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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal comes downstairs and asks Tad had the phone rung. Krystal lets Tad know that she doesn’t know how long that she will be at the hospital waiting for the results of Marissa’s tests to see if she has the disease that David has. At the hospital, Liza catches up with Colby and asks her how Adam is. Colby apologizes to Liza for the remarks that she had said to Liza the night before. Colby becomes upset with Liza when Bailey walks up with Stuart. Adam’s doctor is talking to him about the surgery when Annie walks in. Annie finds out that Adam is not being released. Annie insists to Adam that she cannot lose him. Adam lets Annie know that Colby, J.R. and Scott will be joining them. At home, Jake spends time with Trevor talking to him when Amanda walks into the living room, looking sad. Jake assures Amanda that Trevor will be fine. At the hospital in Gloucester, David makes a call to Amanda telling her that she hadn’t returned his calls and for her to call him no matter the time. David walks into Greenlee’s room and she begins to question him as to what he is up to and had he led Amanda to believe that he was dying. David tells Greenlee that he sees that she is not going to let this go, but no one in Pine Valley can know. The whole family gathers in Adam’s room to find out that he is going to have to have a pacemaker put in. Adam has a piece of advice for everyone in the room except Annie. Liza takes Bailey and Stuart to Tad’s home. Liza tells Tad about Stuart’s doctor’s appointment. Liza is surprised to see Damon come upstairs from the basement and is even more surprised to learn that Damon is working for Pierre, painting Tad’s home. Tad urges Liza to buy a bigger home to hold all the people that she loves. Krystal, Jake, Angie, Marissa and Amanda get the results back from the lab tests and it proves that no one has the disease that David has. Marissa questions Amanda if Trevor is really J.R.’s son. Angie and Jake arrange for a DNA test for Trevor. Adam urges his family to come together and work together for the betterment of the Chandler family. Greenlee offers to help David in his problems. Adam is taken into surgery. Scott consoles Annie which Colby witnesses. Marissa tells J.R. that no one has the gene of the disease that David has. Marissa tells J.R. that Trevor may be J.R.’s son. Amanda tells Jake that he may be Trevor’s dad.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Janet and Dusty find out that Liberty has leukemia. Carly and Jack discuss his moving out of her house, but she insists that Parker needs to have Jack around until he recuperates. Dr. Wilson informs Meg that her evaluation session is today and if everything goes well, then she could be going home. Dr. Wilson gives Meg her medication which she hides in a Ziploc bag under her pillow. An orderly witnesses her hiding the meds. Parker calls Liberty and finds out that she hadn’t been released yet, so he offers to come to get her and take her out for a pizza. Janet just cannot believe that Liberty has leukemia. Jack and Carly come out of the kitchen and find Parker gone in the car. Lily visits the ranch to talk to Holden about the children when she finds a cake in the oven. Molly comes downstairs and tells Lily that she can satisfy Holden’s “sweet tooth.” Holden comes downstairs quite surprised and embarrassed by the situation. Lily leaves without telling Holden what she wanted. Damian makes honeymoon plans for himself and Lily when he gets a threatening call from Meg, who promises to follow up on her plans to kill him when she gets out of the psych hospital. In the hospital chapel, Janet says a prayer for Liberty . Holden catches up with Lily to find out what she wanted and finds out that Lily is not pregnant. Jack and Carly find Parker with Liberty.

Janet tells Dusty that she blames herself for Liberty being sick. Jack lets Liberty know that he saw and talked to Brad Christmas Eve. Liberty also tells Jack that she and Janet talked to Brad. Holden urges Lily to go on the trip with Damian . Holden comes home and finds Molly gone. Holden goes looking for her and finds her in the bar. When Holden asks Molly to move into the ranch with him, she agrees. Damian visits the psych hospital and finds out from the orderly that Meg is hiding her meds. As Meg attacks Damian, Dr. Wilson walks in and finds out that she has been hiding her meds. Lily discovers that Damian has been spending time with Meg. Damian tells Lily what happened at the psych hospital. Janet tells Liberty that she has leukemia.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Ridge that it is all over the street what he has been up to. She is sorry it didn’t work. He tells her that Thomas is working his tail off and Steffy is presenting her new concept. She tells him she is not there to beat up on the Logan girls, but the three of them are running the company. Ridge vows that won’t last much longer. Steffy introduces the Hollywood Glamour line…..the Afterparty. She’s a little flustered when Hope joins them in the meeting. Katie questions Steffy. They already had the Glamour line complete with cocktail dresses, so this would have to be a lot different. Katie reminds Steffy that after the failed DARE line, the public and reporters will be expecting more than an old redo. Steffy introduces a new hot photographer and tells the group that this is can’t miss. Everything he touches turns to gold. Sandy tells Whip that she is pretty ashamed of herself, for taking her feelings out on him. She’s better now, but she’s like him to know what happened. It was the night of the party after her photo shot. Whip left, and something happened. Slowly she lays out the facts and they have not caught the guy. He is still out there somewhere.

Hope gives her presentation and it falls on deaf ears with doubtful, jealous Steffy……especially when she hears the name of the new campaign is “Hope” For the Future. Brooke loves it and so does Katie. She says they are going with the Hope campaign. Brooke assures them that Ridge can work with this and have some wonderful new designs. Steffy asks is this really a good concept or is there more going on. Taylor is not happy, but Brooke says the decision has been made. Taylor says Ridge will not be happy when he finds out his daughter has been pushed aside for her daughter. Brooke tells her how pathetic she is by trying to stir up trouble by using their own children to do it. Ridge comes in and is filled in and he is more than perplexed. He helped Steffy with that presentation and they both believed in it, yet they chose her teenaged daughter who is just an intern. He suddenly tells Brooke that he is finished. It's over.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia asks Melanie about her mother, but she says she died when she was a little girl. She wonders what things would be like if she had a caring mother like Maggie. Bo serves Vivian with a restraining order on behalf of Carly. She later accuses him of sleeping with Carly. Victor is furious, and demands that Vivian find out if Mia is Carly’s daughter so that they can destroy her. Meanwhile, Carly tries to smooth things over with her real daughter, Melanie, but the two end up arguing about Hope and the suddenness of Melanie and Philip’s marriage. Later, Melanie overhears Carly telling Bo that she has to tell her the truth. Will and Mia make up. Chad convinces Gabi to try to be friends with him, and after a chat with Rafe, she decides she may have judged Chad too hastily. Later, Chad gets permission to take three friends up to his parent’s place in Vancouver for the Olympics. He invites Tad, Kinsey, and Gabi. Mia overhears their plans and grows jealous. EJ witnesses Sydney’s first steps, and arranges for the ransom drop to take place. Sami has had another change of heart and is convinced that they should tell Rafe, but EJ claims there isn’t time. When they arrive at the pier to drop the money, Rafe runs into them.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu accuses Nikolas of wanting to ruin Lucky’s life. Lulu puts some of the blame for the situation on Elizabeth. Nik plans on heading to Paris. Mac plans to run DNA tests on “everyone.” Michael relives the night of Claudia’s murder. Carly worries that Michael needs professional help. Michael decides to head home rather than continuing to upset the family’s vacation. Sonny tells Jason he plans on framing Franco for Claudia’s murder. Jason thinks it’s a bad idea to involve Franco since the artist has incriminating photos of Michael. Jason says Franco is dangerous because he’s fearless. Sonny says the most important thing to do is “protect” Michael. Sonny worries that Michael may “confess.” Patrick and Lisa spend time together at her apartment watching a car race. Lisa comments that Patrick’s live has become “a lot safer.” Steven advises Liz to make a choice between Nik and Lucky. Mac tells Dante/Dom they found “a hair on the cabin floor.” Dante/Dom says he thinks Michael may know something about the murder. Mac says they can run Michael’s DNA. Lucky tells Liz he wants Nik out of his life. Nik calls and tells Liz he’s leaving town permanently. Jason has Spinelli check to see if there’s any “forensic evidence” linking Claudia to Michael. Jason tells Spinelli they need “an alternative.” Spinelli learns about the hair found in the cabin. Sonny finds Michael asking to view Claudia’s body. Liz heads to Wyndemere and at the same time, Lulu advises Lucky to pay Nik a visit before he leaves town. Nik wonders if Liz will accompany him to Paris but she turns him down. When Liz turns to leave him, Nik pulls her into a kiss. Lucky arrives at Wyndemere just as things start to heat up between Liz and Nik and he sees the two together in a compromising situation.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Brody kidnap Dorian and urge her to tell them why she has gotten Bo fired and hired Lowell as the new police commissioner. They know she would never do that on her own. They believe it must be because Mitch is threatening her. She first denies it but later tells them it may be true but good luck to anybody preventing Mitch from continuing to do what he does. Meanwhile, Charlie is infuriated by the fact that Mitch has gotten away with murdering his son. He is ready to drink again and go off the deep end. Dorian concludes that she needs to find a way to kill Mitch and somebody needs to "help" her. And right then, they run into each other at the bar. Both Markko and David are suspicious of Ford. Kyle finds out that Schuyler is Stacy's baby's father and not Rex. Yet he knows he cannot breech doctor/patient confidentiality or he can get kicked out of med school. He concludes he won't tell anybody. But Rex asks Fish if he can offer police protection for Stacy and her baby because they really need it. He informs Kyle of his new job protecting "Rex's" baby. And Kyle is torn as to what to do when he hears that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Phyllis discuss how Dr Taylor was supposedly Adam’s friend. Phyllis calls Nick and lets him know that she did something that he would disapprove of. Nikki visits Phyllis. Adam orders Nick to put the phone down as they get into a brawl. Victor walks in and wants to know what is going on. Sharon and Ashley realize that they were both in Fairview together and had their babies there. Sharon finds out that Adam delivered Ashley’s baby. Jack visits Ashley and Sharon. Murphy tells Jill that nothing is gone upstairs. Tucker tells Kay that he is her son. Neil threatens to call the police on Tucker and have him arrested for fraud. Kay tells Tucker that she will see him in prison before he takes over her company. Billy visits Ashley to talk to her about Adam, but when he sees Jack and Sharon there, he changes his mind. Neil calls Ashley to talk to her, Jack and Billy about what happened at the stockholders meeting. Victor defends Adam in front of Nick. Victor tells Adam and Nick that he will be retaking the company. Jill tells Kay that Jo-Jo is gone. Kay tells Nikki and Jill that Tucker has controlling interest in her company and also claims to be her son. Neil tells Billy, Jack and Ashley what happened at the stockholder’s meeting and that Tucker took over controlling interest in Chancellor and Jabot. Nick finds out that Phyllis sicced Billy on Adam. Nick is pleased about what Phyllis did. Adam comes home and tells Sharon that Victor is back . Sharon begins to question Adam about his lies and that he was just like Jack in keeping secrets from her. Sharon makes Adam promise that there are no more secrets. Jill confronts Tucker about his lies. The Abbotts team up to ensure stability at Jabot. Kay gets help from Victor in regaining her company.

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