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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie tells Scott that she cannot wait until the parlor has been redecorated. Jesse and two police officers walk into the study. Jesse lets Annie know that a 911 call was made from the Chandler mansion. Colby and Damon are in her bedroom when Adam knocks on the door. Damon quickly hides in the bathroom as Colby lets Adam in. Greenlee tries to get out of bed when Gayle comes in and catches her. Gayle reminds her that she shouldn’t be getting out of bed. Greenlee tells Gayle that she wants to go home tonight. David listens from outside the door. Madison shows Ryan and Erica the headline which links Ryan and Erica as a couple. Adam apologizes to Colby for Chas Archibald being there. Ryan insists to Erica that they will not let this ruin their party for Fusion’s new Miranda line of cosmetics. Randi gives in and tells Erica that the new Miranda line was all Madison’s idea. Erica tells Randi and Madison that she doesn’t want any more secrets. Colby gets Adam out of her room as soon as possible. Damon thanks Colby for not turning him in. Annie finds out that Erica and Ryan are having a party for the new Miranda line of cosmetics. Annie also finds out that they had received an invitation, but Adam had refused. Annie insists that the whole family attend. Erica gives Madison and Randi pointers on how to deal with the press.

Colby lets Damon know that he is free to go. Jake and Frankie, at Jake’s apartment discuss Jesse and Angie always working and not being able to spend much time together. Madison asks Randi as to why she had told Erica the truth. Greenlee dreams of how things would be when she goes back to Ryan. Erica arrives at Ryan’s to pick him up for the party, but she is uneasy about the headline in the newspaper. At the Confusion bar, Jesse notices the headline in the paper about Erica and Ryan. Ryan questions Erica if she wants to go public about their relationship. David refuses to let Greenlee leave the hospital. Annie comes upstairs and tells Colby that they are going to a party. Greenlee fears that David is hiding something from her . Dr. Coleman tells David that he wants to stop Greenlee’s therapy and her have complete bed rest for a month. Greenlee overhears David telling Gayle that Greenlee won’t like what Dr. Coleman has to say. Erica decides to keep their relationship secret. Damon is in the Chandler study when Scott comes in. Damon quickly hides behind the door. David and Gayle discover that Greenlee took Gayle's money and ID and took off.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty is depressed when she finds out that FIT gave her spot to someone else because she missed the deadline to send them her portfolio. Liberty goes over to Carly's looking for Parker but he isn't home so she tells Carly everything. Carly says that Liberty should work to take her mind off her problems and offers her a job working for Monte Carlo. Janet doesn't like Carly's interference in Liberty's life and tells her to stay away from Liberty. Jack isn't happy that Carly will be working with Craig but he wishes her well on her new job. Janet and Liberty argue because Liberty wants to continue living her life even though she has cancer and Janet thinks that Liberty isn't taking her cancer seriously.

Holden can't get any help from Jack who doesn't have proof of Damian's lies and can't arrest him because he isn't officially back to work. Holden fears that Lily is in danger so he reads to the Brantford Inn to tell her all about Damian's lies. Lily is horrified when she discovers that Damian killed Meg and stuffed her in a trunk . Lily wants to call the police but Damian threatens her with a gun and when Holden arrives and tells Lily everything she tries her best to stay calm but she is scared of Damian. Lily tells Holden that Damian killed Meg in self defense because she was going to kill him with a poisonous drug she had in a syringe. Holden gets angry and he and Damian struggle for the gun and Damian tells Lily he will kill Holden if she calls the police. Damian wants Lily to go to Malta with him and Holden tells Damian he will leave with Lily only if he kills him. Damian tells Holden that he will be happy to kill him and the police can find both he and Meg's bodies together. Carly and Molly share their men troubles and eat cookies since they can't drink alcohol. Molly and Carly make a pack to concentrate on work instead of love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie they need to talk. Her husband is miserable because of this feud that she has with Steffy. Katie gushes that Hope is doing great and is going to put Steffy’s campaign to shame. Brooke says Katie can not run this company without some consideration to Ridge and his family. She’d like for her to step down and turn the CEO position back to who should have had it – Ridge. She wants her to keep the peace; play nice. Katie threatens to tell Ridge what his sweet little girl did to Bill. Brooke warns her not to. She will lose Ridge and she will not let that ever happen again. Ridge tells Taylor that he doesn’t get it. What has their daughter ever done to Katie? They both agree it’s like she has some vendetta against Steffy. She wasn’t born a Logan. Taylor reminds him that if Hope becomes a big star, the media will start digging and find out she’s Deacon’s daughter and the scandal will follow. Ridge says he doesn’t think Hope knows the whole story. They have protected her. Taylor says somebody needs to warn Brooke what might happen. Nick tells Sandy they have one lead for that night she was raped so they are going to pay this photographer a visit. Perhaps he should go alone so not to scare off this guy. Graham tells Hope to put herself in his hands; he’s going to get her comfortable and take some great photos. He shows her the proofs and Hope says it is one of the best moments of her life; she is so honored to represent her family. Nick drops in on Graham and makes up another reason why he is there for some photographic tips. He smells alcohol on Graham’s breath.

Taylor marches into Katie’s office and proceeds to tell her that Steffy is trying to be a team player, but Katie is not allowing that. Taylor wants to know exactly what she has against Steffy. Katie tells her she doesn’t think Taylor wants to go there. Taylor insists yes she wants to know whatever it is. She warns Katie too that if they keep pushing Hope that her past will come out about who her father is and put the entire company in a bad light. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t want to fight with him; she wants to fight for him. She wants the Forrester’s to be treated fairly. Just as Hope walks up outside the opened door and listens, Ridge points out to Brooke what will happen when the media gets wind of Deacon. Hope is horrified when she hears certain words – mother is a tramp; a stain on the family name, a scandal. They have to shield her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami is devastated when Rafe decides to move out. Arianna comes over to EJ’s to tell him about her working undercover. She accidentally intercepts a call from Anna. Stephanie and Nathan decide to tell Melanie they are dating, but neither one goes through with it. After a talk with Daniel about both Philip and Carly, Melanie runs into Nathan. She fantasizes about kissing him. Later, she asks Carly why she is so nice to her. Carly asks if she can keep a secret. Nathan is worried that Maggie has started drinking again, but she assures him she hasn’t. Chloe confides in Carly about her trouble conceiving and vows to find a way to make it happen.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Elizabeth is hesitant about being at work at the hospital. She feels like everyone is “whispering” behind her back and lashes out, announcing the “affair” in front of the staff. Nikolas tries to stop Liz as she carries on in front of everyone. Carly advises Lulu to “stand by” her man. Johnny gets upset that Olivia interfered in Sonny’s case. Johnny says he won’t “sit by and watch” Olivia “protect Sonny” so he walks out on her. Jason tells Sonny what he learned about Dante/Dom taking out the fireplace ashes. Sonny doubts that Dante/Dom is working undercover. Luke finds Lucky practicing his shooting. The two discuss Laura’s “instilling hope and belief” in Lucky. Tracy tries to be supportive of Luke in regard to Lucky. Tracy thinks Ethan is “feeling neglected” by Luke. Ethan offers Lucky his support after he learns about the affair. Lulu pays Dante/Dom a visit and promises to keep his secret. Dante/Dom says he’s “honored” that Lulu has chosen to “stand by” him. Jax assures Michael that he’s taking care of things in regard to Dante/Dom. Spinelli learns that a piece of a “burned shirt” is being used as “evidence” in the murder investigation. He tells Sonny and Jason the shirt came from Sonny’s fireplace and was “acquired by someone working in an undercover capacity.” Sonny is furious and tells Jason that Dante/Dom “has to die.” Sonny says he’ll send Dante/Dom “on an errand” and he’ll have an “accident.” Agent Rayner calls Jax and says Sonny will be arrested shortly. Ronnie tells Dante/Dom the news but Dante/Dom wants to wait “until after the christening.” Lulu runs into Olivia when she goes to church to pray for Dante/Dom’s safety.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Schuyler concludes that if something happens to Stacy or to Rex, he needs Stacy to sign over guardianship to him. She does so in exchange for his helping her to induce labor so that Rex will believe the baby is his. Rex runs into Dorian and tells her she needs to do something about Mitch. She then contacts Charlie and tells him that she has an idea about how to get Rex to let Jessica go, involving "somebody" who is more important to Mitch than Jessica. Mitch and the nurse hold Jessica captive, drug her and intend to brainwash her to forget all the people she loves and raise Rex and Stacy's baby with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley tells Adam that she and Victor shouldn’t have been arguing for Abby to walk in on them. Ashley promises to try with Victor. Sharon walks in and shows Adam and Ashley the article about Adam in the next issue of “Restless Style” in which Victor had made some very slanderous remarks about Adam. Ashley and Sharon both read the article to Adam. Phyllis and Nick also read the article about Adam. Victor comes to visit Nick and Phyllis. Victor tells Nick and Phyllis that he meant every word that is in the article. Jack confronts Billy about the article that he wrote in “Restless Style” about Adam. J.T. asks Mac when her appointment is and Mac replies at 10:30. Mac also tells J.T. that Cane and Lily are taking her. Cane and Lily arrive to pick up Mac, and Lily notices a small baby bump. Ashley and Sharon think that the article about Adam is vicious of Victor. Noah tries to console Abby about the article, but she sides with Victor. Mac, Cane and Lily hear the babies' heartbeats. J.T. remembers his conversation with Mac about his working for Tucker McCall. Nick join J.T. and Reed. J.T. questions Nick about Victoria and when she will be coming home. Mac join J.T. Noah asks Nick if he can go study in Paris. Nick refuses to give him a definite answer. Abby asks Ashley about the article and it Victor would do that to her. Phyllis visits Ashley and Abby at the boutique. Ashley tells Phyllis that Victor wants the ranch back. Anita join Cane and Lily and tells them that Harry died. Victor tells Ashley that he will not fight her for the ranch.

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