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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone begins to gather at the Confusion bar for the party that Fusion cosmetics is throwing to promote their new Miranda line of cosmetics. Greenlee is on an airplane coming home to Pine Valley. Erica tells Ryan that she wants to protect their relationship and doesn’t want to go public with the information. Colby, once again gets frustrated at Adam when she sees Chas Archibald at the party. Krystal is glad to see Tad at the party with Liza. Jesse, Angie, Randi and Frankie are also in attendance at the party. The alarm goes off at the Chandler mansion. The guards search the house to see if anything is gone. Damon hides behind the bathroom door in Colby’s room. Greenlee arrives at Ryan’s door, but is reluctant to knock on the door. Instead, of knocking on the door, Greenlee finds the key and lets herself in. Greenlee calls out for Ryan, but doesn’t get an answer. Greenlee finds a picture that Emma had drawn as she looks around the apartment. She also finds another box of things that she cannot believe that Ryan had kept. Ryan arrives at the party and immediately asks about Erica. Ryan’s and Erica’s eyes meet across a crowded room. Randi urges Angie to go home and spend some time alone with Jesse. Colby lets Liza know about the changes in the will. Liza decides to give Adam a piece of her mind. In talking to Adam, Liza finds out that if the will is contested, Colby will not receive any inheritance. Colby arrives home and finds out that the house had been broken in. Colby instructs the guard to call Adam. Erica holds a press conference, but will not divulge any info about hers and Ryan’s relationship.

Adam gets the call from the guards that his house had been broken in again. Adam and Annie, immediately, go home. Colby goes to her home and finds Damon there. Damon explains to Colby what had happened in the house and that he had been hit over the head. Greenlee learns that Ryan is at the benefit. Greenlee goes to the Confusion bar, looking for Ryan, and finds out that he is upstairs in one of the offices. Ryan and Erica are in the office, kissing, as Greenlee starts to turn the door handle. Colby agrees to let Damon stay the night.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Damian holds a gun on Holden with Lily by his side. Lily lets Holden know that she believes Damian. Casey meets up with Dr. Oliver and tries to pay his expenses if he will operate on Noah. Once again, Dr. Oliver refuses. Noah listens some music on the computer when he becomes upset and takes the CD out. Noah calls Maddie to come over. Katie comes to visit Henry in his hotel room. Katie confesses that she needs help with Jacob. Henry hints around at moving in with her to help her, but Katie takes it the wrong way and thinks that Henry means Margo. Meg comes to and explains everything to Holden and Lily what Damian had done to her. Meg threatens to kill Damian. A fight breaks out with Damian and Meg escaping and Lily getting a bump on her head. Holden stands by Lily’s side. Katie meets Dr. Oliver and asks for his help with Jacob, but he refuses. After hearing Jacob crying for a few minutes, Dr. Oliver agrees to help Katie. Maddie agrees to take Noah to see Dr. Oliver. Luke arrives just in time to find out that Noah is going to see Dr. Oliver without him. Noah meets with Dr. Oliver, who after talking to Noah agrees to do the surgery just as long as Luke stays out of it. Holden is still with Lily when Molly arrives. Molly lets Lily know that Damian had tried to warn her that Holden would always go back to Lily. Holden takes Lily to the hospital where the doctor orders a MRI on her head. Molly tries to make up with Holden, but Holden doesn’t want to hear it. Henry comes home to Katie’s quiet apartment . Katie tells him all about her day and that she had met a new doctor, who had given Jacob some antibiotics. Katie falls asleep on the sofa. Noah tells Luke that Dr. Oliver is going to do his surgery, but Noah and Luke cannot see each other for a while. Damian calls Luke and tells him to meet him in his office. Damian explains to Luke that he is leaving town and he wants Luke to take care of Grimaldi Enterprises. Meg comes to Damian’s room and finds him gone. Holden meets up with Damian on the docks and vows to make Damian pay for all that he had done.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The words echo in Hope’s head – she is a stain on the family name. Brooke says Hope doesn’t see herself that way and never will. She can not risk this being thrown in her face. Hope overhears Ridge remind Brooke that Hope was conceived when Deacon was still married to her other daughter. That would crush her. The media will have a field day with it. Brooke says it was the darkest part of her life. She is so ashamed and indeed felt that way during her pregnancy. Hope can’t hold back; she walks in and tells her mother that she is ashamed too. Sandy tells Whip that she is waiting to hear from Nick. He is at Graham’s trying to get some DNA. Nick goes through the motions of getting Graham on his side and to convince him that he is looking for a photographer for his new collection at Jackie M. While Graham is on the phone, Nick retrieves a wad of chewing gum that Graham threw away. Nick calls Sandy and says he got the DNA and for her to meet him at the police lab. Taylor asks Steffy why Katie has it in for her. Steffy says Hope is a good kid and has a lot of potential, but she has no experience and this will be a disaster. Taylor agrees this will be the potential of a mental breakdown. This will be a decision that both Katie and Brooke will regret.

Nick gives the gum to the technician and they await the results of the test. Hope confronts her mother and Ridge. She came there to show them the photos that she was so proud of, but that will never be now – not the stain on the family…. the mistake…. the bastard child they did not want. She can’t take any more of this; she leaves. She calls Graham and says she is not good right now and needs a place to crash tonight. She’d like to come to his place. He says sure and then calls a friend that the party is back on. Brooke calls Hope and is fearful that she is out driving around in her distraught state. She begs her to come home so they can fully explain. She loves her and is not ashamed of her. Hope is blinded by bright lights and screams.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna questions EJ about Anna, but he tells her that Anna is in town taking care of some of Tony’s business. He then asks Arianna not to tell anyone she is here, as Anna and Stefano don’t get along. Arianna accept his explanation and agrees not to say anything to anyone. Brady gets upset with Roman when he can’t find Arianna, and blames him for not protecting her better. Later, Brady warns Arianna about EJ when she tells him where she was. Rafe moves out of Sami’s house. EJ is delighted when he learns the news. Carly makes inroads with Melanie when she starts to tell her about losing her daughter. Melanie assumes Carly’s daughter died, and apologizes for being so mean to her. She admits that she doesn’t like Vivian very much, either, and promises to come by the hospital to let Carly x-ray her hurt hand. Carly is thrilled. Vivian tells Victor about her dream about Lawrence and her plans to go after Melanie, as she originally planned. Victor refuses, telling her she will have to answer to him if she harms Melanie. Vivian later meets with Gus, telling him that they are still going to kill Melanie, but they’ll have to keep it a secret from Victor.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lady Jane comes to town for the christening. Jax tells his mom what’s going on with Sonny and Jane thinks her son will be in hot water with Carly when the truth comes out. Lucky tells Lulu he thinks it’s best if he skips the christening but he later changes his mind. Ronnie wonders if Dante/Dom plans on giving Sonny a heads up about the arrest warrant. Carly and Olivia both ask Sonny to keep the day free of drama. Elizabeth pays Luke a visit and apologizes for her behavior. Luke is kind to her but Lulu gets upset when she walks in on the two of them. Sonny assigns Dante/Dom a job that he finds suspicious. Everyone arrives at the church for the ceremony except Dante/Dom and Sonny. The ceremony begins at the church. Dante/Dom arrests Sonny for Claudia’s murder. Sonny shoots Dante/Dom. As her son lies bleeding on the floor, Olivia arrives and screams at Sonny that he shot his “son.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Mitch wants the nurse to administer Electro Convulsive Therapy so that Jessica can lose her memory and be obedient to him. But the nurse hesitates to do it. Mitch is determined to go through with it regardless of the consequences. Meanwhile, Lowell, the cops and the judge are ready to put John away for assaulting Mitch. There's nothing anybody can do. But Brody walks into the courtroom with a gun, points it at Lowell and tells him he will kill him if he does not tell him where Jessica has taken Mitch. Lowell does not answer. Brody fires a shot and it accidentally hits John and knocks him to the ground. Dani gets to know Starr, Cole and baby Hope. But she's not ready to come home nor face the fact that Todd is her father. At that point, Tea is ready to enroll her in school at Llanview High. And she is happy for that. Dorian convinces Charlie that Mitch has gone too far. And they have to take drastic action in order to save Jessica. And she tells him the only way to get to Mitch is through Stacy's baby. Right then, Stacy wants to get closer to Rex and puts her plan into motion to make it look like she's ready to give birth with the help of Kim and Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Adam have an argument with name calling which results in Victor telling Adam that he is ashamed that Adam is a Newman. Victor orders Adam to keep his hands off him or he will crush him like a bug. Ashley begs Victor to stop as Sharon tells Adam to just back away. Chloe stands by while Emily tries on wedding dresses. Emily notices the new “Restless Style” with Victor Newman on the cover. Chloe promises to keep Emily’s secret which Emily is going to reveal on her wedding day. Neil and Devon find out from Lily that Harry from chemo had died. Lily lets Neil and Devon hear the babies’ heartbeats. Neil is overwhelmed by the sound of the heartbeats. Victor orders Adam to get up off the floor. Noah and Abby watch the fight between Victor and Adam. Tucker asks Adam if he is alright and reminds him that they have work to do. Malcolm meets up with Phyllis, who is glad to see him. Phyllis asks Malcolm if he knew about the fireworks. They agree to meet at Crimson Lights to discuss what had happened between Victor and Adam. Lily says a prayer for Harry and her babies. Jack, Emily and Chloe pick out appetizers when Chloe gets a text message from Chance. Billy pulls Chloe away from Jack and Emily to discuss some things about “Restless Style” and that Victor had choked Adam. Chloe finds out that Billy had been seeing Heather. Emily notices Chloe and how happy she was when she got the text from Chance and remarks that Chloe will be planning her wedding next. Nick and Sharon agree to let Noah go to Paris to study. Sharon confronts Victor over his treatment of Adam. Sharon orders Phyllis to back off of Adam. Phyllis tells Malcolm that Jack is getting married. Emily offers Lily encouragement. Cane gives Lily a letter from Harry. Nick stops by to talk to Tucker about selling Jabot to Nick. Tucker turns the tables and asks Nick to sell Newman Cosmetics to him. Ashley and Abby open the package from Ashley’s Mom. Ashley remembers something from the past about the night that she thought she had run over Sabrina. Ashley asks Abby to help her find a piece of fabric. Victor and Adam meet to discuss how that Adam is infiltrating Tucker’s organization in order to get the goods on him so he will get Katherine’s company back for her.

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