Tuesday 2/2/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam sneaks into Colby’s room and tries to talk to her (unbeknownst to him that it is Damon) under the covers on the bed. Colby comes in with a tray. Damon comes out from under the covers. Adam demands to know who Damon is. Annie tries to get Scott to let her help him with the finances of Chandler Enterprises, but he refuses. At Jake’s and Amanda’s apartment, Liza goes over the material that she is planning on filing against David if he doesn’t leave town. Tad gets a call that David had someone with him when he came back to town. Tad insists on talking to the pilot to find out information on David and his companion. Amanda leaves the apartment to go talk to David. Greenlee spots Ryan and Erica making love. David catches her outside of Ryan’s condo. At Wildwind, Amanda demands to know how long Ryan and Erica had been together. Adam sides with Annie when she wants to know more about Chandler Enterprises. Opal stops by Ryan’s to congratulate Ryan and Erica on their relationship. Greenlee comes up with a plan to get revenge on Ryan and Erica and asks for David’s help. Liza and Amanda visit Wildwind and find David gone, but finds a torn up tabloid paper on the table. Liza comes to the conclusion that it must have been torn up by someone, who didn’t want Ryan and Erica together. David visits Erica on the pretense of giving Erica the name of another doctor. David steals a flash drive from behind a fixture on the wall. Ryan comes in and wonders what David is doing here. Liza and Amanda hear a noise on the patio, but soon comes to the conclusion that the house may be haunted.

Tad questions the pilot, who soon sees through Tad and knows exactly what he is doing. The pilot reveals no information to Tad. Jake intercepts a package meant for David and finds the package is full of medications. Ryan looks behind the fixture on the wall and finds that something had been taped there, but had been removed by David. Ryan and Erica go to Wildwind, looking for David and finds Greenlee’s sweater. Greenlee manages to plant a virus on Erica’s computer before she collapses. David carries her out of the office. Colby tries to reunite Bailey and Damon, but with no luck.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Molly keeps wanting to find out what Holden did to Damian especially after she sees helps patch up a big bleeding gash on Holden's chest. Holden insists that he didn't do anything to Damian he just let him leave and Damian promised not to come back to Oakdale. Molly tells Holden that she believes him but she doesn't and she does some investigating on her own. Molly goes to the dock and finds a bloody piece of wood and wonders what Holden did to Damian. Molly also finds a little boy named Arthur who says the two men fighting scared him. Molly shows Arthur a picture of Holden and Arthur tells her he was one of the men. Arthur then gets scared and tells Molly that he didn't see anything else he just remembers all the blood.

Holden and Lily tell Natalie and Ethan that Damian lied to Lily and hurt her as well as a lot of other people and he won't be coming back. Holden tells Lily the kids can now live with her because he is positive Damian won't come back to Oakdale. Lucinda advises Lily to forget about Damian and concentrate on getting back together with Holden. Lucinda asks Dusty to recommend a private investigator who will make sure someone doesn't return to town. Lucinda also wonders if Dusty has a relationship with Terri but he tells her no because Terri is just a kid Terri is hurt when she overhears Lucinda and Dusty's conversion. Dusty tells Terri he didn't mean to lead her on but there can never be anything between them. Terri tells Dusty that she isn't stupid she knows he is in love with Janet. Dusty tells Terri he isn't in love with Janet and she tells him that she hopes he enjoys being alone.

In New York Liberty is tired of seeing all the specialists and talk about her illness so she asks Janet if she can go to a costume exhibit at the Metropolitan at first Janet says no but Jack persuades Janet to let Liberty be as normal as possible. Liberty calls Carl and when she finds out Carly is in New York she invites her to go with her to the exhibit. Carly says no because it might upset Janet. Liberty is upset when a palm reader tells her she has a short lifeline. Carly finds Liberty and tells her not to pay attention to a phony pal reader. Carly takes her back to the hotel where she explains that she was in New York on business and Liberty called her to talk. Carly tells Jack and Janet about the palm reader and Janet thanks Carly for helping Liberty. Janet is bothered that Liberty turned to Carly to talk but she doesn't show it for Liberty's sake. Jack explains to Carly that he and Janet are sleeping in separate rooms and they haven't made love because every time he is with Janet he feels like he is cheating on her. Carly tells Jack it only hurts worse when he tells her that because they can't do anything to change the situation. Dusty calls Janet to see how she is doing and he tells her they miss her at the "bar" and she tells him that she misses the "bar" too.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke call all of Hope’s friends and can not determine where she went, but they know it is getting late and something must be wrong. Graham shifts Hope over on the bed and tells her just to relax and enjoy the ride. He caresses her cheek and kisses her, telling her this is going to be perfect. Sandy and Nick anxiously wait at the lab for the results of the DNA test for Graham. Finally they get the match. Sandy says she has waited five long years, she is not waiting another minute for Lt. Baker to show up and finish this case. Bridget confides in Whip that she wishes she knew more about Sandy’s past, something behind her sad eyes. Whip tells Oliver that Bridget is very compassionate. She will accept it all when she finds out about Sandy’s past.

Graham disrobes Hope down to her panties and bra and praises her for remaining quiet, this is the way it should be. Just as he is about to finish his “project”, Nick pounds on the door saying he has a contract from Jackie M. Graham tries to put him off until another time, but Nick insists. He helps bust the door in and finds Hope in the bed. Sandy stares at her five-year ago attacker and he rushes past to leave with her after him. Lt. Baker shows up and Nick tells them to call Brooke; this is their daughter. Brooke tells them they are on their way. Graham better not have hurt one hair on Hope’s head. Brooke comforts her daughter and Ridge asks for just five minutes with this bastard. A chase ensues with Sandy chasing Graham up the stairwell and onto the roof. Nick is also after both of them. Sandy confronts Graham. He doesn’t know who she is so she reminds him that he drugged her five years ago and then raped her, just as he was about to do with Hope. There must be other women too, but now it’s over. She does have proof; she has his DNA. He better take a good look at her face so he won't forget it. He won’t be doing this again. He tells her to shut up and she falls. He thinks he has her again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ informs Anna that he may never let Sami know where Sydney is. After learning from Roman that she isn’t going to jail, Arianna tells him that Anna , his ex-wife, is back in town. Roman calls her and is suspicious when Anna lies and tells him she is in Spain. Melanie asks Stephanie to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and Stephanie reluctantly agrees. She later lies to Melanie about her trip to Alpine Valley with Nathan. Nathan makes a mistake in surgery, and Carly talks to him about it, trying to get him to admit that he is distracted because of Melanie, but he refuses. Vivian continues her plans to eliminate Melanie on her wedding day, despite Victor’s warning to leave Melanie alone. Hope discovers the papers proving that Carly had a child. At first she is sure Bo is the father, but then changes her mind. She decides to tell Bo that she knows about Carly’s secret. Victor sees Justin and Hope hugging and warns Justin to stay away from Hope. Justin refuses, claiming that Bo and Hope’s marriage is over. Bo warns Carly that she can’t go to Melanie’s wedding, so as not to tip off Vivian. He asks her to move back in so that he can protect her, and suggests that the two try to move forward together. She agrees. Later, Bo finds the clothes from Carly’s suitcase ripped to shreds. He immediately suspects Vivian.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason is horrified and asks Morgan to turn off Franco’s DVD. Jax says the DVD came for the baby. Sonny vows to make things right with Dante/Dom. Olivia is upset with Sonny for discussing the situation with their son. Sonny vents his anger at Olivia for denying him access to his son. Robin steps in to calm Sonny down. Maxie is told she’s a “witness” for the murder case. Ronnie worries about the whereabouts of Sonny and Dante/Dom. Mac is informed of the shooting. Agent Rayner tells Mac, Ronnie, and Maxie that Sonny is Dante/Dom’s father. Lulu rushes back to the Jax house and asks Jason if Sonny “killed Dominic.” Lulu blows Dante/Dom’s cover and says Sonny and Jason will pay if he’s “dead.” Jason calls the hospital and learns about the shooting. Morgan is worried and upset so Jason heads to GH. Michael confronts Jax who tells him nothing. Patrick and Robin argue over Dante/Dom’s operation – she thinks he’s doing it for “the challenge.” Lisa sides with Patrick. Steven informs Patrick that he (Steven) will do the operation with Lisa. Patrick isn’t happy but he has not choice but to back down. Sonny threatens Steven that his son had best live through the surgery or else. Agent Rayner and company head to Sonny’s and find Max. Lulu goes to GH and attacks Sonny. He tells her he didn’t know Dante/Dom was his son. Johnny does his best to console Olivia. Sonny tells Jason the truth about Dante/Dom’s paternity. Jason worries Sonny will be arrested but Sonny insists on staying put at GH. Morgan sides with Dante/Dom but wonders if their friendship was real. Jax and Carly do their best to reassure Morgan. Michael comforts sonny when he learns the truth about Dante/Dom. Sonny is arrested at GH. Sonny insists on staying at the hospital but Ronnie won’t hear of it. Dante/Dom’s dreams about his childhood during the operation. Suddenly it looks like they’re losing Dante/Dom on the operating table.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr encourages Dani to believe that Matthew likes her and she is correct. He comes over and admits that he's been thinking about her and they seem to have mutual interest. Dani is not ok with knowing that Todd is her father however. And he's discouraged. Mitch has Jessica unconscious and believes she is ready to be the mother to Stacy's baby. Kim and Rex go with Stacy to the hospital. He still believes that Stacy is really going into labor with his baby. So does Gigi. But Schuyler, who knows what they are doing, tells them he refuses to go through with their plan. If it means Gigi finds out he got Stacy pregnant and she breaks up with him, he will accept that. Gigi admits to Rex that she is not ok with the fact that she had Shane all by herself without him and Stacy can have his baby with him there. She admits to Rex that she loves Schuyler. But he does not love Stacy. Meanwhile, Charlie and Dorian are trying to find Stacy and her baby in order to force Mitch to let Jessica go. But they cannot find her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis continues to question Adam about his dealings with Dr. Taylor. Adam calls Sharon to see where she is and Sharon tells him that Noah is gone, but she had met up with Nick and was having coffee and talking. Ashley tells Neil that she had searched everywhere in Adam’s room and hadn’t found anything. Ashley can’t help but wonder why Adam is lying to her. Phyllis tells Adam to tell her about the purple cloth that Ashley is looking for. Adam agrees to have a drink with Phyllis. Adam tells Phyllis that Nick is with Sharon. Victor calls Nick to see how the meeting had gone with Tucker. Lauren asks Michael, who it had been on the phone. Michael tells her exactly what the man had said about the dark haired woman. Lauren thinks for sure that it is Eden, who had been sending her the rats. Jana questions Daisy as to what had been going on between her and Ryder. Daisy lies, as usual, about her real relationship with Ryder. Daisy calls Ryder a “loser.” Jana also questions Daisy as to why Ryder had said that Daisy had abandoned him. Noah finds Daisy’s backpack and some incriminating evidence against Daisy. Gloria comes into the coffeehouse and tells Kevin to make her a special coffee drink, but Kevin tells her that he can’t. Kevin lets Gloria know that Tucker is selling Jabot. Jack walks into the coffeehouse. Gloria offers to help Jack buy back Jabot. Jack has his reservations, but continues to listen. Jana tells Kevin that she had seen Daisy and Ryder together, but Kevin doesn’t think that it is anything to worry about .Nick tells Victor that Tucker wants to buy Newman Cosmetics. Sharon talks to Rafe and Brian and lets them know that she had married Adam. Phyllis calls Harvard Alumni Association and pretends that she is doing an article on Dr. Taylor .Phyllis meets with Rafe and Brian to discuss Adam. Noah catches up with Jana and shows her the pic that he had found in Daisy’s backpack of Daisy and Max. Neil fills Phyllis in on Ashley, the purple cloth and the car accident. Adam asks Sharon does she love him. Adam lets Sharon know that he loves her more than he has ever loved anyone. Ashley, Sharon and Adam discuss the accident that she and Adam had had that morning over the purple cloth and the accident . Ashley orders Adam to move out . Adam and Sharon leave to go to a movie. Ashley declares to Neil that Adam is lying. Neil has a plan to trap Adam in his own lies. Michael and Lauren decide to make Daisy move out .

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