Friday 1/22/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

After meeting at ConFusion, J.R. informs Marissa that they are going to dinner at the Chandler’s. Annie is curious about the purpose of the dinner, but Adam refuses to tell her anything. Colby eavesdrops, but soon leaves so she won’t be caught by Adam or Annie. When Liza and Tad return to her apartment, she turns off the lights and starts to do a provocative dance for him, but his laughter puts a damper on the mood. Erica refuses to go away with Ryan on Valentine’s Day because it is the anniversary of Greenlee’s death. David assures Greenlee that she will be fine when she goes back to Pine Valley. Colby asks Annie if they should be concerned. Ryan admits to Erica that he has been thinking about Greenlee. Bailey interrupts Liza and Tad. Barry arrives at the Chandlers' with the necessary papers. Annie tries to question Barry, but he refuses to tell her anything. Greenlee watches an announcement on television in which Erica announces the new fragrance line. Adam meets with his family and gives them the new stipulations to his will and what they must do to get their inheritance. Colby reads hers first and finds out that she must marry someone of whom her father approves. Scott discovers that he and J.R. must get Chandler Enterprises on solid footing again. J.R. learns that he, Marissa and Little A must move back in the Chandler Mansion. Annie notices that Adam hasn't given her hers. Adam pulls her papers out of his coat, and she cannot believe what she's reading. David watches as Greenlee dreams of taking over Fusion from Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Dr. Oliver tells Noah and Luke that Noah’s surgery has to be done now. Dusty talks to Joe about getting a second opinion on Liberty’s condition and asks Joe to reprimand some oncologist’s. Janet comes home and finds Jack. Janet lets Jack know about Liberty having leukemia. Carly is in her kitchen and remembers the kiss that her and Jack had shared and also Jack telling her that he loves her and always had. Bob and Oliver discuss Noah’s surgery while Kim watches. Craig visits Carly to discuss business, but Carly refuses to talk business with him. Craig sees through Carly and knows that Carly is getting back together with Jack. Jack promises to be there for Janet and Liberty. Janet tells Jack that she doesn’t need just a friend that she needs her husband. Bob reprimands Dr. Oliver for his treatment of Noah. Jack visits Carly and finds Craig there. Carly questions Jack as to what had happened when he had told Janet about her and Jack, but Carly realizes that Jack hadn’t told Janet anything.

Noah tells Dr. Oliver that he wants to have the surgery and signs the necessary papers. Dusty join Craig in the Lakeview bar and finds out that Jack and Carly have reconciled. Dusty makes reservations to take Janet and Liberty to New York to see an oncologist. Jack tells Carly that Liberty has leukemia. Carly doesn’t’ want to believe it. Jack lets Carly know that he cannot leave Janet now. Dr. Oliver tells Luke that he cannot do the surgery on Noah. Kim urges Luke to tell Noah the truth. Luke refuses to let Dr. Oliver leave town without operating on Noah. Dusty comes to visit Janet and finds out that Jack has come home. Dusty gives Janet the plane tickets for her and Jack to take Liberty to New York. Janet lets Dusty know that he is a very good friend. Jack and Craig fight over Jack’s feelings for Carly. In leaving the parking garage, Dr. Oliver hits Kim’s car in the rear.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge just wants to get home and soak in the hot tub and think about his wife, not Katie or Bill. One little problem says Brooke; her sisters are coming for dinner tonight. They are probably already at her house now. He scoffs that he can’t do this. He can not break bread with Katie. Brooke is asking too much of him. Katie realizes right away that Ridge won’t be coming home. He did not want to be there with her. Brooke tells her to put all of that aside for now. She just wants it to be the three of them and have fun tonight. Brooke calls Ridge and persuades him to come to dinner as they have plenty of takeout left. Graham meets Hope and shows her the proofs of the photo shoot. Steffy shows up with an attitude about Hope calling the meetings now. She sits down though and says her job as head of PR is to make sure she does her job and makes Hope For The Future a big success. Hope gives the eye to a cute young man on the phone. When Graham leaves, Oliver walks over and tells Steffy and Hope that the camera must love both of them. He explains that he’s the new DJ, only temporary, and he was just stopping by to say hello.

Ridge parks outside his house, but calls Taylor and tells her it does not feel like his house anymore. The Logan sisters are inside. He needs Taylor to help him to make it stop feeling this way. He feels like he’s at the end of the rope. None of this is personal, but he can’t go in with Katie in there. He’d like to go in there and strangle her neck. He’s not proud of the thoughts he is having. Katie is pushing this dinner tonight to put a bigger wedge between him and Brooke. Taylor tells him he can do one of a couple of things. Going in now would not be good, so maybe he should just leave and go somewhere. He could come there to her house where his mother and kids would be there for him. Brooke tells her sisters that she has faith in her marriage and she does not believe that Ridge will turn to Taylor now. Ridge walks in the door at Taylor’s and tells her that her voice is very calming. Now he knows what he has to do. He’s made the same mistake over and over and each time says it will be the last time. But deep down this time he knows this is it. This is how it has to be. He loves Brooke, but it’s not enough. Brooke can have her sisters. She can have the company. He is done. Taylor tells him that he is putting her in a very bad position and that is not fair. He kisses her and says he understands.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo asks Daniel to keep an eye on Carly at the hospital, and Daniel agrees. Later he intervenes as Carly attempts to warn Melanie about Vivian, and warns Vivian to stay away. Carly accidentally spills coffee on Melanie’s wedding dress, which just incenses her more. Vivian, suspicious about the whole encounter, decides to have Gus checks on Melanie and see if she is Carly’s daughter. Chloe asks Brady to call Nicole, but he refuses. Later, Chloe is saddened when Philip talks to her about his and Melanie’s plans to have children. Troy attempts to strangle Arianna, but EJ intervenes. Later, as Troy is hauled off to jail, he accuses Arianna of being a narc in front of EJ and Roman.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny breaks things up between Dante/Dom and Michael. After Dante/Dom leaves, Michael again says the business should go to him (Michael). Sonny insists that none of his kids will ever be involved in his business. Michael says Sonny has no “respect” for him. Lulu tells Nikolas and Elizabeth about Lucky’s drinking. Luke worries when Lucky says the two of them are alike. Lucky tells Luke he knows what’s really going on between Nik and Liz. Luke says it was difficult for him to “watch” until Lucky learned the truth. Lucky admits he could feel that something was “going on” with Liz. After a long talk with Luke, Lucky leaves the casino. Jason talks with Maxie about what she saw the night of Claudia’s murder. Maxie tells Jason, Sam, and Spinelli she saw Sonny in his driveway with what looked like a bloody handprint on his shirt. Jason wants Maxie to tell the police what she saw, as long as Michael’s name stays out of it. Maxie agrees. Jason says Sonny will be the likely suspect, given the hair found at the cabin and Maxie’s knowledge. Sonny tells Carly about Michael’s attitude toward Dante/Dom. Carly understands why Michael is “upset.” Michael runs and tells Jason about Sonny’s plan to give Dante/Dom the business. Jason tells Michael to calm down and try to “act normal.” Lulu runs into Dante/Dom and tells him about Lucky’s drinking. She worries that she caused Lucky’s relapse by asking Nik to stay in town. Lulu then tells Dante/Dom it’s best if he moves on once his business in town is over. Tracy finds Luke at the casino and he tells her about Lucky’s situation. Lucky finds Liz and Nik talking together at her house. Lucky lets it be known that he knows about Nik and Liz’s affair. Jason tells Sonny about Maxie. Mac comes to the penthouse to question Maxie. Michael listens in on Dante/Dom’s conversation with Johnny on the pier. Michael hears Dante/Dom admit he’s an undercover cop working against Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew takes Dani to meet Starr and Cole. All is revealed about Starr and Dani's mutual father raping Cole's mother. Dani tells them that she will never forgive Todd. But Starr attempts to communicate with her and welcome her to the family. Tea and Todd try but fail to find her. Brody goes after Mitch after he writes a letter to Jessica and is ready to kill him. John tries to stop him before Lowell catches him. Lowell arrests John but Brody gets away when he senses Jessica may be in danger. The evil nurse injects Jessica with a needle and knocks her out as Brody rushes to rescue her. Viki does not know what to do with Charlie, who is secretly meeting with Dorian and agrees to kill Mitch.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis discuss putting some distance between them and the Newmans. Adam catches Nick and Phyllis kissing and tells them no making out in the hallway. Adam tells Nick that Victor wants to see them in his office. Michael tells Victor, Adam and Nick that Cell Tron is legit. Cane offers Victor help in finding Tucker’s Achilles’ heel. Gloria and Jeff order the most expensive dinner possible. Jeff finds out that Tucker outfoxed Katherine out of her company. Katherine barges in on Tucker and Jill in a very compromising situation. Katherine tells Tucker that he will never be her son and Jill was never her daughter. When she stops by to find out what Katherine wanted, Nikki tells Brock that Tucker is her son. Kay tells Brock that Tucker is her son and Jill is sleeping with him. When Jack demands that Gloria pay him the money that she owes him, she lets him know that she cannot pay him. Jack orders Michael to tell Gloria to pay up or she will go to jail. Brock visits Tucker and urges him to get to know Katherine. Jill comes to visit Katherine, but Nikki refuses to let her. Katherine interrupts and agrees to talk to Jill. Katherine and Jill argue, as usual until Cane intervenes. Brock arrives with Tucker to see Katherine, but Katherine refuses to talk to him. Adam quits Newman.

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