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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is busy at Fusion but her mind is elsewhere. Ryan tries to get her attention, but with no luck. Erica lets him know that her mind was wondering. Amanda lets Jake know that he had never stopped fighting for Trevor and wonders if Jake could be Trevor’s father. Jake has his doubts as to what Amanda is saying. Greenlee demands to know from David what he had done. David tells Greenlee that he is not Trevor’s father. Greenlee urges David to let Amanda and Jake and Amanda know the truth, but David refuses. Ryan questions Erica as to what is on her mind. Erica lets him know that her mind is on the children in Africa and that Fusion is trivial to her. Frankie watches Madison as she offers encouragement and help to one of the women at the Miranda Center. Madison sees Frankie and tells the woman that he will also help her. Greenlee asks David if Jake is Trevor’s father or if he knows. J.R. tells Marissa that he had talked Amanda out of having an abortion. Marissa urges J.R. to be tested to see if he is Trevor’s father. Jake holds Trevor in his arms as Trevor calls Jake “da-da.” J.R. and Marissa approach Jake and Amanda. Greenlee urges David to tell Jake and Amanda the truth, but David insists that he is not telling them anything. Madison comes up with a good idea for Fusion products in which they would come up with a whole new line and use the proceeds for charity. When they pitch the new idea to Erica, she loves the idea. Madison lets Erica believe that it was all Randi’s idea. Erica tells Ryan about the idea, who is behind Erica 100% percent. Jake and J.R. are given a DNA test to see who is Trevor’s father. J.R. tells Jake that he will be Trevor’s father no matter what . Angie tells Jake, Amanda, J.R. and Marissa that David is not Trevor’s father. David hands Greenlee the cell phone and tells her to call Jake and Amanda the truth, but Greenlee refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Simon pack, as he reminds her that she needs to go to her goodbye party, and Katie admits to wanting to avoid it. Margo’s phone call interrupts Jack and Carly’s kiss, with news about Katie and their plan to stop it. Jack and Carly disagree over Katie’s decision, but Jack asks her to come with him to go talk with Katie. Janet and Liberty struggle with Liberty’s cancer diagnosis. The doctor tells them that they need to run more tests before they know their course of treatment. Dusty tries to provide support to Janet, but they are both extremely worried when Liberty goes missing. Katie’s party is good cop bad cop with Margo being good and Craig being bad, as Henry is plain emotional, as they show her gifts that make her think and a slideshow of her life in Oakdale. Katie becomes angry that they are manipulating her by tugging on her heartstrings. Jack shows up and is loaded for bear and Katie becomes overwhelmed by them all and lashes out at them, as Simon stands by her side. Carly is able to get Jack out of there and talk some sense back into him. Dusty finds Liberty and lets her unleash her anger, which helps her. Janet learns of Katie’s party and that Jack will attend and decides to heed Dusty’s advice about talking to Jack. She is dismayed when she learns Jack was angry about Katie and Simon and Carly left with him. Janet bids Katie goodbye without telling her about Liberty and asking her not to tell Jack she came by. Janet is very thankful to learn Dusty found Liberty and they head back to the hospital together and better then before. They bond over this, as Dusty excuses himself later to go check on Metro for a bit. Janet thanks him for being her rock, as he suggests that she still talk with Jack. Carly and Jack are getting closer, as he thanks Carly for bringing him back to reality with Katie. Jack and even Carly bid Katie goodbye. While packing up their gifts, Katie focuses on Emma’s family bible with the family tree and realizes she actually can’t leave town and take Jacob away. Simon agrees finally and wants to stay with her, but she reminds him this isn’t the life he really wants. He wants to do it for her, but Katie is convinced he will resent her in the end. This desire for this lifestyle is to right past wrongs. She loves him, but they both know what he needs to do. Jack and Carly comes back home, as Jack is prepared to leave but is sidetracked with finding himself kissing Carly again. They get lost in each other for a moment before Carly reminds him that he is still married. Jack thinks it is fading, but she knows it isn’t over so he needs to leave for now, as they both look emotional to have to say goodbye right then. Katie and Simon come to talk with Margo, Henry and Craig to share her news that she has decided to stay, as they are all thrilled. Henry and Simon talk outside, as Simon admits he is doing this all for Katie, as Henry is very appreciated. Henry is surprised to hear Simon is leaving because it is for Katie’s best interest. They part admitting they will miss one another, as Simon’s plead for Henry to take care of Katie. Later inside, Katie is hugging Henry when she sees Simon sadly looking at her through the window before he heads off and Katie rushes to look after him go.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke can’t believe that Ridge is saying that it is over. He can’t take it any more. Brooke tells him that he is over-reacting. He tells her that all this talk of being on the same team is not going to work. He laments that if his kids don’t have a significant role at FC then he doesn’t want to be here either. And Hope being there will not be good for the company. Brooke begs for him to give her a chance. Hope shares with Katie that if she is there as some part of a vendetta against the Forrester’s, then she wants no part of it. Katie explains that she likes the concept, but it will only work with Hope. She tells Steffy that she is still head of PR so she needs to promote this. Steffy gets it – she does as they say or she can quit. That is what Katie wants is for her to quit. Sandy tells Whip that she is healing. She used to turn to stone when a man looked at her. He wonders if she is getting too close to Nick. She assures him that it is just gratitude. Nick wanders in and asks what they are talking about. He’s intrigued when Sandy mentions a photographer named Graham. He threw the party at his house so he should know who was invited and there. He was an up and coming photographer back then, but really a name now.

Hope has her first photo shoot with Graham and captures the moment. Steffy grouses to her dad that Hope hates her and they want her out. She vows not to teach Hope how to do her job. He comforts her and promises they will not shut his children out; he won’t stand for it. Taylor tells him that he’s in the middle and naturally would be conflicted. Brooke has this selfish kind of love and now it involves her daughter. She is afraid that Brooke will not give a second thought to how Ridge is feeling. Taylor repeats that she is sorry that he is having to go through this. Brooke tells Katie that she did not tell Ridge anything about Steffy and Bill, but he is concerned about Hope being in over her head. She asks Katie if it is possible that she has an agenda. Katie says yeah – to further FC. Bill wants to reach out to the youth market and The Hope of the Future will do that. Steffy and her family may not like it, but Katie is CEO and she’s made that choice and they will have to live with it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie lambastes Bo and Carly, thinking that Carly must be pregnant. Carly denies it. Later, Melanie asks Brady to give her away at her wedding. He agrees, but urges her not to give up student nursing. She agrees. Meanwhile, Carly blames herself for giving Melanie up at birth, worrying that Melanie will hate her even more once she learns the truth. Bo vows to make sure she and Melanie are one day able to have a relationship. Melanie shows up at the hospital to meet with Daniel about taking a leave of absence, but is upset to learn that he asked Carly to fill in for him while he is in surgery. Vivian advises Hope to take revenge on Carly. Hope refuses, but is still dead-set on finding out Carly’s secret. Vivian meets with Gus, admitting that she isn’t sure that Mia is Carly’s daughter. She tells him she has some other candidates in mind, and asks Gus to work on getting birth dates for her. Later, Vivian pumps Brady for information about Melanie. Hope meets with Maggie, who tells her to fight for Bo before it’s too late to repair their relationship. Sami and EJ tell Rafe the truth about the ransom notes. Furious, he gets the FBI involved. Sami tries to apologize, but Rafe won’t hear it. EJ tries to call Anna in a panic before she reaches the drop-off point, but she has left her phone behind at the hideout. Later, Rafe informs EJ and Sami that the FBI told him that someone is approaching the money that was left at the pier. Arianna learns that her undercover operation is being cancelled, and that she will have to go back to jail. She’s frantic until Troy shows up, asking her to set up a meeting with him later. He promises that the boss might stop by. Arianna is elated, as she doesn’t realize that Troy plans to kill her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lisa thinks Patrick “spends too much time” talking about his domestic bliss. Dante/Dom listens as Michael and Sonny discuss some details of Claudia’s murder. He hears Sonny talk about the ax that killed Claudia. Lucky watches Nikolas and Elizabeth but leaves without saying anything. Nik later voices his regret that he and Liz can’t “be together openly.” Liz says she wants Nik to “make a new start” in Paris. Lucky goes home and trashes the house with a baseball bat. When Liz comes to the house, Lucky lies and says he found the house “trashed” when he came home. Michael tells Sonny the ski trip “brought back memories” of the murder so he came home early. Jason isn’t happy that Maxie and Spinelli redecorated the penthouse. Dante/Dom tells Sonny about the “friction” he had with Michael and the fight with Kristina. Maxie keeps the medical examiner busy so Spinelli can access some information from his computer. Ronnie presses Dante/Dom for information on Sonny. Dante/Dom says he thinks Sonny killed Claudia and Michael “witnessed” the murder. Dante/Dom worries about Michael’s suffering if he helps put Sonny “away.” Jason worries about Franco’s next move. Ronnie is confident that Michael will tell all. Lucky talks with Laura on the phone while he loads his gun. Spinelli learns that the hair at the cabin is Sonny’s. Olivia and Sonny have a chat about being parents. Liz asks brother Steven for the weekend off so she can take Lucky out of town. Lucky goes to the airport and asks Nik to stay in Port Charles.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Charlie is distraught and drinking by himself at the bar, knowing he is helpless to do anything about Mitch Laurence. And it just so happens that Dorian is also there, by herself, similarly at wit's end after John and Brody have cornered her about what's going on regarding Mitch and she knows she cannot live in fear of Mitch's threats. She tells Charlie that instead of getting drunk, losing Viki and ruining his life, a better alternative would be for the two of them to kill Mitch. At first Charlie argues but realizes she may be right. He returns to Viki telling her everything is going to be alright, yet doesn't tell her what happened when he was away. Clint is getting closer to Kim. Stacy is worried after Rex has hired Oliver to protect her and the baby. She knows that with that happening, Kyle might very well tell Oliver the secret he promised to keep that the baby could not be Rex's. Not only that, she knows that the baby could very well be Oliver's and he could find that out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Cane and Mac discuss how happy that they are that Mac is carrying twins for Cane and Lily. Mac decides not to say anything until Cane and Lily want to tell everyone. Cane tells Mac that he wants to show Kay and Jill the ultrasound. Mac tells J.T. that she went to have an ultrasound. When Mac asks J.T. what is wrong, he divulges that Tucker has controlling interest in Chancellor. Michael finds out that Tucker is Kay’s son. Victor offers his help to Michael. Neil says he’s sorry when Ashley kisses him. Noticing Neil’s reaction, Ashley knows that this is bad timing. Jill accuses Tucker of using her to get to Katherine. Sharon tells Adam she wants no more secrets, only the truth. Adam lies and tells her that there are no more secrets. Billy makes a call to check up on Dr. Taylor. Michael tells Murphy that Tucker had this in the works for years. As Heather and Paul meet, he receives a call from Nikki, who tells him about Katherine’s dilemma. Paul goes visit Katherine. Victor stops by Ashley’s to check on Faith. When Billy asks to talk to Paul, Heather says he left. A man brings Adam and Sharon gift cards from Fenmore’s. J.T. wants to resign from Tucker Industries, but Mac talks him out of it. Kay tells Cane about Tucker owning controlling interest in Chancellor . Michael finds out that Cane had signed a contract to work for Tucker. Nikki visits Tucker and finds Jill already there. Adam gets down on his knees and threatens to stay there until Sharon forgives him. Paul meets with Therese and finds out that the baby brought into the nunnery was a boy, which he then relates to Katherine. After Victor finds out that Sharon and Adam are staying with Ashley at the ranch, he tells Ashley that he is retaking it.

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