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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the corridor at the hospital, Angie confronts Jesse and Natalia as to what they are doing here. Natalia lets Angie know that they are here working on a case. Jesse pulls Angie away to her office. Jesse wants Angie to explain as to what she is hiding from him. Angie lets him know that she was just having a bad day. Tad and Liza are in the Confusion bar when they meet up with Damon, who tells them that Bailey and Stuart have gone home to her Mom and Dad and is not coming back. Annie picks up the tire iron and just holds it in her hand when Adam comes out to join her. Scott walks up and manages to get Annie’s attention so that she puts down the tire iron. Colby also watches Annie, Adam and Scott. In the deserted castle, Greenlee tells Jake that unless Ryan backs off her, he is going to kill her. Jake advises Greenlee not to marry David. Annie goes all to pieces and blames Greenlee for putting the tire iron there for her to find. Adam takes Annie inside the house. Scott questions Colby as to what was she thinking. Jesse offers Angie encouragement as to how to do her job as the Chief of Staff. Ryan tells Jake that he regrets bringing Greenlee here that he may lose Greenlee for good. Frankie interrupts Angie’s and Jesse’s intimate moment. Jesse pulls Angie away for a romantic afternoon. Scott confronts Colby as to her putting the tire iron there for Annie to find. Colby insist that she will try again to get rid of Annie. Scott tells Colby to tell Adam the truth about what she had done or he will. Colby reminds Scott that he has a romantic interest in Annie . Adam walks out onto the patio and overhears their conversation. Adam reprimands them for their actions and gives them all fair warning about their inheritance. Annie finds out that Colby was behind placing the tire iron there for her to find. Ryan brings Greenlee something to eat which is all her favorite things. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is stepping aside from pressuring her to reconcile with him.

Annie denies that anything is going on between her and Scott. A resident comes into Angie’s office, but finds her gone, but finds Frankie there. The resident tells Frankie what he wants and leaves his pager number for Frankie. Frankie, promptly, covers up the paper with some files. Jesse and Angie make love. Tad questions Damon about his parents which Damon doesn’t want to discuss. Jake join Liza at the Confusion bar. Ryan surprises Greenlee with a cupcake with a candle on top representing one year birthday. At the Confusion bar, Natalia arrests Damon for breaking into the residences of wealthy people. Frankie finds the pager number of the resident and upon checking on the patients finds that the man had died.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily apologizes to Holden about how hard she was on him about Damian’s disappearance, as she tells him about the ring and goodbye note Damian left for her, as Molly happens upon this conversation as well. Holden is happy to hear this news. Luke and Noah talk about their relationship and why Noah feels he has to move out. Luke doesn’t really understand, but their conversation is interrupted when Margo arrives to tell Luke about Damian’s body being recovered off of the Malta coast. Luke is very upset and Noah tries to comfort him, but Luke doesn’t want him to stay out of guilt. Noah tries to help, but Luke is sure that he only will be around for a short time and then he will leave again because he feels he has to and he would rather deal with this alone if that is what Noah plans on doing. Craig talks to his business associate about putting all of his money into Monte Carlo after getting no bites on financial backing, as his associate, Ellis, is sure it is because he wants Carly back. Molly and Holden celebrate by getting a room at the Lakeview, as Holden is thrilled Damian is alive even though he hates him; he really was worried that he killed him. Molly and Holden wind up in bed and making plans to go see Abigail, which couldn’t make Molly happier. Carly wants to tell Jack what she knows about Janet and Dusty, but they are interrupted by Janet, who tells Carly that they don’t have time to talk because Liberty is back in the hospital. Carly is worried, but Janet isn’t too concerned with her reaction; she is more concerned with telling her that she and Jack are going to have a baby for a match for Liberty. Jack tries to stop her and even explains why, but Carly is thrown and leaves quickly. Carly goes to see Craig talking a mile a minute when he wonders what is going on. She wants to drink, as Craig is able to find out why she is so rattled. In a roundabout way, he reinforces subtly that because of this new baby-to-be, her life with Jack is now over; Jack will always do the right thing. Jack and Janet discuss the baby, as Jack is clearly not on board because of the lifetime commitment, which is not loss on Janet who calls him on it claiming it is because of Carly. Jack promises to think about it. Margo finds a young boy on the docks and learns of Damian and another man fighting. Luke tells Lily about Damian, but Lily won’t believe it. She is adamant there has been a mistake and calls Margo to tell her about the ring. Inadvertently, she tells Margo that Holden saw Damian on the docks and Margo puts together that the boy saw Holden and Damian fighting and goes to find Holden. Holden is shocked to learn Damian is dead, as Molly doesn’t want him to talk. Holden finally admits to fighting and seeing Damian on the docks. Margo takes Holden into the station, as Lily and Luke show up; Lily insists that Holden tell Margo that he wasn’t involved. Craig and Jack have another bit of a showdown, as Craig gloats about knowing about news of the baby. Jack wants Craig to back off, but Craig tells him that he has his priorities now with the new baby and Carly can’t be one of them. Janet and Carly run into one another, as Janet tells Carly that she appreciates what she did for Liberty, but she wants her now to stay away from her Jack. Carly doesn’t understand, so Janet spells it out; she is spending too much time with Jack. She won’t let her threaten her family right now when that is all she cares about to survive. Carly snaps and explains that Janet is talking to the wrong person about her marriage. She is ruining her marriage all on her own; she should be having this conversation with her boyfriend, Dusty, as Janet looks stunned.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke can’t believe what she is hearing – that Eric, Stephanie, Taylor and Ridge are the new owners of FC. Stephanie tells her that she will just have to suck it up and accept it. Everyone is aghast that Steffy was behind this in having the contract drawn up. Even with the company’s lawyer present, Bill tells Steffy that they can rip up the contract; the sale is off. He doesn’t want to sign off the company to Taylor or Stephanie. Katie is dismayed that her sisters will be frozen out except for being married to the owners. Alone with Ridge, Brooke wants to know how he could agree to this. Katie rails into Bill that after all they have gone through she will not see her sisters answer to Stephanie and Taylor. Bill confronts Steffy alone. He tells her that she really doesn’t know who she is screwing with. That word – ironic since they were that close to doing just that until the wife interrupted. He tells her that no one gets the best of Dollar Bill for long, especially not a pretty young thing like her so she better enjoy it while it lasts.

Taylor interrupts Brooke and Ridge’s conversation and feels buoyed by the fact that Ridge agrees with her that Brooke went too far and took her sisters’ side over Ridge. She tells Brooke that she does not deserve that man. Katie is furious at Bill and especially that it involved Steffy. She tells him contracts are made to be broken. Steffy must have something on him and she asks if he slept with her. He denies that. He is apologetic, but tells her that he’s afraid it is a done deal and can not be broken. She doesn’t think she is getting the full story; he’s hiding something. He admits it is a setback, but not a defeat. There will be payback. He tells her that he adores her and he will never let her down again. When Bill leaves, Steffy walks in and slams the door. Katie accuses Steffy of thinking she won. Steffy gloats that the only thing faster than Katie’s rise to the top is her way out the door. The day of royalty and goddesses for the Logans is over. Steffy says she won’t rest until the last Logan is gone; that day will come; they will just be a memory. Bill goes to the parking lot to get into his car. He looks back up at the FC logo and spies Ridge who gives the order by phone. The Spencer Division attachment to the original sign is blasted off. Bill gets the sentiment and gives a clap to Ridge. He appreciates a good punch in the mouth, but vows to come back even stronger.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe breaks the news of Sydney’s death to Arianna and confides in her that Sami and EJ blame him for it. She advises him to give Sami some time on her own, and to continue doing what he feels he needs to. EJ meets with Brady to ask him to break the news of Sydney’s death to Nicole. Arianna is furious when she learns about it, as she believes Sydney’s death is Nicole’s fault, and claims that she thinks Nicole is coming between her and Brady even though she is in jail. EJ tells Anna that he will be leaving with the children soon, and her job will be over. Rafe is later surprised when he finds EJ at Sami’s place. Bo questions Victor, but much to his chagrin, he learns that Victor sent the artisan who crafted the identical comb out of the country so he would be unable to testify. Abe warns Bo to take a step back from this case, since so many people he cares about are involved. Bo refuses. Philip confronts Vivian with everything Justin told him. Vivian denies everything, but Philip doesn’t buy it. Victor subsequently threatens to turn Vivian in if she disobeys him again, but she isn’t afraid, since turning her in would exonerate Carly, and she knows Victor doesn’t want that. Carly tells Melanie why Vivian was trying to kill her, how she accidentally shot her, and ends the program by telling Melanie that she is her mother.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny says Olivia “owes” him to fix his relationship with Dante. The two argue and Sonny insists Olivia “cheated” him out of his “first born” son. Lucky runs Maxie off the road but both are ok. Ethan runs into the middle of Max and Milo in a shoot out when he goes to meet Luke’s cigar connection. The person shooting at Max and Milo (who happens to be Johnny) takes off. Dante wonders if Jason plans on pushing him off the hospital roof. Jason says the only reason Dante is “alive” is because of Sonny. Nikolas’ visit upset Elizabeth. Jason tries to justify Sonny shooting Dante. Jason says Sonny is “protecting” Dante. Dante tells Lulu he feels trapped by Sonny’s protection. Liz tells Nik she has no interest in a life with him even if he’s the baby’s father. Maxie takes Lucky to her place and cleans up his cuts. The two discuss their past and Maxie offers Lucky her shoulder. Lucky tells Maxie that he offered Liz forgiveness only to help her get better. Lucky tells Maxie about the baby and says he’s not sure if he “hates” or “loves” Liz. Tracy and Luke aren’t happy when Ethan tells them about the shots fired by Max and Milo. Sonny tells Jason a shipment was high jacked. Johnny goes to the casino and thanks Ethan for “creating a diversion” so he could make his getaway and offers Ethan a nice tip. Jason goes to the site of the shoot out and finds some stray bullets. Lucky tells Jason about the baby. Liz feels pressured when Nik asks her to take an early paternity test. Dante isn’t receptive when Sonny comes by for a visit. Sonny says the two are a lot alike but Dante says he wants nothing to do with Sonny. Ethan tells Luke the truth about Johnny being at the shoot out. Lulu is frustrated when she can’t seem to help Dante come to terms with his feelings about Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi finds out for the first time, the startling news that Rex is not the father of Stacy's baby. Schuyler is. Hearing that, she assumes the only way that could happen is for Schuyler to have slept with Stacy. He protests that he did not. She was initially pregnant by Rex but then miscarried and told nobody. And shortly thereafter, she had to find a way to hold onto Rex and make him think that she was still pregnant with his child. So she went to drastic measures to drug him. But when Gigi finds out that Schuyler has known that he's the father of Stacy's baby since before she and Rex broke up and before she started seeing him, she feels betrayed and cannot accept that. Jessica only remembers her life up until her senior year in high school. She has no recollection of finding out that Natalie is her sister, nor of having Bree, nor meeting Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Devon, on the phone and Malcolm at the end of the bar await for the others to get there. Cane walks in to join Malcolm and Devon. Lily and Mac arrive. Lily and Malcolm hug. Lily lets Malcolm know that chemo is over and it is time to celebrate. J.T. comes out of the kitchen carrying a peanut butter and bacon sandwich for Reed. Victoria corrects him and tells him that the “B’ stands for banana. J.T. informs her not anymore that Reed loves peanut butter and bacon. Victoria and J.T. argue over the fact that Victoria is never around to know what Reed likes or doesn’t like. Nikki visits just as J.T. leaves. Adam comes into the hotel room and finds Sharon packing up. Sharon lets Adam know that Brad’s house is done and they can move back in. Cane and Tucker have a strategy meeting about the upcoming meeting to sell Chancellor Industries. Tucker tells Cane to tell Katherine that she will make a pile of money. At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine and Neil go through boxes of files containing information on Tucker that she hopes will bring Tucker down. Katherine tells Tucker that she refuses to let Tucker demolish her life. Cane brings in another box of files on Tucker. Cane lets Katherine know that Tucker is selling off Chancellor Industries today. Ashley tells Victor that she is through with Adam. Ashley also tells Victor that she cannot believe that Adam would do this to her but she doesn’t’ have any proof that it was Adam. Tucker and J.T. have a meeting with the potential purchasers of Chancellor Industries. Katherine, Neil and Cane find the necessary information to bring Tucker down. Victoria stops by to see Victor, but gets into an argument as usual. Nikki has to separate the argument. Jack and Ashley admire the newly renovated house. Jack and Ashley discuss Sharon and Adam and where they will live now. Jack offers to let Ashley and the girls move in with him and Emily, but Ashley refuses. Adam and Sharon walk in. Ashley lets Sharon and Adam know that there had been a change in plans.

Sharon and Ashley argue over what Ashley feels that Adam had done to her. Jack offers to find Sharon and Adam a house, but Adam refuses. Adam lets Jack know that the deal between them is off. Ashley asks Jack about the partnership between him and Adam. J.T. checks on the bids when Mac comes in to join him. Adam ask Sharon to leave town with him to get away from these accusations. Katherine barges in on the meeting with Tucker, J.T. and the potential buyers. Katherine excuses the people seated around the table so that she can talk to Tucker alone. Katherine confronts Tucker about his past business dealings. At the Athletic club, a man recognizes Cane and wants to know when they confront him. Ashley tells Jack about Adam gas lighting her. Sharon agrees to leave town with Adam. Victoria tells J.T. to move out, but J.T. refuses.

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