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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Brooke admires the newly decorated Chandler living room. Brooke lets Annie know that she is here to apply for the editor position at Tempo. Annie lets Brooke know that Adam had already given the Tempo position to Annie. At the hospital, Angie lets Adam know that she has put a rush on bone marrow samples to see if they are a match for J.R. J.R. is rushed into the hospital by Tad and Marissa. Angie and Adam rush to his side. Greenlee wakes up to find Ryan watching her. Erica urges David to marry Greenlee and take her away from Pine Valley and from Fusion. David tells Erica that Fusion is hers. Brooke can’t believe her ears that Adam would give Annie the job as editor of Tempo. Scott comes in and is surprised to see Brooke there. They hug. Scott is more surprised when he learns that Annie is editor of Tempo. Marissa explains to the family what had happened to J.R. and how he had collapsed. Marissa also tells them that Little A’s name is now A.J. after Adam and J.R. The doctor comes in and tells the family that J.R. is bleeding internally and she will be keeping him in the hospital, indefinitely. Ryan tells Greenlee that she is free to go. Colby lets Annie, Brooke and Scott know about J.R. being in the hospital. Annie wants to accompany them, but Colby stops her. Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her. David calls Greenlee, but doesn’t get an answer. Seeing David’s concern for Greenlee, Erica senses that David has feelings for Greenlee. Annie, on the computer, finds out about Brooke’s journalism experience and her awards and that Brooke was the love of Adam’s life. Emma comes, running into the room and finds out that Annie will be the new editor of Tempo. At the hospital, Brooke is reunited with Tad and Adam. Brooke suggests being tested to be a possible donor for J.R. Greenlee walks in and finds Erica with David. Greenlee lashes out and wants to know why Erica goes after every man that Greenlee has.

Erica denies Greenlee’s accusation and leaves momentarily. Ryan comes to see Emma. Brooks stops by to see Angie at the hospital. At Fusion, Erica sees the memo that Greenlee had sent. Erica begins to become angry that Greenlee is trying to take over the company. Jack walks in and urges Erica to step aside and let Greenlee run the company. Erica refuses. Erica threatens to consult a lawyer, but soon finds that the locks have been changed on the office door. Brooke visits J.R. in the hospital and they have a heartfelt talk. Rev. Fisher arrives to conduct the wedding ceremony. Greenlee and David are getting married when Erica barges in.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison is in the medicine room when Bob comes in, looking for a nurse. When Bob sees Alison, he changes his mind and wants another nurse. Barbara, in her hotel room, looks at a photo of herself, James and Paul. Barbara cuts James’ pic off the photo. Paul and Emily plan a romantic dinner until Henry join them. Reid sits at the table, eating a submarine sandwich. Katie is cleaning up around him. Reid hands her a check for two months rent since he will be soon leaving Oakdale. Reid realizes that Katie doesn’t want him to leave. Bob and Casey meet up in front of Old Town. Casey lets Bob know that he wants vengeance on Mick. Alison checks on Mick, but thinks that he is asleep. She starts to leave and Mick stops her. Mick asks Alison to get him out of the hospital. Alison refuses. Mick lets Alison know that James is gone. Bob tries to talk Casey out of seeing revenge on Mick. Bob asks Casey if he still loves Alison. Paul, Emily and Henry celebrate. Paul lets Henry know that he has transferred all of James’ money into Henry’s account. Katie tells Reid that she won’t miss having to clean up after him. Henry comes to visit Katie to let her know that Paul had given him all of the Stenbeck fortune, but Henry wants to transfer it into a fund for Jacob, but Katie doesn’t want the money either. Katie lets Henry know that Reid is leaving town. Paul and Emily are having a romantic moment when Barbara interrupts. An argument erupts between them when she finds out that Paul has given James’ fortune to Henry. Alison agrees to take Mick up on the roof. Casey sees Alison taking Mick out of the hospital.

Bob is checking on the X-rays of a patient when Dr. Reid asks Bob to help him to leave town. Bob refuses to get involved. Bob gets Dr. Reid involved in the patient’s illness. Henry and Barbara meet in the restaurant and enjoy an expensive bottle of champagne. Casey follows Alison and Casey onto the roof and demands to know where Mick is. Casey takes hold of Alison’s arm which brings Mick out of hiding. Mick orders Casey to take his hand off Alison. Paul gets a call from Bob, telling him that Mick has escaped. Paul gets a pistol to kill Mick, but Emily talks Paul out of doing anything. Casey grabs Mick’s wheelchair and starts pushing it toward the edge of the roof. Barbara and Henry make passionate love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke oversleeps but Ridge tells her it is okay as he is the boss now so she is punching the clock for him. Pam is ecstatic that Eric told Stephanie that he wanted her back. She thinks that means more than just business. Whip is glad Taylor woke him in the middle of the night and that she stayed the night. He’d opt for that again tonight if possible. Jackie, Owen, Bridget and Nick are there when Stephanie tells them there is a new change over at FC. It was brilliantly engineered by Steffy. She tells them how grateful she is that Nick gave her this chance at Jackie M, but her heart belongs to her other family. They want her back so she thinks she and Pam need to go back there. Steffy tells Ridge that Brooke can work at FC, but she is not putting her name on the partnership papers to become an owner.

Brooke shows up at Whip's to track Taylor down to see if she has made a decision yet about her shares. Nick tells Stephanie that this is perfect timing. He has not been satisfied with her performance for months. She has this attitude and he is sick of it. She’s expensive, a real headache and frankly over the hill. She is just phoning it in. If she wants outta there, then pack her bags as she is fired. She smiles and thanks the big lug. She wants to be sure that Jackie will accept this too and Jackie tells her sure, go back to her family. Stephanie says even if they are competition they can always have a martini……. or two or three. They are all sad, but Whip tells them they can do this without Stephanie. They just need to get back harder at work. Ridge wants to know why Steffy suddenly has a problem with Brooke. She points out that bottom line she is a Logan so you never know what she might do. Taylor tells Brooke that she won’t be rushed. Brooke says it is not her, but the corporation that will want their money and Brooke needs to know if she can raise that amount. Alerted by Steffy, Stephanie drops in on Taylor and tells her not to listen to a word Brooke is saying. Brooke doesn’t think Taylor is qualified and she should not want to give up being a doctor to being in the fashion business. Stephanie tells Taylor that her daughter knew what she was doing when she had the deal drawn up. Control is everything. She will not allow Brooke to have any decision in authority as they know what that has lead to in the past. She tells Taylor that Steffy gave them a golden opportunity so please do not let Brooke manipulate her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie asks for some time alone with Carly, and Carly tells her about Lawrence forcing her to give her up, and how she had to kill him because he was threatening to kill Melanie. Melanie isn’t sure if she should believe Carly, but Carly proves that she is Melanie’s mother by knowing about a birthmark behind her ear. Melanie is upset and begins to blame herself for Carly murdering Lawrence and coming back to town and ruining Bo and Hope’s marriage. She’s also upset that she has both Trent and Carly’s blood running through her veins, but Carly informs her that Trent isn’t her biological father. Philip blames Bo, Vivian and Carly for Melanie getting shot, and is angry that Bo said nothing to him about all of this. He wonders how Bo could care more about Carly and her secret than anyone else. Hope announces that it’s because Bo loves Carly. Victor tries to get Hope to lay off of Vivian and focus on getting Carly put behind bars, but Hope refuses to put an innocent woman in jail just to get her husband back. EJ prepares to leave the country with Johnny and Sydney, but Anna fears his plan will blow up in his face. Sami finds Rafe crying in his office, and the two make up. Later, EJ, sure that Sam is home alone, heads over to her place. He is incensed to find her and Rafe sleeping together. Stefano is furious that EJ didn’t tell him about Sydney, and that he is planning on taking Johnny away on a trip. He confides in Kate that he thinks something is amiss with EJ--something more than just the news about Sydney. Victor calls Stefano to arrange an emergency meeting between the two of them.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny gets ready to face the music in court. Jax meets with a woman (who turns out to be a Federal Prosecutor) to make certain Sonny is convicted. Olivia interrupts and makes sure the woman knows Jax is married with children. Jason rearranges the business a bit since he fears Johnny and Dante know too much. Johnny tells Michael that Claudia “deserves justice.” Michael says Johnny should have warned someone about Dante’s undercover work. Alexis offers Diane her “services” for Sonny’s trial. Mike gets back into the swing of things at the diner. Kiefer finds Kristina at Kelly’s and asks for her forgiveness. Kristina says she fears Kiefer will “get physical” again and she can’t “trust” him. Kristina finally agrees to see a movie with him. As Kiefer leaves the diner, he watches Kristina interact with Ethan. Ethan teaches Kristina the rules of Poker. Sam warns Johnny not to “push” Jason into eliminating him. Michael wants to tell the truth about Claudia but Sonny insists on doing things his way. Jason tells Michael he’s “suffered enough” and the trial is “Sonny’s way to redeem himself.” The Federal Prosecutor makes Diane uneasy. Claire (the prosecutor) asks the judge to “revoke” Sonny’s bail.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Snoop Dogg returns to Llanview to perform at Capricorn. He first drops by Bo Buchanan’s place for a visit. Bo, Nora, and Matthew live in Madame Delphina's old apartment now. Snoop meets Matthew and Nora and reveals that he knows the scoop on everyone from his east coast security—Shaun Evans. He gives the three of them complimentary tickets to the concert. Matthew calls Dani and asks her to be his date. Nora is concerned about Matthew dating Todd’s daughter after Todd beat up Cole when he discovered the extent of his relationship with Starr.  Blair is moving back to La Boulaie with the boys but cannot find Jack because Jack went to Tea’s hotel room to meet his sister. He is surprised that his new sister is older than he is. Tea calls Todd and tells him that Jack is there so Todd and Blair go to get him.

Langston fantasizes about Ford. Markko senses that something is going on with Langston but she says she is just stressed about her musical. Starr and Cole are disappointed when their babysitter cancels, but Langston offers to forego the concert and stay home with Hope. Markko, Starr and Cole go to the concert together. When they arrive, Ford is working the door. Starr tells him that Langston isn’t coming to the concert so he fakes being ill and goes to see Langston.  At Capricorn, Rachel and Greg argue about his intention to bring Schuyler Joplin before the ethics committee for staling Oxytocin to induce early labor. To Greg’s surprise, he finds that Shaun and Greg’s ex, Vivian are together now. Mr. and Mrs. Evans gush over Vivian and snub Rachel. Tea takes Dani to Capricorn for her date with Matthew. Todd also goes, but to keep an eye on Matthew and Dani.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack is on the phone with his lawyers about Jabot. Ashley lets Patty know that she is the “mistress of the house” now. Patty tells Ashley that she likes the sound of that. Jack comes in and tells Ashley that he may have good news about Jabot by the end of the day. Ashley asks him what it is and Jack refuses to tell her. Chance and Chloe prepare for Delia’s first birthday party. Chance lets Chloe know how special Delia and Chloe are to him. Chloe lets Chance know that he is the only father that Delia has known. Chance reminds Chloe that Delia has a father. Billy commends Malcolm on the work that he is doing for “Restless Style.” Billy pulls Jill aside and tells her that these pics will not sell magazines. Victor, in Tucker’s office, tells Tucker what that Jack is up to trying to prevent the sell of Jabot to Victor. Tucker tells Victor that he had a meeting with Katherine. At the Chandler mansion, Neil commends Katherine for nailing Tucker, but Katherine lets Neil know that she just could not use the info against Tucker. Billy wraps up the meeting in order to go to Delia’s first birthday party. Everyone begins to arrive at the Chandler mansion for the birthday party. Emily (Patty) tries to get Chloe to give her an inkling of a clue as to what Emily had planned for Jack today. Chloe refuses to give her a clue. Jack urges Katherine to fight for Chancellor Industries. Jack gets a call from his lawyers that the judge has agreed to a hearing. Tucker and Victor that there is going to be a hearing into the sale of Jabot.

Everyone is enjoying the birthday party when Chance gets a call and has to leave. Jill tries to discuss Tucker, but Katherine refuses to. Tucker tells Victor that he will swear for him in court. Victor visits Patty in the hospital. Tucker visits Katherine and lets her know that he stopped the sale of Chancellor Industries for the time being. Victor informs Patty that he regrets bringing her to Genoa City. Ashley tells Emily (Patty) that her package arrived. Jack is surprised by Kyle's visit. Cane is confronted by two men from Immigration who demand that he go with them.

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