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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby finds Scott asleep on the sofa in the living room of the Chandler mansion. At J.R.’s apartment, Adam awakens on the sofa. Tad and Jake search David’s home for the tape which David had used to blackmail Angie. Angie calls Jake to stop his search of David’s home, but Jake refuses to listen. David comes to and sees Erica, watching him. Greenlee wakes up and sees that Ryan had been watching her sleep. J.R. asks Adam if he had had any luck finding him a bone marrow donor. J.R. asks Adam for his forgiveness for not telling him that he was sick again. Scott asks Colby if she was the one who had called Dr. Burke, but she denies any involvement. Marissa tells Krystal that J.R. has cancer. Tad visits Erica's place and demands to know where David hid the tape. David refuses to tell, but Erica reveals the hiding place. Greenlee demands to be released, but Ryan lets her know that they are at the castle alone. Annie begins to fall to pieces when she thinks that she may go back to the psych hospital. Scott tries to soothe Annie’s worries when Adam walks in. Adam lets them know that all the family is gathering together for an announcement. Annie inquires what the emergency is, but Adam refuses to tell her until J.R. arrives. Marissa, J.R. and Krystal arrive at the Chandler mansion. J.R. tells the Chandler family that his chemotherapy isn’t working and he is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Adam tells the group that everyone will be tested. Angie signs her letter of resignation and sends it by messenger to the hospital board. Jake and Tad come in with the tape, but Angie tells them that she didn’t have to use the info that David had given her, but she did. Erica urges David to convince Greenlee to walk away from Fusion, but he refuses. Jesse steals Angie’s letter of resignation and brings it back to her. Jesse tears up the letter without even reading it, then urges Angie to let him know what was in the letter, but she refuses. Greenlee relives memories of her life with Ryan and reveals that she still loves him. Frankie refuses to test Adam for a possible bone marrow donor for J.R. due to his age and condition. Everyone else is tested for the bone marrow bank.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Molly comes up with a way to protect Holden by manufacturing evidence proving Damian is dead. Molly has a copy made of Damian's ring with the Grimaldi family crest then she sends the ring to Lily with a note from Damian tells her good-bye. Molly then sends a fax to the police station from the Maltese police saying that Damian's body was found and positively identified in the waters off the coast of Malta.

Parker interrupts a moment between Jack and Carly where they almost kiss and Jack and Carly tell Parker they were just talking but Parker knows better but pretends he believes their lie. Parker skips physical therapy to go check on Liberty and promises her that he will be there for her whenever she needs him because he is the most important thing to hi. Carly talks to Janet and Janet tells her that she couldn't have made it through this crisis without Jack. Dusty finds Janet's father Rocco and persuades him and his wife to be tested as possible bone marrow match for Liberty. Jack and Carly find out that Parker missed physical therapy and they make it clear that he can't sacrifice his life just because Liberty is sick. Parker tells Jack and Carly that he knows they want to be together and they are sacrificing their happiness because Liberty is sick. Carly and Jack tell Parker that adults sometimes have to make hard sacrifices and Parker says that just because he is a teenager doesn't mean that he can't choose to make sacrifices for what is important to him which is Liberty.

Dusty tells Janet that she talked to her father about Liberty and she is mad at first but then her father calls her and tells her that her and her mom got tested as possible donors for Liberty. Janet cries as she talks to her dad and thanks him for helping Liberty and he father does his best to control his emotions as he talks to Janet. Janet thanks Dusty for the many things that he has done for her and tells him that she doesn't deserve to have him in her life. Jack and Carly decide it is best for them to have as little contact as possible with each other. Jack and Carly decide not to see each other again and only talk on the phone and by e-mail. Jack and Carly say a painful goodbye to each other and then Carly heads to Metro to talk to Dusty about last year's taxes. Janet and Dusty can't control their feeling and kiss just as Carly walks into Metro she sees them kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Katie is on the phone, Steffy steps out of Katie’s office and continues her phone conversation with Bill. She tells him there is nothing he can say now that will make her change her mind. Either Bill sells her back the company or she will tell Katie that she has her engagement ring. Take it or leave it. He reminds her if she blows this up, they both lose. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. He has some ideas that he thinks she will like to hear and he’s coming to Katie’s office right now. Steffy gloats that Katie should be through with her phone conversation and she is going back in too. When she walks in, Katie tells her that she fired her so she is surprised that she is still hanging around. Perhaps she should go looking for employment over at Jackie M where her grandmother works. Both ladies size each other up by telling the other not to underestimate them. Steffy tells Katie that in terms of work she has no right to fire her. Katie admits she doesn’t; this is purely personal. She will have security clean out her desk and send her things later. Katie adds she does not want to see her back there. Steffy says she will not go. Katie reminds her that she is the CEO and if she says she is leaving, she is leaving. When Steffy still won’t go, Katie calls Madison to call security. Steffy tells Madison not to bother; she will leave. Bill walks in and Steffy thinks that is perfect timing. She announces that she has one more thing for Katie. Stephanie commiserates with Ridge and Taylor how miserable he looks and his hand is now hurt, all because of the Logans.

Katie tells Bill that he should know that she just fired Steffy. Under the circumstances it was just impossible for the two of them to work together. Steffy tells him that Katie told her that her behavior was inappropriate. Bill admits he thinks so too, he’d even told Katie that. Katie wants to know what Steffy meant when she said she had something for her. Bill tells them to give this a rest. Whatever she was going to say, enough is enough. Katie thanks him as she has a photo shoot to prep; she wants him to make sure security escorts Steffy out. Katie goes to her sisters who are getting ready for the Goddess shoot. Stephanie and Taylor interrupt and Stephanie mocks their costumes.

Bill tells Steffy that she knows blackmail is a crime. She teases him that he would actually turn her in. He tells her that she really doesn’t want him as an enemy and he doesn’t want her as one. He has a plan that is a win for both her father and grandfather. He tells her about an addition to FC, her father and grandfather will run it, staff it and create from it; it will be all theirs. She’s still not happy that ultimately they will still have to answer to Bill. He tells her emphatically one more time that he is not going to sell the company to her. And she will not tell Katie as Ridge would have to know and never forgive her. He tells her she is such a pretty package to be such a tough negotiator. She’s being wasted in PR. She should be down in mergers and acquisitions. She tells him to buy Katie another house or a yacht. She will be happier and he will be happier with Katie still with him. He asks for the document and she hands it to him. He wants to take it to his lawyer. She says no, he signs now or she will go to Katie. He signs and tells her that some of the most powerful men in the world have tried to get the better of him and failed, yet she managed to pull it off. Steffy looks pleased as she holds the papers close to her chest….FC is theirs again and the Logans will be gone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Rafe are devastated to learn that the blood found on the dress in the river belongs to Sydney. Thinking that Sydney is dead, Sami ends up calling Lucas for support since Rafe is busy on the phone with FBI in an attempt to find more clues in the river. Meanwhile, EJ, feeling that his plans are complete, plans to take Sydney and Johnny far away, never to return to Salem. Anna thinks EJ has gone too far to avenge himself on Sami. Bo is forced to arrest Carly, but Abe has Vivian arrested as well. Once Bo learns the whole story from Carly, he has the warehouse basement and the comb checked for evidence, but can find nothing to incriminate Vivian and is forced to let her go. Lawrence returns to the dead to taunt Carly, who is devastated over what she has done. Kate accuses Victor of being in cahoots with Vivian, and wonders how he could hurt their son this way. Philip learns that Melanie is out of surgery and is recovering. Philip visits with her and assures her that she will be all right, although Melanie is comatose for the moment. Carly also prays for Melanie’s recovery.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky blames himself for Elizabeth’s breakdown and wonders if he should be “a cushion” to help her get well. Luke advises Lucky to stay out of the situation. Lucky tells Luke he has no intention of taking Liz back. In front of Jason, Morgan asks Dante to give up police work and go work for Sonny. After Morgan leaves, Dante says he won’t protect Sonny. Helena pays Liz an insulting and disturbing visit. Helena makes it clear that she has plans for Liz’s baby. Liz gets hysterical, and then later has visions of herself as a permanent patient in Shady Brook. Nikolas asks Alexis for legal advice, should the baby be his. Sonny tells Olivia he wants a place in Dante’s life. Olivia says it’s Dante’s call. Patrick pays Liz a visit. Nik tells Lucky he wants to marry Liz when she recovers. Sonny gently explains to Morgan why his plan for Dante won’t work. Jason worries what Jake will think of him in the future. Diane and Sonny discuss her concerns with his case. Helena pays Liz another visit and continues to badger her. Carly asks Dante to claim he “falsified evidence” to make it looked like Sonny killed Claudia. Jason tells Sonny he can’t go through with his plan. Luke confronts Nik about Helena’s visit. With his gun drawn, Lucky bursts into Liz’s room and orders Helena to leave.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The rescue team dives into the frozen lake but can't even find Stacy. Rex and Oliver are distraught and urge them not to give up. But they accept that Stacy is dead. Gigi and Schuyler are ready to take care of the baby together even though she still has no clue that Schuyler could be the father. Kim goes looking for Stacy and is devastated to find out her best friend is gone. Rex grills her about how they both knew that Schuyler was her baby's father and not himself. At that point, she reveals that Schuyler is not. Oliver still does not reveal to anybody that he is likely Stacy's baby's father. But he rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Dorian is very worried when Kelly and Adriana do not answer their phones in Paris. Kelly is accounted for but also worried that she cannot find Adriana. She and David finally find her engaging is "sexual fantasies" with the strange man and find out they have worried for nothing. Cassie tells Dorian that she may be overly paranoid about Mitch and his followers being able to go everywhere and find everybody. But when Cassie sips her tea, we wonder what will happen next.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kevin makes a call to check up on Jana to see if she showed up for her yoga class. Lauren and Michael find out from Kevin that Jana is missing and no one has seen or heard from her .Ashley tells Billy that the house is ready for them to move in. Billy wonders how Adam and Sharon will feel about this . Ashley lets Billy know that the house does belong to Abby and asks if that is where she wants to live. Billy questions Ashley about Tucker but doesn’t have too much luck. Victor and Victoria discuss Adam and the article that Billy wrote in “Restless Style” about Adam with thanks from Victor. Sharon tells Adam that she is going to stop by Ashley’s and pick up the rest of their things. Sharon lets Adam know how anxious she feels about him going undercover at Tucker McCall’s. Michael questions Kevin about Jana’s disappearance. Michael wonders if Daisy and Ryder had anything to do with Jana’s disappearance. Lauren defends Daisy and calls her a good kid. Michael wonders where Daisy is since he didn’t hear her come in last night. Phyllis tells Nick that Ashley feels that Adam is responsible for gaslighting her .Nick asks Phyllis if Adam is suspicious of Ashley. Phyllis lets Nick know that Ashley confronted Adam about gaslighting her .

Sharon stops by Ashley’s to pick up hers and Adam’s things. Sharon hopes that Ashley can get over this, but she calls Adam a “liar’. Ashley lets Sharon know that she can see Faith any time she wants as long as Adam isn’t there. Billy calls Victoria to thank her for saving him on New Year’s Eve, but she gives him the brush off. Victoria tells Victor to continue. Nick stops by Victor’s office and tells Victor and Victoria what Phyllis told him about Adam gaslighting Ashley. Victoria resigns from Jabot. Victor assures Nick that Adam will be punished. Phyllis gets a call from Ms. Storrs, who reveals some very interesting info about Adam and Dr. Taylor. Victoria joins Billy at the bar. Lauren questions Daisy about where she was last night .Daisy comes up with an iron-clad alibi. Lauren tells Daisy that she has a hard time trusting her. Victoria informs Billy that she and J.T. are getting a divorce. Phyllis tells Ashley all about what she found out about Adam and Dr. Taylor. Ashley comes home and finds Adam with Sharon as well as Nick and Phyllis. Ashley also finds the purple cloth that she was looking for.

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