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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the wedding chapel at Wildwind, Greenlee reveals herself to the crowd that is gathered for the wedding. Ryan can’t believe his eyes that Greenlee is alive. Ryan touches Greenlee’s cheek to make sure that he isn’t just seeing things. Greenlee lets Ryan know that she is marrying David. Mass hysteria erupts with Jesse stepping in and taking over the situation. Jesse and Jack take David out of the chapel to question him. At the Chandler mansion, Scott is going over some business with Adam when Annie comes in and tells them that there is a wedding at Wildwind and they were not invited. Annie pretends, as though, she is going upstairs to get dressed for work and instead she gets dressed for the wedding. David denies the accusations that he is forcing Greenlee to marry him. Greenlee has her say to the spectators, who are left at the wedding . Ryan lets everyone know that he is not going anywhere. Jesse releases David despite Jack’s protests. Ryan pours his heart out to Greenlee over his feelings for her .

Annie interrupts Ryan’s and Greenlee’s talk. Annie can’t believe her eyes when she sees that Greenlee is alive. Ryan tries to put Annie out, but she refuses to leave until she has her say to Ryan. Krystal and David have a confrontation over his attempted marriage to Greenlee. Annie questions Ryan over his feelings for Greenlee. David rejoin Greenlee in the chapel .David tells Greenlee that he will still marry her, but she needs to take time to know what she really wants. Annie comes home and tells Scott and Adam that David is getting married to Greenlee. Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him tonight .

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dr. Oliver and Bob butt heads again, but Bob gets the upper hand. The Hughes family prepare for Casey and Alison’s wedding, as Alison goes to the church beforehand where she finds Mick. He is clearly not in his right mind, as he seems to have taken on a different persona and soon Alison realizes she is talking to ‘James.’ She talks him into waiting for her in the tower to talk with him after he tells her that he is there to exact his revenge. Emily comes in, and Alison tells her what is going on. Emily calls Margo, who rushes over to the church. Alison tries to convince Mick that she wants to go away with him to calm him down, but he isn’t buying her act. Margo shows up though and is able to take him into custody, as Mick promises to pay her back for this. Alison still defends Mick to Paul and Casey though. Casey wonders if they should postpone the wedding, but Alison wants to marry as soon as possible. Henry and Katie argue about him hiring a PI to find something on Dr. Oliver, as Katie tells Henry she doesn’t want to go to the wedding with him anymore. An aggravated Henry then asks Barbara to be his date. At first, she turns him down, as she doesn’t want to be his rebound and Paul told her to stay away, but they wind up deciding to go. Henry is taken by how beautiful Barbara looks when she gets ready, as they seem to bond a bit. Katie and Dr. Oliver talk about how she broke her date with Henry because of what he did and Dr. Oliver jokes that he owes her; he will take her to the wedding and besides he has to suck up to Bob a bit. At the wedding, Henry and Katie are each annoyed at the other’s date. The wedding begins and seems to be going along nicely, but unbeknownst to everyone, Mick has escaped custody, which Margo finds out mid ceremony and leaves quickly. Paul is doing a reading when Mick shoots him in the leg. Mick takes hostages, as everyone struggles to stay calm and try to convince Mick to let certain people go. In the end, after Bob feigns a stroke, Mick lets everyone go except for Barbara, Paul, Emily, Henry, Alison and Casey. Mick is ranting about exacting revenge against those who betrayed him, as Alison tries to talk him down, but Mick is not in charge and so she seems to have no effect over the ‘James’ personality. Soon Mick is insinuating things about Alison right before he tells Casey he shouldn’t start his marriage with a lie, as Casey doesn’t understand. Alison assures him it is nothing, as Mick becomes very vocal about how sleeping with someone is not nothing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie calls out to Bill which gives him enough warning to jump up off the bed and off Steffy. He warns Steffy to get out and never come back. It is over. He walks in to meet Katie while Steffy spies Katie’s ring on the nightstand and takes it. Aggie tells Nick that she gets he is completely committed to Bridget and she will be no threat to his marriage. She doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable. Bridget catches them and sneers at Aggie and asks if she ate her veggies today. Katie admits to Bill that she over-reacted and she never should have left him like that. She had a meeting and she didn’t take time to explain. She promises that won’t happen again. She doesn’t want to make him feel like that lost little abandoned boy. She repeats that Steffy has an agenda and she still doesn’t trust her, but she loves Bill and she doesn’t want these little misunderstandings to come between them. She will always hold on to what they have and never give up on him. She needs to hear that from him too. He tells her that he is a better man because of her. He wants to spend every moment he can with her. With Steffy watching from the bedroom, Katie asks Bill to take her to their bed and make love to her.

Bridget tells Aggie from now on she will dole out the prescribed pills that Dr. Caspary gave her if that is the only way she can be sure Aggie will take them. They argue back and forth with Aggie saying Bridget it not her doctor. Bridget reminds her that she is the mother though and has the biggest stake in this. She forces Aggie to take a pill. Bill takes Katie to the bedroom and they make love. Later she misses her ring and asks about it. Steffy tells Thomas that game time is over. She’s got everything under control and it’s time they move in for the kill. She calls Legal and asks them to get her some purchase agreement and she will pick it up tomorrow morning. She confides to Thomas that she has a little plan to get the company back for their dad. She fingers Katie’s engagement ring and says Bill is vulnerable and he can call that a little insurance. She tells Thomas to get some rest; tomorrow is going to be a memorable day. Bill Spencer has met his match. When she is alone, Bill calls and relays to her that Katie did not leave him. She had an appointment to get to and he just over-reacted. She hears that they are good and says she is happy for him. He knows that she took the ring. She admits she did and what she wants – justice. She will see him tomorrow morning – sweet dreams. Katie searches frantically all over but still can not find her ring. Bill holds her and states that the is not to worry; they will find it and get it back.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Days of Our Lives did not air today due to the Vancouver Olympic Games.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax assumes Carly is back with Sonny. Carly and Jax argue over their situation. Sonny is amused with Jax’s misunderstanding of the situation. Jax takes the baby to the hotel and tells Olivia that Carly took comfort in Sonny. Dante doesn’t want to use Michael in the case against Sonny. Mac tells Dante about Michael’s confession. Dante agrees to work for Mac. Elizabeth regains consciousness but then passes out again. Maxie thinks Lulu is afraid of getting intimate with Dante because of her past relationships. Lulu heads to GH and decorates Dante’s room for Valentine’s Day. Mac brings Sam into the PCPD for questioning. Jason interrupts Diane’s evening with Max to get some legal help for Sam. Dante tells Lulu about his new job. Lucky runs into Nik when he arrives at GH with Liz. The brothers argue over Lucky’s drinking and his treatment of Liz. Lucky goes to Liz’s room to check on her. When she finally wakes up, Lucky says he doesn’t plan on “going anywhere.” Spinelli is pleasantly surprised when he arrives at Maxie’s apartment. Dante finds condoms in Lulu’s bag and gets the wrong idea. Lulu says Maxie most likely put them in the bag without her knowledge. Lulu and Dante kiss and his monitor goes off. Jax contacts an attorney and says he needs divorce and custody advice. Carly confronts Jax and admits she’s not sleeping with Sonny. Olivia and Sonny bicker when he comes to GH to check on Dante. Jason takes Sam to the penthouse, where Kristina and Molly have overdone the place with Valentine’s Day decorations. In front of Lucky and Nik, Dr. Lee informs Liz that she’s pregnant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex, Schuyler and Oliver find Gigi with the baby in her arms walking on cracking ice over a lake. They all struggle to make sure the baby is ok. But Gigi falls through the ice. They save her but she's unconscious. Meanwhile, Dorian is terrified by Mitch's threats and implications that he already has a "plan" for harming one of her girls. And right then, we see her daughter, Adriana and her niece Kelly in Paris where they meet a friendly, handsome stranger who offers to take Adriana home in his car. Kelly encourages her cousin to take the guy up on his offer so that she can possibly move on. But Dorian contacts her daughter Cassie, warning her that they must all beware of Mitch. Cassie calls Kelly and passes on the message. And Kelly wonders what might happen. Viki and Charlie are wondering what to do regarding Mitch and the fact that Jessica has been shot. Marty walks in on Natalie and John kissing and clearly indicates that she's threatened by what they have been doing together since Jared has been dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Phyllis lets Nick know what a good Valentine’s day that she had had. Nick doesn’t seem to be listening since his mind is on Victoria and J.R. Nick tells Phyllis that maybe if they hadn’t kept secrets from each other then they could have avoided divorce. Phyllis assumes that he is saying that they are keeping secrets from each other. Fr Todd stops by to check on Patty (Emily) and finds out that she is still alive. Fr. Todd tries to get Paul to leave, but Paul refuses. Nina sticks her head in the door to drag Paul out of the hospital for a while. Sharon and Adam prepare to leave the island when they run into Jack and Emily (Patty). Jack wonders what Sharon and Adam are doing here. Kevin finds out that Jana is behind on paying the bills and they are getting piled up. Jana lets Kevin know that Daisy and Ryder has a past. Kevin urges Jana to let this go. Daisy walks in on Lauren and Michael. Lauren questions Daisy why she isn’t’ at the store. Daisy lets her know that she had pulled doubles three days straight. A slight confusion occurs between Lauren and Daisy. Lauren and Michael agree for Daisy to move back to the dorm and agree to talk to Dean Reid. Neil brings Ashley her shawl on the pretense of asking her out on a second date. Victor walks in on them. Victor asks Ashley as to what is going on between her and Neil. Daisy asks Kevin how his sister, Eden is liking Paris. Kevin lets her know that Eden is Michael’s sister. Daisy lets Kevin know that she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Nick finds out that Phyllis had gone to Harvard to check up on Dr. Taylor. Nick is upset with her for not letting this go. Nick owns up to Phyllis that Adam had not left Newman and he and Victor were not on the outs. Nick also tells Phyllis that he had arranged the whole thing. Nick urges Phyllis to let this go. Phyllis lets him know that she cannot let this go. Michael meets with Dean Reid about getting Daisy back into the dorms. Jana tells Lauren about the info that she had found on Daisy and Ryder. Ashley and Neil confess that they have feelings for each other . Ashley and Neil discuss Adam and why he would be torturing her. Neil remarks they need proof about Adam and Dr Taylor. Phyllis walks in and asks them what if they had proof. Emily (Patty) tells Adam about her patient (Patty) and wonders if Adam had ever seen her. Adam denies ever seeing Patty at the ranch. Phyllis tells Ashley about Dr. Taylor not being able to keep his hands off his students. Nick tells Victor that Phyllis is out to expose Adam. Daisy falls on some spilled coffee and supposedly hurts her back. Reluctantly Michael and Lauren agree to let Daisy remain staying at their home. Fr. Todd tells Paul that Patty (Emily) had been taken off the critical list. Sharon and Adam arrive home. Phyllis stops by and tells Adam to tell Sharon what he and Dr. Taylor were up to.

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