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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Brot and Natalia discuss the recent break-ins which center around wealthy families. Jesse feels that it is an inside job. Liza visits Tad at home to discuss if he noticed any changes in Damon. Liza tells Tad about the cut on Damon’s hand. Tad wants to call the police which Liza opposes. At the hospital, Madison meets Angie and tells her that she is on her way to the counseling session. At the Miranda Center, Randi informs Frankie that she is there to volunteer. Frankie accuses Randi of trying to impress Erica. At Fusion, Ryan shows Erica brochures for their trip. Erica accuses him of trying too hard. Greenlee has her therapy session. Outside the door, Gayle sits down with a tabloid paper which David grabs out of her hand before Greenlee sees it . Greenlee yells in pain. David rushes to her side. Liza refuses to go to the police about Damon. Jesse tells Brot and Natalia that he thinks that Damon is a prime suspect in the burglaries. Liza goes into the basement to see Damon and to question him about the cut on his hand. Jesse visits Tad to discuss Damon.

At the hospital, Frankie urges Angie to go home and spend some time alone with Jesse. At the police station, Natalia urges Jesse to go home to spend some time with Angie. Jesse questions Damon about the burglaries. Liza tells Bailey about Damon being questioned. When Bailey finds out that Damon disappeared, she goes looking for him. Liza is upset with Tad for talking to Jesse about Damon. Randi comes up with an idea for the new ad campaign in which they use ordinary women from the Miranda Center. Erica loves the idea and congratulates Randi. Greenlee dreams of being back in charge at Fusion with her husband, Ryan, by her side. David and Gayle watch her as she sleeps, aware that she will fall apart when she discovers the truth.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Alison continues to struggle between her feelings for Mick and Casey and the pressure only gets worse when the Hughes Stewart feud begins again as they argue over which family should pay for the wedding. Tom and Margo offer to pay for most of it since they have a larger family but Susan thinks that the Hughes don't think she has the money to give Allison a fancy wedding. Margo and Tom ask Casey and Alison to live with them after they are married. Alison agrees with Casey but later changes her mind when she feels Mick I following her and he calls her again. Alison makes it clear that Mick should stop calling her and he says that he will never call her again. Alison is tired and she falls asleep in Casey's bed and Mick watches her sleep from outside the Hughes house.

Casey tells Tom he wants to be a lawyer and is upset when Tom thinks he should consider another career. Tom later tells Margo that since Casey is a convicted felon he needs a letter of good moral conduct and mental and physical readiness before he can take the bar exam. Tom fears that the local D.A. or a judge that wants to appear tough on crime won't allow Casey to take the bar exam. Tom didn't want to tell Casey this because he couldn't bear to crush Casey's dream of being a lawyer.

Paul is suspicious when he finds a Stenbeck family picture in Mick's room and confronts Mick about his identity. Mick doesn't answer because Emily awakens from her coma thanks to a drug that Mick put in her IV before Paul cane to visit her. Mick also put a mind control drug in Emily's IV and he tells Emily to tell Paul that she trusts him with her life since he saved her. Mick also tells Emily to tell Paul that since she trusts him with her life she wants Mick to continue giving her the treatments so she can have a baby. Emily does as Mick told her and Paul and Susan both agree that she shouldn't continue the treatments to have a baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells the troops that she knows this is asking a lot at the last minute, but she thinks they all need to step up their game for the Hope For The Future campaign. She can’t stress this enough. It has to be perfect, so she asks Steffy to go back and redo her publicity. Ridge watches with Taylor and tells her that if he can’t support his family, then none of this means anything. Ridge tells a glum Thomas that he doesn’t care about this company any more. Katie has too much power and there must be some way to get her out of that office. He tells Taylor that now all he feels is dread in this office. Brooke tells an excited Hope that they are going to get the company back to where it used to be. Whip shows Stephanie a lovely gown Bridget designed especially for Taylor that captures her true beauty. Stephanie gets the idea from his words that he’s very enamored of Taylor. Taylor gets a call from Whip that he’d like to see her. In leaving she tells Ridge that she’d like him to stop calling her Doc; she is not his Doc anymore.

Brooke is worried about Hope taking on too much. Katie on the other hand thinks Hope is just like Brooke and can be ready to handle anything. Stephanie tells Ridge that Whip designed a dress for Taylor. She thinks he is falling in love with her and it wouldn’t surprise her that someday Taylor might feel the same. Taylor goes to Whip. He shows her the dress; one of a kind, just like her. She models the dress and Whip thinks she is exquisite. Ridge may not be able to make up his mind about her, but for him, she is it. He’s crazy about her. Stephanie suggests to Ridge to hell with the contracts. Just let the lawyers sue him. She can see that he hates this place and as long as Katie is CEO his kids are going to be second bananas here. Forrester as they knew it is gone. He can take the kids and get the hell out of here. The Logans are in control and their loyalty is to the big fish in the pond – Spencer. Ridge has to get away from all of that. He can come with her to Jackie M or start his own company. As long as a Logan girl isn’t attached, she will help him. There’s another meeting so Steffy has to show her copy to Hope to approve. She starts to read and opens up a cola that Steffy brought in. It spews in Hope’s face and on the papers. She accuses Steffy of doing that on purpose. Hope thinks Steffy is jealous because Ridge chose her family over Steffy’s. Steffy lets her know that she can call Ridge father if she wants, but he is not her father.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian breaks the news about Melanie being Carly’s daughter to Victor. She then assures Victor that she doesn’t plan on hurting Melanie, and will just kill Carly. Meanwhile, Melanie wonders why Vivian is so interested in her background. Stefano interrogates EJ about the medicine he found. Sami shows up and tells Stefano that the medicine is Johnny’s. EJ pretends to be concerned about Sami and Rafe’s relationship, and vows to Sami that he will find Sydney and make this right. Stefano wonders what EJ is up to. Roman prepares to take Arianna back to jail, but Rafe intervenes and threatens to bury a higher-up if he allows it to happen. A relieved Arianna receives a reprieve. Justin and Carly argue about which one of them is worse, Carly, for going after Bo, or Justin, for waiting on Hope with open arms while allowing his own marriage to implode. Justin is suspicious about Carly’s reason for returning to town. She vows to herself to never let anyone find out why she is really here.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu isn’t happy to hear Nikolas’ confession about Elizabeth. Nik tells Lulu he accepts all of the blame. Lulu puts just as much blame on Liz. Carly tells Jason he should take over Jake’s care. Jason says he has to mull things over. He confides his feelings about the situation in Sam. Olivia worries about the affect Sonny’s case is having on Dante/Dom. Olivia tells Agent Rayner that Dante/Dom has a “conflict” because Sonny is his father. Olivia insists that Dante/Dom is taken off the case in exchange for her “silence.” Sonny is skeptical when Michael tells him about Dante/Dom working undercover. Robin returns from London. Ethan brings Mike into the ER after finding him beat up “in an alley.” Kiefer pressures Kristina about spending time alone at his house. Michael takes his newfound news to Kristina. She advises him to go to Jax with the information. Jax promises to help as long as Michael keeps things quiet from Carly until after the christening. Meanwhile, Dante/Dom tells Jax that Sonny should be out of the picture soon. Sonny heads to GH when Robin calls about Mike. Lulu confronts Liz in front of Robin, Epiphany, and Ethan at the hospital about Nik. Lulu then heads to Dante/Dom for comfort and tells him about the affair. Lulu asks Dante/Dom if his feelings for her are “real” and he responds by proclaiming his love for her. Lulu tells Dante/Dom she feels the same about him. Sonny tells Jason what Michael claims to know about Dante/Dom. Sonny thinks Michael made the info up because he’s jealous. Agent Rayner calls Dante/Dom and says Sonny’s arrest will happen Friday. After he gets off the phone with Agent Rayner, Dante/Dom tells Lulu it’s best if she leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Jessica has been taken by Mitch, Bo and Rex decide that they can't let children be anywhere nearby when the police won't protect them. So Bo and Nora arrange to take Shane and Bree to the Texas ranch where there is top security and Mitch cannot get to his "grandchildren". Clint is busy with Kim when Viki tries and fails to reach him. Nora walks in on them. She has just slept with Bo when they found out what happened to Jessica. Stacy needs to find a way to give birth at the right time so that Rex believes that she is having his baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay arrives at Chancellor Enterprises for the stockholders meeting. Katherine asks have everyone else arrived. Katherine thanks Neil for his loyalty. Cane stops by to check on Katherine and to see if she is alright. Jill visits Tucker at his office and tells him that Katherine hadn’t given her a chance to explain. Jill tells Tucker that they need to get to the meeting. Michael comes home from work and Lauren tells him that she needs to talk to him. Daisy walks in, in her pajamas. Michael demands to know what she is doing here. Victor confronts Adam about Tucker hiring him. Jack tells Neil to tell Katherine not to worry. At the ranch, Sharon offers to take Faith out for a couple of hours. Ashley agrees. Kevin tells Jana Tucker wants to have a meeting with all the department heads. Michael blasts Lauren for letting Daisy have Eden’s room. Daisy overhears them arguing and runs out. Lauren accuses Michael of hurting Daisy’s feelings. Lauren shows Michael the scrapbook that Eden had been making of Lauren’s past. Michael doesn’t’ believe that Eden would do such a thing. Daisy calls Ryder and tells him to leave something behind at the boutique. Ashley offers jack good-luck with Victor. The stockholder’s meeting begins. Adam lets Ashley know that he had taken a job with Tucker. Sharon walks in with the baby. Adam demands to know what she is doing with the baby. Lauren apologizes to Daisy for the argument that she had overheard between her and Michael. Sharon confronts Adam about him wanting her out of this house. Katherine tells Kevin about Jill sleeping with Tucker. Tucker fires everyone at Chancellor, but then tells them that he is only kidding. Tucker tells them that he is selling Jabot. Lauren insists to Michael that Daisy is staying with them. Lauren leaves to go to the boutique.

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