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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Liza enjoy the night out at ConFusion. Krystal and Rob come home to an empty house. Krystal offers Rob a nightcap, but he refuses because of a big day tomorrow. Rob kisses her good-night. Rob comes back to give Krystal a better kiss. Marissa tells J.R. that she is not o.k. that David had confessed to her everything and that she knows now David is a monster. David goes to see Jake and Amanda. Jake and David have an all out brawl right in the living room. Brot and Natalia come into the Confusion bar to have a drink. They discuss one of the break-in cases that they have been investigating. They get a call while they are there and runs out. Marissa goes all to pieces over the confession that David had made. Amanda urges Jake to stop. David confesses to Amanda that he is not dying. Amanda orders David to leave. Tad and Krystal slips into his home so as not to awaken anyone, but finds Krystal and Rob on the sofa. Brot and Natalia investigate a possible break-in at David’s. Amanda calls Tad for help in finding Jake before he does something to David. Jake comes into Tad’s home and tells Tad that David needs to be gone. Brot and Natalia get a call of a possible stolen car at the Chancellor’s. Jake vows vengeance on David by killing him. Jake asks for Liza’s help in bringing down David . Krystal goes to see Amanda and tries to assure her that everything will be fine.

Colby gives a statement to Natalia and Brot about her car being stolen. Jake and Liza build a case against David in order to bring him down. At Wildwind, David gets a call from Gayle, who tells him that Greenlee wants to talk to him. David refuses to talk to Greenlee when Liza comes in and notices his door. David les Liza know that someone had tried to break into his home. Liza tells David that Jake has filed charges against him, but will not go through with it if David will leave town. David refuses to leave town. J.R. comforts Little A after he had had a bad dream. Marissa suggests that they give Little A a little brother or sister. David visits Jake and Amanda and tells them that he is leaving town.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison in the room with Emily cannot believe that she cannot get Mickey out of her head. Casey interrupts them. Paul talks to Mickey about Emily and Mickey promises that he will work on a serum that will help Emily to wake up. After Paul leaves, Mickey tells Barbara that Emily will wake up in time when he has Paul’s trust back. Lily and Damian come to the ranch to leave instructions for the children for Holden. Emma tells Lily and Damian that Holden and Molly had gone out of town. Lily is quite disturbed by the news. In Chicago, Holden and Molly enter a bar, hoping to see Grady. Molly talks Holden into letting her handle this . Molly sits down beside Grady on a stool. Grady keeps looking at Molly and tells her that he knows her. Grady finally recognizes Molly. Having a drink together, Molly begins to question Grady as to why he had left Kentucky. Alison asks Casey how long had he been eavesdropping. Discussing whether or not that Emily will wake up in time, Casey suggests postponing the wedding .Alison insists that she doesn’t want to postpone the wedding .Alison talks Casey into going bridal gown hunting with her .Casey has his doubts, but soon agrees. Emily moves her hand. Damian gets a call. Lily gives Emma the children’s schedule. Grady suggests taking Molly to his place. Emma asks Lily why she is so concerned about Holden. Mickey starts to put another shot in Emily’s I.V. when he has another headache .Paul walks in on Mickey in Emily’s room. Grady opens up to Molly about Damian and him paying Grady off. Damian catches up with Molly outside the bar and threatens her life.

The doctor finds no proof of Emily’s waking up. Barbara sees Mickey’s nose bleeding and suggests that he sees a doctor. Alison tries on her wedding dress, but soon relives her dream that this is the same dress in her dream. Alison asks the woman to help her out of it when she sees Mickey outside the window. Alison, runs out of the shop with the dress still on. Alison accuses Mickey of doing something to her to make her keep Mickey on her mind. Alison calls Mickey and tells him not to call her ever again. Molly lies to Holden and tells him that Grady hadn’t told her anything .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge goes to Jackie M’s and tells Stephanie that he just had to get out of that office over at FC. Steffy is absolutely crushed, and his future is just to get the company back. Ridge appreciates her offer to come work at Jackie M., but he’s under contract and Bill won’t let him go. As much as he hates him, Bill has championed Steffy’s campaign, so he doesn’t think he will like it very well when he finds out his own wife pushed her aside for Hope. Katie tells Brooke that she is not too thrilled by the competition stomping around in their halls. Brooke quips they need to put a bell on Stephanie. Bill remembers the kiss with Steffy, and admits to Justin that he has been distracted because of her. Justin doesn’t like it that Steffy has gotten under Bill’s skin. He states that empires have fallen at the touch of a young maiden’s lips.

Brooke tells Ridge that she hates fighting. He says he does too, but he can’t shove his feelings down anymore. Part of him wants to leave FC; part of him wants to strangle Bill Spencer. He wants to wrestle control out of Bill’s inept hands. He’ll be damned if his dreams are going to be stolen by Bill and her sister. The battle lines have been drawn and it’s his daughter against hers; his family against hers and he doesn’t see any way to change that. Sandy’s big little brother, Oliver, finds Sandy at Jackie M’s. He meets Stephanie and they all discuss the surrogacy pregnancy. Steffy confronts Katie about killing her campaign over Hope’s presentation, and she knows it is not about business. It is more personal. She must be some threat to her. Steffy declares that Katie did not win. She is not going to quit. Steffy wastes no time in going and telling Bill. Katie walks in and finishes the story that she has pulled the campaign. He agrees to meet with Hope, but he’s not quite ready yet to let go of the Glamour line. Steffy has a big satisfied look on her face. Steffy gives a passionate plea, but Katie puts in her last words for Hope’s line. She asks Bill what his decision will be – Steffy’s line or hers for Hope and that is coming from his CEO.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and Rafe are thrilled to learn that the woman that the FBI had been watching took the suitcase, and has been arrested. A frantic EJ tries to get in touch with Anna, but is later relieved when he doesn’t recognize the woman taken into custody. The three later learn that she innocent and had nothing to do with the kidnapping. EJ promptly blames Rafe for screwing all of this up. Sami gets another note from the kidnapper telling her that she will never see Sydney again, since she got the FBI involved. Bo talks to Melanie about Carly, and Carly talks about Melanie with Philip, but neither of them are able to convince Philip and Melanie to give Carly a chance. Vivian tells Hope about what she overheard Bo telling Philip, and furious, Hope goes to confront Bo. Carly tries to tell her the truth, but Bo stops her. Hope then learns that Bo has removed his wedding ring and storms off. Later, she goes to Justin for comfort, and the two kiss. Hope tells him she isn’t ready to move on. Gabi agrees to go to Vancouver with Chad, Kinsey, and Tad, despite Mia’s warnings. A jealous Mia goes to Grace’s grave and admits that she likes both Will and Chad, and doesn’t want to lose either of them. Melanie decides she wants a big wedding, and Vivian, thrilled, begs Melanie to let her help.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason talks with Diane about Michael’s “hypothetical” guilt in Claudia’s murder. Jason tells Diane the truth about what happened, including the fact that Franco was a witness. Jason later tells Michael he regrets not telling the truth about the murder. Jason says he “failed” Michael. Spinelli tells Maxie that Jason wasn’t overwhelmed with her decorating skills. Maxie still feels guilty about cheating on Spinelli. Carly and Jax disagree on the baby’s godparents. Jax gives in and says Carly can choose “both godparents.” Lulu runs into Dante/Dom on the pier while she’s on the phone with Maxie. Lulu makes it clear to Dante/Dom that she’ll be the one to decide when things are “over” between them. Tracy enjoys the peace and quiet since Rebecca moved out but she’s suspicious when a “distant relative” gets in touch with Edward. Patrick and Lisa consult on an accident victim. Kristina asks Sam for “advice” about Kiefer. Sam voices her concern when Kristina mentions Kiefer’s behavior. Lulu accepts Carly’s invitation to be the baby’s godmother. Dante/Dom tells Jax a warrant should be issued against Sonny “any day.” Dante/Dom feels bad about “betraying” Morgan. Jason tells Johnny that Sonny is “pinning” the murder on Franco. Johnny agrees to continue “protecting” Michael. Spinelli seeks Diane’s advice on his situation with Maxie. Carly asks Jason to be the baby’s godmother and he hesitantly agrees. Morgan finds an email on Jax’s phone about Sonny. Lulu tells Maxie she’s “in love with” Dante/Dom. At the same moment, Dante/Dom tells Johnny he loves Lulu.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Stacy asks Kim to be her child's godmother. Kyle and Fish demand to know if Oliver is the child's father. When Stacy and Kim refuse to answer, they threaten to tell Rex and Schuyler. Stacy reminds Kyle that he can't divulge private medical information. Kim says she will tell Clint about every unethical thing Kyle has done so he will not be able to become a doctor. Fish tells Kyle that he can wait until the baby is born and then have a paternity test. Mitch Laurence expresses an interest in Cole and Starr joining his congregation and bringing baby Hope along.

Langston confides in Blair that she thinks about Ford all the time. Blair tells her it isn’t a big deal to think about other people, as long as she remembers who she loves. Cristian mentions the birthday party at Ultraviolet for Starr and Langston to Ford. Markko, trying not to be jealous, invites Ford to come. Later, Cristian asks Ford why Markko doesn’t like him. Ford admits that it might have something to do with Langston saw him in a state of undress but that Markko has no reason to be jealous because he isn’t interested in Langston. Langston is upset when Markko tells her that Ford will be at her party.

Todd and Tea discuss Daniela knowing that Todd is her father. Meanwhile, Daniela does an Internet search on Todd and reads about all of his crimes. Matthew comes over to Rachel's house and is surprised to see Dani there. She tells Matthew that Todd is her biological father. She says she can't believe her mother thinks Ross is a bad father when the alternative is Todd. She reveals to Matthew that she doesn’t want to get to know Todd. When Tea returns to Rachel's apartment to pick up Dani and take her to Todd's house, she discovers that Dani is gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki come back from a walk to notice how restless their dog is. Victor can’t believe that Katherine had lost controlling interest of Chancellor to Tucker . Nikki tells Victor that she had met Tucker and didn’t trust him. Victor lets Nikki know that she is taking back the ranch from Ashley. Phyllis hints to Nick that she would like a new home away from the Newman family. Sharon tells Noah that she had gotten him quite a few cute things at Fenmore’s. Noah fumes at the thought that everyone blames Eden for the fire. Abby tells Sharon that Eden is going away to Paris and Noah is bummed over the idea of being away from Eden. Adam offers to help Noah find another girl. Adam tells Noah about a girl that he had had in school and had lost her when she had moved away. Emily and Jack go over wedding plans, but cannot seem to get Jack’s full attention. Jack gets a call telling him that Dr. Jasper had taken over Patty’s case. Patty refuses to take her medications. Sharon questions Adam about Lisa. Nikki tells J.T. that she doesn’t blame him for what Tucker had done to Katherine. Nikki invites J.T. and Reed to dinner with her and Victor. Victor stops by Nick’s and Phyllis’ and invites them to dinner also. Victor calls Adam and Sharon. To also invite them. Paul calls Emily about Patty to let her know that Patty had regressed back into her catatonic state in which she still believes that she is married to Jack.

At the dinner, Victor blasts J.T. for continuing to work for Tucker. Emily visits Patty, who wonders what Emily is doing here .Phyllis tries to persuade Nick to get them a house away from the Newman’s. Nick lets Phyllis know that he needs to be around here right now so that Adam will not take over.

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