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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica talks to Jesse at the police station about David crashing her computer at Fusion. Erica wants to talk to David into confessing as to what he had done. Ryan join Jesse and Erica and is completely against the idea. Amanda and Jake find out from Angie that his patient is not going to have to have surgery so David will be leaving town. Opal gives Krystal pointers on how to read tea leaves. Jake and Amanda arrives at Tad’s to tell Tad and Krystal the news about David leaving town. Opal reads her tea leaves and still sees bad news concerning David. David comes downstairs and looks out the window with a smile on his face. Greenlee is in the chapel, making wedding plans. David join her. Greenlee gets down on one knee and asks David to marry her. David agrees. Greenlee and David start to make wedding plans to be married on Valentine’s Day. Ryan is against the idea of Erica talking to David, but soon gives in and tells Erica to be careful. Erica visits David to confront him about his sabotaging the computer at Fusion. David once again, denies destroying the computer. David gives Erica a donation of ten million dollars for Fusion. Greenlee imagines how her wedding will be to David when she reveals herself to Ryan and Erica. Amanda lets Jake know about the pic of Ryan and Erica being torn in half.

Jake, Amanda and Tad take this info to the police. Jake lies and tells Jesse that he had seen David at Fusion the night that the computers were destroyed. Opal still feels that trouble is coming to Pine Valley. Amanda questions Jake if he would lie to frame David. Jake tells her that he would do anything to get David out of their lives. Erica gets an unexpected visitor.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Emily remembers that it was Mickey, who had caused her to go to sleep and that he had awaken her. Casey visits Alison and finds her gone. Alison and Mickey are at the church, making love. Luke comes home and tells Lily what is going on Grimaldi Enterprises concerning the employees. Molly lets Holden know that someone had witnessed the fight between him and Damian. Alison regrets making love to Mickey. Mickey suggests that they leave town. Casey questions Molly as to what had happened to Damian. Holden comes home and remembers what he had done to Damian. Lily confronts Holden about Damian’s billfold being found in the water at the docks. Luke pours out his heart to Molly about his feelings for Damian. Holden asks for Molly’s help in finding Meg. Luke comes home and sees Damian’s wallet. Lily and Luke both fear that something has happened to Damian. Luke calls the police. Mickey suggests to Alison that they leave town. Alison leaves Mickey in a hurry. Mickey turns around and sees Barbara standing there. Barbara becomes angry with Mickey for his being seen with Alison. Mickey lets Barbara know that she is the only one he wants. Barbara tells him to prove it to her. Barbara wants to make love to Mickey, but Mickey refuses. Lily worries that Meg has killed Damian. Alison comes home, shaking, but will not allow Casey to touch her. Alison takes a shower instead. Casey notices that Alison had lost her engagement ring. Alison pretends as though she had found the ring, but leaves in a hurry being careful to keep her hand covered. Alison goes to the church to hunt for her ring and instead, finds a note from Mickey. Emily calls Mickey to talk about the baby. Paul attacks Mickey and starts to choke him. Barbara blurts out that Mickey is Paul’s father.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget can’t believe that Nick is asking her not to blame Sandy for any of this. She was the one who asked Nick to lie and he did. Dr. Caspary tells Sandy that she got lucky; the baby is all right. Bridget tells Nick that she wishes to speak to Agnes alone. Sandy/Agnes starts that everything is going to be all right. Bridget responds that she doesn’t think so. Bridget tells her that she took advantage of her trust and friendship. Even though she was raped, she feels Agnes should have told her the entire story, but at some point it became an agenda. She’s not sure what sort of fantasy ride she is on with Nick. She will allow her to stay on at Jackie M simply as a business arrangement so Bridget can be close to her baby, but Agnes is not to have any more serious contact with Nick away from Bridget. She wants to make that crystal clear.

Oliver is at the hospital with Whip and he pops in on Hope. He gives her a cute teddy bear. He tells her to get out of here soon; he will be looking for her at the coffee house. Brooke hears about Sandy and rushes toward her room. She spies Nick first who tells her that Bridget knows all about Sandy/Agnes now and feels betrayed. Bridget tells Agnes not to patronize her. She lied to her from the beginning. She is simply an incubator to carry her child and now she is going to be all over her. She’s going to know every piece of food she eats; everything Agnes does. Agnes will have the baby and then go on with her life and be out of theirs for good. Ridge keeps reassuring Hope that DNA does not matter; he is her real father and he loves her as much as his other children. Nick apologizes to Bridget and says he got caught up in it, but he never should have kept all of this from Bridget. He wants to know what he can do now to help her get through this. Brooke overhears Agnes tell Whip that it’s not just gratitude she feels toward Nick. She is in love with him. She’s talking passion, excitement; he’s her hero, a reason to get up in the morning and something to look forward to. Alone with Agnes, Brooke tells her that she doesn’t want to see her bat even an eyelash toward Nick or she will have to deal with her and she definitely would not want that.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly tries to talk Chloe into telling Daniel about her being so upset over her inability to conceive. Chloe claims she has made peace with it, but later, she confides in Father Matt that she feels she is going to get pregnant due to a miracle. Father Matt tries to explain that sometimes what people want isn’t in God’s plan for them, but Chloe is sure that her having a child is in God’s plan for her. Later, when she learns it’s later in the month than she thought, she suspects joyfully that she might be pregnant. Melanie catches Kate with her gift from Vivian, and Kate lies and says that Vivian agreed to let her pay for half of it so it could be from both of them. Vivian catches up with the two just in time to stop Melanie from opening the gift. She tells Kate off after Melanie leaves, and claims that Kate is just collateral damage in regards to her larger plan. Suspicious, Kate listens Vivian and Gus discuss the fact that their plan for Carly is going smoothly. Carly, meanwhile, has arranged for Daniel to take off on the day of Melanie’s wedding so that she will be forced to work. She later gives Melanie a bracelet as a wedding present and explains that she won’t be able to attend the ceremony. Kate comes over to the hospital to tell Carly that she wants the two of them to work together, but first she needs to know what Carly and Vivian’s connection to Melanie is. Nathan gets drunk at the pub and tells Melanie that he doesn’t want her to marry Philip. Rafe questions EJ about Anna. EJ tries to convince him that Anna is harmless. Sami confides in Brady that it is over between her and Rafe. Afterwards, Sami runs into Rafe at the DiMera mansion, and EJ tells her about Rafe’s accusations. Sami later tries to convince Rafe that Anna is innocent, but Rafe still wants to investigate her. He then tells Sami that he still loves her, and wants her back. She tell him she loves him, too and the two kiss and make up. EJ, furious at Anna for going over to Sami’s, tells her that she has to pack her bags and leave--without getting paid. Anna refuses to go.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax’s confession angers Carly. Carly says Jax only helped Dante because of his hatred for Sonny. Jax insists he did what he did to protect his family. The two disagree about Sonny. No matter what Jason says, Sonny refuses to leave town. Olivia talks with Ronnie and Mac about the night of the shooting. Olivia doesn’t point the blame at Sonny, which angers Ronnie. Date gives Lucky his statement. Dante says he accidentally shot himself with Sonny’s gun before Sonny ever came into the house. Lulu says she “hates” that Dante is covering for Sonny. Dante says he wants Sonny “to go down clean” because of his “case,” not because of the shooting. Nikolas again stops Elizabeth from “making a scene” at GH. He orders her to take a “leave of absence.” Sonny confers with Luke at GH. Morgan asks Dante if his offer of friendship was sincere. Dante reassures Morgan that it was. Kristina confides Sonny’s situation in Kiefer but Kiefer is more interested in sex. The two argue about Sonny. Kiefer slaps Kristina when she screams at him to leave. Lucky runs into Nik at Jake’s. Nik conveys his worries about Liz’s recent behavior. Carly packs her bags and takes Morgan and the baby to Jason’s. Jax tells Michael how he assisted Dante. Michael feels betrayed and throws a punch at Jax. Sonny goes to see Dante. “Hey dad, it turns out you’re one Hell of a shot,” Dante says when he sees Sonny walk into the room.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When the nurse takes Stacy to the place where Mitch is keeping Jessica, Stacy reveals to Mitch that her child is not Rex's child nor his grandchild. And the nurse confirms that it was not conceived when she last slept with Rex. At that point, Mitch flies into a rage to find out that this evil person falsified that she was carrying the "chosen one". So he's ready to kill him. Jessica, although having no memory, listens and observes and tells him he should not kill an innocent baby because of the sins of the mother. He agrees and concludes that it's God's will whether Stacy and the baby live or die in the storm and he pushes her out. At that point, Schuyler's car is still stuck and he's gotten hurt attempting to walk. Charlie and Dorian arrive at Gigi's cabin. Kyle reveals to Roxy, for the first time that Stacy's baby is not hers or Mitch's grandchild. Mitch concludes that the only thing to do now is for himself and Jessica to have a baby together.

There's a big blizzard where several cars lose control. First the van where Natalie, John and Brody are in to find Mitch and Jessica runs into a ditch. Natalie is unconscious. They are all stuck. And it looks like there's a gas leak. Charlie and Dorian also stall the car they are in and can't go any further. Schuyler also runs off the road and is unconscious right before he's ready to come clean and tells Gigi the truth about Stacy's baby. Mitch's nurse takes Stacy to Mitch's place where he's holding Jessica. It appears Jessica's memory is wiped out and she remembers nothing. Rex, Kim and Oliver decide that they must go and find Stacy, storm or not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Ashley find out that they were outbid for Jabot and by Victor of all people. Victor lets Nick know that he would like to see Jack’s face when he finds out that Victor is the new owner of Jabot. Sharon reminds Noah to call her often so she will know how he is doing . Adam finds out from Victor that Nick was behind Adam going undercover at Tucker’s. Chance is preoccupied with the break-in at Katherine’s and pushes Chloe aside. Billy visits to say good-bye to Chloe and asks her to take care of “Restless Style” while he is in New York. Neil tells Katherine that he has his people looking into Tucker’s past. Katherine fires Jill from Chancellor. Tucker lets Jill know that Victor purchased Jabot. Gavin rats Phyllis out to Adam that she had been checking up on him. Chance asks Chloe for forgiveness. Jill pours her heart to Tucker as to his promises, but he brushes her off. Tucker meets with an unknown woman. Jack and Ashley confront Victor over his outbidding them for Jabot. Jack vows to watch Victor and if he did anything wrong, Jack would find out about it. Nick, Sharon and Abby say good-bye to Noah. Adam comes home and tells Sharon that he is taking her on a honeymoon. At first Sharon refuses but then agrees.

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