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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica and Ryan are in her office at Fusion kissing when Greenlee walks up to the door and starts to turn the doorknob. David clasps his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. At ConFusion, Liza and Tad kiss before they start to dance. Krystal watches then asks Rob to take her back to his place. Jake and Amanda spend a quiet evening at home when there is an incessant knocking on the door. Jake opens the door and Opal lets them know that she read her tea leaves and knows that someone is headed back into their lives. She fears that it is David. Jake and Amanda don’t seem to be too concerned by Opal’s anxiety attack over her tea leaves. David reminds Greenlee that Dr. Coleman said she could face another surgery. In talking to David, Greenlee realizes that Ryan is with another woman and comes to the conclusion that it is Kendall. At ConFusion, Tad sees David rushing out to his car. Ryan and Erica come clean to the press that they are involved. Liza visits Amanda and tries to soothe her fears that David is back in town. Tad and Jake visit David at Wildwind. Jake promises David that he will be watching him. Ryan and Erica come home to his penthouse and finds things completely out of order. Erica and Ryan make love in front of the fireplace. Greenlee lets herself into Ryan’s place and sees him and Erica making love.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden catches up with Damian on the docks and they have it out. Holden wants to turn him in, but Damian reminds him of how hard of a time Holden will have proving any of what he did. He taunts him about Lily’s love of him despite it all. A guilt-ridden Molly tells Lily what happened, but Lily can’t judge since she trusted Damian too. Lucinda is thrilled to hear Damian’s gone, but Lily is riddled with guilt for allowing him near her family. Lucinda assumes now Holden and Lily will find their way back. Noah learns about Lily being hurt, but then he is forced to tell Luke about his agreement with Dr. Oliver. At first, Luke is very upset and wants him to reconsider, but then he realizes Noah has to take this opportunity to recover his sight, which upsets Noah in the end. Dr. Oliver is ready to move into Katie’s; this frustrates Henry a great deal, which only eggs the doctor on. Henry pleads with Katie to reconsider; he can move in, but she doesn’t want to risk their friendship and stands firm on her decision. However, later she researches the doctor online. Henry tries to make nice with Dr. Oliver as a ploy, but Dr. Oliver gets the upper hand, which makes Henry more frustrated. Later, after Katie waxes on about Dr. Oliver’s accomplishments, Henry decides secretly to get rid of him. This is about the same time, Katie and Dr. Oliver are able to enjoy a bit of each other’s company strangely enough. Luke learns the truth about Damian. Lucinda overhears Molly leaving a message for Holden, as she tells her that she is confident Lily and Holden will be back together in no time. A shaken Holden comes back to the farm with cut and bloody hands. He has memories of fighting with Damian and dragging him away. Holden later goes to see Lily and Luke and tells them that he let Damian go because he needed him out of their lives and he didn’t want a trial dragging all of this back up. Luke tells Holden how lucky that he is that he is his real dad, but when he hugs Holden, he winces in pain. Holden covers saying he needs to go in Meg. Luke and Noah run into each other downtown, but Luke is afraid to share what happened earlier because he doesn’t want to break Dr. Oliver’s ‘rules’. Noah wants to change his mind and not go down this road, but Luke won’t let him, as he walks away. When Molly sees Holden, she tells him that she is moving to the Lakeview, but then she sees he is hurt and bloody. Holden gives her an excuse about cutting himself when he changed a tire, but combined with that and the pain she sees him in, she demands to know what happened between he and Damian because he doesn’t make a good liar.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is on the phone talking to Hope and begging her to give her another chance. She wants her to know that she loved her from the minute she knew she was pregnant. She’s scared when Hope tells her that she ran off the road; she is not ready to deal with Brooke now. Brooke tells Ridge that she will never forgive herself if something happens to Hope. She overheard some painful things they said out of context. Ridge says they will explain it to her and she will understand. They said it out of love to protect her. Nick calls Bridget and leaves a message that he will be late tonight. He will fill her in later. He wants to tell Bridget the entire story; Sandy doesn’t. Graham calls some friends and says he is having a party tonight; he has a hot blonde he wants them to meet. Steffy confronts Katie that she knows she is trying to push Steffy out by supporting Hope, but it won’t work. Rick admits he has heard some disturbing rumors about Graham. His reputation is that he doesn’t treat his models so well. Hope arrives at the party. Graham takes her purse, turns her phone off, and pours her a glass of wine that he laces with a drug.

Steffy tells Katie that she will check more on this Graham Darros. If he hits on his models or treats them badly then Hope needs to know. Sandy confides in Nick they are so close to having their answer. She has waited five long torturous years and she owes this moment all to him. Not just her, but thousands of other women’s lives who’s future is locked up in those evidence kits. Nick replies that he still wants to tell Bridget and he will tonight. Hope begins to see blurry images and tells Graham that she thinks she had too much to drink. He assures her that she is having the time of her life. A number of guys gather around and start chanting her name. She drops her drink, is wobbly when she wants to get up and tells Graham that she needs to go lie down. Ridge tells Brooke that Hope is a smart, intelligent girl and she won’t do anything foolish. She’s probably at a girlfriend’s right now. Graham gets Hope to trust him and confide in him why she was so upset. He gets her to lie back on the bed and he snuggles beside her, stroking her hair and telling her that it will be like nothing ever happened.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Ciara accidentally sees Bo and Carly kissing over a webcam. Later, she and Caroline overhear Carly telling Bo that she loves him. Caroline lets Bo have it with both barrels, saying that Hope’s decisions don’t have any bearing on his irresponsible behavior. She then warns Bo that what is best for Ciara has nothing to do with Carly Manning. Meanwhile, Hope talks to Vivian, and suspicious of her closeness to Melanie, decides to try once again to open her puzzle box. With Justin’s help, she is able to get it open it. When Hope looks through the papers inside, she curses Bo. Carly and Melanie continue to bond, and Carly gives Melanie advice about Philip and Nathan. Melanie invites her to her wedding. After a run-in with Melanie at the hospital, Nathan invites Stephanie to go away with him on Valentine’s Day. She’s delighted, as she had confided in Justin earlier that she didn’t think Nathan loved her in return. Stephanie then reminds Nathan that Melanie and Philip are to be wed on Valentine’s Day, so they’ll have to put off their trip until the fifteenth. Will confides in Maggie that he doesn’t think he knows Mia at all, as she has changed since Grace died. Mia lies and tells Chad’s father that Chad invited her to Vancouver. Much to Mia’s delight, Charles calls Chad immediately and cancels the trip.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Everyone wonders why Sonny and Dante/Dom haven’t arrived at the church. After Sonny shoots Dante/Dom, Olivia tells him the truth about their son. Sonny tries to help Olivia stop the bleeding while they wait for help to arrive. Sonny says he never would have harmed his own child and is upset that Olivia kept such a big secret from him. Jane worries about Jax’s part in Sonny’s downfall. Molly and Morgan drop wedding hints to Jason and Sam at the church. At the christening party, Luke warns Lulu and Carly not to “judge” Elizabeth. Lulu worries about Dante/Dom while Michael worries about Sonny. Sonny and Olivia ride along with Dante/Dom in the ambulance. Dante/Dom goes into shock on the way to the hospital. Lisa and Steven tend to Dante/Dom while Sonny and Olivia wait. Olivia insists she was “protecting” her son by hiding his paternity. Steven says Dante/Dom has “internal damage” and the bullet is close to his spine. Sonny calls Robin and Patrick for assistance. Robin is upset when she learns that Patrick kept the truth about Dante/Dom’s paternity from her. Sonny says a prayer in the hospital chapel. Dante/Dom mumbles Lulu’s name to Olivia. Sonny sits with Dante/Dom and talks about their similarities. Morgan and Molly stumble upon Franco’s videotape talking about his life of crime. Lulu goes to Sonny’s house where she finds his phone and sees all the blood. Dante/Dom wakes up to Sonny at his bedside. Sonny says, “I’m your father” as Olivia stands in the doorway.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When it looks as though Brody has accidentally shot John in the courtroom and Lowell is ready to nail both of them, both Brody and John manage to escape with the help of their fellow officer and have Natalie pick them up in a van to help them escape. Yet, Jessica is still being held captive by Mitch and nobody knows where to find her. She convinces him to unstrap her and let her help him with the baby. But when he catches her attempting to call Brody, he's ready to carry out his originally dastardly plan to administer electro convulsive therapy so she loses all of her mental faculties. Stacy and Kim "stage" having her go into labor and Rex accompanies them. They get Schuyler alone in the room but he refuses to administer the oxytocin to induce the labor. Stacy is with Schuyler and she affirms that she is lucky to have him. Starr and Tea are together talking about Dani and Todd and both of their futures. Blair is sleeping with Elijah.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Nick tells Phyllis that he is going to take Mr. Ears by the club to give to Nikki and Victor so that Summer can have him for the night. Phyllis tells Nick that Dr. Gallatin called and was going to be in Boston and wanted to see Summer. Nick tells Phyllis that he talked to Sharon and they were allowing Noah to go to Paris. Phyllis lets Nick know that Sharon went off on her because of her remarks about Adam. Nick urges Phyllis to let this go as Abby comes to visit. Abby lets Nick and Phyllis know that Ashley is going berserk. Ashley remembers the night that Adam made her believe that she hit and killed Sabrina. Sharon walks in wanting to know what is going on. Ashley tells her that she is looking for something. Ashley asks Sharon to take Faith out for a while. Lauren comes home to find Michael already there. Daisy tells Michael that Lauren had another migraine and she brought her home. Michael tells Lauren that he had talked to Eden and she insisted that she was set up by Daisy. Kevin tells Jana that if he had known that, he wouldn’t be working for Mrs. Chancellor and may have reconsidered working for Tucker. Jana tells Kevin that she saw Ryder eating out of a garbage can. Noah and Adam meet for lunch. Adam is surprised when Sharon arrives with Faith. Sharon informs Adam about what is going on with Ashley. Adam leaves abruptly to keep Ashley from finding out what he did to her. Sharon gives Noah strict orders while he is in Paris. Eden calls Noah and lets him know about her phone call with Michael when he accused her of setting Lauren up. When Lauren has another severe headache, Michael takes her to the doctor. Ashley demands to know where the purple cloth is. Adam tries to get her to calm down, but Ashley accuses him of trying to drive her insane. Adam tries to explain, but Ashley calls him a “liar.” Phyllis interrupts Adam and Ashley’s argument. Neil also arrives. Ashley orders Adam to leave. Adam catches up with Abby and tells her about her mother. Ashley explains everything to Neil about the night that she thought that she killed Sabrina. The doctor tells Lauren that she is suffering from severe stress. Noah arrives at Michael’s to pick up some of Eden’s things and finds the place deserted. Noah decides to search for clues about who is setting Eden up. Michael gets some valuable info from the owner of the pet store. Phyllis questions Adam about his dealings with Dr. Taylor.

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