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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan meets Liza at ConFusion to discuss her defending Gayle against David. Erica and Gayle eat breakfast together in her room at the castle. Greenlee brings David breakfast into the living room of Wildwind. At the hospital, Randi comes to visit Frankie. Frankie remembers him hitting his hand on the desk when he had realized that he had cost a man his life because of his negligence. Angie is in the hospital chapel when Jesse comes in to visit her. Angie lets Jesse know that she had made a mistake and it had cost a man his life. Tad finds Damon lying on a gurney in the corridor of the hospital. Damon lets Tad know that he had lost his job at the bar. Tad offers to buy Damon breakfast since he has no money. Tad asks Damon about his parents, but Damon is reluctant to talk about his parents. Frankie regrets not telling Angie about the man needing surgery sooner than he did and that the man had died. Randi notices Frankie’s hand and offers him a pain pill. Ryan brings Liza to the castle to take Gayle’s statement about David. Greenlee gets ready to go to work at Fusion. David warns Greenlee about Erica. Greenlee arrives at work at Fusion and only finds Madison there. At the hospital, Frankie lets Angie know that he is not letting her take the fall for what he had done. Angie assures him that things had been taken care of. David listens outside the door. David waits for Angie in her office, sitting in her chair. David shows Angie some pics that had been taken when she and Jesse had had their romantic afternoon. Greenlee and Madison realize that they know each other from boarding school. Randi comes in to join them. Greenlee is telling Randi and Madison some things to do when Erica comes in.

Angie calls David’s bluff and will not allow herself to be blackmailed. Tad has regrets that he hadn’t gone to get Miguel in California himself. Damon finds out that he is not a match for J.R. Ryan lets Liza know that David has to be stopped. Greenlee lets Erica know that she is no longer needed at Fusion. Greenlee and Erica argue over who will run Fusion. Liza finds out that Gayle’s testimony will not help put David behind bars. Greenlee suggests that she and Erica run Fusion together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Molly think that Damian faked his death because he wanted Holden to be blamed for his murder and the best way to do that was to provoke a fight with Holden at the docks and then kill someone so he could use the body and claim that Holden had killed him. Holden wants Lily to take the kids and go to Montega because Damian is going to come back to Oakdale for her. Lily refuses to leave because she is determined to help Holden prove his innocence even if he has to work with Molly to do it.

Damian shows up at Faith's boarding school pretending to be Holden and persuades her principal not to expel her because drugs were found in her locker. Faith wants to call the police and get Holden out of jail but Damian tells her that her family is in danger because his cousin who wants his company was the person who framed Holden for his murder. Damian asks Faith to help him keep her family safe and she agrees to go back to Oakdale and help him keep the family safe.

Craig tries his best to keep Carly from going to confront Janet but she does it anyway and after an emotional confrontation between Jack, Janet , Dusty, and Carly everyone finally learns the truth that Janet and Dusty slept together and Jack only got back together for Liberty's sake. Janet tells Jack she isn't sure what she feels for Dusty and Jack tells Janet that he loves Carly. Janet tells Jack she wants to get an annulment but she still wants to have a baby with him in order to save Liberty. Janet cries as she takes of her wedding ring while Carly sits in a hotel room waiting for Jack and eating a candy bar. Jack walks as he thinks things over and he also cries a little when he takes off his wedding ring.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge senses something is wrong. He knows Steffy is rubbing Brooke the wrong way since she got back the company, but that is all to the good and Brooke should not feel this way. Brooke says Steffy did not use her skills to get the company….she used her body with Spencer to get the deal. It’s time he knows that Steffy has been involved with Bill for a while. Bill is not the problem, Steffy is. She wants Ridge to stop this. Its dangerous games Steffy is playing and it needs to end. He thinks maybe it is just Katie stirring things up. Brooke tells Ridge that no, Steffy was the one who initiated this. Steffy walks in and Ridge confronts her. He can only hope that she didn’t go as far as to sleep with that jerk. In the midst of a very romantic encounter with Owen, Jackie gets a phone call from Nick that he needs her right away. She rushes in and is sympathetic when Nick explains the accident. One minute they were going to be a parents and the next……Bridget couldn’t even stay, she left. Owen finds Bridget crying on his patio. It’s breaking his heart to see her like this. She tells him they lost the baby. Agnes didn’t make it to the hospital in time. He hugs her and she dissolves on his shoulder. She knows he wants a child too so he understands.

Nick keeps trying to reach Bridget but, she must have her phone turned off. He tells Jackie that Bridget blames him. They should be comforting each other, but she took off. Owen shows Bridget his old apartment and tells her she can stay there until she can face the world. She pours her heart out to him. Steffy explains that she was angry with Bill for taking the company, but there was an attraction. She said she was a big girl and she knew what she was doing. She used him not the other way around. The opportunity presented itself and she was hoping Ridge would understand and even be proud of her. She took him on and she took him down. She was not messing with Bill and Katie; she was only trying to help her family. He says he would have stopped her if he had known, but he can not judge her when it was him that was obsessed. Brooke is aghast that Ridge will sweep this under the rug.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe is suspicious that Sami is hiding something from him, and confides in Roman about it. Roman thinks Sami is just having trouble accepting Sydney’s death. Meanwhile, EJ shows Sami a video he supposedly received of Sydney, proving that she is alive, and demanding five million dollars for her safe return. EJ promises to handle the ransom exchange, and a grateful and ecstatic Sami thanks him. EJ later tells Anna that he arranged for the video to carry a virus that allows him to spy on Sami via her webcam. EJ watches Sami as she watches the video of Sydney, thrilled. Rafe walks in and catches her. Mia gets Chad alone and tells him that she loves him and still thinks about him all the time. Chad admits he still thinks about her, too. Mia kisses him, but Chad backs off, telling her that this isn’t right. Gabi tries to warn Will about Mia, but he says he knows that Mia has issues. He claims that he plans on giving Mia her space right now, but he’s sure that they will make it as a couple. Brady and Arianna argue about Nicole. Brady insists that he loves Arianna and that she is his future. Brady then asks Arianna to accompany him someplace--but the exact destination is a surprise.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason warns Johnny to back off of Sonny. Ethan says he’s still undecided about working with Johnny. Jason later pays Luke a visit and tells him that Johnny is taking “revenge” on Sonny. Jason tells Luke to “get Ethan out of the way” before things “get ugly.” Molly finds Kristina’s “private” phone from Kiefer. Robin finds Patrick enjoying himself with Lisa and Coleman at Jake’s. Sonny and Jax argue in front of Carly. Sonny says Jax will “sacrifice” anyone to make him pay. Kristina isn’t overjoyed when a remorseful Kiefer comes by for a visit but she agrees to stick with him. Dante tells Lulu he’s feeling unsettled as far as Olivia is concerned. Dante wants to move his relationship with Lulu forward but she worries about his health. Lulu agrees to move forward with Dante, as long as they take it slow. Dante falls asleep before they get too far. Elizabeth tells Lucky and Nikolas she needs to have the paternity test done immediately. She asks the brothers for a DNA sample. Sonny fills Michael in on what happened in court. Carly closes the hotel restaurant and gives Jax a taste of what he’s been missing lately. After having intense sex, Carly says Jax must decide if their life together is worth saving. Lucky agrees to try and “coexist” with Nik for the time being. Helena lurks around Liz’s room after she falls asleep.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is still living her senior year in high school in love with Cristian. Mitch tries to "tempt" Brody by telling him that he has the power to restore Jessica's memory so that she remembers Brody if he uses his Navy SEAL training to spring Mitch out of jail. But Brody resists the temptation. Dorian and the family get ready for Melinda's funeral. Gigi finds out for the first time that Schuyler stole the Oxytocin and at least "considered" using it to induce Stacy's labor in order to pass of the baby as Rex's. And it could have killed both Stacy and her baby. Adriana appears out of nowhere and indicates she might want Rex back assuming that he's broken up with Gigi. Blair tells Langston she wants her to see Ford for the creep he is. Blair calls Ford to see if he will take the bait with her so that she can show Langston that he'd sleep with Blair or any other attractive woman who offers herself to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon calls Adam once again and cannot understand why he hasn’t called her back. She lies back on the bed and vows to be ready for Adam when he comes home. Ashley calls the forensics lab to check to see if they had gotten the lab results back yet. The lab informs her that they won’t be ready until the next morning. The lightning flashes and the thunder rolls as she begins to hear Faith cry , but cannot find her. Sharon dreams that she is talking to Skye and playing a game with her. Suddenly Phyllis appears. Adam appears to Ashley. Sharon asks Skye why would Adam want to con her. Phyllis appears and tells Sharon that she knew what Adam was after all along to get back at Nick. Phyllis also lets Sharon know that Adam hates Nick and that was why he was going after Sharon. Phyllis tells Sharon that the game is over and Phyllis has won Nick. Ashley imagines seeing Nick, Adam and Phyllis. Ashley also searches for Faith again and cannot find her . Ashley also imagines that Victor takes Abby and Faith away from her because Victor thinks that Ashley is unstable. Meanwhile, Sharon is facing her own demons in visits from Nick and jack. Sharon dreams that she is once again pregnant with Faith and that Nick is right there beside her. Jack accuses Sharon of stealing again that there is no baby. Ashley dreams that Jack tells her that there is no baby, but Ashley tries hard to get Faith upstairs to bed, but she cannot climb the stairs. Ashley encounters Adam, who has the purple cloth in his hand. Jack lets Ashley know that the baby had died. Adam comes home and finds Nick with Sharon and Nick vows to never leave Sharon and the baby. Sharon imagines that she confronts Adam about his lies. Ashley hunts for the baby and encounters Sabrina. Nick appears beside Sharon and the baby. Adam lets Sharon know that the baby hadn’t made it. The lab tells Ashley that they found blood on the cloth, but no DNA. Adam comes home.

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