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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When J.R. loses consciousness, Adam yells at the doctor to do something for his son. Annie questions Angie about her lab results. Angie tells Annie that she will put a stat on the results. Jake keeps Greenlee at bay to keep her finding Gayle. David comes home to a lonely house. David calls Gayle, but Gayle refuses to answer the phone. David finds Amanda, lurking outside of his house. Amanda pretends as though she is looking for one of Trevor’s toys that she may have left there. Ryan visits Erica and asks for her help. Erica tells Ryan that she is using Gayle to get rid of Greenlee. Greenlee lets Jake know that Ryan is in her past and David is her future. Greenlee barges into the room where Gayle was, but Gayle has found another hiding place. Amanda lets David know that he will never change. Adam encourages Colby to go visit J.R. Colby visits J.R. and tries to talk to him that he will regain consciousness. Greenlee lets Jake know that she is happy with the choices that she had made. After Greenlee makes her departure, Jake tells Gayle that David will pay for what he has done. Gayle agrees to go along with Jake’s plan to bring David down. Erica tells Ryan that David plans to double cross and push Erica out of Fusion. Erica agrees to help Ryan to make David pay. Greenlee lets David know that he had gone back to the castle to say good-bye to Ryan. Annie finds out that she is a partial match for J.R.

Colby and Damon have a heart to heart talk about her visit with J.R. Damon opens up to Colby about his childhood. Angie gives Annie a choice to make concerning whether or not she wants to be a donor for J.R. Brooke takes Adam to the chapel in the hospital to spend some time in prayer for J.R. Jake, Ryan, Erica and Gayle band together to put David in prison. David confesses to Greenlee what had been going on between him and Erica. Greenlee and David come together to beat Erica at her own game. Damon gets fired from his job at the Confusion bar. Brooke offers Adam words of encouragement concerning J.R.. Annie visits J.R. and lets him know that she may be the only one, who can save him. J.R. puts her out of his room.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Jack talk about her telling him Janet and Dusty slept together, as Jack explains to a stunned Carly that this changes nothing because Liberty is still sick. Dusty and Janet start to find comfort in one another’s arms again when Liberty calls upset about losing some hair so Janet rushes to her side with Dusty again at her side as well. Janet gives Liberty a present – a hat she knitted like hers from when Liberty was young. Liberty and Janet bond. Craig funds Monte Carlo with Parker’s trust money, unbeknownst to Carly. Reid gets Katie to reconsider Henry’s offer about the inheritance. Barbara and Henry are spending all their time in bed but their time is interrupted by Katie and Henry hides an agitated Barbara. When Katie thinks Henry is blowing the inheritance on alcohol and hookers (after she comments about the cheap perfume smell), she leaves angry with him. Barbara is furious at Henry as well, for how he handled her and storms off too after shutting his finger in the door, as she storms out. Katie tells Barbara that she is worried about Henry – not knowing Barbara was in the room when she was. Katie is worried Barbara is using him for the inheritance, which doesn’t go over well with Barbara, who tells Katie that she is the one using Henry, and when he disappoints her, she tosses him aside. Katie is angry at her implications and stomps off. Henry goes to the hospital and is annoyed that Reid is treating his finger. Reid calls Henry on how he knows he is in love with Katie and almost dares him to do something about it. Katie and Reid enjoy their last possible night together before his hearing that may have him on his way back to Dallas. Reid is frustrated to hear Katie tell him that she hasn’t heard from Henry today, as he mumbles to himself that he is blowing it. Jack goes looking for Dusty and learns that Dusty is in Minnesota so he heads there too. Carly tries to forget Jack and talk plans about going to NYC with Craig, but she hears that Jack went to Minnesota so Carly sneakily convinces Craig they need to go there for the sake of fashion. Janet struggles to deal with the beginning of Liberty’s treatments that will have her sleeping for 2 days and then staying in a bubble. The doctor mistakes Dusty for Janet’s husband. Janet and Liberty talk before she is given her treatment to make her sleep, as Janet holds her tight. Carly and Craig show up in the same hotel, as Craig realizes she is there for Jack and not fashion. Jack confronts Dusty at the hotel room and is not pleased to find Dusty letting himself into Janet’s room and seeing her nightgown laid out on the bed. Jack and Dusty argue over what roles they are playing and who should be with whom. Jack wants Dusty to leave because he can’t give Janet what he can. Jack is stunned when Dusty admits that he is in love with Janet, as Jack and Dusty find a shocked Janet standing listening in the door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor and Brooke float around in the pond. Taylor tells Brooke that if she can dunk her one more time she will sell her the 25% of the shares. Brooke takes that bluff, but can’t as Taylor climbs out of the water. Donna is shocked when she sees lemon bars and then Pam who says, “I’m back.” The rest of the Forrester’s are still celebrating having FC back when Taylor walks in drenching wet and tells them Brooke jumped her in the parking lot and pushed her into the executive pond. Each take turns defacing the huge portrait of Bill Spencer with Ridge adding the horns. Brooke tells Donna the details. She adds that she will bet her life that Bill sold the company because Steffy is somehow involved. Bridget goes upstairs as she is upset with Agnes, but Agnes follows and they continue to have words. Bridget tells her that she does not want to see her, but just to have a healthy baby, nothing more. Agnes tumbles down the stairs. Both Bridget and Nick run to her and get her to the hospital where Dr. Caspary examines her and explains there is no baby heartbeat. Agnes tells Nick that she is so sorry.

Bridget is shattered that they lost another baby. She cries that she can’t believe this is happening. Nick tries to comfort her, but she can’t get over it. From the start everything has gone wrong. Now she blames herself for making Agnes take those pills. When Nick tells her that it is not her fault, she points the finger at him and says it is his fault. He should have never accepted Agnes’s lies and he certainly should not have invited her to their house tonight. Brooke and Donna listen at the door and hear the idolizing of Steffy. Brooke has to speak up and say something to Ridge. Hope is listening to that conversation and Steffy notices it and tells Thomas that she is concerned. Brooke doesn’t know everything, but she knows too much.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel starts to tell Melanie that he is her father, but changes his mind, thinking that she has enough to go through right now. He later admits to Carly that he feels guilty for not being there for Melanie while Trent was abusing her, and he fully blames Carly for what happened. He vows to never forgive her. Meanwhile, Melanie tells Arianna that she will never forgive Carly, either. Maggie confronts Carly about Melanie as well, but softens when Carly admits that she just wants to make sure Melanie is taken care of. Maggie seems to be having trouble with the feeling in her hands, and privately worries about it. EJ shows Sami the ransom note and urges her not to get Rafe involved. She isn’t so sure that’s a good idea, but eventually agrees, vowing to do anything to bring Sydney home safely. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Arianna that he is suspicious of what EJ is up to. Arianna thinks Rafe needs to cut EJ some slack. Anna secretly worries that EJ may get exactly what he wants, and that no good will come of it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam and Jason get ready in case they need to break Sonny out of police custody. Lucky comes upon Jason in a rental car so he gets suspicious. Lucky suspects that Jason has plans to free Sonny. Lucky stays close to Jason and the two discuss the situation with Elizabeth. Nikolas takes the kids to visit Elizabeth. When Nikolas returns alone, Elizabeth tells him they won’t “be together” even if the baby is his. Patrick tells Lisa he feels isolated from Robin’s “past.” Sonny tells the judge he won’t leave town because he needs to be near his kids. The judge allows Sonny to “remain free on bail.” Diane and Sonny head off to “strategize.” Johnny and Ethan manage to get away from Sonny’s men. Lucky tells Elizabeth they have no chance of a “future” together. Lucky admits he lied about forgiving Liz. Diane gets upset with Carly for interrupting the hearing and making her “bias” for Sonny all too clear. Claire questions Dante one on one. Ethan makes Luke happy when he comes to the casino with cigars in hand. Johnny wants Ethan to keep on working with him against Sonny. Jason confronts Ethan and Johnny about the warehouse hit, saying the only thing missing was a box of cigars. Liz tells Lucky she’s taking the paternity test “tomorrow.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston tells Ford she loves Markko and he needs to back off. But he convinces her otherwise and they go at it. Cole invites his female classmate over to work on their project together while Starr is at Dorian's. She is surprised to find out that Cole has a baby and doesn't get to "have a life" like other students have. Dorian is very afraid that something has happened to one of her girls. She finds out that everybody is ok except for her sister Melinda who has died. She knows it's not of natural causes. And it appears that Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins are behind that. Jessica declares her love for Cristian Vega, remembering their high school romance. Both Brody and Layla are aware of their respective significant others' meeting and Jessica's memory loss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Tucker comes to visit Katherine and has the incriminating evidence in his hand. Katherine wants to know what he is doing with that. Tucker tells Katherine that she holds his future in her hands and she can dispose of the information. Jill tells Billy that they need to talk to Cane because he could be deported. Cane sniffles as Billy comes to visit him. Amber questions Chloe if she had heard anything from Chance and Kevin. Chloe tells her not a word. Lauren asks Amber if she had followed up on the order to Castle Hill. Lauren becomes annoyed from the headache she is having and tells Amber that she will handle it on her own. Jana thanks Ryder for the water and then asks Ryder for a blanket. Kevin yells for Jana, but doesn’t get an answer. Kevin and Chance search the hotel room and finds some of Jana’s things. Tucker asks Katherine about his father. Katherine tells him about Arthur Hendricks. Kevin doesn’t believe what he and Chance are finding in the room. Katherine tells Tucker all about his father, Arthur Hendricks. Lauren has another bad headache and lashes out at Amber and fires her by telling Amber that she is not her friend that Amber is only an employee. Billy questions Cane about Tucker, but Cane refuses to tell Billy anything about Tucker’s business dealings. Jana tries to talk to Ryder that he is not this kind of person and that he could have a family, too. Chloe calls the doctor for Lauren and he agrees to send over a prescription as soon as possible. Chance calls Chloe and lets her know what they had found in the hotel room and that Jana had left Kevin for someone else. Chance tells Chloe that Kevin will definitely need his friends tonight. Jill interrupts Tucker and Katherine’s conversation about Arthur Hendricks. Katherine offers to show Tucker around the grounds of her home. Cane lets Billy know about the photos. Daisy comes to check on Jana and Ryder. Ryder suggests locking Kevin away to keep him for searching for Jana. Jill and Billy search through photos to get the damaging information on Tucker. Daisy tells Jana to write Kevin a good-bye letter. Daisy comes home and finds Lauren with yet another bad headache. Lauren tells Daisy her symptoms. Kevin reads the “Dear John” letter from Jana.

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