie. Chloe late tries to convince Daniel that she is fine with him being Melanie’s father, but Daniel thinks she is upset. Melanie decides to give Daniel a chance and to get to know him, but vows to never forgive Carly. Nathan comes to visit Melanie in the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky informs Ethan that his visa is expired. Ethan denies working with Johnny but Lucky and Luke know better. Jason pulls a gun and a warning on Johnny. Jason tells Johnny to back off or he’ll be forced to “push back.” Elizabeth is against accepting Nikolas’ “financial security” for her kids. Liz makes it clear that she wants no part of a “future” with Nik. Sonny asks Dante not to “pressure” Michael. Dante is convinced that Michael witnessed Sonny kill Claudia. Sonny says he “hit” Claudia to save Carly but he didn’t intend on killing her. Carly sets up a meeting with Sonny at the hotel restaurant with all the trimmings. Jax is jealous with the “romantic” tone of the meeting. Lucky, Liz, and Nik have a group therapy session with Dr. Winters. Lucky is very open with his feelings. Tracy offers to divorce Luke and marry Ethan so he won’t be deported. Sonny tells Jason to take Michael to the island for the time being. Michael balks at the suggestion. Dante notices that Johnny is unusually protective of Michael. Maxie assists Spinelli with a stakeout. Liz tells Dr. Winters that she “wants” to be with Lucky. Meanwhile Lucky tells Nik he hopes the baby is Nik’s. As Jax watches from the bar, Carly meets with Sonny. Carly isn’t in agreement with Jason taking Michael to the island. Dante arrives at Jason’s just as he and Sam are about to take off with Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty is stunned to find out that she is pregnant by John. She does not know how to tell him and senses that he is "incomplete" about something. And right at the same time, John and Natalie declare that they still have feelings for each other even though they've both "moved on" since they were together. Gigi and Rex have Eli represent her while Tea represents Schuyler. They are ready to go to battle to get custody of baby Sierra. Oliver and Kyle realize that Oliver could be the father and Kyle demands that Oliver finds out and tells him that he knows he won't be able to let it go even if he says he can. Jessica goes to the high school to see Cristian while still living as a high school student. Clint tells Kim that he will only marry her if she signs a prenuptial agreement which is obviously the deal breaker for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Adam writes Sharon a letter that he will never stop fighting for her. Sharon meets with Victor to discuss Dr. Taylor and the things that he had done. Victor comforts Sharon about her baby. Victor tells Sharon that he and jack have a plan to find out the truth. Ashley tells Jack that there is a possibility that Sharon’s baby is alive. Jack tells Ashley that he and Victor have come up with their own plan to bring down Adam. Phyllis and Nick share a cozy moment. Victoria comes downstairs. Phyllis lets Victoria know that she doesn’t have to baby sit Summer, but Victoria insists on staying with Summer. Nick and Phyllis kiss. Rafe tells Billy that he and Ryan had gone away for the weekend. Billy gets a call and has to leave. Billy speaks to Heather as she walks in to meet with Rafe about Adam. Adam meets up with an old friend, who thanks him for what he had done. The friend asks Adam, “why him?” A little boy walks up and hugs Adam. Heather fills Rafe in on what Adam had been doing. Ashley cannot believe that Jack is teaming up with Victor to bring down Adam. They argue over the things that Adam had done. Billy walks in to join them. Sharon tells Victor that Adam would have lied to her like this. Victor hugs Sharon. Victoria remembers when she had kissed Billy. Victor comes to visit Nick and Phyllis just as they are about to go out to eat. Victor asks for Nick and Phyllis’ help. Billy finds out that Jack and Victor had teamed up together to trap Adam. Billy tells Jack and Ashley that he has a lawyer friend, who would be willing to help them. Billy calls Rafe to meet him to discuss Adam. Phyllis calls Heather to help out with their plan. Jack and Ashley tell Sharon about their plan. Ashley tells Sharon that she will do anything to help her get her daughter back.

Adam comes home and calls out for Sharon, but finds no one there. Billy meets with Rafe and tells him their plan for Adam. Phyllis meets with Heather, but Heather has her doubts about helping them. At the cabin, Sharon tells Nick about her feeling that their baby is still alive. The Newman’s forge forward with their plan to nab Adam. Adam finishes his letter to Sharon. Victoria and Billy meet up at the bar. Heather is reminded of her talk with Adam in which he had told her that he wasn’t gay. Nick tells Phyllis about Sharon’s baby possibly being alive. Adam and Sharon meet at the cabin. Adam lets Sharon know how much he loves her. Sharon, with tears coming down her cheeks, tells Adam that she is sorry just as someone knocks Adam unconscious.

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