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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake prepares to go out just as Amanda comes out of the bedroom, seductively wearing a teddy. They kiss, but Amanda can't dissuade him from going to David's wedding. David checks on Greenlee, who is worried that Jack will show up at her wedding. David tells Greenlee that he made sure Ryan would be there by including a green butterfly in his invitation. David surprises Greenlee with a long-stemmed rose and Leo's St. Christopher medallion on a chain for Valentine’s Day. Erica is busy working at Fusion when Ryan informs her that he received an invitation to the wedding along with a dead butterfly. J.R. tries to convince Marissa to attend her father’s wedding, because he's curious as to who the mystery bride is. Mitchell, the computer hacker, continues to recover Fusion's files and plays a recording of the two people who sabotaged Fusion. Since the webcam had fallen to the floor, all they see are the perps' legs. They speculate that David was drugging his accomplice because he carried her out of the place when they were done. Jake arrives at Wildwind too early for the wedding and confronts David about everything he did to hurt him and Amanda. Greenlee listens from the stairs. After throwing Jake out, David assures Greenlee that he did not force himself on Amanda but he did blackmail her into having another child with him. Greenlee doesn't care what friends she loses or enemies she makes, because she needs to become David's wife. After David tells her what he did to get Ryan to come to the wedding, she fears it's not enough to guarantee his presence. Ryan, Jesse, and Tad go over the information that they found about the person who sabotaged Fusion.

When Amanda tells Liza how worried she is about Jake going to David's wedding, Liza encourages her friend to protect her husband by attending the wedding with him. Jake comes home and finds Amanda ready to go to the wedding, because she wants to find out what David is up to. Opal puts on a new dress and prepares for the shocker wedding. She and Krystal feel sorry for the new Mrs. Hayward and wish they could warn her. Krystal accepts Opal's invitation to attend the wedding with her. Everyone begins to gather at the chapel for David’s wedding. Krystal is surprised to see Marissa there. David comes in and announces that there will be a short delay, because the bride isn't ready. As everyone questions him, David refuses to divulge what's going on. To make sure he comes to the wedding, Greenlee phones a stunned Ryan, who is in his penthouse alone, and wishes him a happy Valentine's Day. Erica tracks Jack down at ConFusion and wants to know who his girlfriend is, but he refuses to tell her. When she mentions that David is getting married, Jack grabs his coat and rushes out in a panic. After the minister arrives, the Wedding March plays as Greenlee walking down the aisle wearing a very thick white veil. David says his vows first. Just as Greenlee pushes back her veil and reveals herself, Jack rushes in (followed by Erica) and asks his daughter why she is doing this. As Greenlee informs Jack that she's getting married, Ryan enters the chapel and can't believe his eyes.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Hughes house, Casey makes a video for himself and Alison to watch. Alison and Mick hide out at the church after he escapes the hospital. At Fairwinds, Susan lets Emily know that Mick escaped from the hospital and Alison is with him. Paul barges into Barbara’s room and demands to know where Mick is. Bob also contributes to the making of the wedding video. Mick comes clean to Alison as to who he really is. Henry and an orderly are in his quarantined room at the hospital. Henry gets a call. Henry pretends to start coughing which scares the orderly and he runs out, leaving the door open for Henry to escape. Paul orders Barbara to tell him where Mick is or he will kill her. Barbara gives in and tells Paul where Mick is. Alison tries to get Mick to turn himself in, but Mick refuses. Casey confides to Bob that he has doubts about marrying Alison. Henry barges in on Barbara and tells her that he had been in quarantine for tuberculosis. Barbara stays away from Henry until Henry tells her what had really happened. Paul meets Alison at the church and demands to know where Mick is. Alison lies to him and tells him that Mick is gone. Paul doesn’t believe her at first, but then changes his mind and believes what Alison has told him about Mick. Susan and Emily visit Casey to find out if he had seen Alison. Casey tries to call Alison, but doesn’t get an answer. Casey gets Susan and Emily involved in the making of the video. Mick tells Alison that she had protected him from Paul and comes to the conclusion that Alison must care for him.

Barbara lets Henry know that Mick is James Steinbeck. Mick asks Alison to go away with him, but she refuses. Barbara tells Henry about the treatments which will make her look younger. Barbara asks Henry to go with her to Alison’s wedding, but Henry tells her that he is going with Katie. Alison goes home to Casey, but Mick watches them from outside the window. Mick’s nose begins to bleed and he knocks over some lawn furniture on the patio. Casey starts to investigate, but Alison stops him. Paul has his gun ready for Mick when Emily comes home. Paul tells Emily that he is going after Mick. Emily tells him that if he does, she will not be there when he comes home. Mick is taken over by the spirit of James Steinbeck, who demands that Mick make everyone pay, who attends Casey and Alison’s wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy not to overestimate herself or underestimate him. She is now playing a high stakes game with a high stakes player. She replies that she is not playing a game; he has something she wants. It could be as simple as selling back FC to her. She teases that she is making him an offer he does not want to refuse. He warns her that he’s had many offers in his life. She’s dealing with a man now, not a boy, and she may have bitten off more than she can chew. She teases him again that she is here and Katie isn’t, so what’s he gonna do? In the middle of telling her that he doesn’t want to talk about Katie, he kisses Steffy, more than once. At the office Katie laments to Brooke how Bill seems to be so unaware of what Steffy is doing, yet how can she turn a blind eye to what is going on. Brooke advises her not to go and tell Ridge as that will only make matters worse as he will go after Bill. Katie suddenly realizes that she left her ring at home. Brooke reminds Katie that she is a fighter and on her best day or night Steffy could not come close to her. Ridge lights the candles in the bedroom and places a lovely flower on Brooke’s pillow. Taylor tells Whip that she has never met a man as down to earth and real as he is. They get romantic, but she vows that she wants to take it slow so that neither of them will get hurt. He admits he has gone after the right women in the wrong places and never finds them.

Brooke returns home and is appreciative of Ridge’s efforts right down to handing her a glass of wine….just what she needed right now tonight. She opines that all marriages have their rough spots and Bill and Katie may be having theirs now. Ridge knows that being married to Bill can be no picnic. He only hopes that she doesn’t end up being burned. Bill has always been a player; can a leopard change its spots. Whip and Taylor make love. She says the evening was perfect. Steffy pulls away from Bill and says he married the wrong woman. She wants the company upfront before they make any more moves. He reminds her that she is dealing with Dollar Bill; nobody dictates the terms to him. He follows her to the bedroom. She’s not ready to give until she gets. He reminds her all those kisses, all that teasing and flirting…..she lit the match, now it’s gonna burn. He rips open her blouse and throws her back on the bed. Katie walks in the front door and calls out to him and notices the bedroom door open and heads toward it. Bill is on top of Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ decides to move forward with his plan and take Sydney and Johnny to an island hideaway, but he learns that Sami and Rafe have gotten back together. He tries to warn Sami that they will never get their daughter back, thanks to Rafe, but she refuses to believe it, and insists that Rafe is going to bring Sydney home. Carly panics when Vivian reveals her nefarious plot to kill Melanie with a poisoned comb. Carly tries to strangle Vivian, but Hope interrupts, explaining that Victor already foiled Vivian’s plot by switching the combs. Hope starts to arrest Vivian for attempted murder, but Gus intervenes, knocking some heavy boxes onto both Hope and Carly. Gus and Vivian make good their escape, and Vivian vows to find some other way to kill Melanie. Carly is later able to get out from under her box. She calls for help on her phone for an unconscious Hope, takes Hope’s gun, and rushes off to stop Vivian. Bo receives Carly’s message about coming to the cannery building, and heads over there. Melanie and Philip are wed, although Nathan considers stopping the wedding. Chloe confides in Arianna that she is pregnant, and becomes ill in the middle of the ceremony. Stefano informs Kate that his man can’t find Vivian, and Kate prays that something awful has happened. Much to Kate’s delight, Vivian misses the ceremony, but shows up afterwards hoping to get Melanie alone.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan and Lucky discuss his feelings toward Elizabeth. Lucky tells Ethan about his abduction at the hands of Helena. Liz heads to a chapel and lights a candle and asks for “forgiveness.” She remembers the old days with Lucky. Michael tells Mac in detail how Claudia died. Mac thinks Michael gave him “a false confession” to protect Sonny. Dante is embarrassed about losing his job in front of Lulu. Lulu asks Jax to “pull some strings” and get Dante his job back. Sam heads off to the PCPD to help Michael while Morgan and Molly talk to Jason. Sam grabs Michael and takes him out of the station. Diane is uncertain if she can save Sonny but he refuses to plead not guilty. Helena wants Nikolas to father another child with “a suitable woman.” Jason tells Michael, Molly, and Morgan to stay quiet about the murder. Mac pays Dante a visit and offers him a job with the PCPD as long as he promises never to “protect” Sonny. Dante agrees to Mac’s terms. Mac says he wants to get Michael on the stand to testify as a witness to Sonny murdering Claudia. Carly isn’t happy with Sonny’s decision and says he “won’t survive in prison.” Maxie shares some of her Valentine decorations with Lulu. Carly asks Sonny to promise to leave the country when and if she tells him to. Sonny agrees and the two embrace just as Jax enters the room and gets the wrong idea. Lucky goes to the church and finds Liz there, unconscious.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Gigi notices that there is something wrong with Stacy's baby and she needs medical care, she goes out into the snow with the baby but discovers she's walking on thin ice over a lake. Rex tells Schuyler and Oliver he's washed his hands to Stacy and the baby that's not his and wants to get back with Gigi, assuming it's possible after she finds out that Schuyler is the one who impregnated Stacy yet lied to Gigi about it. The three of them find her on the ice with the baby before she's ready to fall through. Viki and Clint rush to the hospital after Jessica has been shot and Brody has difficulty telling them all that has happened for how she got shot by accident by Charlie. After Jessica gets shot, Mitch blames Dorian and tells her one of her girls will die. She is horrified knowing what he is capable of. And right then, we see Dorian's daughter, Adriana in Paris with her cousin Kelly Cramer at a cafe. And there is a mysterious man at another table watching them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe urges Emily not to keep the crowd waiting. The wedding ceremony begins. Paul lets the doctor know that Patty had gone into V-fib. Michael cooks Lauren a French dinner for Valentine’s day. Lauren questions him as to who had helped him cook the meal since she knows that Gloria can’t cook. When Lauren persists in asking him who had helped him cook the meal, Michael asks Lauren to dance with him. Victor surprises Nikki with Valentine presents. Nikki feels guilty that she hadn’t bought anything for Victor since she has had he mind on Victoria and Katherine. Victor surprises Nikki with the news that they will be moving back to the ranch. Nikki is overjoyed and thinks that this is for the best. Victor looks on the computer and finds out that Patty had been rushed to the hospital because of an overdose attempt. Nikki immediately wants to go to Paul. Paul questions the doctor as to how Patty is doing, but the doctor tells him to prepare for the worst. Jack and Emily say their vows to each other. Michael and Lauren dance to a slow dance. Lauren apologizes for what she had been putting him through the last little bit . Nikki visits Paul to see how he and Patty are doing . Nikki finds out that Patty had overdosed and it was because she had found out that Emily and Jack were going to be married. Patty’s (Emily) eyes flutter as if she was trying to wake up. Emily (Patty) recites he wedding vows to Jack. Jack and Emily (Patty) are married.

Traci proposes a toast to the happy couple and thanks (Emily) Patty for coming into Jack’s life. Phyllis offers best wishes to the happy couple. Katherine notices something wrong with (Emily) Patty, and asks Jack if everything is alright. Chloe remarks to Billy that everything is going to be perfect today. Chloe urges Emily (Patty) to tell Jack the happy news. Emily tells Jack and the spectators that she and Jack are starting a family immediately. Jack tells Emily that that is not a surprise to anyone. Victor barges in on the happy occasion and brings Jack a wedding gift. Jack reminds him that this wedding is by invitation only. Traci reminds Victor of the precious gift that she had given him of Colleen’s heart. Paul sits by Patty’s bedside. Emily talks to herself and realizes what had happened to her and that Patty had married Jack. Michael and Lauren make love . Fr. Todd arrives to check on Patty (Emily) and finds out that she may not make it through the night. Nick and Phyllis realize how precious their love is. Jack and Emily make love.

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