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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie is on the phone with a man and orders him to get with the program just as Jake walks into her office. Jake tells Angie about Greenlee being alive. Angie tells him that she already knows that Jesse had called her and told her. Angie also tells Jake that she settled the strike with the janitorial department. David has a visit from Jesse, who has a court order to search the premises for drugs that David had been using on Greenlee. Annie tells Adam and Scott all about Greenlee being alive and what had gone on between her and Ryan at Wildwind. Colby walks in and finds out that Greenlee is alive. Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him. Greenlee can’t believe her ears after he had slept with both Kendall and Erica since she had been gone, fighting for her life. Ryan lets Greenlee know that he had never stopped loving her and kisses her. Adam questions Annie as to her feelings when she had found out that Greenlee is alive. The doctor tells J.R. and Marissa that the chemo isn’t working and that he will be in need of a bone marrow transplant. Adam receives J.R.‘s pathology report from the hospital report by special messenger. Jesse doesn’t find any incriminating evidence against David in his search of Wildwind, but tells David that he will be watching him. Greenlee tells Ryan that he hadn’t waited for her to return to him. Annie remembers all her conversations with Greenlee about Ryan. David visits Angie in her office which unnerves her. Greenlee confronts Ryan about his sleeping with Erica.

Ryan begins to realize that Greenlee came back for him. Greenlee denies preparing a special dinner for them. Greenlee insists that she prepared the dinner to let him down easy that she was going to marry David. David blackmails Angie into giving him back his Chief of Staff position. David gives Angie 48 hours to hand in her resignation. Greenlee denies coming back for Ryan and insists that she is going to marry David. Angie tells Jake that she is going to resign. Adam insists on helping J.R. beat this cancer.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The hostage crisis continues inside All Angels Church as Mick who has been taken over by James personality forces Alison to admit to Casey that she slept with him. Casey is deeply hurt and tells Alison that he thought he was the one who was foolish because he thought he wasn't worthy of her love. Casey tells Alison he never wants to see her again. Mick as James also makes Paul beg for Emily's life and Paul does that until he realizes that James or a brainwashed form of him can't hurt him anymore because he has Emily's love and that is all that is important. "James" tells Barbara that she is pathetic because she tried so hard to be young that she slept with a man that only used her for her money. Henry defends Barbara and tries to go for Mick's gun but fails in his attempt. Alison pleads for the real Mick to come out and when he eventually does she leaves the church with him.

Margo remembers a secret tunnel to get into the church and gets the rest of the hostages out and gets them to the hospital. Casey goes after Alison and Mick and Mick tells Alison he loves her and asks her to go away with him because he knows that she doesn't love Casey. Casey arrives and Mick points a gun at him butt Alison gets in front of Casey and tells Mick if he shoots Casey he will also have to shoot her. Mick says good-bye to Alison and makes his get away but when he runs into the street he is run over by a van.

At the hospital Emily tells Paul that they don't need a baby to be happy they only need each other. The doctors tell Alison that Mick's chances don't look good because of his extensive internal injuries. Henry realizes that Katie will never have romantic feelings for him but Barbara truly does care for him so he gives her a back rub to relax her and says that they will talk about the rest later. Alison looks at Mick through the window in the hallway and Casey walks by with Tom and Margo he looks at Alison with a look of anger and hurt on his face and then Casey walks away from Alison.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells the group that they aren’t going forward with the Hope line until she is okay with the Graham thing being over. Eric says they need to make some changes to the line anyway and Katie has to approve them so they are pulling back temporarily. They wait for Katie. She has slept late, but very satisfied how the previous night ended except for missing her engagement ring. Steffy watches as Ridge and Katie butt heads on some of his designs. He grumbles again of just being hired help. Katie wants to see Steffy in her office. Eric checks with Legal and finds out the contract is air-tight, no way out. They are stuck for the duration. Steffy tells her granddad not to give up. He takes her to Bill/Katie’s office, his own previous office, and tells her this is where history was made. She tells him just watch; they are going to get FC’s back.

Katie tells Thorne, Ridge and Eric that this Hope line has to be flawless and frankly their designs are not good enough. She can not approve them. Steffy catches the attorney in the elevator and they shake on what he has to do to get the papers ready so that FC will be in the Forrester’s hands again. Justin makes a point that Bill is not himself and it’s not like him to drop the ball and forgetting meetings. Steffy keeps her meeting with Bill. She teases about the hot night they had the night before. He warns her that he and Katie are back together and that Steffy doesn’t want to open up this can of worms. It can get ugly for her and her family. Her playing hardball will be way out of her league. She is amused at his style of business and blackmail. She hints that Bill knows what the answer is yet he continues to ask what she wants anyway. She wouldn’t call this blackmail, just good business. She wants the company; he wants Katie’s ring back. If Bill doesn't sell her the company, she will give the ring back to Katie and tell her exactly how she found it in their bedroom and how Bill was pressuring her to have sex. Women can have their power; men have their weaknesses…..even the great Bill Spencer – gotcha!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ and Sami argue about Rafe. EJ tries to convince Sami that Sydney is dead, and that it is all Rafe’s fault, but she refuses to believe it. Rafe sets up a meeting with Anna, who fears that EJ plans on killing Sami after witnessing his wrath over her getting back together with Rafe. Daniel sets up a sonogram for Chloe, but the two are devastated to learn that she isn’t pregnant. Will gives Mia necklace for Valentine’s Day. Brady considers proposing to Arianna in the near future. Stephanie and Nathan leave early to go on their vacation. Stephanie is worried that Melanie and Nathan still have feelings for one another, but Nathan assures her that it’s over between them. Stephanie seems to feel guilty about keeping Melanie’s note from Nathan, but she doesn’t feel guilty enough to show it to him. Vivian coerces Melanie out onto the balcony near the roof of the mansion. She tries to push her off, but Carly intercedes, aiming a gun at Vivian. However, when she fires, she accidentally hits Melanie, who crumples to the ground, unconscious. Most of the wedding party is drawn up to the balcony, where Carly, hysterical, admits to everyone that Melanie is her daughter. Bo rescues Hope from the warehouse. She tries to tell him what happened with Carly, but is in too much pain, and is too groggy from the medication.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Everyone panics when Dante’s monitor goes off. Dante doesn’t appreciate Sonny and Olivia’s concern. Steven gives Dante a lecture on being “responsible” about his recovery. Lucky, Nikolas, and Elizabeth are stunned by the pregnancy news. Dr. Lee says Liz is three months along. Jason and Sam enjoy Valentine’s Day. Jax informs Carly that the baby will be living with him. She agrees to let the baby stay the night with Jax and says they can work things out tomorrow. Mac brings Alexis some cookies for Valentine’s Day. Dante warns Olivia that Sonny is using her to get into his life. The girls come home and find Alexis and Mac kissing on the couch. Steven warns Lucky and Nik to let him handle things with Liz. Meanwhile, Liz takes a journey to the hospital roof. Lucky finds her sitting on the ledge. Steven and Nik arrive minutes later. Lucky tries to talk some sense into Liz by giving her some hope. Liz takes Lucky’s hand and comes down off the ledge. Morgan can’t cope with all the dysfunction in the family. Olivia tries to make things right with Dante. Lulu informs Sonny that Dante accepted a job with the PCPD. Steven wants to put Liz in Shady Brook – Lucky and Nik agree. Dante tells Sonny he’s “dedicated to bringing” him “down,” father or not.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex, Schuyler and Oliver manage to pull Gigi out of the water and Schuyler rushes both her to the hospital with the baby. But Stacy appears and falls through the ice and they fail to save her. They all assume that baby Sierra Rose is without a mommy. And we can only guess who will be her guardian. Dorian confesses to Viki, Clint and Brody that she put Charlie up to shooting Mitch and that's how Jessica got shot. They are not going to forgive her. But she fires Lowell and reinstates Brody to the force. Blair tells Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko she needs them to come with her and stay at Todd's where there is top security, after Cassie has contacted her to inform her what Dorian has warned them off regarding Mitch's threat.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy gives Malcolm his contract with the changes in it that Malcolm requested. Lily walks up to where Malcolm is. Billy is really yelling at the person on the phone. Lily asks Malcolm if the Indigo Club is all right for lunch. Malcolm suggests that they pick something up and take it back to her place that he had something to discuss with her. Cane and Jill discuss how that Katherine and Tucker had both fired her. Tucker walks up and questions Jill if she knew anything about someone checking into his past. Jana talks to Noah on the phone about the things that she had been learning about Daisy and Ryder. Ryder and Kevin meet to talk. Daisy walks up to join them. Daisy is given back her books that she had left. Kevin asks about Daisy’s back. Daisy orders a caffe latte. Kevin tells Daisy that he is taking Jana out to eat. Jana apologizes to Ryder for her treatment of him and they eat dinner together. Neil visits Ashley and finds her deeply upset over Dr. Taylor. After talking to Neil about Adam and what he was doing to her, Ashley decides to confront Adam. Phyllis confronts Adam and Sharon about Dr. Taylor and how he was sexually molesting his female patients. Sharon defends Adam and tells Phyllis to get a life. Malcolm asks Lily to work with him. Malcolm suggests doing a story on Lily and her battle with cancer. Adam denies knowing what Dr. Taylor was doing to his female students. Sharon calls Phyllis “vindictive” concerning all her accusations concerning Adam. Malcolm takes pics of Lily.

Jill asks Billy for a job at “Restless Style.” Ashley arrives to question Adam about what he had been doing to her. Ashley asks Adam if he had been trying to drive her crazy. Adam denies her accusations. Cane arrives home and wants to know what is going on. Lily tells Cane that Billy had hired Malcolm at “Restless Style.” Billy hires Jill after he makes it clear to her that he is the boss. Kevin wants to take Jana out to dinner, but Jana tells him that she had had dinner with Ryder. Tucker tells Kevin that he wants him to do research on who had been checking up on him. Ashley accuses Adam of lying to her and orders him out of her house. Phyllis and Malcolm meet to discuss how Ashley was taken by a liar. Daisy tells Ryder that someone took her half of the pic and assumes that it was Jana. Lily tells Cane what Malcolm is up to taking her photos.

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