Tuesday 2/23/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Frankie is beating himself up over him being the cause of Mr. Wheeler’s death. Randi walks up and reminds Frankie of his therapy appointment. Frankie lets Randi know what had been going on with losing the patient. Angie, in her office, sees the note that Dr. Simon had left for her. Angie finds out that the man had died. Tad comes to see Adam to let him know that he had found Sonya and Miguel. Annie comes in to join them. Annie tells Adam that she wants to apologize to him. Marissa, J.R. and Little A have breakfast together. J.R. suggests that they have a birthday party for Little A today. J.R. tells Little A that they will change his name to A.J. Erica comes to visit David in the abandoned building. David tells her that he will give in to her demands and take Greenlee away from Pine Valley. Erica doesn’t believe a word that David says. David tries to persuade Erica to let him call Greenlee, but Erica checks his messages and finds a lot of messages from Gayle. Erica begins to question David about his relationship with Gayle. David denies anything going on between him and Gayle. Annie apologizes to Adam for the trouble that had been going on and promises to try to make peace. Annie asks Adam to let her be the new editor of Tempo magazine. Adam is reluctant to give her an answer. Dr. Simon comes to visit Angie and wonders where she had been when he needed her . Angie finds out that the patient could have been saved if she had only been notified. Angie also realizes that Frankie had not called her about the patient. Angie offers Dr. Simon her condolences on his losing the patient. Angie gets a call that no one had been a match for J.R. Angie calls Adam to tell him that no one had been a match. Angie confronts Frankie about his not calling her about Mr. Wheeler. Angie decides to take full responsibility for the death. Frankie argue with Angie that he needs to take full responsibility. Adam comes to visit Angie and asks her to redo the tests, but Angie refuses. Gayle lashes out at David for using her and not caring anything about her and for marrying Greenlee. Gayle threatens to call the police to make David pay, but Erica talks her down. Tad meets up with Adam at the hospital and asks if J.R. knows about the test results. Tad gets a call from J.R. to attend a birthday party for Little A. Tad finds out that Little A’s name had been changed to A.J. J.R. asks Tad to watch over A.J. Angie orders Frankie to keep his mouth shut. Frankie pounds his fist hard against the desk. J.R. collapses into Tad’s arms. Brooke English visits Annie to see Adam. Erica gives David an ultimatum.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Margo questions Holden about the death of Damian as Lily, Molly and Luke wait outside in the squad room. At the hospital, Jack calls Liberty’s room to let her know that he had brought her a DVD player and some DVD’s, but he cannot bring them to her. Jack asks where Janet is, but Liberty doesn’t know where Janet is. Janet and Carly have a confrontation over Dusty and Janet’s involvement with Dusty. Janet denies having an affair with Dusty until Carly tells Janet that Teri had confessed all to her. Carly gives Janet an ultimatum either Janet tell Jack about the affair or Carly will. Jack meets up with Dusty outside of Liberty’s hospital room and asks him to take the DVD player to Liberty. Margo gets the results back and finds out that Damian is dead. Margo arrests Holden for his murder. Molly, pretending to want coffee, goes to the diner to make a call to the one, who had helped her get the ring made so that she could leave it outside of Lily’s door. Lily comes in and confronts Molly that she had been the one, who had sent her the ring. Dusty visits with Liberty and brings her a punching bag with the word “Cancer” on it for Liberty to punch. Jack meets up with Carly outside of a bar and Jack immediately thinks that Carly is getting a drink. Jack and Carly discuss the idea that Jack and Janet are going to have a baby together in order to save Liberty’s life. Janet walks in on Dusty and Liberty punching the bag. Janet asks to talk to Dusty outside. Janet advises Dusty not to be around here too much for Jack to see him. Dusty lets her know that Jack had already seen him there and had given him some things to take to Liberty.

Dusty lets Janet know that she is the only one he wants. Carly refuses to tell Jack about Janet’s and Dusty’s affair. Holden explains everything about Damian to Luke. Luke wonders why Holden hadn’t told him before what had happened. Luke asks Margo to let him look at Damian’s X-rays, but Margo refuses. Lily threatens to tell Holden what Molly had done about the ring. At the police station, Molly and Lily find out that Holden has been arrested for Damian’s murder. Holden and Molly discuss in private how she had had the ring made in order to make Lily think that Damian was alive. Holden and Molly decide to bring Lily into their plan. Luke comes to the hospital to see Bob, but runs into Reid, who reads the X-rays and tells Luke that Damian had Huntington’s disease or the man was not his father. Carly is joined by Dusty at the bar. Carly lets Dusty know that she knows that he had slept with Janet. Janet comes home to find Jack there. Jack agrees to have a baby with Janet to save Liberty. Holden finds out that he is being extradited to Malta for trial. Carly tells Dusty that Janet and Jack are considering having a baby. It is awkward between Jack and Janet as they sit on the edge of the bed. They begin to kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge doesn’t understand why Brooke keeps making Katie the innocent victim of his daughter. He tells her if she is keeping a big secret from him about his daughter then they are going to have a really big problem. She repeats again that she is delighted he and Eric are owners again, but she does have her doubts abut Stephanie and Taylor lording over her as in the past. Taylor drops in on Whip as he is getting ready for bed. She confesses that she lost all track of time. She had an upsetting night and was offered a part of the Forrester business and she’s not sure she wants it. Brooke has offered to buy her shares and she is not sure about that either. Eric stands in his old office and tells Donna that it really doesn’t look that much different. She’s just concerned about the fairness of it all; how Katie is going to be treated. He thinks maybe Donna should take some of her own advice. He just wants her to understand how he feels at this moment. Stephanie stops in with Thorne close behind. Eric explains that FC is theirs again. Thorne has brought the fixings so Eric asks Stephanie if she will make her martinis.

Brooke would like to start the evening over. She wants Ridge to have what he wants more than her having what she wants….and now he does. Whip tells Taylor that his feelings are irrelevant….working with Ridge doesn’t really bother him. He changes the subject by kissing her. As they drink their martinis, Stephanie tells Eric that if he doesn’t want her here in the office every day, she can be an absentee owner. He says the place would not be the same without her; he does want her to stay. She laughs and says that is just the martini talking. He asks her just to let him be himself. He needs her….he needs her in his life and in his business. Where would he be if she wasn’t in his ear day and night? She says no, it’d be the same old bait and switch. He’d expert her to do things and then grouse later that she didn’t tell him. He persuades and she succumbs and says she will come back, only keep that wife of his at arm’s length. He gives her a big kiss on the mouth.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian is angry to learn from Bo that Carly is out on bail. She receives an otherworldly visit from Lawrence, who convinces her to stick to her plan to kill Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie throws a fit over Carly’s revelation that she is her biological mother. Carly leaves at Philip and Daniel’s request. Philip later tells Melanie that he believes Carly, and after some memories of previous confrontations between herself and Carly, Melanie decides to meet with her. Chloe lays into Daniel for treating Carly with more consideration than he does her. Daniel assures her that he loves her, and the two decide to work through Chloe’s infertility issues together. After Rafe insists that he has to find the person that killed Sydney and punish them, Sami throws Rafe out, and confides in EJ that she is angry that Rafe seems to care more about the kidnapping case than he does about Sydney. EJ thinks Rafe is just starting to show his true colors. Later, EJ gets the passports made for himself, Johnny, and Sydney, and prepares to leave the country. Sami finds Rafe sobbing over Sydney’s picture in his office.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie wonders what Dante’s feeling are for Lulu. Maxie warns Dante not to “string” Lulu “along.” Luke warns Ethan about “impulsive, risky behavior.” Johnny gives Olivia an expensive necklace. Tracy tries to discourage Lulu from staying involved with Dante because of his tie to Sonny. Luke hesitates to get involved but he does say he’s not crazy about Dante’s career choice. Lulu says Dante and Sonny “are very different people.” Kristina avoids Kiefer’s phone calls, which makes Alexis suspicious. Jason has a suspicion about who highjacked the shipment. Spinelli finds proof that Johnny highjacked the shipment. Jason confronts Johnny at Olivia’s but Johnny refuses to back down. Johnny tells Olivia he’s planning on bringing Sonny to his knees. Maxie shares her worries about Lulu with Spinelli. Diane asks Alexis to talk some sense into Sonny regarding his case. Ethan tells Lucky what he saw on the pier but he leaves out Johnny’s name. Lucky thinks Ethan knows more than he admitted to. Jason tells Lucky that Johnny stole the shipment. Johnny pays Anthony in prison. Anthony is pleased with the “side” of Johnny that’s come to the surface. Lulu questions Dante about his honesty with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and Dani are together. She shares with him that she has some real issues with being seen as the "rapist's daughter". She wants her "first time" to be with somebody good like him. But he tells her he doesn't think either of them are ready to have sex. Meanwhile, Rachel asks Tea for legal help regarding the serious trouble Schuyler could get in for stealing the bottle of oxytocin and what it could mean if baby Sierra dies. Gigi is furious with Schuyler to find out that he knew that the baby was his but let Rex believe that he was instead and how he could abandon his own child until Stacy is dead. It appears that Gigi and Rex are getting along as he wants to support her through this whole trauma. And Kim is getting close to Clint after the loss of her best friend and his family crises.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jana yells for help. At the diner, Gloria tells Kevin that they need flyers everywhere. Gloria also tells Kevin that Jeff is headed to the Twin Lakes Mall. Gloria asks Kevin if there are any leads on Jana. Kevin lets her know that they don’s know anything. Gloria advises Kevin not to give up. Michael tells Kevin that Chance had convinced the police to file a missing person’s report. Kevin finds out that Jana’s cell phone is turned off. Kevin realizes that something must be wrong because Jana never turns off her phone. Daisy asks about Jana and if there is any word on her whereabouts. Gloria tells the little group that there is something about Daisy. Victoria insists to J.T. that she hadn’t abandoned her child when she had gone to Dubai. Victoria and J.T. argue as usual. Nick tells Victor that it is good to have him back on the ranch. Phyllis asks Victor if he had talked to Ashley about what they had discussed. Victor tells Ashley that Ashley didn’t want to discuss it. Ryder asks Adam if he is thinking about leaving the country. Adam tells him that he is. Tucker and Katherine discuss Tucker’s involvement with Alexander Tomas, who Tucker had loaned a painting to and had never gotten it back. Katherine threatens to go to the Justice Department. Phyllis accuses Adam of lying about Dr. Taylor sexually molesting Skye. Victor calls Adam to come to the ranch so they can talk. Kevin calls J.T. for help in finding Jana. Kevin suggests offering a million dollars for anyone who knows anything about Jana’s whereabouts. Daisy asks Ryder if he believes this. Daisy and Ryder knows that Kevin didn't waste any time in getting the police involved. Daisy tells Ryder that Kevin has to be stopped, because he will be sick if he doesn’t’ back off. Victor questions Adam about trying to drive Ashley insane. Adam threatens to expose Victor and Nick for their involvement in the Jabot deal if they don't leave this alone. Jana confronts Ryder about him and Daisy being twins and also tells Ryder that she knows about their mother. Jana tries to get Ryder to help her get out of here, but he refuses. Ryder asks Jana if she thinks that she will get out. Adam asks Tucker for the position of Vice President of European Operations. Tucker tells him that he needs Adam here to stop the sell off of Chancellor Industries. Ryder tells Daisy that Jana need to see a doctor, but she refuses. Daisy tells Ryder to make Jana disappear. Daisy comes up with a plan to make Kevin think that Jana left him. Katherine tells Victor that she cannot use the info she has on Tucker. Victoria and Michael discuss her divorce from J.T. and wonder if he will fight her for custody of Reed.

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