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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica lets Ryan know that he is so supportive of her ideas. Erica explains how remark about love. Annie, Scott and Colby bring Adam home from the hospital. Colby watches Annie’s so-called concern for Adam. Colby reminds Annie to see to it that Adam follows the doctors’ orders. David gives Greenlee a cell phone to call Amanda and David to tell them the truth, but Greenlee refuses. Jake, Amanda, J.R. and Marissa find out that David is not Trevor’s father. Angie gets a call on her cell phone that the results are in on the paternity tests. Annie tells Colby that hers and Adam’s sex life is not any of Colby’s business. Randi wishes Ryan a Happy Birthday. Erica tells Ryan that she had no idea that it was his birthday. Greenlee urges David to put a stop to this before Trevor will go through his life without knowing who his father is. Frankie brings Angie the test results. Angie tells Jake that he is Trevor’s father. Jake and Amanda, with tears in their eyes, kiss as they have learned that Jake is Trevor’s biological father. Gayle and Greenlee discuss that David had reached a milestone decision. Emma tells Annie that today is Ryan’s birthday. Erica wants to do something for Ryan’s birthday, but Ryan refuses. Ryan gets a call from Emma wishing him a Happy Birthday. Opal calls Erica and tells her to get over here pronto before Ryan gets back. J.R. tells Marissa that he had something to take care of before he goes home. Erica blasts Opal for making Ryan’s condo look like a den of seduction. Erica stresses that Ryan is only a good friend. Ryan visits Emma at the Chandler mansion. Ryan thanks Annie for letting him see Emma on his birthday. Greenlee remembers Ryan’s birthday the year before when she and Emma were with Ryan. David walks into the hospital. Angie tells him that that was sure a quick trip to Malaysia. David explains to Marissa that he had lied to her about dying and that he had also lied about him being Trevor’s father. Marissa tells David that she is really angry with him right now and it may take a while for her to get over her anger. Greenlee dreams that Ryan is giving her a foot massage. Greenlee yells for Gayle, who tests Greenlee’s feet and realizes that Greenlee is getting feeling back in her feet. Dr. Coleman examines Greenlee and tells Greenlee that she is ready for therapy. Greenlee wants the therapy scheduled as soon as possible. Ryan enjoys his birthday dinner with Erica. Annie offers to move out of their bedroom, but Adam insists that he wants Annie by him forever. David goes to see Amanda and Jake. Amanda slaps David’s face for what he had done to her and Jake. Jake hits David to the floor.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dr. Oliver tells Luke that he won't take Noah's case because he finds it a boring Case. Dr. Oliver also tells Luke that he thinks that he is being arrogant in assuming that Noah can go ahead of his other patients just because he has money. Luke tells Noah the bad news and Noah tells him that if Dr. Oliver won't do the operation he doesn't want another doctor to do it. Lily advises Luke that he should ask Damian to see if he can find another Dr. for Noah. Luke talks to Damian and explains that Noah has his heart set on Dr. Oliver and Damian tells Luke to blackmail Dr. Oliver by telling him he has information on him and the information could get his medical license revoked. Dr. Oliver flies to memorial and agrees to do the operation because Noah doesn't deserve to be blind. Dr. Oliver makes it clear to Luke that he doesn't like him at all because he thinks he can get anything he wants just because he is rich. Luke tells Noah the good news about the operation and also tells him that he lied to Dr. Oliver and he never had any incriminating information on him. Noah is shocked that Luke would do such a thing but he isn't mad at him and thanks him for making the operation possible.

Maddie wants to do a Vlog for the paper asking if you can still be friends with an old boyfriend so she interviews Noah and takes him to Al's for a hamburger. Hunter arrives and asks Noah what its like to be blind and Noah likes that Hunter asks him questions and treats him normally not like a blind person. Noah buys Maddie and Hunter Lunch and then they go back to the newspaper office and listen to music loudly to see if Noah has a better sense of hearing since he has lost his sight. Maddie thanks Hunter for helping Noah today even though he didn't know he was helping him.

Lily is angry at Damian after Luke tells him that Damian advised him that the ends justify the means to get Dr. Oliver to come to Oakdale. Lily confronts Damian and they argue and he almost tells her all he has done to make them a family. Meg calls Damian and tells him she will find a way to prove she isn't crazy and after she gets out he knows what will come next for him. Holden and Molly follow Snarky the orderly at Deerbrook to the Lakeview and question him but he doesn't say anything to them. Molly finds out the last call Sharkey got on his phone came from Damian. Molly tells Holden they have to get solid proof against Damian. Holden and Molly go to Deerbrook to talk to Meg who sobs because she is so happy that Holden and Molly believe her. Holden promises Meg that he will get her out of Deerbrook by proving she is telling the truth. Holden tells Meg to stay calm while he and Molly work to get poof against Damian. Molly talks to the police in Kentucky and fins out officer Grady took early retirement and moved to Chicago. Holden and Molly head to Chicago to talk to former officer Grady.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Taylor that he really doesn’t believe that Brooke planned this behind his back. Taylor thinks Katie had more to do with Hope’s campaign than she is admitting. And that she knew beforehand she would be choosing Hope’s presentation. Brooke tells Katie that she’s really excited about her daughter’s chances, but she knows that Ridge wants the same for his. Stephanie comes back to Jackie M's and tells Jackie and Owen that she has news. She now realizes that Ridge is only staying at FC for the legacy of his children. Eric and Thorne join Ridge, and Taylor leaves for him to fill them in on the news. Steffy pops in and tells them that the Logan’s strike again. The Glamour Line is done….the Dare line is history. Eric thinks Brooke should be able to see how wrong this is. He warns Ridge not to let this come between him and Brooke; not to compromise his marriage. Donna, Brooke and Hope look at the recent shots at the photo shoot and they promise Hope that she is the hope of the future and she deserves this. Brooke tells Ridge that she has always been there for his daughter and she always will. She just hopes that Ridge will give Hope that same opportunity.

Ridge tells Brooke that he didn’t start this war. His family built this company, not Katie or the Logan’s, yet she has undermined him the whole way since she sat in the CEO chair. It’s been a battle every day to do things her way. She has no respect for him or his family. He feels like a hired hand, and he can’t deal with Katie anymore. He can’t believe that Brooke can’t see that this is Katie’s way of forcing Steffy out of the company. Hope tries to make peace with Steffy, but Steffy points out there is not just one goal. There is always two sides and it is still the Forrester’s and the Logan’s. She makes it clear that she does not want to work together with Hope. Taylor reports back to Ridge. Then Stephanie drops in on Brooke and laments to her that she thinks this is a foolish decision. Ridge has suffered enough at Bill and Katie’s hands; now this. Stephanie points out that Brooke almost lost Ridge before when she sided with Rick over him and now she is doing it again with Hope. Brooke says she is not going to turn her back on her daughter. Stephanie begs her to reconsider what this will do to her marriage. She doesn’t want that for either Ridge or her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Carly has flashbacks of giving birth to Melanie and of Lawrence’s cruelty, as he forced her to give up her child or see it die. Melanie ends up telling Carly all about her father and her terrible childhood. Carly then has a vision of Lawrence telling Carly that he has won. Philip asks Bo to be in his wedding, and the two get to talking about Hope and Carly. Bo sees Vivian walk in, and assuming that she will listen in, he tells Philip that Carly only came back to Salem in order to reunite with him. Vivian believes him and later tells Gus that she may have been wrong about Carly coming to town to find her daughter. Bo tells Abe about what he has done to keep Carly’s secret from Vivian, and Abe wonders if he has given any thought to Hope. Bo says that he plans on telling her the truth once this all blows over, but admits that he isn’t sure it will have a happy ending. Kate is rebuffed by Melanie, and heads over to Maggie’s to pump her for information about Melanie, pretending that she is concerned about Maggie after Mickey’s death. Maggie quickly catches onto her ruse and warns Kate to stay away from Melanie. Stephanie informs Nathan that he has won an award for intern of the year at the hospital. He is delighted when he learns that Stephanie had given Mickey the news about the award before he died, and that he was proud of Nathan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia tells Sonny the PCPD will do their best to prove that he killed Claudia. Sonny wonders if Olivia knows something and asks her to tell him. Olivia says she doesn’t have any inside information. Lucky tries to convince Nikolas not to leave town. Jason, Sam, and Spinelli discuss the evidence found at the cabin in the form of Sonny’s hair. Jason worries that Franco will “send Michael to prison.” Jason tells Sonny about the hair. Sonny thinks Franco has made Jason lose his “objectivity.” Sonny again insists on “pinning” the murder on Franco and he asks Jason not to get involved. Sonny “orders” Jason to stay “out of the mix” and let him handle things. Jason tells Sam that Sonny’s plan will “make things worse for Michael.” Nik notices Lucky’s gun as the two talk about Nik’s loss of Emily. Lucky says he “trusts” Nik not to “betray” him. Nik agrees to stay in town after Lucky offers to “help” him move on. Lucky shares the news about Nik with Liz. Lucky talks with Liz about “trust and loyalty” and says he couldn’t let his brother “go.” Later, Liz tells Nik she “will never be with” him and that she’s chosen a life with Lucky. Liz tells Nik to “stay for Lucky’s sake.” Mike spends some time gambling (and losing) at the Haunted Star but Tracy puts a stop to it. Ethan later worries that he’s in hot water with Sonny for letting Mike gamble at the casino. Johnny tells Lulu he knows the truth about Dante/Dom. Johnny worries about Lulu getting caught in the middle when the truth comes out. Kristina meets Kiefer at Kelly’s. Kiefer claims he has deep feelings for Kristina and she apologizes for their argument. Ethan comes into the diner and Kristina mentions his promise to teach her how to play poker. Dante/Dom tells Lulu he doesn’t want her “hurt” in any way. The two go to his room at Kelly’s. Dante/Dom kisses Lulu then tells her she better “go.” Lulu leaves, calling him “an emotional coward.” Lucky heads to the casino looking for Luke but instead finds Ethan. Lucky offers to close up for Ethan. While doing so, he pours a drink and remembers what he saw at Wyndemere.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani has many questions about Todd. But neither Tea nor Rachel want to tell her all about his history. Knowing they might be keeping an important secret from her, when she's alone, she gets online and accesses Llannet. Matthew assumes he will never see Dani again, not realizing she's back in town so he wants to develop his friendship with Destiny. Kyle finds out that Oliver slept with Stacy right about the time when he baby was conceived. And he informs Oliver that he knows that she miscarried Rex's baby so somebody else is the father. And they conclude that her baby might very well be Oliver's.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy calls Heather and tells her that he had had a good time. He goes into the bar and finds Mac there. Mac tells Billy about Mac. Mac also tells Billy that Tucker is taking over Chancellor, and that he claims to be Katherine’s son. Kay tells Murph to tell her that this isn’t real and that she feels that she is in a nightmare. Kay still cannot believe that she had given up a son instead of a daughter. Michael comes into Fenmore’s and finds out that Lauren is still having a headache that she had had for three days. Eden comes in and tells Michael and Lauren that she had gotten a letter from her Mom’s sister and she wants her to come to Paris in order to get to know her Mom’s family better. Daisy tells Ryder that she wants Eden gone. Kevin comes to see Ryder and finds out that Ryder is sleeping just anywhere he can. Chloe works on bridal preparations while Chance waits for her to get done. Chance is upset with himself that he doesn’t have a job to go to while Chloe does. Lt. Watson walks in and tells Chance that no charges are being filed against him, but he needs to leave the Riggs’ case alone. Amber senses something is wrong with Daniel. Daniel tells Amber that he had gotten a letter from her Mom with no return address. Lauren tells Michael that she wants Eden to go to Paris. Kay calls Mac and tells her that Kay had gone to see Tucker. Chance tells Chloe that he wants to go down to the station and check on the file on Riggs. Chloe talks him out of it. Chloe gets a call from Murphy telling her and Chance to come to see Katherine. Eden tells Noah that she is going to Paris, but she is upset when Noah thinks that it is a good idea. Kay goes to see Tucker and tells him that she wants a DNA test. Michael finds out that everything checks out on McCall. The lab technician and Tucker arrive for the DNA test. Eden tells Lauren that she wants to go to Paris .A man calls Chance and tells him that his life is in danger. Brock surprises Katherine by coming to her aid.

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