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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Jake encourages Ryan to fight for Greenlee to get her away from David. Erica looks around her apartment and finds Gayle gone. Erica gets a visit from Opal, who brings her a fruit basket as a housewarming gift. David suggests to Greenlee that they go away for a few days in order for Greenlee to rest. Greenlee tells David that she wants to know what is going on between him and Erica. David tries to deny that anything is going on, but Greenlee insists on knowing what is going on. David opens up and tells Greenlee all about what Erica is wanting him to do. Tad tells Adam that Miguel wasn’t on the plane. Marissa comes out into the hospital corridor and asks about Miguel. Tad and Adam along with Marissa go into J.R.’s room and tells him that Miguel hadn’t shown up. Annie tells Brooke about a new storyline for Tempo magazine. Brooke shoots down Annie’s idea. Jake lets Ryan know that Greenlee needs to be saved from David. Gayle arrives at Wildwind and quickly hides in the bushes when she sees a car’s headlights approaching. Erica lets herself into Wildwind and overhears David telling Greenlee his plans for getting Erica out of Fusion. Jake and Ryan tell Natalia what David had been up to and asks for her help in bringing him down. Natalia offers to help them. Adam blames Tad for Miguel not arriving in Pine Valley. Annie asks J.R.’s doctor to test her to be a bone marrow donor in spite of the fact that J.R. doesn’t want her. Greenlee lets David know that she trusts him and kisses him. Greenlee asks David to make love to her. David pulls away.

Jake and Ryan find Gayle and asks for her help in bringing down David. Gayle tells Jake and Ryan how she had helped David and then he had married Greenlee. Greenlee comes downstairs and finds David gone. Greenlee remembers her wedding vows to David. Greenlee also remembers her wedding vows to Ryan. Greenlee leaves Wildwind. J.R. lapses into a coma. Jake hides Gayle at the castle. Greenlee comes to the castle and runs into Jake, who wants to take her out to eat. Greenlee demands to get into the room that Jake is standing in front of. Ryan visits Erica and tells her that he needs her .

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly is busy at work, cleaning house when Parker comes downstairs and tells her where he is going. Carly is busy and barely notices. Jack comes downstairs just as Janet comes in with two bags of groceries. Dusty visits with Liberty at the hospital. Janet leaves jack to go visit with Liberty. Jack puts the groceries away and finds the pregnancy test. Parker comes in and tells Jack that he is worried about Carly and how she is acting. Craig comes to visit Carly and tells her that he has a solution to her troubles with Jack. Janet has a talk with Dusty at the hospital and accuses him of being jealous that she is planning on having a baby with Jack. Parker comes to visit Liberty and brings a pair of laptop computers which he tells Liberty that she can use to look at him when he is not there. Liberty is preoccupied when her mind is on her hair coming out. Carly refuses to move to New York with Craig. Dusty confesses to Janet that he doesn’t want her to have a child with Jack. Dusty tells Janet that he wants her. Liberty lets Janet know that she wants to go to Minnesota for treatments for her leukemia. Janet agrees and agrees to go with her. Craig calls Ellis and talks to him about how much he can invest in Monte Carlo to get it off the ground. Janet tells jack that Liberty is going to Minneapolis and Janet plans on going with her. Carly in the dress shop, tries on a black dress. Carly looks out the window and sees Jack and Janet talking . Carly in her haste, turns over a rack of dresses, and hurries out of the shop. Jack and Janet hear the noise and Jack goes to investigate.

Jack finds out from the clerk that Carly had taken a dress. Parker asks Craig for money so that he can go to Minneapolis to see Liberty during her cancer treatments. Carly imagines what would happen if Jack and Janet have a baby. Carly calls Craig and tells him that she wants to discuss moving to New York. Jack comes to see Carly and sees her wearing the dress. Carly tells Jack that she is moving to New York. Craig meets with Ellis and tells him that he is going to use Parker’s money to fund Monte Carlo. Liberty and Janet arrive in Minneapolis along with Dusty. Janet and Dusty go back to the hotel. Liberty wakes up and finds hair on her pillow. Carly asks Jack to help her out of the dress. Carly and Jack kiss. Jack pulls away from Carly. Carly tells Jack that Janet had slept with Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Brooke to wake up; she is not changing her mind about her shares. She intends to make the most of the opportunity and no longer will the Forrester’s be persona non grata while she is there. She loves them all and she is not going to apologize for that. She’s not going to allow her children’s legacy to be threatened or them fired again. Taylor walks out with Brooke following her and saying they are not finished yet. Hope tells Steffy that her mom is not a quitter and she will chase her all over L.A. to get those shares back in her own hands. Brooke catches up with Taylor and tells her she is going to listen to her if she likes it or not. Owen and Jackie discuss how Bridget feels so deceived about Aggie. Nick breaks it to Bridget that someone else is joining them for dinner. She’s shocked when she sees Agnes at their door. Bridget blows up and Nick tries to be peacemaker. They need to be adults about this and do what is best for the baby without all this stress and tension.

Jackie feels Owen is so supportive of Bridget because he too wants a baby so much. He says he still thinks about it, but she is his family now. Nick has to take a phone call which leaves Agnes and Bridget alone. He tells them to play nice; they still have a lot to talk about. Hope questions Steffy how she managed to get the upper hand on Bill. Steffy hurls back accusations about Brooke sleeping her way to the top. Ridge interrupts and tells them they sound like Brooke and Taylor all over again. He believes that they have a long way to go, but they will find a way to peacefully co-exist. Brooke chases Taylor out to her car and the garden area. They argue about Brooke’s indiscretions and her seducing her way back into Ridge’s life. Taylor shoves Brooke and she ends up accidentally plop into the pond. Taylor reaches out and Brooke pulls her in as well. Both women splash the other with water and dunk them under. Bridget and Agnes continue to trade barbs and Bridget leaves to go upstairs. Agnes gets dizzy and tumbles down the stairs.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly and Daniel rehash their history, and Daniel becomes convinced that he truly is Melanie’s father. He is furious that Carly didn’t tell him before, but Carly says that between Lawrence and Rebecca, she couldn’t tell the truth then, and then after they died, Vivian was around looking for revenge and she feared for Daniel’s life as well as Melanie’s. Still angry, Daniel admits that he isn’t sure that he can forgive Carly, and heads off to the hospital to see Melanie. Bo and Hope try to wring a confession out of Gus, but he asks for a lawyer. Suspicious by something he said about Vivian’s gloves, Bo rushes to the hospital to check on Melanie. Vivian is already in her room, and makes an attempt to smother her, but when Melanie wakes up and tells Vivian about her horrible life, and asks her to kill her, saying that she understands that Vivian must avenge Lawrence, Vivian softens and is unable to do it. Eventually, Bo, Hope and Philip catch Vivian in Melanie’s room. Melanie thinks what happened was a dream, and Bo and Hope are forced to let Vivian go. Later, Vivian has another encounter with Lawrence, but tells him that he must accept that Melanie is innocent, and says goodbye. She tells Victor that she has changed her mind about killing Melanie. Hope is upset when Carly calls Bo, needing to see him. Carly later confides in Bo about Melanie and Daniel hating her and not understanding why she did what she did. EJ has Anna make another ransom note. Stefano attempts to warn EJ about Rafe’s questions, but EJ refuses to listen. Stefano decides privately to let Rafe take EJ down, and tells Kate that EJ has spit in his face for the last time. EJ meets Rafe and Sami at the pier with the kids to tell them about Sydney, but EJ calls the whole thing off. He is able to get Sami alone and tells her that he received another ransom note, and that he believes that Sydney is alive.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason discusses Sonny’s possible “break out” with Sam and Spinelli. Jason asks Sam to act as a “decoy.” Sam and Spinelli worry about Jason’s safety. Diane and Claire continue to argue over Sonny’s bail. Robin and Patrick argue over Sonny in front of Lisa and Steven. Johnny tries to convince Ethan to be his “back up” against Sonny. Luke tells Lucky he knows where Sonny’s missing shipment is. The judge tells Alexis she’s either to “step up as co council” or stop interrupting. Alexis agrees to work with Diane. Dante takes the stand and is questioned by Claire. Dante sticks to his original story that he accidentally shot himself. Tracy warns Ethan about Johnny. Luke tells Lucky he’s worried about Ethan’s possible involvement with Johnny. Lucky tells Luke about his visit to Elizabeth. Steven takes Robin to Kelly’s to cool off. Robin says she’ll “always see the good in Sonny” because of Stone. Steven wonders why Robin won’t let Patrick “in” to that part of her past. Patrick ends up at Jake’s with Lisa. Patrick tells Lisa that he’s “not allowed in” the part of Robin’s life that includes Jason and Sonny. Ethan shows up a bit late to assist Johnny. Luke worries that things are becoming too complicated for Lucky. He warns Lucky to “separate” his personal troubles from his job. Sonny’s team gets ready for Sonny’s escape. The judge comes back with his decision about Sonny’s bail.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is hosting a celebration of all the Cramer women, now that she's back in the house and have solved the problems of Mitch and Lowell, and is flying Adriana, Kelly and Cassie in to her home. Yet, we wonder if Mitch has dastardly plans for them. Roxy goes to see him and confront him. He tells her he can reveal "secrets" that she does not want revealed when he writes a book. She is horrified to hear that threat. And another woman dressed just like Roxy gains entry to talk to Mitch after she's left. Langston wants to get over Ford because she loves Markko. But she can't. She does not tell anybody what she's been doing but she clearly has Ford on the brain obsessively. Jessica has no memory of Brody. But she remembers Cristian Vega and their relationship in high school and clearly has desires for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Patty tries to kill Emily to get her out of the picture. Emily screams as Paul rushes into the room. Emily tells Paul that Patty is trying to kill her. Jack and Kyle relive times when Kyle was small. Phyllis stops by to see Jack and runs into Diane. Diane lets Phyllis know that Emily had invited them there. Phyllis and Diane begin to argue over the past. Gloria asks Kevin if that was Michael and tries to encourage Kevin that Michael will get info on Jana in Minneapolis. Gloria encourages Kevin to do a video for Jana to help find her. Daisy visits Jana and tells her that Kevin will never find her here. Nick tells Sharon about Adam lying about knowing what Dr. Taylor and his molesting Skye and that Adam had known all about it. Sharon blames this all on Phyllis. Nick tells Sharon that he had found Skye’s diary. Daisy tells Ryder to stay with Jana and to keep her healthy for the time being. Emily tells Paul that she needs Jack. Paul tries to calm her down. Emily tells Paul that she is not his sister. Emily, looking around, asks where she is. Emily begs to see jack. Dr. Stanley visits Emily. Jack comes home and finds Patty standing outside. Patty lets Jack know that Phyllis and Diane are in the house together. Jack and patty go into the house together.

Jack finds out that patty is awake. Kevin finds out that Jana’s credit cards were used in Chicago. Gloria and Kevin wonder what Jana was doing in Chicago. Kevin gets a call from Jana (supposedly) telling him to stop looking for her. Sharon, finally, reads Skye’s diary and realizes that Adam had been lying to her. Nick wants to take Sharon away from here, but Sharon refuses. Sharon calls Adam again. Paul finds out that Patty will be taken back to the insane asylum.

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