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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. sits alone in the floor, sick from his chemo treatment. Marissa comes in, ranting about David being back in town. Colby visits Liza and tells her that Damon is innocent and asks Liza to defend him. At the police station, Brot lays a bunch of finished work reports on Natalia’s desk. Natalia is upset that she is stuck doing paperwork while Jesse is out in the field. Damon is brought in for questioning by Jesse. Natalia takes over the questioning of Damon. The Fusion team is busy at work, trying to get Fusion back on its feet. Randi voices doubts about surviving this. Erica tells her that if she is going to have an attitude like that then she can leave and not come back. Jesse questions David about his fingerprints being on the flash drive that had destroyed Fusion’s computer. David makes up a lie to tell Jesse to get Jesse off his back. Greenlee is asleep on the sofa when Ryan comes to visit. Ryan knocks on the door, but doesn’t get an answer. Ryan starts to leave when he hears the smoke alarm go off. Ryan hears someone cough inside and tries that much harder to get into Wildwind. Once inside Wildwind, Ryan finds an I.V. pole along with a syringe attached to it. Natalia continues to question Damon about where he was. Damon gives Natalia Colby’s name. Bailey arrives at the police station. Brot gives Bailey his cell phone to call Liza. Erica talks to Kendall on the phone and tells her about the trouble at Fusion. Colby comes to visit J.R. and finds out that he has cancer. Jesse and Ryan question David as to who David had been treating. Once again, David lies to them that his patient hadn’t arrived. David finds Greenlee and brings her back into Wildwind. Greenlee tells David what had happened. Greenlee also lets David know that she cannot leave Pine Valley. Greenlee urges David to stay there and fight with her.

Liza interrupts Natalia’s questioning of Damon. Colby arrives at the police station and tells Liza that Damon was with her in her bedroom. Bailey walks out on Damon and tells him that she cannot do this anymore. Ryan shows Jesse the fixture on the wall and that a flash drive could have been hidden there, but how would David have known about the flash drive since Greenlee had been dead for a year. Greenlee tells David that he is going to marry her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Margo and Susan give Alison a surprise bridal shower but then Susan start to argue with Margo about the monogrammed towels that Kim gave to Alison. Alison sees Mick and tells him to leave her alone but then he stops the elevator so they can talk. Mick tells Alison that marrying Casey is the wrong thing to do because marrying him won't make her the good girl she thinks she is supposed to be. Mick and Alison almost kiss but Alison backs away from Mick and someone arrives to get them out of the elevator. Barbara can't help but be jealous when she sees Alison get of the elevator with Mick behind her. Tom and Margo are happy that Casey has decided to pursue a career in law despite the up hill battle he faces because he is a convicted felon. Casey tells Tom that even if he can never practice law they won't be able to take away what he has learned in college. Alison tries to sleep but awakens startled and goes to the old church to see Mick she tells him that she wants him to touch her so Mick kisses her hand. Alison tells Mick that she doesn't want him to kiss her but she doesn't leave the church. Mick tells her that if he wants him to kiss her she has to tell him she tells him yes and they share a passionate kiss.

Barbara tries to persuade Paul to allow Emily have the child she wants with him but Paul tells Barbara he doesn't trust Mick because he found pictures of James in his room. Mick continues to use his mid control with Emily and persuades her to have her eggs harvested and tells her that if Paul doesn't want to father the baby he will father the baby and she and Paul can raise the baby. Mick tells Emily that Paul doesn't have to know he isn't the biological father of the child. Emily comes home from the clinic and tells Paul everything and he is hurt and angry that Emily wants a child so badly that she would consider having another man be the father. Emily is startled when she remembers what Mick told her to persuade her to harvest her eggs and she tells Paul she thinks Mick is brainwashing her. Barbara is angry and jealous when she goes to see Mick at the church and finds a romantic evening set up for Alison. Barbara tells Mick that Paul has almost figured out that he is James and she is tired of running interference for him so from now on he is on his own.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Reluctantly at Bridget’s urgings Nick and Sandy have to tell her the story of Graham Darros and what he tried to do to Hope. This is what caused Sandy to be close by and she fell. Bridget tells Sandy that she was very brave, but foolish as she should have let the police handle it. Sandy admits that five years ago she was in the same position as Hope, only no one was around then to help her and Graham did take advantage of her. Bridget wishes that Sandy would have told her. Nick admits that he kept pushing Sandy until he found out. Bridget is indignant to think her husband could keep something like this from her including a name change for Sandy. She can’t believe she has to tell him that his loyalty is to her, his wife, not to Sandy. She doesn’t know if she can ever trust him again. Brooke explains to Hope that what she heard was out of context. It was not what they believed, but they were only trying to protect her from ignorant people. Steffy pops in Hope’s room and is apologetic for bringing Graham onboard at Forrester’s. She admits she was a total bitch to Hope that made Hope feel like she had to turn to Graham instead of anyone else.

Nick tries to explain to Bridget, but she rips him one for keeping so much from her, all in the name of protecting Sandy….who is really not even Sandy. They thought Bridget would understand when the circumstances came out. Instead she accuses him that this is like Katie in distress all over again with Nick rescuing her. Oliver hugs his sister that this is finally over. He just wishes he could have been the guy to catch the culprit and put him behind bars. Nick apologizes and says the only thing he was guilty was of trying to protect Bridget. She accuses him of being more married to Sandy or whoever she is and even her mother than to Bridget. He says he loves Bridget and it will be his way, maybe not the way she wants it. He will love her even if she gets pissed at him. But he will not accept her theory that he is not sharing his life with her. He states that everything he does….the very reason he does everything he does is for her. She whispers that she hopes they don’t lose the baby. She goes into his arms as he says they won’t.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie nearly opens Vivian’s deadly present, but Vivian decides to make her wait until her wedding day. Kate, worried about Melanie, interrupts the two, and later steals Vivian’s gift. She plans to throw it in the water near the pier, but decides to open it instead to see what’s inside. When Vivian notices the gift is missing, she immediately suspects Kate. Melanie asks Maggie to be the mother of the bride at her wedding. Bo is furious when Hope threatens to file for sole custody of Ciara. Carly offers to move out, but Bo refuses to lose her, too. Hope later watches as Ciara and Justin bond, and she tells herself that this is wrong. EJ plans to take a trip with Johnny and Sydney. Rafe, suspicious of Anna, questions her, but Sami interrupts and introduces the two. After a talk with Sami about Sydney, Anna goes back to her hideout and begins to have second thoughts about helping EJ keep Sydney from her. Rafe shows up at EJ’s to question him about Anna.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason wants Carly to talk Sonny into leaving the country. Jax and Olivia each regret the lies they’ve told in the name of their families. Olivia advises Jax to “tell Carly the truth” immediately. Lulu tells Dante that Sonny is his father. Kristina thinks Michael is confessing to “protect” Sonny so Michael tells everyone what really happened with Claudia. Dante tells Lulu what he remembers about the shooting, including Olivia yelling at Sonny for shooting his “son.” Mac warns Lucky about his drinking. Carly visits Sonny at the PCPD with an update on Dante. Ronnie heads to Jason’s to search for the missing evidence Sam took from the PCPD. Ronnie’s men find nothing. Dante confronts Olivia. He’s angry that she didn’t tell him “the truth.” Olivia says she wanted to protect Dante and says she stands by her decision. Olivia says she should have told Dante the truth when he was an adult by she was “afraid.” Olivia admits to telling Agent Rayner the truth to get Dante removed from Sonny’s case. Sonny tells Carly he blames himself for not knowing Dante was his son. Carly asks Sonny to consider disappearing once he’s out on bail. Jason is certain that Sonny won’t “survive” in prison. Sam promises to stand by Jason “no matter what.” Alexis tries to help the kids come to terms with what’s happening with Sonny. Carly tells Jax she asked Sonny to leave the country. Jax tells Carly he knew all about Dante and his assignment and that he also helped speed things up. Jason makes arrangements for Sonny to head to Argentina but Sonny says he won’t go. Dante feels completely betrayed by Olivia. Lucky comes by GH to take Dante’s statement. Olivia is brought into the PCPD to give her statement.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Several people are stuck out in a blizzard. John, Natalie and Brody attempt to get help but there appears to be a gas leak and the van blows up. Schuyler gets stuck while driving to see Gigi and when he's ready to tell her the truth about Stacy's baby. Rex and Oliver are in another vehicle after Kim has informed them that the crazy nurse got to Stacy. When Stacy arrives at the place where Mitch is keeping Jessica, Jessica appears to have lost her memory.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Emily celebrate the bidding of Jabot closing at noon. Paul comes in and tells Jack and Emily that he had seen their wedding announcement in the newspaper and wonders if that was such a good idea in case Patty saw it. Patty sees Jack’s and Emily’s wedding announcement in the newspaper and begins to go berserk. Billy and Chloe discuss a birthday party for Delia. Chloe tells Billy that someone had broken into Katherine’s house. Katherine tells Cane and Billy that she had yelled for the police and the person had ran off. Jill visits Tucker and is told that this isn’t such a good time that he is expecting the mayor. Jill tells Tucker about the prowler at Katherine’s. Tucker calls it quits with Jill. Victor asks Adam if he is ready for action. Victor tells Adam that he had had keys made from the ones that Adam had given him. Jack surprises Emily with a present from Fenmore’s and also a surprise for her honeymoon. Mark calls Paul and tells him that Patty is having a meltdown. Jack asks Billy to be his best man at the wedding. Jill apologizes to Katherine for her actions, but Katherine refuses to accept her apology. Tucker tells Adam and Cane to make him a list of companies to see off next. Cane offers opposition to Tucker’s order and almost loses his job. Cane visits Katherine and tells her Tucker’s plans to sell off more companies. Paul visits Patty to see what had happened to her. Patty tells Paul that she wants out of here. Patty introduces herself to Paul as Dr. Emily Peterson. Tucker tells Jack that he would like to see Jabot back in Abbott hands. Adam and Victor read the sealed bids and sends them to Nick. Victor offers Tucker a higher bid than jack. Jack and Billy argue over Jabot and Jack not including him in the bidding. Tucker gets a call from Victor that he is sending over a bid for Jabot.

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