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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Scott and Annie hold hands in the study of the Chandler mansion. Colby stands outside the window and takes a pic of them kissing. Adam tries to comfort J.R. over his cancer as Marissa walks in. Adam and J.R. hug. Adam questions Marissa as to why she hadn’t told him about J.R.’s cancer. In her hotel room at the Yacht Club, Erica tells Ryan that she doesn’t love him nor does Ryan love her. Adam urges J.R. not to shut the family out from helping him deal with this . J.R. falls to the floor and has to be rushed to the hospital. Colby interrupts Scott and Annie kissing, but makes no mention that she had made a pic of them kissing on her cell phone. Annie fears that Colby will tell Adam what had happened. Jack and Greenlee meet up in the chapel at Wildwind. Jack begins to question Greenlee as to where she had been all this time. Jack lashes out at David when he finds out that David is the one, who had known about Greenlee being alive, but hadn’t told anyone. Colby calls Damon to see why he had called her. Damon tells Colby that he had gotten a job at ConFusion and wanted her to join him. Colby meets Damon at the bar and gets a call from Annie.

All the Chandler family gather at the hospital to give moral support to J.R. Scott meets up with Marissa in the corridor and feels guilty for giving J.R. such a hard time all these months. Scott goes to see J.R. J.R. asks Scott to take care of his family when he’s gone. Colby shows Annie the pic on her cell phone of Annie and Scott, kissing. Annie takes the cell phone and rips it apart. Adam walks up and Colby, suddenly hugs Annie, pretending to play nice with her. Ryan barges in on David and questions him as to who he is marrying. David mentions Greenlee’s name and Ryan hits David in the face. David falls to the floor. Erica calls Jack to come see her .

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Holden argue over her care of the children and how that Lily had been neglecting them. Molly interrupts Lily and Holden and tells them that she thinks that Damian had faked his own death. At the hospital, Luke has a run-in with Dr. Oliver, who threatens to stop treating Noah again. Dr. Oliver asks Luke what does he want. Luke tells Dr. Oliver about his father’s disappearance. Noah and Maddie discuss his getting back together with Luke. Noah and Maddie decide to room together. Henry reprimands Katie for having dinner with Dr. Oliver. Lily gets a call from Luke to meet him at Grimaldi Enterprises. Holden visits Meg at the psych hospital and tells her that he had taken care of hospital. Meg tells Holden how that Molly had helped her .Henry finds out that Dr. Oliver may have something to hide in his past. Katie brings Jacob to have a blood test to see if he could be a bone marrow donor for Liberty. Katie begins to have second thoughts for even attempting this with Jacob, but Dr. Oliver tells her to harden up and get a hold of herself and do this for Liberty. Dr. Oliver confronts Henry about delving into his past. Dr. Oliver tells an orderly that Henry has TB and he needs to be quarantined. Henry is put in an isolation room.

Luke tells Lily all about Damian and that Holden may have something to do with his disappearance. Lily does not believe this of Holden. Lily comes home and finds Holden there. Lily tells Holden that Meg may not have done away with Damian. Luke finds out that Maddie and Noah are moving in together. Holden and Molly reconcile. Molly gets her next assignment of looking into Damian’s disappearance. Dr. Oliver makes a half-hearted attempt to console Katie . Katie vows to fight for Liberty. Henry wants out of the isolation room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge vents to Steffy that he feels like a bird in a cage, but he will pull himself together for Hope and for her. She tells her dad that perhaps it is time she came through for him. She shows up at Bill’s office with a large bag of lunch in tow. She teases him of what he will do when he gives her the company. She announces that she thinks all she has to do is snap her fingers and she could have her way with him. He chuckles, but says she may cause some guy a lot of trouble someday, but it isn’t going to be him. Nick questions Agnes more and she admits for the first time in her life she has peace and contentment in her life. This is who she really is. She is not going back to that shell of Sandy. He states that she just has him confused with a man who could be in her life. He is fully committed to Bridget. On their date, Whip takes Taylor to his loft and extols the virtue of working at Jackie M’s. Bill has a meeting with some foreign market. Steffy grabs the phone and makes an excuse to stall them and then brags to Bill that she bought him ten more minutes with her. She proceeds to tell him that her father should be running the company, not Katie, so surely there is something he can do.

Whips cooks Taylor a romantic dinner and she is impressed. Donna tells Katie that she doesn’t want Brooke to hear this….she just saw Steffy cozying up to Bill in his office over a long lunch. She was batting her eyelashes all over him. Katie grabs her purse and says she will put a stop to this Steffy once and for all. She calls Bill and tells him to drop everything else; she needs to see him at home. Steffy teases Bill that when Katie says jump, he says how high? He tells her that she has passed being a tease now and is irritating – just go! Agnes tells Nick that she has no intentions of interfering with his marriage. He says good, then they are through discussing this. Agnes says Bridget will not listen to her, but perhaps he can persuade her that they have nothing to worry about. Ridge purposely smashes a Plexiglas desk ornament on his desk and ends up with blood all over his hands. Unaware he puts them to his face just as Brooke walks in and sees that her husband is hurting in more ways than one. Bill goes home and Katie grills him about his innocent lunch with a girl who has been nothing but trouble. Surely he must know how Katie feels about that. Steffy walks up and sees them through the window and stoops to listen. She realizes they are arguing and it’s about her. She can use this. She vows at this moment that she will get the company back for her father.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe takes a pregnancy test and is delighted when she gets a positive result. She later tries to give Daniel the good news, but exhausted from work, he falls asleep before she can. Melanie opens her gift from Vivian. Vivian prepares to place the poisoned comb in her hair, but Arianna and Stephanie interrupt. They help Melanie get ready for the wedding, and afterwards, Vivian again tries to place the comb in Melanie’s hair. A phone call from Maggie interrupts. Maggie, who is distraught over Mickey and a necklace she broke, tells Melanie that she can’t come to the wedding. Melanie declares that she can’t go through with it. Stephanie becomes worried when Nathan can barely bring himself to say Melanie’s name. Hope decides to investigate Vivian and lets Justin in on her theory that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Ciara confirms this, saying that Carly told her father the same thing. Hope later questions Victor about Vivian. Lucas tries to warn Philip that Melanie is too young to be married, and might still be hung up on Nathan, but Philip advises him to mind his own business. Lucas backs off, and the two discuss the possibility of Kate ruining the wedding. Kate and Stefano prepare for the wedding. Stefano makes a phone call that he promises will take care of Kate’s problem with Vivian. The two affirm their love for one anther, but Kate isn’t able to convince Stefano to destroy the evidence implicating her in Chloe’s poisoning. Carly remembers why she was at Victor’s mansion and tries to check out of the hospital to warn Melanie about Vivian. Nathan tries to stop her, as she has a head injury, and promises her that he will find Melanie and make sure she is alright. Carly gets back into bed, but later decides to leave anyway. While the floor is deserted, Gus, at Vivian’s behest, ends up bursting into Carly’s room and knocks her out He then takes Carly to a warehouse.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason confronts Johnny about Dante. Jason lets Johnny slide only because he “protected Michael.” Jason fires Johnny but says he’ll be safe. Johnny says he did what he did to give Claudia “justice.” Jason warns Johnny that his loyalty lies with Sonny. Luke pays Nikolas a visit and says there’s no “trust” left between them. Elizabeth has a flashback of her rape when she comes to the Haunted Star looking for Luke and finds a Valentine’s Day flyer. With Luke gone, Liz tells Ethan she wants to apologize to Luke. Liz doesn’t tell Ethan about the rape, she only tells him Valentine’s Day isn’t her favorite holiday. Maxie and Spinelli discuss forgiveness and he asks her to let the Franco mishap “go.” Lisa listens with a smile as Robin and Patrick discuss the lack of sex in their relationship lately. Kristina goes to Jason to borrow money and to ask his advice on Sonny. Sam isn’t judgmental when she runs into Liz at Kelly’s. Liz wonders what Sam’s “secret” is to being forgiven. Sam says she took the time to “respect” herself. Olivia is happy with Johnny’s news that he’s “free” from Sonny. Ethan pays Nik a visit and tells him about Liz coming to the casino. Nik tells Ethan about the Valentine’s Day rape. Patrick and Robin offer Liz a loan so she can take a vacation. Liz refuses, saying she wants “help with the board” so she can return to work. Kristina runs into Kiefer at Kelly’s and tells him she wants nothing to do with him. When Kiefer grabs Kristina’s arm, Ethan arrives and Kristina leaves with him. Robin and Patrick sneak off for some alone time, asking Lisa to “cover” for them. Johnny pays his father a visit in prison and tells him he wants to take over the Zacchara organization. Nikolas comes home to find Helena waiting for him. Liz goes to Kelly’s and has a weird flashback when she sees some men sitting at the counter. She runs outside and straight into Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Cole and Starr hope that Dani will eventually be ok with the fact that Todd Manning is her father. Tea thinks she and Dani should live in the same house. Todd wants Dani to move in with him and Tea. Tea thinks it’s a bad idea. Todd thinks Tea is leaving him again, but she assures him that she will remain in Llanview. Matthew tells Destiny that Dani is back in town. Dani and Destiny decide to be BFFs.

Greg tells Rachel that the hospital suspects Schuyler of stealing Oxycontin. When Rex demands to know why Schuyler is so interested in his baby, Schuyler reveals that Stacy’s baby is his and not Rex's. He explains the miscarriage and tells him about Stacy drugging him to have sex with her so she could become pregnant again. Rex is furious when he realizes that Schuyler let everyone believe the lie so that he could be with Gigi. meanwhile at Viki's cabin, Gigi suggests to Stacy that her baby is not Rex’s. When Stacy goes into real labor, Gigi believes it is Rex’s child.

At the observatory, Jessica doesn’t recognize Brody. Brody figures out that Mitch gave Jessica electroshock. Dorian tries to find Charlie to stop him from killing Mitch. Charlie finds Mitch at the observatory. Jessica and Brody try to stop Charlie from shooting Mitch. Dorian arrives at the observatory just as Charlie fires his gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley and Billy are at the coffeehouse when Ashley tells Billy that she is glad that he is going to be Jack’s best man. Jack gets a visit from Traci, who has arrived in town for Jack’s wedding. Patty dresses like Emily and leaves the real Emily, lying on the cot, unconscious. Patty stuffs a letter into her hand. The orderly lets Emily (Patty) out of the padded cell. The orderly checks on Patty (Emily) and thinks that she is only asleep. Victor asks Victoria to run Jabot as CEO. Victor and Nikki find out from Victoria that she and J.T. had had a terrible argument about his working for Tucker McCall. Victor calls J.T. to meet him, pronto. Victoria tells Nikki that she had had a fight with J.T. and their marriage is over, but they have Reed to consider. In the bar, Victor meets with J.T. to discuss the problems that J.T. and Victoria are having. Paul visits Patty (unknown to him that it is really Emily). Paul finds her unconscious with a suicide letter in her hand. Paul immediately calls for an orderly.

Victor gives J.T. fair warning about his break-up with Victoria. Billy meets up with Victoria in the coffeehouse. Victoria finds out that Billy is Jack’s best man. Traci, Ashley and Jack all celebrate Jack’s impending marriage. J.T. and Victoria discuss their divorce and how that J.T. will stay in the house for a while. Billy lets Jack know that Victoria is the new CEO of Jabot. Paul reprimands Emily (Patty) about Patty finding out that Emily and Jack are about to be married. Paul demands that Emily stay away from him. Patty walks away from Paul and begins to cry. Ashley gives Emily (Patty) her traditional wedding gifts. Ashley tells Victor that she is giving him back the ranch. Paul visits Patty (Emily) in the hospital and finds out that if she recovers that she will probably never be the same.

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