Thursday 1/21/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan wakes up on the sofa after a night of partying with Erica. He rolls over and dreams of Greenlee, but he is really awakened by Erica giving him a cup of coffee. Annie questions Scott about Adam’s whereabouts. J.R. and Colby join Adam in the Confusion bar. J.R. finds out that someone had stolen Colby’s car. Tad and Liza kiss good-morning as they sit down at a table in the Confusion bar. Jake and Amanda wake up together. Jake kisses Amanda. Amanda wonders if they are really through with David. David watches as Greenlee tries to take her first step. Ryan is deep in thought as Erica tells him that she cannot go public with her new ideas. Annie brings Emma home to Ryan. Annie asks if she can come in. Barry meets with Adam about his will. Adam signs the new will. Tad questions Liza as to why she hadn’t come back to the house, but Liza tells him that she had come back, but he and Krystal were sharing a moment. Jake and Amanda stops by Wildwind to finds movers there, moving out all of David’s things. David lets Greenlee know what had happened in Pine Valley when he had told everyone the truth. David tells Greenlee that his life in Pine Valley is over. Annie notices that Ryan had had breakfast with someone. Annie claims that she is glad that he is moving on. David stands by Greenlee as she tries to walk on a walker. Greenlee wants to call Jake and Marissa and let them know what he had done for her. David refuses to let her call anyone. Greenlee tells David that she is not going anywhere without him. Annie join Adam and Barry to find out what is going on. Madison and Randi try to keep a client occupied until Erica gets there. Tad and Liza are on the phone, trying to find out where David had gone. Jake and Amanda join them. Jake demands to know where David had gone. Amanda orders him to stop or she will scream.

Amanda urges Jake stop this vendetta between him and David. Erica and Ryan hold a press conference to announce their new fragrance line with the proceeds going to establish new Miranda Centers all across the country. Greenlee tries to get David to go back to Pine Valley with her, but he has second thoughts . Tad reveals to Liza that he had found that David had gone to Gloucester. Annie comes home and asks Scott what Adam could be up to by asking her to organize a dinner for all the family. Annie puts mini sandwiches on a tray and starts to hand them to Scott when she trips and falls into Scott’s arms. Adam walks in on them. Annie questions Adam as to what is going on, but he refuses to tell her. Erica refuses to go away with Ryan for Valentine’s day because it is the anniversary of Greenlee’s death.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty doesn't want to tell anyone she has leukemia but Janet encourages her to tell her close friends because she will need some support. Liberty tells Janet to take her own advice and tell Jack about her illness so that he can offer moral support to her. It seems, though, that the only person Janet can talk to is Dusty who is trying his best to put some distance between him and Janet because he knows the right thing to do is for Janet to be with Jack. Dusty also advises Janet to tell Jack about Liberty's illness. The doctor wants to tell Dusty about Liberty's tests and next course of treatment but he tells the doctor to discuss that with the family. Johnny asks Dusty if Liberty is going to die just like his mommy died. Dusty tells Johnny that the situation with Liberty is different and she has good doctors that will help her survive. Liberty skips her Biology exam because she thinks it really isn't important and she wants to take a ride in Parker's car to escape. Parker tells Liberty he can't go because his leg still hurts. Liberty wants to make love to Parker but he knows there is something wrong and won't let Liberty leave until she tells him about her illness. Parker tells Liberty that he won't allow her to die because he won't lose another person for whom he cares.

Margo advises Jack to straighten out his life before he comes back to his job at the police department. Margo also advises Dusty to tell Johnny about Jennifer since Johnny has been asking questions about death. Margo also thinks Dusty should settle down and find someone to love for Johnny's sake. Jack tries to talk to Janet but she won't tell him about Liberty and he gets the impression that she doesn't want to work on their marriage. Jack goes to where the boat house used to be and remembers a time when Carly loved him. Carly has a hard time doing what she knows is right so she goes to an AA meeting to talk things over with the group. Carly admits to the group that she shouldn't be with Jack until he decides what he wants to do about Janet. Carly also tells the group that if she did start a relationship with Jack again and he left her one more time she would start drinking again. Carly arrives at the boat house and Jack admits to Carly that he has always loved her no matter how hard he has tried to stop. Jack and Carly have a long talk and Jack persuades Carly to admit she loves him too and they kiss. Carly tells Jack to decide what he wants to do about his marriage before they can be together and makes it clear that he can't leave her again because she couldn't take it if he left her. Jack arrives at the farm ready to talk to Janet about a divorce but Janet hugs Jack and tells him she needs him very much because Liberty has Leukemia.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that he can’t let this be family against family. He repeats that he needs her support; he needs her on his side. Taylor entertains Whip in her home and he thanks her for giving him another shot. She explains that Stephanie is not just her ex-mother-in-law, but her best friend as well. Whip wants to play the shrink now and she mentions the things going on with Ridge. He’s clawing and scratching just to get a little respect. It’s the three Logan sisters running the company. Whip agrees that can’t be too healthy for his marriage. Brooke tells Ridge that she would go through anything for him. He hears her say that, but she seems helpless to change anything. It’s a competition now –his daughter against her daughter. Brooke doesn’t understand why Ridge can’t give Hope her moment. She knows Katie would not hurt Steffy on purpose. Steffy asks Bill if this is really what he wants – to put the future of FC in the hands of a teen-age girl. He tells her she has done good work in the past and she will again. Right now it will be promoting the Hope for the Future line as that is what they are going with. Katie gives Steffy a satisfied look. Steffy doesn’t like that he is choosing Hope’s line over hers. Katie tells here to grow up and stop acting like a child. She praises Bill for doing the right thing. With daggers in her eyes, Steffy goes back to the office and glares at the large presentation photo of Hope. She turns and finds Bill standing there looking at her. She tells him she left her portfolio and came back for it. Yes, she got emotional, surprise, surprise, Steffy has a soft side, but he will not see that again.

Katie gloats to Donna how obvious and passionate Steffy was yet Bill sided with Katie. He’s her husband and her marriage is not that insecure. Steffy berates Bill that his wifey CEO might be happy, but his board will not when the Hope line tanks. If she could do what she did for one little Glamour line, imagine what she could do with the whole enchilada – a company of her own. She embellishes for him to see big dollar signs. She’d want him to put her father back as CEO and get rid of all the Logan’s. She knows he has some feelings for her. He doesn’t need FC’s, but she does, her family does. Ridge tells Brooke that this place used to be his second home. Now he wishes he could just forget it for one day. But someway he does want to get it back to his family. He intends to protect his daughter. He didn’t start this war, but he will finish it. He laments that working with Spencer and Katie will only hurt Steffy. That isn’t going to happen. He’s sorry, but now this is war and one he intends to win.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian and Melanie bond when Vivian helps Melanie pick out a wedding dress. Meanwhile, Victor warns Carly not to hurt Bo. Later, Carly finds Vivian and Melanie at the café together and becomes incensed. Julie and Hope have a talk about Bo and Justin. Hope admits that she could never be with Justin, as the only man in her heart is Bo. Sami blames Rafe for her not getting Sydney back. Rafe, for his part, blames Sami and EJ. EJ, delighted, tells Anna that his plan is working perfectly, but she worries that EJ never intends on giving Sydney back to Sami. Nathan asks Stephanie not to tell Melanie and Philip that they are dating.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ethan wonders about the empty scotch bottles he finds at the casino. Tracy assumes Luke is back in town when she sees the bottles. Lucky informs Jason that he’s taken himself off Claudia’s case. Lucky tells Jason that Maxie probably witnessed something on the night of the murder. Lucky then says he understands Jason choosing Sam over Lulu. Jason notices that Lucky’s behavior is a little bit unusual. Morgan and Michael fight over Dante/Dom. Sonny tells Dante/Dom he’s “considering” him to take over the business someday. Michael isn’t happy when he hears the news from Sonny. Patrick and Lisa continue to work with their young patient. Lisa pats herself on the back for a job well done but Patrick is more concerned with the patient. Patrick is disturbed when his patient’s boyfriend says he’ll bail if she can’t walk again. Patrick wonders if Lisa was disappointed because they never “got serious” in their relationship. The two discuss their past car accident and Patrick wonders if he would have “stuck around” had Lisa ended up paralyzed. Ethan tells Lulu he suspects that Lucky is drinking. Lulu confronts Lucky and he admits he’s drinking. When Lulu offers to help, Lucky refuses and says it’s about time he’s “honest” with himself. Elizabeth runs into Nikolas in the hospital elevator. The two promise never to let Lucky learn the truth. Carly and Morgan visit the Q mansion to deliver an invitation to the baby’s christening. Dante/Dom tells Ronnie about Sonny’s plan to pin the murder on Franco. Ronnie calls it “a conspiracy” and says it’s “good news.” Dante/Dom says he regrets being dishonest about everything, especially with Morgan. Sonny hears Michael threaten Dante/Dom. Luke returns to the casino and finds Lucky drinking.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Mitch writes Jessica a letter asking her to meet him on the docks and promising to leave Viki, Charlie and Natalie alone if she does so. Brody does not want her to do it and warns her. He then goes off to find Mitch. Meanwhile, Charlie secretly meets with Dorian and she persuades him to take a gun and kill Mitch. Viki finds him and is worried that he will drink again. He does not tell her what he is doing and asks her to stay away from him until he "fixes" things. Dani does an internet search on Todd Manning and finds about the rape of Marty Saybrooke and all of Todd's shady history. She leaves and goes to the docks alone. Tea and Rachel don't know where to find her or how to deal with how she's found out this information regarding Todd this way. Matthew finds her. She informs him what she has just found out, wants nothing to do with Todd and remarks that Marty's son has good reason to want to kill Todd. Right then, Matthew takes Dani to meet Starr and Cole so that she can meet Todd's daughter (her sister) and Marty's son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Ashley offers to help Jack manage the situation at Jabot. J.T. leaves Tucker’s office to go take care of Reed because the sitter will not answer the phone. Victor comes to see Tucker. Victor reminds Tucker of his past. Noah thanks Nikki for all the clothes that she had bought him. Lauren urges Eden to call Noah before she leaves. Michael walks in and tells Eden that her car is on its way. Eden, Lauren and Michael are saying their good-byes when Daisy stops by with a letter. Daisy finds out that Eden is going to Paris. Lily urges Kay that there is nothing to worry about. When everyone is assembled, Lily, Cane and Mac let the family know that Mac is having twins. Daisy takes a pic of Lauren, Michael and Eden just before Noah arrives. Eden asks Noah to come visit her in Paris. Eden tells Noah that she loves him. Noah tells Eden that he loves her more. Kay tells Mac how proud that she is of her. Jill pulls Katherine away to talk to her. Jack gets a friendly note from Tucker. Ashley tells Jack that Victor is going to fight her for the ranch. Jack offers his help. Victor tells Tucker that he doesn’t want Katherine messed with. Malcolm tells everyone that he is engaged. Neil is less than happy with the news. J.T. arrives and finds out that Mac is having twins. Katherine gets the results of the DNA. Jill tells Tucker how much Chancellor Industries means to Katherine. Katherine lets Nikki know that she wishes that she was her daughter. Nikki walks into the living room of Ashley’s home. Ashley demands to know what she is doing here. Ashley demands Nikki’s house key. Nikki refuses to give it to her . Victor asks for Jack’s help against Tucker. Eden visits Juliet and finds out that Juliet hadn’t written her at all. Eden wonders who had written Eden. Katherine walks in and finds Jill and Tucker in a very compromising situation.

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