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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Brot and Natalia are busy at work at the police station. While on the computer, Natalia informs Brot that she thinks the person suspected in the recent robberies may be a serial killer. Jake goes down to Tad's "man cave" looking for him but gets a very unexpected surprise when he sees Liza naked. Each party is very embarrassed. Amanda thanks Krystal for calming her down about Jake. Tad comes out of the kitchen, carrying two snacks. Krystal asks him if he is eating for two now. Annie can’t believe her eyes when she reads her part in the will. Annie accuses Adam of not loving her at all. Adam tries to explain that he is doing this because he does love her, and wants her to have love from a man who loves her and not just her money. Annie also finds out that Scott will be the one watching over her love life. Colby and Scott have a confrontation at ConFusion. She accuses him of having more than just family looks for Annie. J.R. and Marissa discuss his father's wish in the will to go back into business with Scott and make it work. Jake takes pics of Amanda and Trevor. Liza and Tad find out about Damon’s latest trouble. Tad promises to go looking for him. Someone breaks into Tad’s home while Opal is there alone. Tad gets a call from Jesse letting him know that someone broke into his home. Tad calls Liza to tell her about the break-in when Damon arrives. Liza notices that Damon’s hand is bandaged and is bleeding through. Annie insists to Scott that she loves Adam and always will.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Thanks to an accident with Kim in Luke’s car and belligerent behavior towards everyone including a police officer, Dr. Oliver is arrested. Noah vents his anger towards Luke again thanks to the canceled surgery, but Luke is able to get through to him a bit again after Noah explains that his feelings are different regarding everything after he became blind. In between doting on Kim, making sure she is ok after her car accident with Dr. Oliver, Bob goes to court and speaks with his friend the judge, who is about to remand Dr. Oliver to custody thanks to more of his mouthing off. Bob asks that Dr. Oliver be released into his custody, which doesn’t please the miserable doctor. Bob later explains to Kim that he needs someone like Dr. Oliver on his staff regardless of his rude bedside manner. Carly finds herself at the pond thinking of Jack and their non-future now; unfortunately, she is carrying with her a six-pack of beer. She can’t help herself, as she takes a sip right before Craig happens upon her. He is not pleased that she is blowing her life thanks to Jack. Craig thinks she needs to work and offers to back her and her fashion line again. At first, Carly is hesitant, but soon Carly realizes the error of her ways and makes the decision to throw the alcohol out, go to a meeting and to take Craig up on his offer. However, Craig warns her that he will not put up with any drinking whatsoever. Janet is so appreciative of Dusty’s help in getting her, Liberty and Jack to NY to see the specialist, as Jack walks in on their embrace. Dusty later warns Jack to be there for Janet because she is counting on him; he knows that he was leaving her for Carly and he warns him not to hurt Janet now. Liberty learns Jack is back and is sure that it is because she is sick even though Jack and Janet promise that is not the case. Liberty is not too happy to learn she is going to NY to see a doctor and not because of FIT. Jack promises to make it fun too. Jack, Janet and Liberty go to get some food when they have an awkward run in with Carly. Carly offers to help Liberty again with her portfolio, but Janet shoots her down. Later, Jack and Liberty talk about the real reason she believes that he is back while Janet talks with Carly. She pleads with Carly to let Jack go because she needs him now because of Liberty. Carly and Janet hug, as Carly promises that she won’t get in her way. Jack and Liberty talk about Brad and he promises that he will be there for both her and Janet no matter what. Jack, Janet and Liberty are preparing to order dessert when Jack sees a sad Carly again through the window; he can’t help but stare at her. They are locked in each other’s gaze until a guilt ridden Jack breaks their gaze, only to look back a moment later to find Carly is gone, which looks like it breaks his heart.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor’s daydream is interrupted by a phone call. Stephanie tells her that Ridge called and thanks her for her invitation, but not to expect him over. She is astonished when she hears that Brooke had a dinner for her sisters and Ridge was just sitting outside the house. Some grand destiny! Taylor tells Stephanie don’t even start. Ridge could have come, but he went back to Brooke. Hope and Steffy have a great time talking about Oliver Jones, entertainment specialist. Steffy says he is a little too old for Hope. Steffy tells Hope that she is not upset with her; work is just work. Other than Forrester Creations; that will always be more than a job to her. Hope shares that if her Hope For The Future becomes a success she will know that Steffy made it hers. Ridge walks in the door and Brooke is glad to see him home. He says he was there the whole time. He was just waiting for Katie and Donna to leave. He can only bend so much. He can suck it up and be pleasant to them at work, but he doesn’t want to here in his own home. Oliver cajoles with Sandy about the clientele he is meeting at Insomnia. He’s glad to see her laughing again and happy that she got the checks that he sent home. He just wishes he could have helped more and got the man that raped her. Sandy is just glad that she can now talk about it again. Hope goes home and tells Ridge and Brooke that she had an omelet with Steffy. They worked everything out and yes they are a team now.

Steffy returns home and tells Stephanie and Taylor that she is not being pushed out of her job although Katie would probably like that. Hope is not her problem as she is a sweetheart. Steffy says whether her suggestion is a success or not, life will go on. Stephanie wonders if it will for Ridge. Ridge jokes with Hope over her new boyfriend, perhaps future husband, this somewhat musical guy named Oliver. Oliver is blown away when he finds out for Sandy that their cousin Whip works there at Jackie M and he’s not the dork he used to be. He’s been nothing but supportive. Nick is the only one that thinks the case could be reopened and some DNA evidence might find the person responsible. Oliver gives Andy a photo album of photos he took when crossing the country. At Insomnia Graham asks around looking for the pretty blond – Hope. Steffy says she wishes she could make things better for her dad. Stephanie tells her not to make herself responsible as if there is discord with Brooke it would be something else if it weren’t Steffy involved. All Brooke does is tease Ridge and then torment him. Sexy Brooke comes to bed. She comments that she doesn’t know how to have a home where her sisters aren’t allowed. Ridge tells her that he doesn’t know how to have a home that doesn’t seem like home to him. Steffy tells her mom that she will come up to bed in a minute. She feels sometimes like she should leave the door open as her dad will be home. Taylor walks outside, but ends up locking the door when she comes back in. Graham calls Hope and tells her that he has this bazaar idea to shoot at night….Hope For the Future at night. She is apologetic but says she has school tomorrow and Forrester’s and she just can’t go out tonight. He says he will see her at Forrester then. Brooke and Ridge are enjoying foreplay and Brooke tells him that when they can’t think or talk their way through something this is the way they connect. No matter what happens this will always be home. Wherever they are together is home.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope tells Bo that she is sure that Carly came to Salem for another reason, but Bo refuses to say anything. She thinks this secret has ended their marriage, but Bo thinks she did that. Later, she reminisces about her and Bo’s time aboard the Fancy Face. Maggie reprimands Mia for snapping at Carly. Later, Carly promises to leave Melanie and Mia alone. Melanie asks Philip to give Vivian a chance for her sake. Philip agrees. Later, after Victor threatens to throw Vivian out, Vivian learns that Melanie is Carly’s daughter. Stefano is upset to learn about the botched ransom exchange, and while Kate tries to get him to see that EJ will never forgive him, Stefano refuses to believe it. Kate and Philip get into an argument about Vivian getting close to Melanie. Brady is suspicious of EJ after Troy tells him that Arianna is a narc. EJ claims that Troy announced it to the whole room, and that he only came to Arianna’s room tonight to tell her about the ransom exchange not working out. Roman later informs Arianna that the undercover operation is over, and that she will have to go back to jail. Stefano and EJ argue about Stefano’s involvement in the baby switch. Stefano later finds Sydney’s medicine on the floor and asks EJ what he is doing with it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Nikolas about their affair and tells them what he witnessed at Wyndemere. Liz insists she loves Lucky. Lucky says Liz is a cheater but he expected more from his brother. Both assure Lucky that the affair is over. Nik and Lucky almost comes to blows. Lucky lets the cat out of the bag when Carly comes over with a christening invitation.” Lucky doesn’t mince words when he warns Liz not to “manipulate” him where the kids are concerned. Lucky leaves after telling Liz he will always love the girl she used to be. He heads to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Meanwhile, Carly runs to Jason and tells him about Liz’s affair with Nik. Jason tells Carly the situation isn’t their “business.” Jason assures Sonny that Maxie will keep quiet about Michael. Meanwhile Mac has Maxie brought in for questioning on the “cover up” on Claudia’s murder. Maxie tells Mac she saw Sonny (alone) in his driveway with a “large, dark stain” on his shirt. Michael listens as Johnny and Dante/Dom discuss Michael and the business. Dante/Dom visits Olivia and confides his guilt about deceiving Sonny and his family. He tells Olivia that Sonny wants him to take over the business. Dante/Dom says he’s come to “like and admire” Sonny and he’s become “emotionally involved.” Luke discusses Lucky’s situation with Tracy. Lulu goes to Epiphany and confides Lucky’s relapse in her. Michael tells Sonny that Dante/Dom is “working undercover for the cops.” Nik tells Lulu the “truth” about his affair with Liz.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie knows she needs a therapist to deal with the loss of Jared. And that therapist just happens to be Marty who tells her that she may have a "dependence" on John that is not healthy for her. But Natalie does not buy that Marty is concerned about her well being regarding John and tells Marty she just doesn't want Natalie with her boyfriend. Dani talks to Starr but tells her she does not trust Todd nor want to see him as her father knowing that he's a rapist. Tea and Todd find her and she tells them she wants to stay at Starr and Cole's for the night. Meanwhile, Jessica has gone missing. Everybody suspects that Mitch has taken her and Lowell is behind it. Lowell then arrests John and fires Brody from the force knowing that they won't "cooperate" with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Billy holds Delia in his lap and talks to her. Chloe and Chance walk up and also start talking to Delia. Billy tells Chloe that he has some things that he needs to say to her. At Newman Enterprises, Adam hands in his resignation to Victor. Victor tells Adam that he will be sorry. In the living room of Ashley’s home, Noah is on the computer, reading an e-mail from Eden. Eden tells Noah that she doesn’t know, who had contacted her aunt. Sharon walks in and finds Noah reading the e-mail from Eden. Sharon leaves Noah alone in the house. Lauren and Daisy come home from the shop. Lauren has a terrible migraine headache which she just can’t shake. Lauren remarks how much she misses Eden being in the home. Daisy hints at moving in with them. Lauren picks up on her comment and offers Daisy to move in with her and Michael. Tucker is on the phone in his office when there is a knock on the door. It is Adam. Billy tells Chloe that he had had a wake-up call New Year’s Eve. Billy tells Chloe that he owes her an apology. Sharon comes to meet Adam at Newman Enterprises and finds out that he had quit. After talking to Tucker a few moments, Adam asks Tucker for a job. Tucker has his reservations, but when Adam presents him with a microchip of Newman’s business dealings, Tucker changes his mind and hires Adam. Noah asks Sharon if he can go and study abroad in Paris with Eden. Sharon has her doubts, but as long as it's all right with Nick, she agrees to let him go.

Billy offers Chloe her job back at “Restless Style“. Chloe tells Chance that Billy had given her her job back at “Restless Style.” Adam comes home and tells Sharon that he asked for a job and Tucker hired him. Victor visits Billy and asks him to do an article on Adam. Billy has his doubts, but soon agrees when Victor tells Billy that he can quote him in the article. Lauren becomes so nervous that she pours herself a drink when Daisy comes in with her suitcase. Lauren, upon finding a folder, sees some very incriminating evidence from Lauren’s past.

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