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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jenny comes running into the living room with a Valentine for Tad who tells Krystal that this will probably be the only Valentine he will receive. Krystal reminds him of his recent nudity escapade. While Adam questions Chase Archibald about his past, Annie listens at the door. Adam tells Annie that this may be Colby’s future husband. At the police station, Colby questions Brot about her car. Damon is packing to leave town with Bailey and Stuart. Bailey tries to convince Damon from leaving town. Liza arrives to talk to both Damon and Bailey and notices that Damon is packing to leave town. Liza tries to talk Damon into staying in town when Brot and Natalia arrive to question Damon again. Tad explains to Krystal as to why Liza is so angry with him. Krystal insists that Tad go after Liza and fight for her. Damon is taken to the police station for questioning, but when he thinks that Bailey doesn’t believe him, he runs off, but not before agreeing to have a DNA test to prove his innocence. Colby meets Chase Archibald, but when she realizes that Adam is trying to match her up with him, Colby lashes our at Adam for trying to control her life. Colby rushes to her room and flings herself on the bed. Colby notices the curtains, moving, and finds Damon hiding behind the loveseat at the window. Colby also finds Damon with her jewelry. Damon tries to explain that he only wanted money to get out of town. Jesse gives Brot and Natalia the night off from work. Natalia refuses but Jesse insists. Natalia and Brot first go to ConFusion which she doesn’t like. Then they end up at the movies and share a bag of popcorn. Colby starts to call the police on Damon, but he pulls the plug on the phone. Tad and Liza reconcile.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison lies in bed, sleeping. Mickey watches her from outside the window. Alison wakes up and sees Mickey watching her. Alison yells for Casey. Alison tells Casey that she had seen someone outside, but in looking he doesn’t see anyone. Paul sits on Emily’s hospital bed, glad that she is awake. Emily still insists on having a baby. Holden visits with Meg in the hospital. Meg becomes upset that Holden and Molly doesn’t believe her as to what Damian is doing to her. Molly gets a call from Damian, who warns her to keep their secret or else. Holden questions Molly as to who was on the phone, but Molly continues to lie to him. Sharkey visits Meg in her hospital room. Meg pretends as if she is crying and Sharkey gives her his handkerchief. Sharkey bends over to pick it up out of the floor and Meg knocks him over the head. Meg escapes from the hospital. Damian plans a trip with Lily to Malta, but Lily refuses. Damian continues to pressure Lily to go with him and Lily begins to question him as to why he is so desperate to get out of town. At home, Emily forgives Paul for not believing her. Mickey arrives. Paul wants to know what he is doing here. Emily tells Paul that she wants Mickey to move in. Paul is against the idea. Lily and Damian argue over Holden and Lily asking him for help. Holden plans a getaway for him and Molly. Molly breaks down and tells Holden the truth that Grady had been paid off by Damian. Holden becomes furious with Molly for betraying him and goes to look for Lily.

Damian comes home to find Meg in the bed covered up. They begin to kiss when Meg takes a syringe out of her pocket. Mickey lets Alison know that he cares about her, but Alison doesn’t want him to care for her. Damian and Meg struggle over the syringe which results in Damian strangling Meg to death or so he thinks. Paul agrees to let Mickey move in with him and Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Ridge that she is not plotting to get him together with Taylor. She knows he will always stay with Brooke. They end up grousing again about Hope and how all the Logan’s are now in charge. Hope tells Steffy that a father is more than just DNA. Ridge is her father in all sense of the word. She tells Brooke that she just had a little problem with carbonation, but all is ok and she looks to Steffy for confirmation. Graham pops in and wants to whisk Hope away for some photo shots. He nixes the Forrester room and wants to do it in his own studio. Sandy shares with Nick that she has a brother now in town. Nick wants to get in touch with this Graham and perhaps he can shed some light on the night Sandy was attacked.

Stephanie points her finger at Ridge and tells him that Katie is getting a little too comfortable in his chair. He warns her that she can speak of Donna and Katie any way she wants to, but he will not tolerate her slamming Brooke or mentioning her love child with Deacon. He leaves for some air, and Brooke waltzes in as she has heard enough at the door. Stephanie accuses her of making decisions the last few months that has driven Ridge closer and closer to a nervous breakdown. She wants her to stop and think from now on. Find some way to get Katie to get the company back in Ridge’s hands or she will lose Ridge for good his time. Graham takes Hope to his loft and studio where the place is filled with party people. He scoots them out. He convinces Hope into partaking a little wine to loosen her up. He’s very anxious and excited about working with Hope. He’s watching her every body move and thinking she is a natural. Nick calls, but Graham tells him that he is working so their conversation will have to wait. Nick tells Sandy that he got some weird vibes from this guy. He wants to hear all she can tell him about Graham. She knows little, just that the photo shoot was at his place and a lot of people were there and Graham did not even know all of them. He promised he would help in the investigation, but then he left town. She hopes he is not the one. No telling how many other young girls he has lured to that studio over the years.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor warns Vivian that she must avenge herself on Carly without hurting Melanie, as Melanie is now family. Vivian agrees, but after an other-worldly visit from Lawrence, who urges her to take her revenge out on Melanie, Vivian changes her mind. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to convince Melanie to be more respectful of Carly. A box of Mickey’s things from his office is delivered, and Maggie and Melanie go through it. After Melanie leaves to take some clothes to the men’s shelter, Maggie find a bottle of champagne and considers drinking it. After Justin tells Hope that Carly has changed, and that he is worried about Bo, Hope confronts Carly. The two argue about Bo, and Hope warns Carly not to hurt him. Bo interrupts, and he and Carly leave together. Rafe informs EJ and Sami that the only fingerprints found on the ransom note were EJ’s, and he rails on EJ for not getting the FBI involved immediately. Sami and Rafe end up fighting, and EJ watches in delight from his foyer, promising Anna that everything will be over soon. Sami ends up storming out after telling Rafe that none of this ever would have happened if she hadn’t met him and if he hadn’t agreed to keep her secret.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason asks Spinelli to do a check on Dante/Dom. Jason thinks back on when Dante/Dom’s actions were suspect. Steven wonders why Lisa is requesting Patrick’s help with a surgery. Michael presses Jax about Dante/Dom and Jax claims to be “calling in favors.” Dante/Dom tells Lulu that his real identity will be known soon. Kiefer tells Kristina she’s “a kid” in the way she acts and dresses. Jax confides in Olivia that Michael will be “devastated” when he learns the truth about his role in taking Sonny down. Carly tells Johnny he’s not to “blame” for Claudia’s actions. Johnny accepts Carly’s invitation to the christening. Dante/Dom says he loves Lulu but they have no future. He asks Lulu if she would “run away” with him and she says she “can’t.” Dante/Dom says if he survives “Sonny’s arrest,” they’ll have a serious talk about the future. Kristina asks Sam for some wardrobe help. Sam tells Kristina not to dress like a “trophy” to please Kiefer. Epiphany tells Robin that Sonny made an “implied threat” about Mike’s surgery. Steven tells Robin he’s worried about Elizabeth and asks for the details of the argument with Lulu. Johnny asks Spinelli if he knows anything about the murder investigation. Dante/Dom tells Olivia he and Lulu “don’t stand a chance.” Jason questions Max and Milo about Dante/Dom and they have nothing but good things to say. Lulu confides in Carly about her relationship with Dante/Dom. Carly says Lulu needs to be realistic when it comes to Dante/Dom due to the danger. Olivia admits to Johnny that she spoke to “someone” about removing Dante/Dom from Sonny’s case. Sonny’s housekeeper tells Jason how helpful Dante/Dom is. She says he took out the fireplace ashes soon after Claudia disappeared.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Marty is jealous of Natalie and talks to her therapist about it. Natalie goes to the jail and tells John that she is going to bust him out. John tells her he doesn’t want her to do it and if she tries, he won't go. Marty comes to the jail just in time to see Natalie holding John's hands. Natalie goes home and tells Brody they have to break John out of jail and he reveals that he is already working on it.  Charlie practices shooting at the gun range to prepare to shoot Mitch Lawrence. When Dorian tells him that Jessica is missing, he tells her that is all the motivation he needs. Bree and Shane are at the Buchanan Ranch in Texas to keep them safe from Mitch Laurence. Brody had a forensics lab analyze the letter that Mitch sent to Jessica. They found trace metals that are found in The Andes and in South America so they are trying to discover a local location that has both metals. Jessica wakes up and finds herself Mitch's hostage at the Fort Osborn Conservatory. Mitch tells her he is not going to hurt her, but when she tries to leave, Nurse Charles gives her an injection. Mitch reveals his plan to take Stacy's baby. He tells Jessica that she will be the child's mother. Kyle still thinks Oliver is the father of Stacy's baby. Kyle asks Schuyler if he is sure he is the dad. Oliver asks Stacy if she is sure Schuyler is the father. Kim presses Schuyler to get the Oxytocin to induce Stacy's labor. He gives into her blackmail and forges a requisition form to get the drug.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor visits Ashley and the girls to discuss the farm. Abby walks in on Victor and Ashley arguing and storms out. Noah witnesses the confusion and offers to go look for Abby. Emily notices that Jack is upset over Tucker taking over Chancellor Industries and Jabot. Chloe meets with Jack and Emily to discuss wedding plans. Tucker asks Katherine if she has anything to say. Katherine begs Tucker not to take out his spite over their differences on the employees of Jabot. Jill sides with Kay that Tucker should not sell Jabot. Kay asks to speak to Tucker alone. Tucker tells Katherine that he is going to sell her company piece by piece and she will make a fortune. Katherine accuses Tucker of despising Katherine. Abby goes to visit Ryder and finds him filling out a job application. Jack questions Jill about the take-over of Chancellor. Cane has a talk with Tucker about Katherine and how much she loves Chancellor Industries. Katherine tells Jack that Tucker is selling Jabot. Jack calls Ashley to tell her about Tucker selling Jabot. Noah interrupts Abby and Ryder and accuses Ryder of getting Abby drunk. Noah reprimands Abby for her drinking. Victor asks Jill to talk Tucker out of selling Jabot to Jack Abbott. Jill tries to talk Tucker out of selling Jabot and keeping the company himself. Cane refuses to help Tucker and Jill with Jabot. Jack visits Tucker with a bid for Jabot, but Tucker refuses by telling Jack that he is having an auction for Jabot. Emily tells Chloe that she has a surprise for Jack.

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