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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Gayle demands to know the name of the technician that David bribed or she will shoot Erica. David refuses to tell Gayle, who the technician is. Erica pleads with David to tell Gayle what she wants to know. J.R. can’t believe that Dixie is forcing him to go back to earth and deal with his problems. Adam and Annie, at the Chandler mansion, discuss how that J.R. can never know that Annie is his bone marrow donor. Annie tells Adam that he doesn’t know how much she loves him. In the corridor of the hospital, tad imagines hearing someone singing in the chapel. He opens the door to the chapel, but finds no one there . Tad walks into the chapel and finds a songbook open to the song, “Abide With Me.” Tad realizes that this is the song that Dixie had always sung. J.R, is in isolation and he dreams of being in heaven with Dixie .Dixie accuses J.R. of always running away from his problems. Krystal interrupts Tad in the chapel and pulls him away for some lunch. Colby comes into the living room of the Chandler mansion and lashes out at Annie for going to a spa while J.R. is fighting for his life in the hospital. Adam walks in and defends Annie. Ryan urges Gayle to put the gun down. Erica and Gayle struggle with the gun and it accidentally goes off. Erica falls to the floor. Ryan and Gayle demands that David give them the name of the technician so that they can get Erica help. David finally gives in and gives them a phony name. When Ryan calls the number, they find that there is no one there by that name. David gives them another name and it turns out the man works there. Gayle demands that David sign the confession that will clear Gayle of all charges. Erica gets up out of the floor and lets David let know that he had been had in order to get his confession. Greenlee comes in and wants to know what is going on. David reveals everything to her. Greenlee lashes out at Gayle, Erica and Ryan for what they had done. Annie prepares to go to the hospital when Brooke comes in with her suitcase. Brooke lets Annie know that she is moving in. Liza arrives at Tad’s to help Damon with his case. At Tad’s home, Liza witnesses a tender moment between tad and Krystal. Dixie and J.R. have a reunion with Stuart. Dixie leaves J.R. alone. J.R. pounds on door for Dixie to come back. Annie on the operating table, has a dream that Adam leaves her for Brooke. Annie raises up and tells the doctors that she had changed her mind. Colby agrees to help Damon in his court hearing. Tad also agrees to help Damon. Liza questions Colby as to how Damon had helped her . Greenlee has a confrontation with Ryan. David confronts Erica in her apartment and promises to make her pay.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Craig borrows from Parker’s trust fund and tells Ellis that he worries too much. Parker drops by before going to Minneapolis and Craig gives him his debit card and promises to tell Jack and Carly that Parker no longer needs approval. Terry puts in her two cents that Janet should not have a baby with Jack as she may lose Dusty. Janet says she may have already. Carly admits to Jack that she wants him to tell Janet that he loves only Carly and she comes first. But she knows he can not do that, so she will have to be all right about a baby that could save Liberty’s life with its bone marrow. Out of the blue, Dusty shows up at the farm and tries to give Janet a huge diamond ring and wants to marry her. She faints in his arms. Craig questions Carly why she would want to be any part of another heart ache with Jack. A baby, no matter what way they make it, will always tie Jack to Janet. After Parker’s visit, Liberty calls Jack and begs him not to have a baby because of her; she won’t accept that, putting guilt on a tiny baby and bring him into the world just to have his bone marrow. She is going to start her other treatments and will win. Dusty suggests to Janet that she get unmarried. Liberty will be happier when she knows her mom is happy. Jack admits to Janet that he would do anything for Liberty, but he can not go along with bringing a baby into this world for that purpose. After soul-searching Janet agrees. She admits their marriage is over so he should seek an annulment and they can get on with their lives. Jack tells Carly that his marriage to Janet is over and she offered an annulment. Now they can be together if Carly still wants that. He tells Carly that she has been more than patient with him. They seal their fate with a kiss. The doctor gives congratulations to Janet and Dusty. They are going to have a baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Nick that what she did to him was inexcusable. Nick is beginning to get scared. She tells him that she loves him, but ran away because she did not want to feel anything. He asks her not to fight this. He can not get through this without her. She pleads that he needs so much better than her. He tells her there is no big reward for being good. Starting now, he is declaring an amnesty. From this moment forward what they have done to each other is irrelevant. He chooses life with her, the good and the bad. He hopes she can say the same thing about him. She says she will. Jackie tells Owen that Bridget is really torn apart. Owen says they have no right to judge her. Ridge suggests to Brooke that they put all of this behind them and plan on going to Paris this summer. She’s like him to clarify the “we” and isn’t terribly pleased when he says all the kids, R.J., Hope, Steffy and Thomas. Steffy talks Marcus into going to Insomnia instead of a classy restaurant. She gloats that she is ready to knock back and be rowdy. She spends all the time being obvious and gaping at Hope and Oliver. Oliver shows Hope a new electronic gadget he has that projects images on a laptop. Steffy watches as he kisses Hope. He bravely says he knows he wants “hope” in his future. Bridget and Nick agree they won’t go backwards; they won’t lose each other again. Oliver looks at photos stored on his cell and realizes he has a shot of Owen and Bridget making love at Owen’s beach house.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope confides in Justin that she loves Bo, but isn’t sure that she wants him back. Melanie accuses Bo of trying to get his girlfriend off and vows to make sure Carly pays for shooting her. Bo urges her to reconsider, trying to convince her that Vivian is dangerous, but Melanie doesn’t want to hear it. Hope tries to convince Philip that Vivian is a problem, and not to blame Bo, as he is just trying to protect Melanie. Later, Bo confides in Hope about how it didn’t go well with Melanie. She thinks a more impartial person ought to interview Melanie. Bo asks Hope to do it, and she agrees. Carly explains to Daniel that she didn’t want Bo to question Melanie, bust she thinks he is doing so in order to protect Melanie and get Vivian behind bars. Daniel seems to understand, but says that he is still angry with Carly. Later, he tells Melanie in private that he is her father. Justin offers to represent Carly. She thinks he is only doing so because her going to jail means that Bo and Hope would get back together. EJ calls Sami to tell her that the ransom was a hoax, and that Sydney is dead. Rafe notices her devastation and calls Will to get him to meet them at the pub. Anna accuses EJ of being cruel after hearing what he told Sami. He pays Anna off with a five million dollar check, claiming that Sami has paid for what she did, and that he plans on taking the children out of the country. Later, however, EJ brings Sydney to the pub and surprises Sami.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason worries that Franco is still out to get him. Carly wonders if the baby is in jeopardy. Claire tells Sonny she plans on sending him to prison with the “help” of Dante. Lucky confronts Johnny about his plans for Sonny. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie is more drawn to “dark” men like Johnny. Alexis tries to get settled into Diane’s office but she’s unhappy with the lack of space. Sonny insists to Dante that their “bond” was real. Lucky tells Jason he found Johnny at Jake’s “with an injured leg” and he’s certain it was John who tried to break into Bernie’s office. Jason wants to “push back” at Johnny but Lucky asks him to hold off. Luke warns Sonny about Johnny. Sonny agrees to protect Ethan, no matter what. Dante doesn’t want Michael to be “cross examined” by Claire. Michael doesn’t want Sonny to pay for his crime. Steven visits Elizabeth at Shady Brook. Jason tells Spinelli he may not be able to avoid dealing with Johnny. Sonny comes home to find Dante and Michael in a heated discussion.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica appears happy but has the mind of a teenager and is in love with Cristian as she was in her younger days. Layla encourages Brody not to give up. Clint affirms that he is there for Viki after she split from Charlie. But he is ready to marry Kim with the provisions of pre-nuptial agreement. She is very happy until she finds that out. And it seems to kill her entire plan of getting full custody of marrying him and raising Sierra Rose with him. Meanwhile, Rex asks Eli to represent Gigi and disqualify Schuyler as the father although he warns her and Rex it won't be easy. Rachel has Tea represent Schuyler and intend to save him from charges for stealing the oxytocin from the hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor sits alone at a table in the coffeehouse when Heather comes in to join him. Victor asks Heather about prosecuting Adam. Heather lets him know that her hands are tied when it comes to prosecuting Adam. Jack and Ashley discuss the possibility that Adam and Dr. Taylor was going to steal her baby, but had stolen Sharon’s instead. Jack tells Ashley that Sharon shouldn’t know about this. Sharon is busily packing to leave Adam as Adam pleads with her not to leave him. Adam denies everything that he had done to Ashley. Sharon remembers the night that her baby was born and that she had heard it cry. Sharon pleads with Adam to tell her where her baby is. Adam, once again, refuses to tell her anything. J.T. and Victoria discuss the meeting that they are going to have with their lawyers. At the coffeehouse, Michael and Kevin read over the letter that Jana had supposedly written to Kevin .Kevin doesn’t believe that Jana had written this letter. At Jimmy’s bar, Lauren and Paul sit together at a table all lovey-dovey. Lauren lets Paul know that she will always love him. Lauren wishes that she could make Paul’s life better. Daisy takes a pic of Lauren and Paul. Mac watches as she comes down the stairs. Mac asks Daisy to leave since Daisy isn’t 21. Lauren offers to take Paul home. Michael assures Kevin that they will find Jana. Daisy overhears Kevin making a phone call to the newspaper in which he wants to place a “Missing Person’s ad and offering a $50,000 reward for info on where Jana could be. Heather is reluctant to press charges against Adam. Sharon walks out on Adam. Adam remembers all the happy times that he had had with Sharon. Sharon comes home to Ashley’s and tells her what had happened with Adam. Sharon tells Ashley that she believes that her baby is alive. Ashley and Sharon vow to find out the truth. Jack and Victor meet to discuss Adam. J.T. and Victoria meet with their lawyers. At home, Lauren and Paul reminisce about happy times together, then kiss.

Lauren leaves Paul alone in his apartment. J.T. and Victoria argue over what is best for Reed. Daisy ruffs Jana up and tries to stuff Jana into a crate as she tells Jana that Kevin is once again looking for her. Jana tries to escape, but Daisy catches her and backs her into a corner. Heather brings Adam his pain killers. Heather confronts him as to what he is up to. Victor and Jack band together to bring down Adam, but has his conditions before he will help Victor. Jack demands to be made C.E.O of Jabot again. Lauren lets Michael know how much she loves him as she tells him what had happened with Paul. Lauren begs Michael to look into Patty’s case. Adam comes up with an alternating plan.

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