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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad fills Liza in on the fact that Jake plans on perjuring himself with a statement concerning David being at Fusion the night that the computers were sabotaged. Erica is alone in her hotel room when she has a visitor. To Erica’s surprise it is Jack. Erica lets jack know about Fusion’s files being destroyed. Jack offers his help in getting Fusion back on its feet. Erica lets Jack know that she and Ryan are partners. Jack picks up the tabloid paper which shows Erica and Ryan, kissing. Erica refuses to call it quits with Ryan. Jack lets Erica know that Ryan will never forget Greenlee. Ryan comes to visit David, to demand to know where Erica is. David and Ryan argue as usual while Greenlee listens from outside the door. David apologizes to Greenlee for the remarks that was said about Leo. David surprises Greenlee with some packages as he kisses her on the cheek as he leaves. Tad, Liza and Amanda try to convince Jake not to perjure himself into giving a statement to Jesse concerning David. Jake makes his statement, but gets his days wrong, on purpose.

Erica and Jack discuss Greenlee’s death and how that Ryan will never get over it. Ryan visits Jesse at the police station to discuss David’s hatred of Ryan. Greenlee looks at her wedding dress. Jesse questions David about the flash drive and that Jesse has a witness, who saw David at Fusion. Jesse plays David the tape of Jake’s statement. Ryan calls Erica and wants to make plans for later, but Erica puts him off until tomorrow. David confronts Jake, Amanda, Liza and Tad about the statement that Jake had made to the police. David invites Jake, Amanda, Liza and Tad to his wedding. Greenlee tries on another dress and remembers her wedding to Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Janet is a basket case, as it is Liberty’s first day of chemo treatment, as Jack tries to offer her support. Liberty tries to be strong, but she is hiding her fears a bit. Carly prepares to go be supportive of Liberty today knowing she has to be near Jack and Janet. Liberty perks up when Carly comes by so they can talk about fashion and sketch since Carly has brought her a sketchpad. Janet puts her own feelings aside and wants Carly to be with Liberty, as she gets her treatments while Janet and Jack wait outside. Susan finds Allison at the hospital and questions as to why she is there. Finally, Allison admits that she needs the morning after pill. Susan realizes Allison slept with Mick and calls her on it. Allison realizes the err of her ways, but she tries to explain what happened even though she isn’t quite sure herself. Susan thinks she needs to stay far away from Mick because she doesn’t trust him… in fact she blames him for Emily’s coma. She is worried because if Allison can’t say goodbye to Mick without looking back then she shouldn’t be getting married. Paul is set to knock Mick out when Barbara tells him that Mick is James. Paul and Emily are shocked but refuse to believe what Barbara and Mick are saying; they believe Mick is simply conning them and Barbara is falling for it. Emily has Mick arrested, but not before Paul pulls out a strand of Mick’s hair. Barbara tries to plead Mick’s case, but Paul is furious with her and orders her out of his house. Emily goes to share the news of Mick’s arrest with Allison, who is guiltily about to take her morning after pill. Allison is stunned and horrified to hear the story, but she is adamant that there is another reason for this. Mick couldn’t have done what he did. After Emily leaves, Allison rushes to take her morning after pill. Carly supports Liberty, as they talk about sketching her prom dress, but then Carly asks Janet to sit with her since she thinks she really needs her mother. Carly and Jack bond more, as he is appreciative she came here. Susan tells Carly and Jack about a back-up plan to be put on the bone marrow list in case chemo doesn’t work for Liberty. Carly thinks they should do get tested together, as Jack is happy just to be near her too. Mick is at the police station talking about how he wants Paul, his son, around when they get the DNA tests to prove who he is. Janet is not thrilled at first to learn about Jack and Carly got tested, but when she hears it was Susan’s idea, she softens and apologizes. Carly says goodbye to Liberty, as she asks her if she still loves Jack. Carly doesn’t want her to focus on anything like that now, as Liberty quickly changes the subject and wants to show her something she sketched. Jack promises Janet he will get her through this, as he hugs her when Carly walks out and sees this. Paul and Emily talk about Mick’s con and Emily is distraught over the realization that they won’t get pregnant. Paul promises her other options, as they hug and Emily worries this isn’t over. Paul decides to take Mick’s hair to a lab and they will know for once and for all. Allison rushes in to talk with him, as Mick is thrilled. She demands answers, as Mick is a bit cryptic. He promises he has always been honest with her, as he struggles to try to explain. Allison is overwrought because of all they said he did. She needs answers, as Mick seems poised to tell her when a furious Barbara interrupts and orders Allison out. Allison cannot believe he could be James, as Barbara explains that she needs to run along; she knows James because they have decades of history and Allison is nothing to them. Barbara doesn’t want Mick to talk anymore, as Mick ends up siding with Barbara and decides he cannot say anymore. Allison leaves, as Mick watches her go intently.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sandy/Agnes tells Brooke that both she and Bridget are over-reacting. She is not after Bridget’s husband. Brooke assures her that Nick only did this for Bridget, so don’t go getting any fancy ideas. Sandy says they have nothing to worry about and she would think that Brooke would be a little more grateful that Hope was not raped tonight and she and Nick were part of that rescue. Brooke says she is concerned about both of her daughters. Sandy wants to know if Brooke intends to tell Bridget. Brooke says she is not going to keep any more secrets from Bridget. Bridget confronts Nick and wants to know exactly what he feels for Sandy/Agnes. He refuses. He is not going to let Bridget do this. He reminds her that from the beginning it was Bridget that wanted the three of them to be a team. And nothing has changed that for him. It would kill him to know something would happen to the baby. Bridget talks to her mother about keeping Agnes’s secret from her. Brooke apologizes for doing that to protect Bridget, but warns her they have a more pressing problem right now. There is no doubt or misunderstanding clues; Agnes herself said it – she is in love with Nick.

Brooke confides in Nick that she just told Bridget that Agnes thinks she is in love with him, and Bridget is not taking this well. Nick denies he did anything to encourage this. Brooke tells him that Agnes is his surrogate only and that is the way it has to stay. Bridget finds all this news incredible and that Brooke managed to keep it from her. Brooke says she does not believe it is love that Agnes feels, but it could become a problem so she thought Bridget should know now. Bridget visits Agnes just before she leaves the hospital. Bridget tells Agnes to cut the act. She realizes now she has been lying to her from the start. Agnes denies it and says whatever Brooke told Bridget was taken out of context. Bridget retorts that Agnes has broken her trust, so her word is not good enough any more. Agnes wants to leave, but Bridget says this is not over by a long shot. Bridget wants to know the truth of how she feels about her husband. She must have thought she could have something with Nick so that is why she asked him to lie, even about her name and especially the rape. Bridget tells her whatever fantasy Agnes has in her head about Nick has to be over. She points out that Agnes is a liar and a traitor and Nick would never be with a woman like that.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Anna talks EJ into allowing her to stay on as Sydney’s caretaker by reminding him that Sydney has bonded with her. EJ worries that he is running out of time to find a woman to take care of his kids, but Anna thinks EJ still hasn’t given up on Sami. He claims that he has, and that he is satisfied knowing how miserable she is right now. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe make love, and agree to stick together to find Sydney from now on. Lucas confides in Melanie that Nathan hasn’t been himself lately, and that he thinks Nathan is heartbroken. Melanie tries to get Nathan to talk to her, but he refuses, and Stephanie is able to keep the two from being alone together. Stephanie later becomes upset when Nathan admits that he just wants this wedding to be over with. Kate admits to Carly that she overheard Vivian talking to someone over the phone about Carly and Melanie. Concerned, Carly heads over to the mansion, and after talking with Vivian, she’s convinced that she knows the truth. She heads off to find Melanie and warn her. Melanie returns to the mansion and confides in Vivian that she can’t marry Philip. Vivian decides to move on to plan B. Kate warns Victor about Vivian being up to something, but he warns her to stop making trouble, or he will make sure she isn’t allowed to attend the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Elizabeth comes to Jake’s with the hope of seeing Lucky. Lucky isn’t very welcoming when Liz approaches him. Liz asks Lucky if they have any hope of fixing their relationship. Liz leaves the bar after Lucky says he “can barely stand to look” at her. Carly arrives at Jason’s with her bags and her kids. She explains what happened with Jax. Jason is stunned to hear that Jax knew the truth about Dante. He advises Carly to take her “time” and figure out her next move. Meanwhile, Jax and Michael argue over Sonny. Michael’s loyalty continues to be with Sonny. Dante and Sonny have their first meeting as father and son. Sonny tries his best but Dante wants no part of him. Lulu and Olivia disagree over Sonny. Johnny isn’t happy to learn that Dante and Olivia covered for Sonny. Johnny worries for his own safety. Lulu argues with Sonny in Dante’s room. Sam and Morgan watch the baby while Carly goes to GH to find Sonny. Carly tells Jason not to do anything he’ll regret when it comes to Dante. Maxie has a talk with Dante regarding his “intentions” with Lulu. Johnny heads to Jake’s and tells Lucky what a failure the PCPD is. Johnny goads Lucky until he pulls out his gun. Lulu has a bit of a meltdown in the shower. Carly finds Sonny in the hospital chapel. Jason interrupts Maxie’s conversation with Dante. He sends Maxie off and locks the door behind her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Dorian is alone, she gets a visit from Mel's ghost telling her that she can't put Charlie up to murdering Mitch. It won't help either one of them and it will ruin both of their souls. When Charlie is out in the snow, he gets a similar visit and message from the ghost of Jared. John takes Natalie to a barn and keeps her warm. But she appears to be delirious and believes he is Jared. She sees him as the love of her life. Back in Llanview, Viki. Clint, Todd, Starr, Cole and Marty all wait and wonder what has happened to the missing people. Schuyler is still attempting to walk through the snow to Gigi's cabin. Rex and Oliver are doing the same when they come across Schuyler's car and discover that Stacy has named him as the guardian of her baby in the event of her death. Mitch wants to make a baby with Jessica. But she does not want to do that. So he drugs her and knocks her out. But before he can do what he wants to do, Brody finds them, pulls a gun on Mitch and demands that he leaves Jessica alone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Kay and Tucker are having their usual heated conversation over his selling Chancellor Industries one piece at a time. Kay comes to the conclusion that Tucker is doing this because she gave him away when he was a baby. Victor comes to visit Jack at Jabot and wants to know when he will be moving out of his office. Victor lets Jack know that Gloria will be taking over at Jabot which unnerves Jack to no end. J.T. and Mac come downstairs from tucking Reed into bed. J.T. lets Mac know that Victoria will be coming home tonight. Victoria, on the phone, demands that the person get her a seat on a plane tonight because she wants to go home. Victoria walks into a bar and orders a beer. Billy walks into the same bar, carrying some shopping bags plus a large stuffed animal. He sits down on a barstool beside Victoria. Victoria urges the bartender not to give Billy a drink. Katherine tells Tucker that he had better just accept her giving him up when he was small as she storms out of his office. Jack and Gloria argue over her being picked to be in charge of Jabot. Jack threatens to have Gloria’s wages garnished just in order to get his money back. J.T. shows Mac a necklace that he had purchased for their anniversary. Victoria reads an article that Billy had written concerning Adam in the issue of “Restless Style” where Billy had quoted Victor. Amber rushes into the coffeehouse and lets Daniel know that she had been granted a visit with her son. Daniel is less than happy when Amber tells him that she is ready to have children. Daniel is still against the idea of them having children. Daisy stands by and listens to their conversation. Daisy interrupts them as she tells Daniel that she had brought his camera back and was sorry that she had kept it so long. Amber leaves, leaving Daniel alone with Daisy. Daisy asks Daniel for help in learning how to take good pictures. Victoria and Billy sit down to dinner which Victoria doesn’t like too much. Katherine and Victor have a conversation about Jabot and Victor now owning it. Katherine tries to calm Amber’s ruffled feathers over her conversation with Daniel over having children. Victor visits Tucker in his office. Tucker wonders how long it will be until Victor gives Jabot back to Katherine. Jack warns Katherine about Victor.

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