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AMC Recap Written by Mary & Gisele

At Fusion, Erica speaks with her staff about getting the company back on track. Randi is not pleased when Madison makes a very good suggestion to hire a reformed hacker to safeguard their computer system. After giving Madison and Val the go-ahead, Erica goes into her office and calls Kendall to discuss her relationship with Ryan. After Erica encourages her to be honest, Kendall expresses her opinion that her mother's new liaison is just plain wrong. At Wildwind, David meets with a wedding planner while Greenlee, hiding behind a curtain, sends him text messages about her wishes. Marissa informs J.R. how upset she is that she received an invitation to David’s wedding. Brot and Natalia fight over her private notes which results in her wrestling him to the desk in order to get the papers away from him while the other police officers watch in surprise. Erica invites Opal to her office to tell her that she has to break up with Ryan, because he is not the right man for her. Colby visits J.R. and brings him lunch while trying to convince him to let Adam know that his cancer has returned so they can get "that psycho bitch" Annie out of their lives. J.R. won't waste his time on useless pursuits and advises his sister to accept their father's choice. Colby meets Damon at ConFusion and learns that Bailey has gone to see her parents with little Stuart. As Damon applies for a job at the bar, Colby offers to be his reference. When Damon makes fun of her family problems, however, she gets upset and tries to leave, but he grabs her arm.

Marissa visits David to confront him about his most recent scheme. Although he claims he does want her in his life, Marissa says that her real father is dead. Just as Madison is about to give Erica her invitation to David's wedding, Val tells her to put it in the pile with the other wedding proposals. When Ryan calls her, Erica cancels their romantic getaway. Natalia smiles as she finds candy kisses and an anonymous Valentine on her desk, but her notion that they came from Brot is shattered when she finds out her dad sent them. While working together at the mansion, Annie makes another move on Scott, claiming that losing the trust would be worth it just to be with him. Adam visits J.R. and finds out his cancer is back. The two hug as J.R. promises he'll beat the disease. At the Yacht Club, Erica tells Ryan that they don't love each other and need to leave themselves open to real love with others. David arranges for Greenlee to meet her father in the Wildwind chapel.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is determined to find out what happened to Damian despite Holden's advice to let things be because Damian isn't coming back. Holden promises to find out what happened to Damian so that Luke can have peace about things. Luke talks to a crewman on a Grimaldi ship who says he saw a badly beaten man on the dock and was going to help him but when he got off the ship to help him the man was gone. The crewman tells Luke he thinks the man's body was washed out to sea. Lily is shocked to discover Meg when she arrives home from the grocery store Meg asks for help because Damian has set her up so well that nobody believes her but Lily panics and calls the police. Molly gets a tip that Meg is at Lily's house and tells Meg that she will help her. Molly and Meg have a long talk and Molly persuades Meg that her family is horrified by what Damian did to her and they love her and want her to get well. Molly tells Meg that Eliza needs her family and Liberty also needs her help because she has leukemia and everyone in the Snyder clan is getting tested to see if they are a match in case Liberty needs a bone marrow transplant. Meg decides to go back to Deerbrook but before she goes she wants to make a stop at the hospital to get tested as a possible donor for Liberty.

The principal calls Carly and Jack to inform them that Parker has been skipping his afternoon classes for weeks and Jack defends Carly when the principal suggests that it is because of Carly's drinking problem. Jack tells the principal that Parker is upset because Liberty has leukemia and Carly is a good mother who makes mistakes like anyone else. Carly later tells Jack about her slip off the wagon. Jack and Carly go back to the farm to discover Liberty and Parker have fallen asleep while Parker was consoling and encouraging a scared Liberty. parker later tells his parents that he is scared to lose Liberty because she is a part of him and he feels it will be that way forever. Jack and Carly are both moved to tears by Parker's feelings for Liberty because that is also the way they have always felt about each other although they can't be together because of the impossible situation. Carly and Jack are proud of Parker and Parker's feelings for Liberty draw Carly and Jack into a kiss. Jack tells Carly he loves her but Carly tells him they can't kiss again because his place is with Janet and Liberty. Holden is upset when Lily tells him she called the police when Meg came to the house Lily apologizes to Holden for her mistake. Lily thinks that Meg had something to do with Meg's disappearance but Holden tells Lily that Meg had nothing to do with Meg's disappearance and Lily wonders if Holden is hiding something about what happened to Damian.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick wakes Bridget in bed and makes fun of her talking in her sleep. First she loved him, and then she hated him. At Jackie M, Sandy is surprised when they throw her a party. No one has ever done that for her. She is incredibly grateful that she has such love and support. She tells them that she has been a little bit guarded, but she wants to open up to them more now. She tells them about this man from her past and how Nick pushed her to get her life back. Her life now has changed because of Nick. Bridget continues to worry about Agnes since they know so little about her. She loves Nick for wanting to help her and she is just going to focus on the baby coming in a few months and then Agnes will be out of their lives. They show up at the office and Bridget immediately tells them there is no party. She pulls the streamers down and announces that Sandy is really Agnes and that is what they are going to call her from now on.

Taylor shows up for her date with Whip. Party abruptly over, Whip explains that Sandy now Agnes is his cousin. Agnes tries to explain to Nick for putting him in this position. He asks her not to. They shouldn't be alone as he doesn’t want to hurt Bridget anymore. She continues anyway and Bridget walks in on them. She blasts Agnes for not listening to her advice of not getting so close to her husband. She leaves, but tells Agnes she expects her to be gone when she returns. Nick questions Agnes why she told Brooke that she loved him. She admits she did say that and meant it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian resorts to name-calling to get Melanie to agree to marry Philip. When Vivian accuses her of being in love with another man, Melanie admits that she has feelings for Nathan. In the end, a visit from Philip and his assurances that he loves Melanie for who she is gets everything back on track. Delighted that Melanie has decided to go through with the wedding, Vivian insists that Melanie open her special gift. Kate tries to warn both Philip and Victor about Vivian, but neither will listen. Kate ends up going to Hope with her suspicions regarding Vivian. Hope promises to look into it. Carly slips and falls while trying to gain admittance to the mansion to talk to Melanie. She wakes up in the hospital and can’t remember a thing. Hope returns to work at the station. Abe urges Hope to work on her marriage with Bo or take the chance that Ciara will be negatively affected. Chloe and Daniel end up confiding in Arianna and Brady, respectively, about Chloe’s inability to get pregnant. Arianna learns that Chloe is planning on taking a pregnancy test, but Chloe admits that she doesn’t want to tell Daniel about it even if she is pregnant, as she fears she will get his hopes up for nothing. Brady later gives Arianna a bracelet, but encloses it in a ring box, so Arianna is surprised and disappointed when it isn’t an engagement ring.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly tells Sonny the truth about Jax. Sonny tells Carly the shooting will forever “haunt” him. Sonny insists he has “a connection” with Dante but Carly is skeptical that it will continue. Jason wonders what Dante’s plans are regarding Sonny. Dante makes it clear he will testify against Sonny for Claudia’s murder. Elizabeth deals with her guilt over her affair with Nikolas. Liz asks Luke for help convincing Lucky to give her another chance. Luke says the damage may well be “permanent.” Morgan learns the truth about Jax. Lucky releases Johnny then has a talk with Ethan. Lulu confides in Maxie about Dante and Sonny. Ronnie tells Dante that Agent Rayner knows his statement is untrue. Ronnie tries to get Dante to change his statement but Dante sticks with it. Ronnie goes to Olivia and accuses her of being loyal to Sonny “over” Dante. Olivia gets angry and sets Ronnie straight. Liz begs Luke for help as Lucky walks in. Liz then begs Lucky for another chance. Luke convinces Liz to leave just as Lucky breaks down. Luke asks Lucky to accompany him on a business deal out of the country. Lucky says he can’t leave town then he tells Luke what happened with Johnny. Lucky says he’s worried about crossing “the line.” He wonders if he’s capable of “anything,” including hurting Liz. Luke says he has “faith” that Lucky will be ok. Jason tells Sonny that Dante must be dealt with as a “traitor.” Sonny insists no harm will come to Dante. Sonny insists Dante won’t do anything to convict him. Carly goes to the penthouse and finds Jax waiting for her. The two continue to disagree over Sonny. Jax asks Carly to move out of the penthouse and go someplace safe. When Carly refuses, Jax says he’ll move out of their house. Dante tells Lulu he got “sentimental and sloppy” where Sonny was concerned. Johnny comes back to GH to check on Olivia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While stuck in the snow, Rex runs into Schuyler and demands to know why Schuyler is so concerned about Stacy and Rex's baby and why she would name him as the guardian of their child. After evading the question, Schuyler finally confesses it's because it's not Rex's child. It's his. Gigi manages to put two and two together and concludes that Stacy is lying about her water breaking when she's having false labor and that could only mean that she's lying and the baby is not Rex's. Brody first goes to find Jessica and rescue her from Mitch. Then Oliver is not far behind him. He also enters, pulls a gun on Mitch and demands to know what Mitch did to Stacy. Everybody wonders why Oliver is so concerned about Stacy. Natalie believes that John is Jared and is reliving being with him. Hearing her confessions of love for him. John remembers his romantic relationship with Natalie. Back in Llanview, all the friends, family members and interested parties of the people lost in the blizzard await news about them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon enjoys the view from hers and Adam’s hotel room. Sharon remarks that this is just what she needed. Sharon and Adam kiss. Chloe, on the phone, makes final wedding plans for Jack and Emily. Chloe asks Mac why would she volunteer to help with a wedding when it is so close to Delia’s birthday. Mac holds Delia in her lap. Billy comes in carrying the presents that he had gotten for Delia in New York. Billy finds it odd that his two ex-s are together. Billy shows Delia some of the things that he had bought for her birthday. Victoria arrives home and yells for J.T. or Reed. J.T. and welcomes Victoria home. Victoria apologizes that she had missed their anniversary. At the Athletics Club, Emily tells jack that she is all checked in. jack offers to keep her company, but Emily refuses. Patty is alone in her padded room at the psych hospital when Paul comes to visit her. Patty doesn’t pay any attention to Paul until he calls her Dr. Emily Peterson. J.T. gives Victoria her anniversary present. Victoria also gives J.T. his present. Victoria lashes out at J.T. for working for Tucker McCall. Victoria and J.T. become engrossed in a heated argument and Victoria storms out as usual. Reed comes downstairs and asks J.T. if his Mommy had come home. Mac notices the unusual good mood that Billy is in and asks Billy about it. Billy and Chloe discuss how business is at “Restless Style.” Paul calls Emily and tells her about Patty’s condition and asks Emily to come to see Patty. Reluctantly, Emily agrees, but vows that this is the last time .

Billy meets up with Victoria at the coffeehouse and notices that she had been crying. Emily and Paul observe Patty, sitting on her bed in the padded room. Patty talks to the pic of jack and Emily and vows that Emily cannot have Jack because Jack is Patty’s. Patty rips apart the papier mache’ house. Victoria comes home and finds Mac with Reed. Billy asks Jack to help him run “Restless Style.” Patty knocks Emily out as Emily falls to the floor. Adam tries to get Sharon to stay in the islands. Sharon refuses. Emily comes to in the padded room.

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