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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad is on the phone in the Confusion bar. Liza is also in the bar and also on the phone. They bump into each other and each wonders what the other is doing. At the hospital, Annie watches the Chandler family, bonding with each other and she feels as though she is not part of the family. Adam instructs Annie to get J.R. a cup of coffee which she doesn’t like. Erica tells David to marry Greenlee to take her away from Fusion, Pine Valley and away from Ryan. Greenlee admits to Ryan that she does still love him and then they kiss. Erica asks David what he will get out of marrying Greenlee. Annie offers to help J.R. with his bone marrow transplant, but he refuses to accept anything from Annie. Adam walks in to see what the commotion is and orders Scott to take Annie home. Greenlee lets Ryan know that that was a good-bye kiss that things are over with him. Arguing with Ryan, Greenlee collapses in his arms.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott tells Annie that things will have to change between them. Annie urges Scott to continue to help her, but Scott refuses. J.R. asks Colby to help him with the situation of getting Annie out of Adam’s life. At the hospital, J.R. and Adam meet with Liza. Marissa walks in to join them. J.R. asks Marissa to adopt Little A. Adam doesn’t approve of the idea and voices his concern. Jake treats Greenlee and finds out that she has a low glucose level. Colby goes ahead with her plan to gaslight Annie. Scott walks out on Annie . Annie walks out onto the patio and sees the lug wrench. She relives the night when she had killed Richie with a lug wrench. Adam walks out and sees Annie with the lug wrench in her hand. Greenlee tells Jake that Ryan is going to kill her if he doesn’t back off. Ryan listens from outside the door. Erica leaves David tied up in the darkened room.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly stops by to see jack and asks him how Liberty is doing. Liberty stops by Carly’s and asks Parker to join her for a latte. Parker has doubts about going out with her, but finally gives in and goes with her. At the farm, Jack gets a call from Janet’s father, who has tested positive to give Liberty his bone marrow. Jack tries to get Janet’s father to come to the ranch, but Janet’s father refuses. At the Metro, Janet tries to keep her mind off of kissing Dusty, but Dusty continues to ask Janet about the kiss. Carly bumps into Teri in Old Town and asks Teri how Janet is feeling about her affair with Dusty. Teri is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. After careful maneuvering, Carly tricks Teri into admitting that Janet and Dusty are having an affair. Janet and Dusty are in a very sticky situation at Metro when jack walks in. jack lets Janet know that her father had called and is coming to Oakdale to be a bone marrow donor for Liberty. Janet is overjoyed. Jack finds out that it had been Dusty, who had talked Janet's father into being tested.

Carly tells Molly that Dusty and Janet are having an affair. Carly wants Molly to tell Jack to blow Janet right out of the water. Liberty becomes sick at the diner and Parker rushes her to the hospital. Janet is reunited with her father, but a fight soon begins between the two which results in her father threatening to leave and not coming back. Teri is also reunited with her father. At the hospital, Janet finds out that Liberty is in the emergency room. Liberty finds out that her grandfather is going to be a bone marrow donor for her. Liberty refuses her help and tells him to get out. Janet’s father finds out that he cannot be a bone marrow donor for Liberty. Molly decides to go talk to Dusty to find out more about the woman in his life. In talking to Dusty, Molly realizes that there is a woman in his life and Molly encourages Dusty to go after the woman.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy looks over the contract that Bill signed and laments to Thomas that wouldn’t it be great if things were back like they used to be; no running to Katie to okay everything. She gloats to Thomas that is going to happen today due to her having the leverage of the engagement ring to hold over Bill’s head. Steffy calls Ridge and wants the clan to meet her in her office; just don’t tell Brooke or Donna. The Logan girls return to the office and Bill confesses that he was hoping it didn’t have to come to this, but he has sold the company back to the Forrester’s. No longer will Katie have to put up with everything she has with Steffy the last few months. Stephanie, Eric, Taylor and Ridge are shocked but ecstatic when Steffy tells them and then shows them the contract that Bill signed.

Katie is not happy that Bill suddenly made this decision without discussing it with her first. Steffy needs all the family to start raising the millions they will need to buy out Bill……..that includes Taylor and Stephanie as she wants them to be part of it too. Ridge is so proud of her. Stephanie says she has truly achieved the impossible. Donna and Brooke rush in gushing about the new transfer of power, but are knocked off that pedestal when they hear that they are not include. The REST Corporation stands for Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor. The Logan’s time has come and gone; the true Forrester’s are back in charge.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel urges Chloe to see a therapist, and so does Arianna, but Chloe refuses to do so. Hope wakes up and tells Justin everything that happened with Carly and Vivian. Meanwhile, Bo uses his last dime to bail Carly out of jail, but warns her that she must stay away from Melanie as part of the terms of her bond. Carly ignores him, of course, and heads right for the hospital. Hope shows up to tell Bo everything she knows. She wants to talk to Carly, but is upset to learn that Bo spent so much money posting her bail. She assumes Bo loves Carly and that it’s over for them. She rushes off in tears. Daniel tells Philip that Melanie needs to be surprised by people she loves. Philip, Brady and Maggie take turns keeping vigil over her and urging her to wake up. Later, Daniel catches Carly going into Melanie’s room and throws a fit. After some pleading on her part, Carly is able to convince Daniel to let her see Melanie. After she sees Melanie and tells her how much she loves her, Melanie begins to wake up. Justin finds Philip and tells him the truth about Vivian, Melanie, and Victor’s involvement in what happened. Philip, furious, prepares to confront Vivian. Stephanie and Nathan continue their vacation in Alpine Valley, unaware of what has happened to Melanie. Stephanie rips up the letter from Melanie to Nathan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason worries that Sonny’s “self defense” plea will put him in jail. Sonny tells Jason he’s leaving the country if things look bad for him. Carly can’t convince Dante to lie about the evidence. Olivia gets upset with Carly for pressuring Dante to lie. Carly blames Olivia for keeping the truth about the shooting from her. Helena challenges and taunts an armed Lucky at Shady Brook. Luke warns Nikolas that Helena had better back off Elizabeth and the Spencers. Johnny tells Maxie he plans to “destroy” Sonny. Ethan tells Lulu about the pregnancy. Lulu has no sympathy for Liz or her situation. Lucky promises to keep Helena away from Liz. To pacify her, Lucky tells Liz he forgives her and they’ll always be “a family.” Olivia tells Dante she’s “proud” of the way she “raised” him. Dante thinks Olivia is still in love with Sonny. Helena encourages Nik to fight for his child. Luke tells Helena that no “harm” better come to Lucky and Liz. Helena says when she “claims” the baby as a Cassadine, Lucky will be “free.” Olivia tells Sonny to keep his “people” from “pressuring” Dante. Sonny blames Olivia’s lies for Dante’s pain and conflict. Olivia says she owed Dante the truth but says she owed nothing to Sonny. Olivia says she wouldn’t allow the “violence” of Sonny’s “world” to harm her child. Jason finds Dante on the hospital roof. Nik tells Liz he loves her. Meanwhile Lucky speeds down the road and appears to crash into Maxie as she’s driving down the same road.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody deals with the loss of Stacy. Shane admits to Bo that although he hated his aunt, he mourns the loss and cares about her baby, his cousin. Kim and Rex argue about how Stacy loved him. Gigi still believes that Rex is the baby but is willing to take care of her baby niece with Schuyler. The doctors tell her that a legal guardian of the baby has to authorize surgery in order to save her because she has genital heart failure. Rex knows he cannot. Schuyler still believes taht he is the father. But Oliver and Kyle both know taht Oliver could be. Jessica appears to be ok but has "selective" memory where she can remember her parents, her friendship with Marty in her younger days, and her distant past with no memory of Natalie or Brody or her daughter, Bree. marty is angry with JOhn and afraid he will get back with Natalie. Todd assumes and encourages Natalie to believe that also.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Patty arrive home from their honeymoon and jack carries Patty across the threshold. Patty is so thrilled with Jack calling her his “wife.” Patty and jack vow revenge on Victor to gain control of Jabot. Ashley shows Adam the piece of purple cloth and tells him that he had showed it to her to prove that she had killed Sabrina. Ashley tells Adam to admit it. Amber and Daniel arrive home to find that there is no word on Jana. Jack shows Patty a pic of her taken at Christmastime. Amber questions Kevin if he thinks that someone may have taken Jana. Kevin assures her that Daisy and Ryder both have alibis. Chloe walks in. Kevin urges Chloe to get Chance to look for Jana. Nick, Ashley, and Phyllis gang up on Adam to reveal the truth as to what he had been doing to Ashley. Adam still denies the accusations. Chloe calls Chance and gets him to check at the hotel about Jana. Ryder offers to help Kevin look for Jana. Nick urges Sharon not to go anywhere with Adam. Sharon tells them to give her a second to think. Ashley offers to let Sharon stay with them. Sharon agrees to leave with Adam. Victor and Tucker meet to settle the final deal for Jabot. Chloe tells the group that they had a hit from the man at the theater, who had seen Jana the day before. Jack walks in on Victor and Tucker and accuses Victor of using Adam as a mole to obtain ownership of Jabot. Jack threatens to go to a judge about this whole deal with deal. Patty writes in her diary that she is Mrs. Jack Abbott and no one is coming between them. Ashley suggests testing the fabric for blood stains, but Phyllis lets her know that she had washed that fabric dozens of times since Summer found it. At the Athletic Club, Sharon demands to know the truth from Adam or she will run away from him. Adam tries to explain, but tells Sharon to leave him if she doesn’t believe him. Adam suggest leaving town with Sharon to escape all these accusations. Kevin finds proof that Jana had been at the theater. Jana yells for help. Patty, pretending to be Emily Peterson, calls and checks on Patty’s condition and finds that she is in a comatose condition. Tucker begins to doubt Victor honesty in this matter. Jack confronts Adam about being the mole in order for Victor to obtain Jabot. Jack asks Adam to join forces with him to get Jabot back into Abbott hands.

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