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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Confusion bar, Tad and Liza sit at a table and go over the menu that is being planned for David’s wedding . Liza sees Damon and wonders what he is doing here. Damon lets her know that he is working her now. Natalia is busy on the computer at the police station when Brot throws a flyer onto her computer. Natalia notices that the flyer is about a tournament and Brot invites her. Natalia asks Brot if he is asking her out on a date. Jack remembers his conversation with Greenlee as he stands outside of Erica’s door. Erica invites Jack in. Ryan barges into David’s home and demands to know, why he is getting married on Valentine’s day, the day when Ryan and Greenlee was to be married. When David mentions Greenlee’s name, Ryan hits him and David falls to the floor. Ryan demands to know, who David’s bride is. Greenlee comes out of hiding and was about to attack Ryan herself. Erica tells Jack that she had broken things off with Ryan. Jack is preoccupied and doesn’t pay much attention to what Erica is saying. Jack leaves abruptly, meeting Opal at the door. They exchange pleasantries and Jack leaves, quickly. Tad gets a call from Krystal that he needs to come home because Kathy is asking for him. Jesse questions a hacker about Fusion. Greenlee comes out of hiding and tells David that he had ruined everything.

Jesse questions Ryan at the police station as to who David’s bride is. Erica tells Opal that she had broken up with Ryan. Opal shows Erica the wedding invitation and tells Erica that David is getting married. The computer hacker gets part of Fusion back up and running. Ryan asks for Tad’s help in finding out who David is marrying. Jack visits Greenlee and promises to respect Greenlee’s wishes. Greenlee tells David that she doesn’t want Jack nowhere near her wedding. David assures Greenlee that Ryan will be at the wedding. Ryan comes home and finds the invitation along with a butterfly inside.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet goes to the hospital to be tested as a possible bone marrow match for Liberty and runs into Dusty. Dusty stays to hold Janet's hand since she is afraid of needles. Terri arrives once Janet's blood test is finished and sees Dusty and Janet holding hands. Teri figures out that Dusty and Janet slept together and Janet confirms her suspicions. Janet tells Terri that Dusty is just a good friend but she wants to work on her marriage. Jack passes by the window at Fashions and remembers its Valentines day so he goes in to buy Janet a present. Carly arrives and helps Jack pick out a blue dress for Janet. Jack and Carly remember old times and wish their current situation was different but both insist that Jack is doing the right thing. Dusty sees Carly and Jack together and Carly explains that she was helping Jack pick out a gift for Janet.

Jack gives Janet the dress and when Jack sees Janet with the dress on he kisses her but then Janet breaks away from the kiss because she isn't ready. Janet thinks about how Dusty helped her with her fear of needles and Jack thinks of Carly and how she helped him pick out a dress for Janet. Dusty and Carly eat at Al's diner and make it clear to each other that they are only good friends with Jack and Janet even though they wish things could be different and they could be more then friends.

Paul thinks that Mick is the best con man ever when the DNA results say that he is James Stenbeck. Paul goes to confront Mick at the police station to tell him that he doesn't believe he is James. Margo doesn't believe Mick is James either and after Mick talks to her the audience discovers that Mick seems to have a double personality as Mick pleads with James not to make him do this that he just wants a chance to be happy with Allison. James personality takes Mick over again and James tells him that he will do as he is told to do. Mick has a severe nosebleed after his confrontation with Paul and Paul takes him to the hospital. Emily shows Allison the DNA results but Alison refuses believe Mick is James. Allison tends to a bleeding Mick and tells him to fight whatever this is that is making him do bad things because she knows he isn't James.

Casey is hurt when Margo tells him to postpone the wedding because Alison seems to be involved with Mick. Casey defends Alison and insists that she isn't involved with Mick. Casey refuses to postpone the wedding and tells Margo he will get married tomorrow as planned. Mick chokes the policeman guarding him until he passes out and asks Alison to leave with him. Mick and Alison end up at All Angels church where Mick admits to Alison that James fixed it so that he would finish his plans and James wants him to hurt people and she is the only one who can stop him from doing it. Paul finds out Mick escaped from the hospital so he grabs a gun and goes to search for Mick.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge cleans up the broken glass from smashing his award on his desk and getting bloodied. He tells Brooke that he loves her and he knows they will get through this. Hope comes in and questions her mom if she is really worried about her or from what she thinks the public will dig up from Brooke’s past. Whip promises Taylor that this is going to be a very special night. She says he is spoiling her. He keeps pointing out how much alike they are yet spends more time than Taylor wishes in discussing her ex-husband, Ridge. She admits she does have fantasies about him. Then she can’t believe she said that when she is on this perfectly good date with Whip. Steffy crouches on the front porch at the beach house and listens as Bill tells Katie that she is over-reacting again. They did not fire Steffy for a very good reason so they need to put her out of their heads. Instead Katie wants to hear more. She wants all the details of what happened at the last innocent kiss when Steffy followed him home and he claims that Katie had walked out on him. Now suddenly it is Katie’s fault that Steffy kissed him. She tells him that Steffy has no respect for her or their marriage. She shouldn’t have to ask him to declare her off-limits except where absolutely necessary at work. She can’t take this anymore and starts to leave. He accuses her of always running away and not wanting to finish these important conversations.

Whip tells Taylor that he understands and he is not intimated by memories of Ridge. Someday he hopes to make her completely forget him. Hope asks Brooke if she can talk to Aunt Katie as she wants to take things more slowly now. All think that is a wise decision for all of them. Steffy walks into the house and starts making snide remarks about Katie leaving Bill again and how can he put up with that. He tells her that her being there is inappropriate. Katie will be back and he does not want her finding Steffy there. Katie is steaming when she goes back to the office and she rants to Brooke about Bill and Steffy’s last goodbye kiss. Steffy points out to Bill that Katie has left him again and here she is again. She won’t take no for an answer. She wants FC back in her family’s hands. Give her what she wants and she will make it worth his while. He finds it slightly amusing that she is offering up herself on the negotiating table.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe gives Daniel the news about her pregnancy, and both are thrilled. Everyone gathers at the Kiriakis mansion for Philip and Melanie’s wedding. Lucas puts Stefano and Kate on notice. Lexie lays into Stefano for what he did to EJ. Philip panics when the justice of the peace cancels, but Stefano has Abe come over to marry the two. Meanwhile, Hope pumps Victor for information about Vivian and Melanie, but all Victor will do is assure her that Vivian won’t harm Melanie. Vivian has arranged for Carly to watch over a laptop as she fastens the comb in Melanie’s hair. Carly, who doesn’t understand the significance of the comb, decides to get Vivian to the warehouse to keep Melanie safe. She knocks Gus out, and sends Vivian a text from his phone. Once Vivian arrives, Carly threatens to kill her. Vivian tells Carly to do whatever she wants, as her mission is accomplished. Victor searches for Vivian. Stefano and Kate, thinking Stefano’s man has done his job and eliminated her, are delighted. Melanie has Stephanie deliver a letter to Nathan from her. Stephanie opens it and reads it to find out that Melanie wants to know that there is no chance of her and Nathan getting back together before she maries Philip. When Nathan tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to talk about Melanie, Stephanie decides not to tell him about the letter. When she later tells Melanie that Nathan didn’t want to read the letter, she decides to go through with the wedding. Before Melanie can go downstairs, she passes out on the bed. Daniel isn’t convinced that Nathan is over Melanie. Nathan talks Maggie into attending Melanie’s wedding, and later, she and Will shares stories about Mickey with Mia.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas wonders what Helena’s “agenda” is. Elizabeth takes comfort in Jason’s arms as Lucky walks by. Lucky gets the wrong idea and insults Liz. Jason questions Lucky’s cruelty and coldness toward Liz. Jason goes home frustrated and tells Sam what happened. Sonny tells Dante how and why he got involved in the mob, which was sparked by the abuse he and his mom suffered at the hands of his stepfather. Sonny tells Dante about his relationship with Olivia. Dante says he’s sorry about the abuse but it’s no excuse for Sonny’s chosen career path. Johnny tells his dad he wants to inflict the Zacchara wrath on Sonny. Carly grills Diane on Sonny’s legal situation. Diane says things don’t look good for Sonny if he stays in the country. Sonny refuses when Diane advises him to tell the court he didn’t kill Claudia. Helena pays Liz a visit at home bearing a “thank you” gift for turning Nik into a Cassadine. Ethan arrives just as Liz screams for Helena to leave. Michael catches Molly and Morgan worrying over Sonny’s situation. Agent Rayner arrives at Dante’s hospital room with an ultimatum – tell the truth about the shooting or “turn in” his badge. Dante sticks to his story so Rayner says he’s “off the force.” Epiphany catches Patrick and Robin in the supply closet. Helena returns to Wyndemere and tells Nik it’s time to conceive “the true Cassadine heir.” Ethan later tells Lucky about his “unsettling accounts with” Liz. Liz’s front door is open and the house is dark. Molly and Morgan head to Jason’s and tell him they think Michael is about to “confess to the police.” Meanwhile, Michael tells Mac he killed Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Stacy is ready to give birth to her baby for real. And Gigi delivers it for her. At that point, it appears the two sisters might have reconciled their differences at least for now. But right then, it appears that there is something wrong with t the baby and they cannot get her medical care while stranded up in the cabin. Meanwhile, after Rex finds out that Stacy scammed that she was pregnant with his child when she knew it would have to be Schuyler's, Rex is ready to kill Schuyler for what he did. He admits he's glad to be able to wash his hands of Stacy and declares he wants to get Gigi back, assuming he can after she finds out what Schuyler did and that he (himself) did not impregnate her sister. Oliver is also worried about Stacy along with Schuyler although he does not tell either him or Rex the reason why. Charlie goes to shoot Mitch but the bullet accidentally hits Jessica. Everybody back in Llanview is still wondering what to do with all of the missing people on Llantano Mountain.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily walk into the Athletic Club with Lily trying to get Cane to tell her what he had purchased her for Valentine’s Day. They meet up with Katherine and Murphy, who are also there, celebrating Valentine’s Day. Nick comes downstairs on the phone when Phyllis and Summer come in. Summer rushes into Nick’s arms. Nick insists that if he knew that they were coming home, he would have met them at the airport. Summer tells him that they wanted to surprise him. Summer and Nick exchange presents for Valentine’s Day. Adam dreams of his friend telling him that Phyllis was checking up on him. When Adam gets on the computer, Sharon wonders what he is up to. At the Athletics Club, Victoria meets up with Billy, who sarcastically makes a remark about her being the CEO of Jabot. At the Abbott house, Jack comes downstairs and is surprised with some fresh blueberry muffins prepared by Traci. As Paul sits by Patty’s bedside, Todd comes in to check on her .Emily prepares for her wedding to Jack but cannot seem to get things right. Emily gets down on her knees and says a prayer for help with her wedding. Chloe arrives to help Emily. Cane surprises Lily with a hotel room decorated like the room in Paris where they made love the first time.

Everyone at the Abbott house prepares for Jack’s wedding. Victoria visits Nick with a present for Summer. Phyllis questions Ashley about Adam's dealings with Dr. Taylor. Phyllis tells Neil that she found out some very incriminating things about Dr. Taylor. Adam surprises Sharon with a trip to the spa. Patty flatlines just as Emily begins to walk down the aisle. Emily is surprised to see Father Todd officiating at the ceremony.

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