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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wildwind, David makes a call to Gayle just as Greenlee comes home from an encounter with Erica. Greenlee gives David the good news that she may have reached a compromise with Erica. Jake stops by to see Ryan and finds out that Gayle is helping them to bring down David . David calls Gayle and asks if he can see her to talk to her. Tad sits beside J.R.’s hospital bed and regrets that he couldn’t’ have gotten Miguel here to help J.R. Angie asks Annie if she is going to be J.R.’s bone marrow donor since J.R. is deteriorating fast. David tries to apologize to Gayle for his remarks of her, but Gayle doesn’t entirely believe him. David asks where Gayle is and she tells him the castle. Greenlee brings in a plate of food. David asks Greenlee where Ryan had had her held. David gets on the computer to find the location of the castle. At the hospital, Brooke shows the Chandler family the website that she had organized to save J.R.’s life. Liza arrives at the hospital and gives Marissa the adoption papers that the adoption had gone through. Annie tells Angie her fears about being a bone marrow donor for J.R. Tad gets a call which may be good news for J.R. Annie notices the tender moments that Brooke and Adam are sharing. Tad tells Adam about the phone call he had received. Liza and Tad discuss Hillary and how that Damon reminds Tad of himself when he was a boy. Opal lays down some ground rules for Damon to follow while he is living here. David arrives at the castle and walks into the room previously occupied by Gayle. Ryan questions David as to what he is doing here. Jake brings Gayle home to stay with him and Amanda. Annie goes to visit J.R. in his hospital room.

David insists to Ryan that Greenlee is married to him now. Ryan insists that Greenlee will never love David. Jake tells Amanda to keep an eye on Gayle. Damon fixes Kathy’s toy. Damon lets Opal know about Stuart. Tad comforts Krystal when he sees her fall apart at the hospital. Scott tries to comfort Annie when Annie sees Adam with Brooke. Greenlee is doing some work at the Confusion bar when Ryan join her. Ryan congratulates her on her marriage. David walks in on Ryan and Greenlee. David and Greenlee leave together. Annie pretends to get a phone call with good news. Annie tells Annie that she is a partial match for J.R. Dixie appears to J.R.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke finds out from Noah that Maddie is moving away to go back to school. Luke suggest that Noah move back in with him, but Noah refuses. Katie and Reid arrive at the courthouse for his hearing before the judge. Katie sees Henry, sitting in one of the rooms. Henry vows to make Reid pay. Molly visits Holden at the police station. Molly tells Holden that Faith refuses to come to see him. Faith gets her further instructions from Damian. Faith comes home and Lily is thrilled to see her. They discuss Damian possibly being alive. Faith questions Lily if she is in love with Damian. Noah makes up excuses not to move back in with Luke. Noah tells Luke that he needs a friend not a lover. Bob and Kim prepare to go to Reid’s hearing .Katie tells Henry that this hearing has nothing to do with him. Henry holds up his sprained finger and blames it on Reid. Molly tells Holden that it means a lot to her that he trusts her. Lily tells Faith that they will figure out a way to get Holden out of jail. Damon starts to break into Lily’s house, but a security guard walks up. Bob and Kim arrive for the hearing for Reid. Henry stands up in court against Reid. Faith comes to see Holden. While she is there she gets a call from Damian, but she tells Lily and Holden that it is about school. Henry testifies against Reid. Reid and Katie hug as Reid is released to go home to Dallas.

Damian hides from Molly as Molly walks down the street. Faith is coming to meet Damian when she runs into Molly. Faith lies to Molly about the kind of test that she has to study for. Faith goes on to meet Damian. Henry lashes out at Reid for paying off the judge in order to be released. Holden lets Lily know that Damian is not the person that she thinks that he is. Molly visits Holden and tells him about Faith lying to her. Damian insists to Faith that he will protect Lily. Reid thanks Luke for his help and finds out that he is taking Noah back to Dallas with him in order to do his surgery. Luke is against this idea. Bob and Kim try to get Katie to get Henry to give James’ money to the hospital. Katie calls Vienna. Luke confronts Noah about going to Dallas with Reid. Faith comes up with a plan to get the security guard out of in front of Lily’s house so that Damian can sneak in to see Lily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy throws Brooke a satisfied glance when Ridge tells her that despite what she did, they are good. He just wants her to stay away from Bill Spencer now. He asks that she be a little more sensitive to Brooke. He will always be there for Steffy and she does not have to be in competition with Brooke. Steffy wants him to be proud of her and with Brooke she doesn’t feel like she fits into the equation. Taylor signs for her 25% of the stocks from the Forrester lawyer. Whip drops by and joins in on the joyous occasion. Nick continues to try and call and leaves messages for Bridget. She’s with Owen who is comforting her while she is blasting Nick for his attitude and what he has said in the past when they lost Nicole.

Nick laments to Jackie that he feels like he failed Bridget. It’s not like he didn’t know how important this was to Bridget. Bridget keeps knocking Nick for lying to her, and she apologizes over and over for dragging Owen into this as she is not his problem. Steffy questions Ridge why Hope is the hope of Forrester when she has not worked a day in her life. This is their place, not Hope or the Logan's. Taylor pops in to tell them that she is officially one of the owners now so Steffy runs her idea past her mom – drop the Hope line. She thinks they can think of something better. Brooke and Hope join the mix and that is just what is becomes….both sides bickering about dropping or keeping the Hope line. Bridget lights all the candles she can find and makes an altar and asks Owen to join her in prayers. Afterwards she cries and leans on Owen's shoulder. She initiates a kiss and he doesn’t pull away.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nathan and Stephanie return from their skiing trip, and Nathan learns that Melanie was shot. Daniel nearly tells Melanie that he is her father, but Philip interrupts. Chloe confronts Carly about Daniel, and Carly, thinking that Chloe knows everything, blurts out that Daniel is Melanie’s father. Chloe doesn’t believe it. Daniel interrupts the two, and furious, warns Carly not to tell another soul until he gets the chance to tell Melanie himself. He tries to explains things to Chloe, and hopes that things won’t change between them, but Chloe doesn’t see how things can remain the same now that he is a father. Rafe nearly sees the video of Sydney, but Sami is able to stop him. EJ calls, claiming that he dropped off the ransom money, and Sami heads over to the mansion at his request. Rafe is suspicious of Sami and whatever is going on between her and EJ. He confides in Carly about it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin pays Sonny a supportive visit but has trouble understanding how Sonny could shoot an unarmed man. Sonny does his best to explain his side of the story. Dante wakes up and regrets that he “fell asleep” on Lulu. Johnny asks Ethan’s to create a diversion so he (Johnny) can set fire to Bernie’s office. Olivia shows up unexpectedly at Dante’s room and worries about his recovery. Lulu heads off to give Dante time with Olivia. Dante tells Olivia he no longer feels the “connection” with her. Elizabeth tells Nikolas and Lucky not to be at the hospital during the paternity test. Kiefer makes a snide comment about Kristina’s wardrobe. Kristina says she needs only to please herself and nobody else. Sonny confronts Kristina about her attitude toward him. Luke worries what will happen if the baby turns out to be Lucky’s. Lucky says he and Liz don’t have a “future” no matter what. Robin offers Liz her support, and then drives her to GH for the paternity test. Helena pays the lab tech that retrieves the DNA sample for the paternity test. Kristina is unhappy when she sees Ethan with another woman. When Kristina tries to flirt with him, Ethan sets her straight. Patrick tells Sonny he’s knows the truth about Dante since Kate’s shooting. Patrick tells Sonny in no uncertain terms how he feels about the shooting of Dante. Sonny doesn’t appreciate being judged by Patrick. While Ethan keeps Bernie’s assistant occupied, Johnny heads to Bernie’s office wearing a mask. Lucky catches Johnny in the act and chases after him. The two of them end up shooting it out as Liz has her procedure done.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Marty advises Brody to back off Jessica and not try to make her remember him. Jessica goes to see Cristian and tells him she wants to get back what they had. She says she understands that for him it was a long time ago but explains that for her, it was yesterday. She has a tantrum when he tells her that he lives with Layla.

Gigi decides that she wants to raise her niece because Stacy would want her to do it. Stacy's apparition visits Kim and asks her to raise Sierra Rose. Kim finally goes to see the baby in the hospital and decides to keep her promise to Stacy. Clint buys Kim an expensive pair of boots to replace the ones she left for Stacy. Kim says she cannot accept the boots but asks Clint to marry her instead.

Todd goes to the church to make a million dollar donation and runs into Kelly. Kelly wonders what he is trying to make up for. He tells her about Dani and that he wants her to see the good in him. Kelly advises him that big donations will not make him a good person. Later, Kevin finds Kelly in the church and asks her to marry him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor ask Nick and Phyllis if they heard from Adam. Nick tells Victor about Skye’s diary. Ashley tells Neil that the lab called and there was blood on the cloth. When Adam comes home, Sharon confronts him about Skye’s diary. Adam tells Sharon that he visited his mother’s grave in Kansas. Billy recognizes the painting as a Simon Griffin because he knows his work. Billy and Jill agree to do a cover story on Tucker so that Katherine will get back Chancellor .Tucker asks Katherine to be his equal partner. Katherine offers to buy back the shares. Chance and Chloe discuss that Riggs didn’t commit suicide. Chloe suggests getting Sid involved in this. Chance feels that someone on the police force is dirty. Chance insists on not giving up. Sharon accuses Adam of being a liar and walks out on him. Chloe tells Billy to drop the story on Tucker for Katherine’s sake. Jill visits Katherine to tell her that she and Billy are doing a story on Tucker. Katherine begs Jill to kill the story. Jill, reluctantly, agrees. Jill tells Billy to kill the story on Tucker. Ashley comes to Heather for help in understanding Adam. Skye appears to Adam. Adam vows to fight for Sharon. Sharon visits the ranch and tells Nick, Victor and Phyllis that Adam is back. A car almost hits Chance and Chloe. Chance gets the license plate number. At “Restless Style” Jill orders Billy to run the story on Tucker. Katherine and Tucker hug.

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