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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Erica tells Opal about her meeting with Greenlee who proposed that they work together at Fusion. Greenlee comes to visit Erica and asks her what is going to be. Jake meets Ryan to discuss their plan against David. David calls Gayle, but Amanda intercepts the call. Natalia stops David from leaving Wildwind. Annie lets Adam know that she is a partial match for J.R. Adam wants to go tell J.R., but Annie stops him. Brooke checks on Tad in the chapel. J.R. gets a visit from Dixie. J.R. visits heaven with Dixie. Tad relieves moments of Jamie’s and J.R.’s childhood. Adam and Annie meet with Angie about the bone marrow surgery. Annie comes up with a plan so that the rest of the Chandler family won’t realize what she is doing. Natalia tells David about all his unpaid parking tickets. Erica meets with Ryan and Jake about their plan against David. Jake enlists Amanda’s help in keeping Greenlee occupied so that they could trap David into confessing what he had done. Amanda agrees to help them. Jake and Gayle go over their plan against David . Jake gives Gayle a gun. Greenlee catches Erica with Ryan going over their plans. Gayle barges in on David and holds a gun on him. Gayle demands that David confess what he had done to her . Gayle threatens to kill David unless he signs a confession. Ryan walks in and witnesses the goings on. David begs Ryan for help, but Ryan refuses to help him. Gayle holds out a piece of paper for him to sign, but David refuses. Annie blasts Brooke for her interference in their lives and her arrival back in Pine Valley. Colby interrupts and begins to blast Annie by telling Annie that she doesn’t belong here and she needs to leave. Amanda detours Greenlee at the Confusion bar.

Erica walks in on Gayle, David and Ryan. David sees through their plan. Annie agrees to leave the hospital for a couple of days. Gayle grabs Erica and sticks the gun into Erica’s ribs and threatens to shoot Erica if David doesn’t sign the confession papers. Greenlee sees what Amanda is up to and hurries out of ConFusion. Amanda calls Jake and lets him know what is going on. Jake tells Amanda that he is on his way out the door now.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Damian is unable to talk to Lily because Molly arrives and he has to leave without talking to her. Lily is upset when Molly tells her that something is bothering Faith and Holden wants her (Molly) to talk to her. Lily confronts Holden and tells him to tell Molly to stop interfering in Faith's life. Holden tells Lily that he asked Molly to talk to Faith and find out what is bothering her. Lily is hurt that Holden thinks she can't connect with her daughter. Faith is ready to go tell the police that Damian is alive in order to get her father out of jail but Damian threatens to tell the police she had drugs in her possession at school. Damian orders Faith to help him get Lily alone some place private so they can talk. Lily tells Holden that she can contact Damian so that he can come out of hiding, but Holden won't allow Lily to put herself in danger.

Jack continues to be torn between his obligation to his family and his love for Carly while Janet tells Dusty she can't be with him because she has to concentrate on doing what she must do to save Liberty's life. Carly talks to her doctor and finds out that the best chance of finding a perfect bone marrow match for Liberty is for Jack and Janet to do in vitro fertilization. Janet objects to the procedure because she doesn't want to have to dispose of the remaining embryos but once she and Jack talk about it, she tells him she might consider it if they give the embryo that remain to another couple that needs them. Jack and Janet still can't figure out what they should do but both agree that they must make a decision very soon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy puts her dad on the spot by asking him to drop the Hope for the Future campaign. She needs that from him and it’s all the better if he says it in front of Brooke and Hope. After listening to both sides, Ridge says he knows what he has to do. He states that he loves Steffy, never question that. He will give Steffy more time here at the company, but he will not drive Hope away. Jackie tells Nick that he does not need a drink. He knows that; he needs his wife. And wherever she is, he hopes she is not alone. Hardly……. she is in Owen’s arms and they take it to the couch and make love. Both are disgusted and remorseful afterwards. Owen offers that they just got caught up in it all. It will never happen again and she should not tell Nick. They will both lose their marriages. Bridget returns Nick’s phone call and explains that she just needed some time alone, but she will be home shortly.

Steffy explains to Ridge that when he left Taylor, he left the entire family. Something was missing and maybe that is why she felt some connection with Bill and his history of abandonment. Ridge promises her they will have their private time here at the office, but he will not disappoint an impressionable teen-ager by kicking her out of the company. Steffy cries on his shoulder and says she feels that love. Owen returns home and Jackie tells him that Bridget lost the child and she can’t believe something so terrible happened. Bridget also returns home and Nick says he is so sorry that she lost something so precious tonight. She tells him that she went to the beach and there is something he should know. He says okay, but he has something to tell her too and asks if he can go first. He wants to be truthful to her as he knows how important that is to her. He pours out his love and how sorry he is that he wasn’t more forthcoming about Aggie. He invited her there to their house and ultimately she fell and lost the baby. He vows never to put Bridget in that position again. He will never disappoint her like that again. She hugs him and accepts this, but then says she has something to tell him where she was tonight and it’s going to be the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie wonders why Nathan cares enough about her to come visit her, and nearly brings up the topic of the letter she wrote him. Stephanie learns about the details of the shooting from Philip and rushes to the hospital to stop Melanie from telling Nathan about the letter. She gets there just in time, and Melanie figures out that the two were out of town together. She later asks Stephanie to destroy the letter she wrote to Nathan. Carly confides in Bo that she wants to go to jail so that she’s the only one punished for Lawrence’s death, but Bo wants her to fight for her daughter and for their future as a couple. Carly agrees to do so. Bo later takes Melanie’s statement, and Melanie tells him that Carly shot her on purpose. Daniel confronts Vivian about Melanie, warning her to stay away. Victor is furious to learn that Vivian made another attempt on Melanie’s life, but she is able to convince him that she has changed her mind about killing Melanie. Philip demands that Vivian move out before he allows Melanie to return home. Victor reluctantly agrees, but privately tells Vivian that she will be back soon.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas has Alexis set up “trusts” for Spenser and Elizabeth’s baby. Johnny manages to get away from Lucky unharmed. Claire pays Jason a visit and tells him he’ll be called to testify in Sonny’s trial. Lucky tells Dante about his experience and says he’s pretty sure the man in the mask was Johnny. Ronnie informs Lucky and Dante that they’ll be working together to eliminate the mob in Port Charles. Nik admits to Alexis that he hopes the baby is his. Carly is disturbed that Jax has no “regret for setting Sonny up.” Maxie tells Spinelli she feels sorry for Johnny. Coleman warns Johnny that Jake’s is “neutral territory.” Nik almost catches Helena as she orders the lab tech at GH to give her the paternity results first. Liz is surprised when Alexis tells her about Nik’s financial plans for her child. Carly finds a photo of Franco when she looks through the christening proofs. She immediately takes the photo to Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Charlie tries to get Viki back. But she tells him that things have gone too far and she wants a divorce. She's distraught about what happened to Jessica. Natalie appears to not be over John. Marty can see that. Dani get accused of stealing exam materials from a teacher's desk. Todd and Tea both get called to school. Matthew is going to take the rap for her. But she comes clean and admits she did it. Kelly tells Kevin they cannot get back together. Kim tells Clint that she wants to raise baby Sierra Rose and knows she can't do it as a single mom in her present situation. And she convinces him that neither Gigi nor Schuyler have the money or resources to raise her. She is able to successfully convince Clint to marry her so that the can raise Stacy's baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily tells Cane about her PET scan appointment. Lily asks Cane about Michael being his lawyer now. Lily tells Cane that she is going with Australia with him if he is deported. Patty dictates a chart, but doesn’t know all the words. Jack comes in to find Patty. He surprises her with roses and a garnet. Jack thanks Patty for bringing Kyle back into his life. Paul comes to see Patty (Emily) and tells her that he had talked to Dr. Stanley and she is being sent back to the psych hospital. Patty (Emily) urges him not to send her back . Paul suggests that he get permission to bring her home with him. Patty (Emily) tries to make Paul believe that she is really Emily and that Patty had drugged her and left her in this insane asylum. Daisy tells the person that she needs some more Liquid X and for them to meet her in the alley. Michael comes in. Daisy questions him about his trip and if he had found Jana. Michael lets her know that it wasn’t Jana. Lauren surprises him with hugs and kisses and completely ignores a customer, who comes into the store. Michael asks to see the pills that Lauren is taking for her headaches and even calls the doctor’s office to check on the pills. Michael gets a call to go to court. Daisy lets Michael know that she will take care of Lauren. Adam senses Victor is angry with him and wants to explain. Victor tells him to have a go at it. Ashley and Sharon read Skye’s diary. Ashley tells Sharon that she and Neil had gone to see Heather about Adam. Patty (Emily) tells Paul the colleges that she had gone to and her teachers. Paul is reluctant to believe her. Jack, Ashley and Sharon read Skye’s diary. Michael tells Lily that she cannot go into court with Cane. Patty (Emily) grabs Paul’s pen and cuts her finger until it bleeds so that Paul can test the DNA against his own. Paul, immediately, goes to see Emily (patty) and tells her what Patty had done while he was visiting her. Paul asks for Emily’s (Patty) help in getting Patty (Emily) home with him. Emily refuses. Patty goes to visit Emily and lets her know that she has once again taken over her case and will keep highly sedated. The judge rules to have Cane deported .Michael finds Lauren gone after Lauren had taken another one of the pills. Sharon arrives home to find Adam and Victor. Sharon lets Adam know that she is leaving him. Ashley and Jack go over the evidence and wonders if Sharon’s baby had really died.

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