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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica gives an interview about Greenlee being alive. Jack calls Erica for a dinner date which she accepts. Jesse and Tad agree that Greenlee would have to press charges against David before they could do anything to him. After finding out that Angie is resigning her Chief of Staff position, Jake offers her encouragement on what a good job that she's been doing. In the living room of Wildwind, Greenlee lets David know that Ryan asked her to marry him. Ryan joins Tad and Jesse at ConFusion to discuss Greenlee and David. Greenlee tells David that she now wants a real wedding to him. Greenlee and David agree to marry the next day. David meets with a minister about the ceremony. Ryan barges in on the minister and David and demands to know where Greenlee is. Greenlee is on the computer in Erica’s office when Erica barges in on her. Erica and Greenlee argue over who is in charge at Fusion. Erica lets Greenlee know that Erica and Ryan are over long before they found out that Greenlee was alive. Erica makes a very snide remark toward Greenlee which Jack overhears. Colby pretends she is Annie and calls Dr. Burke for help in dealing with the Greenlee situation. Annie gets a visit from Dr. Burke. Annie denies calling his office and refuses to talk to him. Annie begins to cry and falls into Scott’s arms for comfort. Angie lets Jake know that David is blackmailing her to resign her position. Jake, angry, vows that David will not hurt anyone else he loves and rushes out of the office.

Jack reprimands Erica for her remark toward Greenlee. Jake tells Tad about David manipulating Angie. Jake and Tad devise a plan to get even with David. David meets with a hospital board member to discuss the recent janitorial strike and that someone should be put in charge, who can handle things like this. Jake makes a fake phone call to David informing David that something had happened to Marissa. David rushes to the hospital only to find out that Marissa is fine. Jake gives David a fair warning concerning his treatment of people. Erica overhears Jake and Tad’s plan for David . Jake and Tad kidnap David and takes him to abandoned building. Ryan catches up with Greenlee at Fusion and carries her out of the room.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Emily sits beside Paul’s bedside. Alison checks on Mick when Casey walks up behind her. Casey remarks that she just cannot stay away from him. Jack and Janet hug good-bye as he leaves for work. Liberty comes downstairs and finds a list on the table of possible bone marrow donors. Carly and Craig meet with Morris, a possible client for their new business venture. Liberty and Janet arrive at the hospital and finds out that Liberty doesn’t have a chemo treatment today. Jack catches Carly and Craig kissing in the dining room of the Lakeview Hotel. Alison confesses to Casey that she had made love to Mick in the bell tower of the church. While Emily takes a conference call, Paul sneaks out of his room and goes to see Mick. Liberty pretends to be Janet and makes a call to the lab to see I they had found a possible bone marrow donor for her. Liberty gets bad news that they haven’t found anyone. Liberty, frustrated, runs out of the house. Jack demands to know why Carly had kissed Craig . Carly orders Jack to leave her alone. Mick urges Paul to pull the plug on him. Paul refuses. Casey comes home and finds Alison packing to move out . In Jack’s office at the police station, Jack kisses Carly. Hearing, Liberty outside his office, Jack and Carly pull apart. Liberty confides to jack that she needs his help in breaking the news to Janet that they haven’t found a bone marrow donor. Casey stops Alison from leaving. Alison gets a call from the hospital, informing her that Mick had taken a turn for the worse. Alison takes off her engagement ring and lies it on the table. Janet searches frantically for Liberty when Jack and Liberty walk in the door. Liberty owns up that she had called the lab and no bone marrow donors are available. Morris refuses to do business with Carly and Craig. Carly visits Craig and wants him to take her out to eat to celebrate the deal with Morris. Craig lies to her and tells her that he and Morris had reached a deal. Paul tells Emily what had happened with Mick and Paul didn’t want that kind of life. Alison stands by Mick’s bedside when he flatlines. Alison kisses his cheek. Mick responds to the kiss. Alison is thrilled.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy stands over and close to Bill’s face and taunts him that she has Katie’s ring. All he has to do is sell the company back to her and she will get what she wants......that is to give the company back to her father. And her lips will be sealed about last night and he’ll get Katie’s ring back. He tells her that she is beginning to irritate him and she does not want to do that. He reminds her what will happen when Ridge finds out she is sleeping with the enemy. She gloats that he will forgive her when he gets the company back. She tells Bill to just sign the papers otherwise his marriage is up for grabs. Katie tells Brooke and Donna that she has a concept for a new line – Goddess. She shocks them when she says Steffy will not be doing the PR as she is going to fire her today. She can not work with Steffy any longer when she knows she is after her husband. Brooke points out that Ridge is already very unhappy; firing his daughter will only irk him more. Taylor brings a pot of flowers to Ridge to cheer him up. He tells her she looks glowing; must be a man; must be Whip. She says he is not the slick talking man most think he is; he’s a very sweet man.

Steffy hands Bill the papers, but he grins and tells her that her fantasy is over. He won’t be signing the papers. She says fine, good thing she already has a meeting with Katie. Bill confides in Justin how he over-reacted when he thought Katie walked out on him. He saw Steffy and things got heated. Now he needs to work damage control. Somehow he has to work with Steffy so Katie won’t hear this. Steffy meets with Katie. Katie tells her that Bill is her man, not Steffy’s. It’s embarrassing. She has a crush, but there is always consequences. One of them has to go, so it’s Steffy that has to find another job. Katie’s interrupted by a phone call. Steffy gets a call too from Bill. Steffy tells him that she just got fired. She has the ring and she is going to show it to Katie unless he sells her the company. He asks her not to show Katie the ring.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe is devastated to learn that she wanted to be pregnant so badly that her body mimicked the symptoms, even though she wasn’t. She later confides in Arianna about it. Stephanie and Nathan make love for the first time. EJ learns that Sydney had a nosebleed and ruined the dress she was wearing when Nicole took her. He later takes the dress and throws it in the river for the police to find. While Rafe questions Anna, EJ tells Sami that he has accepted the fact that Rafe is back in her life. However, he has to consider suing for custody of Johnny. Sami, upset, begs EJ to give Rafe the chance to prove that he can bring Sydney home. EJ agrees, and later Rafe informs the two of Sydney’s bloody clothes being discovered in the river. Sami breaks down as EJ tries to assure her that Sydney is still alive. News spreads that Melanie is Carly’s daughter, and that she shot her. Victor knows Vivian is behind it, and warns her that she will pay unless Melanie lives and Carly goes to jail. Kate is also positive Vivian is behind all of this, and vows to make her pay as well if Philip gets hurt. Bo learns of what is going on and is shocked to discover that Carly shot Melanie, though she insists it was an accident, as she was aiming at Vivian. Philip vows to make Carly pay. Daniel works to save Melanie’s life in surgery, but she flat lines. Justin tries to wake up Hope in her room, but she calls out for Bo, saying that she loves him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Diane warns Sonny about a probable “guilty” verdict for the murder of Claudia. Lucky tells Elizabeth her doctors want her committed to Shady Brook. Agent Rayner tells Dante he’s expected to testify against Sonny. Olivia tells Agent Rayner to back off Dante. Liz doesn’t take well to the idea of being committed but Lucky does his best to reassure her. Patrick and Robin bicker about their personal life. Steven confides in Robin about Liz’s situation. Lucky tells Liz he plans to stop drinking. Liz still insists that she can recover “at home.” Tracy tells Luke about Liz’s pregnancy. Luke confides Liz’s situation in Sonny. Michael pays Dante a visit and asks him to reconsider his feelings toward Sonny. Luke calls Lucky to the casino to check on him. Luke tells Lucky to “trust” his “instincts.” Lucky says he knows Liz “needs” him. Liz gets settled in at Shady Brook, and then gets an unexpected visit from Helena. Sonny asks for Olivia’s help in getting to know Dante. Morgan tells Dante about the situation at home. Morgan wonders if Dante can help Sonny avoid prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ford fantasizes about Langston. He and Cristian discuss students fawning over teachers and Cristian warns Ford that dating students can only lead to trouble. Langston confides to Blair that she kissed Ford again.

Marty and John take Natalie to Llanview Hospital. Natalie only has a strained ankle. Natalie tells John to leave because he is still a fugitive, but Clint and Viki disclose that Dorian fired Stanley Lowell and the Feds are looking into his connection to Mitch Laurence. David goes to Paris to join Kelly who tells him that Adrianna is missing. They steal his credit card receipt and get the credit card company to tell them where it was used after the restaurant. Dorian explains to Blair, Starr, and Langston that Mitch Lawrence is threatening them all. The FBI arrest Dorian. Dorian hires Elijah Clark to represent Charlie Banks and herself. Elijah explains that the FBI only has jurisdiction over the kidnapping; her gun charge is the Llanview Police Department jurisdiction. Mitch threatens John McBain and Charlie Banks. Brody tells Marty that Mitch gave Jessica electroshock therapy and no longer remembers him or anyone else from her life. She tells him that they won't know if the damage is permanent or temporary until she wakes up. She encourages him to tell Viki and Clint about the electroshock, but before he has the chance, a nurse tells them that Jessica is out of surgery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Patty asks Jack what is he looking at. Jack tells her that he wants to see her in that bikini. Patty asks him does he mean he wants to see her out of the bikini. Patty suggests that they shower and then skip dinner. Jana lets Kevin know that if she had known that he was taking her out to dinner then she wouldn’t’ have eaten with, but cannot finish the sentence. Kevin forbids her from mentioning Ryder’s or Daisy’s name. Daisy and Ryder, with the help of their mother, devise a plan to get back at Jana and Kevin. Ashley thanks Neil for his help when Victor stops by looking for Adam. Ashley tells him that Sharon and Adam doesn’t live here anymore, but at the club. Victor wonders what had happened. Abby walks in to join them and finds out that Victor is taking back the ranch. Abby goes off about not having a home and runs out the door. Sharon questions Adam about what Phyllis and Ashley had been saying about Dr. Taylor. Jana questions Kevin about what Tucker had wanted with him. When Jana finds out that Kevin is investigating his friends, she doesn’t approve. Kevin reminds her that she had investigated Ryder. Sharon asks Adam had he tried to drive Ashley insane. Adam denies it and Sharon believes him. Looking at the newspaper's date, Adam realizes that it is the anniversary of his mother’s death. Victor comes to visit Sharon and Adam. Jack tells Patty that her plan is working because he cannot get out of bed. Jack asks Patty if this is about Patty and what had happened to her . Patty owns up that she is trying to keep her mind off Patty. Jana suggests to Kevin that they call it quits. Abby meets up with Neil and pours out her heart to him about how she is feeling about moving out of the ranch. Patty overhears Jack’s conversation with Ashley about Jabot and decides to cut their honeymoon short so that she and Jack can fight Victor together. Abby and Neil come home to the ranch with some of Ashley’s favorite brownies. Abby suggests that they move into Colleen’s house once it is renovated . Ashley is thrilled. Adam tells Sharon that he couldn’t stand it if he ever lost her. Sharon promises to stand by Adam. Jana goes to the theater to meet Kevin, but sees no one. Kevin gets stuck in an elevator. Jana wonders if Daisy and Ryder are twins then who is their mother.

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