Wednesday 2/3/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Frankie tells Krystal that he has to wait until the tests come back. Frankie urges Krystal to call her family. Tad visits Liza and finds her working on the computer. Liza tells him that she is working on the papers to file the against David. Marissa visits Liza and Tad. Jake and Amanda show Angie the medication that Jake had intercepted which had been meant for David. Jake and Amanda wonder what David is up to. David treats Greenlee and gives her an injection which will help with the pain. At Fusion, Erica and Ryan talk to the security guard if he had seen anyone at Fusion the night before. Erica and Ryan check the computer and finds that it has crashed. Krystal questions Frankie about Rob’s condition. Krystal calls Opal, but will not give her any details as to what had been going on. Tad persuades Marissa to find out what David is doing back in town. Opal calls Tad for help with Krystal. David calls Dr. Clayton for help with Greenlee’s condition. David has a talk with the pilot about Tad trying to obtain info from him about David and his passenger. David opens the box and finds that it is a pair of sneakers of Jake’s. Jesse, Brot and Natalia discuss the sabotage that had been done to the Fusion computer. At the hospital, David persuades Angie to run some tests for him on Gayle (supposedly), who had been involved in an accident and had injured her spine. Angie agrees to run the tests. David talks Jake into giving him back the medications. Tad finds Krystal at the hospital and demands to know of Rob what he had done to Krystal. Tad laughs when he finds out what had happened to Krystal and Rob. Brot runs some tests on the flash drive that they had retrieved from the Fusion computer.

Greenlee, still groggy from the injection, imagines seeing Ryan and ordering him out of he sight. Dr . Clayton examines the X-rays and finds that Greenlee is progressing nicely and orders treatment for her. Jesse finds out from Brot that David’s fingerprints were on the flash drive. At the hospital, Jesse questions David about the flash drive. Ryan visits David, but no one answers the door. Greenlee is asleep on the sofa. Ryan starts to leave when he hears the fire alarm go off from the result of smoke coming from the fireplace.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack is alone at Carly’s when Carly comes home and finds Jack there . She wonders what Jack is doing here. Alison stops by to see Casey and finds comfort in his arms when her thoughts once again go to Mickey. Mickey, at Fairwinds, notices Alison’s bridal invitation on the desk. Mickey drops his satchel onto the floor. Emily walks in and almost falls over the satchel. Emily remembers when she had gone through Mickey’s satchel. Mickey hypnotizes Emily into concentrating on having a baby with Paul. Jack and Carly discuss their feeling for each other, and how that they cannot do anything about it at this time. Mickey and Barbara argue over Paul and how that Mickey will tell Paul, who he is when the time is right. Alison tries to sleep, but can’t because her mind is on Mickey. Janet visits Carly to ask for Carly’s support in helping Liberty. Carly asks Janet to let her get Liberty involved in some design programs. Janet agrees. Alison comes to the church looking for Mickey. Casey lets Tom know that he wants to be a lawyer just like Tom. Barbara refuses to discuss Mickey with Paul. Paul questions Mickey as to what is going on between him and Emily. Emily tells Paul that she wants to go ahead with getting pregnant, but Paul is dead set against the idea. Jack lets Carly know that he had never stopped loving her. Carly tells Jack about the pact that she and Molly had made about giving up on men. Barbara questions Mickey as to when he is going to tell Paul the truth. Barbara questions Mickey about his involvement with Alison. Alison, in the church, finds an article of Mickey’s clothing .

Emily tries to persuade Paul to have a baby with her, but he refuses. Mickey gives Barbara an exquisite diamond ring with an inscription. Paul barges in on Barbara and Mickey and demands to know what Mickey is doing to Emily. Alison comes to see Casey and is shaking like a leaf. Alison tells Casey to hold her and never let her go. Carly and Jack share a tender moment before he leaves her. Paul notices the diamond ring and wants to know if Mickey had given it to her. Paul reads the inscription and demands to know who Mickey is. Mickey offers to father Emily’s baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is wheeled to the hospital. Brooke and Ridge anxiously await. The doctor tells them that she knows they are very worried, but they are going to take very good care of her. Brooke just prays they got to her in time and Hope doesn’t go through what Brooke went through. Ridge feels responsible since Hope ran away when she overheard what he said out of context about her being a stain on the family. Graham stands over Sandy who has fallen on the rooftop. He tells her that he owns her. She knows this is all about power and control. She taunts him that she wasn’t the first; she kicks him in the groin and grabs a nearby pipe. Fortunately Nick and Lt. Baker show up and arrest Graham. Sandy hugs Nick. She thanks God that he came into her life. She starts having stomach pangs so Nick takes her to the hospital. Baker Jr. tells Brooke and Ridge that they caught Graham and he is in custody. Brooke reveals to Ridge that Graham didn’t touch Hope in that way.

Bridget keeps trying to text Nick. Whip and Oliver feel a little guilty when Bridget says people have kept things from her in the past and she felt really hurt. But she had an instant connection to Sandy and feels like she really knows her. Brooke and Ridge know they have Sandy and Nick to thank for Hope being okay. They know Sandy doesn’t want Bridget to know about her past. Nick hopes he can find the words to tell Bridget about all of this. Nick calls Bridget and asks her not to panic, but to come to the hospital as it is about Sandy. Hope comes to and they explain to her that she is in the hospital and what led up to her being there. They are sorry that she was so upset with what she overheard that she ran to Graham in the first place. He’s a low-life high-priced photographer but in custody now. Bridget sees Sandy and needs some answers. The doctor assures her that for now the fetal heartbeat is strong but Sandy took a bad fall and there is cramping. Sandy is far from being out of the woods yet and the next few hours will be crucial. Bridget demands to know how this fall happened and Nick and Sandy keep looking guiltily back and forth to each other, yet not saying a word.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly tries to talk to Nathan about Melanie, but he refuses. Later, she confides in Daniel that she hopes Melanie isn’t making the same mistake she did with both Victor and Lawrence. Bo learns from Ciara that she was the one that destroyed Carly’s clothes. When Hope arrives to tell him about what she knows about Carly’s secret, Bo confronts her with the news of what Ciara has done. Angry that Carly is moving back in, Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t think he should see his daughter anymore. At Stefano’s urging, Kate tries to ingratiate herself with Melanie and Philip by offering to help with the wedding. She’s angry when she learns both she and Vivian will be in the wedding, and decides privately that she wouldn’t have to get along with Vivian if she could get her out of the way. Vivian arranges for one of her associates to wrap a lethal gift for Melanie. When she later tells Melanie it’s her ‘something old’ for the wedding, Melanie wants to open it. Vivian decides to go ahead and let her. EJ tries to have Stefano evicted from the mansion. Brady and Arianna celebrate the good news regarding her not going to prison. Roman talks Anna into going to see Sami. Rafe catches her outside Sami’s door.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael tells Jax he wants to confess to Claudia’s murder. Jax says nobody will “believe” Michael’s story because of Sonny’s cover up plan. Carly does her best to support Olivia. Diane talks with Jason about Sonny’s situation. Lulu stays at Dante’s side after the surgery. Thanks to a call from Nikolas, Luke lends Lulu his support at GH. Lulu tells Luke about Dante’s undercover assignment. Luke is shocked when Lulu reveals Dante’s paternity. Luke says he “understands” Sonny’s need to shoot an officer rather than be arrested. Lulu says she can’t comprehend Sonny’s actions. Jason and Diane watch as Sam is brought into the PCPD for “loitering” dressed in disguise. Sam distracts a police officer and takes the gun brought in with Sonny. Agent Rayner approaches Sam wondering what the story is. Jason and Diane interrupt before Rayner gets a clue to what’s going on. Sam is sent on her way. Morgan tells Kristina and Molly that Dante is Sonny’s son and their brother. Molly reminds her cousins and Kristina that Sonny could be locked up forever. Luke tells Ethan and Tracy about Dante. Tracy thinks Lulu should run in the opposite direction of Dante. Carly comes by Dante’s room to lend Lulu her support. Carly says Lulu has to give Dante positive thoughts and strength. Lulu talks to an unconscious Dante, willing him to pull through. Patrick and Robin bicker over their patients. Robin is still upset that Patrick kept Olivia’s secret from her. Patrick says it wasn’t his secret to tell. Robin says she would have told Sonny the truth about Dante and then calls Patrick “a real jackass.” Patrick asks Lisa to have a beer after Robin storms off. Olivia finds Jax in the hospital chapel. Jax thinks Dante will “press charges against Sonny.” Olivia worries about Dante’s reaction to Sonny being his father. Ethan comes by GH to see how Lulu is holding up. Dante wakes up and says he dreamed that Sonny was his father. Jason asks Carly to convince Sonny to “leave the country.” Michael tells Morgan, Kristina, and Molly that he killed Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Tea and Todd finally make love. Starr and Dani come home after shopping for school clothes. Starr presses fro Dani to admit that she and Matthew are more than friends. Dani admits that she kissed Matthew once, but says she hasn’t heard from him recently. Matthew shows up at their doo and confesses that he can't stop thinking about Dani. Langston goes to Markko's class to surprise him, but he has already left and Ford is the only person there. Ford suggests that she did it on purpose because she feels something for him, but she says Markko is the only man for her. When he says the only thing left for them to say is goodbye, she asks if they can remain friends. He says he doesn’t think it is possible for a man and a woman to be friends but he will try. When she says she is not only living with Markko but with Starr, Cole, Hope, and Dani and that it is difficult for her to study, Ford offers her the use of his office. He gives her the key and his schedule so she will know when his office is free.

Commissioner Lowell discovers that John McBain's "shooting" was an act when an officer tells him that McBain escaped. Lowell arrests Marty as an accessory. After intercepting a call between Mitch and Stan Lowell, John and Brody figure out that Mitch is at an abandoned military base on Llantano Mountain. Natalie drives them up the icy mountain road. Schuyler refuses to give Stacy the Oxytocin injection to induce labor and says he is going to tell Gigi the truth. Kim goes after Schuyler to try to convince him to change his mind but runs into Rex. When Kim returns to Stacy's room with Rex, Stacy is gone. Dorian has taken Stacy out of the room and into the parking garage. Dorian tries to convince Stacy to go with her so she will be safe from Mitch, but Stacy doesn’t trust Dorian. Nurse Charles arrives and takes Stacy at gunpoint. Dorian and Charlie follow Nurse Charles' car up Llantano Mountain Kim calls Stacy and Nurse Charles Stacy to say she is ok but Stacy manages to tell Kim that she has been kidnapped. Nurse Charles swerves and is coming toward Natalie’s car, but Natalie has no room to move to get out of the way. Natalie, Charlie, and Nurse Charles all slam on their brakes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack comes home to join Emily. Jack apologizes for being late. Malcolm also joins Jack, Emily and Chloe. Chloe tells Malcolm that it is good to have him here to take the wedding pics. Malcolm begins to take the wedding photos. Patty talks to herself about Emily seducing Jack and getting him to marry her. Paul visits Patty. Neil visits Ashley and asks her if she had told Abby about Adam. Neil and Ashley go out to dinner together. Gloria tells Jeff that Tucker is selling Jabot. Gloria wants Jeff to help her to buy Jabot . Tucker asks Jill to join him at the club for dinner. Jill tells Kay not to wait up for her. When Jill join Tucker for dinner all she wants to talk about is Tucker selling Jabot. Chance comes in and tells Kay that he is meeting Chloe later for dinner. Chloe and Chance go out for burgers, but suddenly changes her mind about what she wants to eat. Chloe talks Chance into just getting a pizza after meeting up with Tucker and Jill. Jeff and Gloria visit Jack and Emily to finalize the deal on Jack submitting a bid for Jabot. Neil introduces Ashley to Tucker. Jill wakes Katherine up from a sound sleep and tells her that someone is downstairs. Jill tries the phone and finds the phone wires had been cut. Jill and Kay manage to use the cell phone and calls 9-1-1. Chance and Chloe come home and hear a bang. Chance instructs Chloe to get down. In the midst of confusion, Jill calls Katherine “Mother.” Chance tells Chloe that he had received a threat on his cell phone. Chance calls Masters to help with the investigation. Chance finds that his watch was stolen.

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