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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Natalia readies for a special mission, but refuses to tell Brot what she is up to. Liza gets Damon released from jail on the robbery charges. Tad and the Chandler family get good news that they have found a match for J.R. Adam rushes to tell Marissa and J.R. the good news. J.R. questions Adam as to who the donor is as the rest of the family gathers around. Ryan reads a newspaper headline about Greenlee when Jake comes to visit him. Jake is upset because Ryan hadn’t told him where Greenlee had gone. David and Greenlee attempt to marry, but Erica interrupts. Erica asks them if they need a witness. Colby congratulates J.R. on the good news, but senses something is wrong with Adam. Adam owns up to the family that he had had a son, who is the donor for J.R. Ryan lets Jake know that Greenlee had gone back to David . Greenlee attempts to put Erica out of her wedding, but Erica refuses to leave until Greenlee gives her the key to the office. Greenlee refuses. Jack walks in and wants to know what is going on. Greenlee finds out from jack that he had been in on Ryan taking her to the castle. Natalia arrives at the bar and makes contact with her possible suspect. Brot watches from afar. Jake join Ryan in the bar. While Greenlee has a talk with jack, Erica reminds David of his promise and that Erica doesn’t have long to save Fusion. Greenlee walks in and notices Erica and David with their heads together. Colby tells Liza about Miguel being her brother. Brooke join them. Annie pulls Brooke aside and tells her that this is not the time to talk business. Scott confronts Annie about her telling Brooke that she was the editor of Tempo.

The doctor tells the Chandler family that she is putting J.R. into isolation. Marissa notices that Krystal still loves Tad and urges Krystal to tell Tad how she feels. Witt the help of Ryan, Natalia catches her new friend with her credit cards. Greenlee and David marry. They celebrate their marriage with a drink. Erica ask Brot to break down the door of the office .Erica gets an urgent phone call and has to leave. Erica tries her best to get Gayle to calm down after finding out that David had married Greenlee. Brot visits Erica and refuses to help her with the door. Gayle disappears. Brooke tells Adam that Annie had told her that she was the new editor of Tempo. Adam offers the position to Brooke which she accepts. Annie can’t believe her ears. Tad waits for Miguel at the airport, but he is a no-show. Colby finds out that Bailey and Stuart is staying in Ohio. Colby also finds out that Damon had been the one involved in the burglaries. Colby slaps him. David suggests going away for a few days. Greenlee demands to know what is going on between him and Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Tom talks to Holden and Molly in the interrogation room. They discuss Holden being extradited to Malta today. Holden tells Molly to get in touch with Lily and bring her to see him immediately. At the hospital, Dr. Reid meets with his patient about her possible surgery. Luke barges in without thinking. Dr. Reid reprimands Luke for barging in on him when he was with a patient. On the roof of the hospital, Casey tries to kill Mick by pushing him and his wheelchair off the roof. Casey demands to know of Alison if she loves Mick. Alison owns up to Case that she is in love with Casey. Casey doesn’t know what to say. Mick knocks Casey to the ground thus injuring Casey’s hand. Casey’s hand starts to bleed. Mick escapes. Luke and Dr. Reid have a confrontation over the autopsy report. Lily reprimands Reid for his treatment of his patients. Luke urges Reid to tell Lily what he had told Luke about the autopsy report and the man not being Damian. Molly rushes up and tells Lily that Holden is needing to see her as he is being extradited to Malta today. Lily goes with Molly while Luke goes in to talk to Reid. Luke asks Reid to testify for Holden before the Attorney General. Reid refuses by telling Luke that he has other things to do. Alison takes Casey into an exam room to doctor his hand. Casey and Alison have a heart to heart talk about their feelings for each other and about their wedding . Lily arrives at the police station and goes in immediately to see Holden. Holden asks Molly if he could be alone with Lily. Lily tells Holden that she wants only the best for him and will help him. Luke arrives and tells Lily and Holden that Dr. Reid will not help them. Alison finds Mick, hiding in the stairwell. They have a long talk. An officer finds them there and arrests Mick and handcuffing him to the railing. Molly appears on television with a special report about Holden’s possible extradition to Malta. Reid arrives at the hospital to testify for Holden about Damian’s possible death. Reid lets Luke know that Luke owes Reid and he will expect payment. As a result of Molly’s article on television, Holden’s extradition to Malta is postponed. Damian sees the text on his cell phone about the extradition being postponed. Damian pushes all the things off his desk.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke rants to Stephanie that she has far more right to Forrester than Taylor does. Stephanie says that Taylor’s daughter has given her a rare opportunity and she thinks she should take it. Don’t let the decisions made in the board room spill through to the bedroom with the current wives. Bridget explains to Nick that Agnes is not their friend. She is a surrogate only and now she is a threat. She will do what she needs to do for the baby, but nothing else. Agnes comes in and doesn’t appreciate Bridget taking every opportunity to rail on her and to keep reminding her to eat right and take her pills. Nick walks a fine line between the two women. He wishes Bridget would try harder to get to know Agnes again now that everything is out in the open. Steffy thinks the office will be a war zone if Brooke becomes part owner. This isn’t he reason she got the company back. All the Forrester’s and Logan’s end up back at the office. Brooke tells them that Steffy wants her parents back together and this is the real reason she fought so hard to get FC back.

Nick tells Agnes that this is really not his wife. He knows Bridget treats Agnes like garbage and then she runs. She turns down his invitation to come to dinner tonight, but then gives in when he uses persuasion. Nick asks Bridget if she will allow him to try and fix this. They are still having a baby and Bridget doesn’t have to be miserable. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for her and this baby. Agnes is lurking and spies them kissing. With everyone pulling at her from every direction, Taylor says she has made her decision; she knows what she has to do. She doesn’t want her legacy to fall into someone else’s hands. She knows that Forrester lost its soul when Bill Spencer took over. This is a huge moment for FC free of Spencer Publications. She wants it to mean honesty, integrity, loyalty and their commitment to each other again. She wants family values again so yes she will fund her 25% shares and be honored to be part of the company with Eric, Ridge and Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope confronts Bo in front of Philip about loving Carly. He admits he does love her. Later, the two work on helping Carly and bringing Vivian down. Hope thinks Bo must be surprised that she wants to help Carly, but Bo knows Hope is a good cop, and wouldn’t let someone innocent go to prison. He gets a phone call and tells Hope that she is going to get the chance to help Carly, after all. Melanie demands to know who her father is, assuming it’s Bo, but Carly says he isn’t her father. She stalls for time until Melanie gets fed up and throws her out. Later, Carly meets Daniel and admits to him that he is Melanie’s biological father. Melanie confides in Maggie that she doesn’t think her marriage to Philip is going to work. Chloe confides in Philip that she doesn’t think she can talk to Daniel about her feelings regarding not being pregnant, but after Philip reminds her that Daniel is the one person in the world that understands what she is going through, Chloe agrees to try talking to him. Vivian reveals to Gus that she is going to kill Melanie, and then the two of them are leaving town. She says goodbye to Victor, who urges her to stay. Later, Vivian sneaks into Melanie’s room and prepares to smother her. EJ is infuriated to find that Rafe and Sami have reconciled. He rages about it to Anna, who tells him that Sami will always need a hero, and that if EJ wants Rafe out of her life, he will have to find her a new one. EJ considers this. Rafe, suspicious of EJ’s behavior, goes to the mansion to talk to him. After Stefano questions him about how EJ has been acting, Rafe figures out that he suspicious, too. Will refuses to accept that Sydney is dead.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tries to explain Sonny’s reasoning to Michael. Dante gets subpoenaed to testify at Sonny’s arraignment. Olivia disagrees with Johnny’s decision to live a life of crime and says she wants no part of it. Olivia worries Johnny will never escape the life he’s living. Claire (the prosecutor) insists that Sonny is “a flight risk.” Sam interrupts Ethan’s poker session with Kristina and wonders what he’s thinking. Ethan says he isn’t “encouraging Kristina,” just “being nice” to her. Sam worries Kristina is misinterpreting Ethan’s feelings for her. Kristina cancels plans with Kiefer. Ethan tells Kristina they won’t be having any more poker lessons. Kristina gets mad at Sam for interfering. Jax leaves Claire a message of “good luck” with the arraignment. The original prosecutor gets upset with Jax for getting him removed from Sonny’s case. Sonny’s behavior in the courtroom upsets Diane so she tries to set him straight. Diane gets even more upset when Jason arrives at the courthouse. Sonny tells Jason he’s leaving the country immediately so Jason makes the plans. Robin tells Dante about Sonny’s relationship with Stone. Alexis calls Jax on making certain Sonny got a different prosecutor. She wonders why Jax can’t back off for the sake of Sonny’s kids. Patrick thinks Robin is out of line for going to Dante and trying to sway his feelings about Sonny. Johnny tells Ethan he plans on taking all of Sonny’s “power” away from him. Johnny offers Ethan a piece of the action. Dante gets the all clear from Patrick to leave the hospital and testify. Steven gets upset with Patrick for signing Dante out and says he “over stepped,” seeing as Dante is Steven’s patient. Diane does her best to convince the judge not to revoke Sonny’s bail. Claire puts up a good argument that Sonny is a flight risk. Dante arrives at the courthouse and is called to the stand.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi is worried about the fate of her baby niece and about Stacy's death. She is furious with Schuyler and is getting along much better with Rex. The await the outcome of surgery and are not certain what to expect. After the Snoop Dogg concert at Capricorn, Starr, Cole and Markko miss Langston who has not joined them. She tells them that she has work to do. But she keeps "running into" Ford. and it looks like she has him on the brain. Together, they are ready to go at it when Markko comes home to be with her. She cannot tell him what almost happen but seems to be obsessing over Ford. Jessica has no memory of Brody or their relationship but indicates she remembers "feelings" about somebody. She just can't think of who.

Dani admits to Matthew that she has some real difficulty dealing with the reputation of being the rapist's' daughter. He tells her he wants to be there for her. And it looks like in time, the two of them will be a couple. Kim is with Clint who wants to be supportive to her after she's lost her best friend. Gigi is furious with Schuyler for lying and denying that he was the father of Stacy's baby and declares that she cannot trust him. Rachel is concerned about what could happen to Schuyler after finding the oxytocin that he gave to Stacy to induce labor now that she knows the baby is in critical condition. Tea promises to handle it for them and hides it so that there is no evidence to hold up in court if it comes to that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Lily visits with Cane in the interrogation room. Lily wonders why Cane is being held. Cane asks Lily about her pet scan and Lily tells him that she didn’t have it done. Sharon meets up with Victor at the Athletic Club and lets him know that Adam is not here. Victor asks Sharon how much does she know. Sharon lets him know that Adam is working for Tucker, but is really working for Victor and Nick. Phyllis is on the phone, using a Southern accent, to gain access to some of Dr. Taylor’s files. Nick comes in and notices Phyllis using a Southern accent. Nick asks her, who does she suppose to be. Phyllis tells him Dr. Pamela Heath from the Ob/Gyn Department of Duke University School of Medicine. Phyllis calls Sharon to clue her in on what is going on, but changes her mind. Billy and Victoria tell each other their troubles. Billy tells Victoria that Mac is having twins by Cane. Victoria tells Billy that Mac Can’t stay away from J.T. Victor and Nick join Billy and Victoria. Michael tells the person to let him know when he hears something. Paul sits by Patty’s bedside when she begins to squeeze his hand. Paul calls for the doctor. Jack is pleased to see Kyle and Diane. Diane introduces herself to Emily, unaware that she is really talking to Patty. Diane and Emily (Patty) begin to discuss the past and how disturbed that Patty really is. Dr. Stanley examines Patty (Emily) and encourages Paul to continue to talk to Patty (Emily).

Sharon and Phyllis meet to discuss things about Adam. Phyllis asks Sharon to help her find out the truth about Adam. Sharon reluctantly agrees. Cane tells Lily what had happened when he had first came to this country. The court hearing begins for possession of Jabot. Adam is called to testify, but he is a no-show. Emily (Patty) meets with Paul about Patty’s (Emily) condition. Emily (Patty) goes in to see Patty (Emily). Patty vows to finish what she had started in killing Emily. Michael gets a lead on Jana. Phyllis finds out that Adam had known all the time about Dr. Taylor molesting Skye. Emily begins to mumble. Patty vows that she cannot let Emily wake up. Phyllis and Diane meet. Nick goes to see Sharon to let her know about Adam.

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