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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Greenlee lies in her bed and is bored to death. David comes to visit with a deck of cards and suggests that they play Gin Rummy. At the Chandler mansion, Annie does a very provocative dance for Adam while Scott watches from outside the living room window. Liza visits Colby to try to smooth things out with her when they hear a scream from the living room. Hurrying into the living room, Liza, Colby and Scott find Annie standing over Adam, who is lying on the floor. Scott immediately calls for an ambulance, which Adam wants sent back. Scott lets Adam know that it is too late. At Fusion, Randi reprimands Madison for her mind not being on her work. Madison watches Erica’s office door and is worried that Erica had changed her mind and will fire her. Randi offers Madison encouragement to do her job. Ryan suggests to Erica that they call it a day and go to dinner at a little out of the way restaurant. Erica, worried about what people will say, tells Ryan that they should leave separately. Ryan comes out of Erica’s office and tells the office help that he is leaving for the day, but that Erica wants to see Madison in her office. Timidly, Madison walks into Erica’s office. In talking to David, Greenlee fears that David is hiding something about life in Pine Valley. Erica relieves Madison’s fears that she is going to fire Madison. Erica also explains the kiss between her and Ryan. Madison gives Erica some sound advice not to let love pass her by nor hide it behind closed doors. Ryan bumps into Opal at the Confusion bar and she immediately begins to question him about his relationship with Erica. Ryan denies there is any relationship. Greenlee demands of David to check her legs. Opal gives Ryan a tarot reading about his future and finds out that someone will walk back into Ryan’s life. At the hospital, Frankie hurries to Adam’s side when he is brought into the hospital. Annie tells Scott that he wishes that he was the one that she was doing the seductive dance for. Annie is able to go in to see Adam and she blames herself for him being in this condition. Adam assures her that he will be out of here the next morning. At the Chandler mansion, Scott remembers the seductive dance that Annie had done for Adam. Scott kicks the ottoman over and up against the fireplace. Greenlee calls Ryan but doesn’t get an answer. Ryan finds that he had received a call from a private number. David walks in and finds out that Greenlee had made a call to Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie surprises her friends and family by deciding to move to New York with Simon because she feels like she can't move on with her life unless she gets away from Oakdale and the constant memories of Brad which are in Oakdale. Simon and Henry both try and persuade Katie not to leave the people who love her but its no use she is determined to leave town. Simon says a heartfelt and tearful 'here's looking at you kid" to Katie because he can't bring himself to say thee word good-bye. Margo tries to arrest Simon to keep Katie in town but Katie pleads with Margo to allow her to leave town because she can't move on with her life if she stays in Oakdale. Margo tries to persuade Katie to stay but since she is determined to leave Margo decides to throw a going away party for Katie that will be so special that Katie will decide not to leave town. Margo persuades Katie to stay for two days and then she can leave after the party.

Jack, Janet, and Carly are anxious to bring Parker and Liberty home and Jack and Carly are relieved that Parker only has a fractured tibia and can go home. Jack tells Janet he is ready to pick up with their marriage where they left off. Janet tells Jack that they will talk about their marriage once the kids are settled at home. Dusty brings over food from Metro for Liberty and Liberty wonders if their is something going on with Dusty and Janet. Janet tells Liberty that Dusty is just her boss and a mice guy. Jack and Carly bring Parker home and Parker admits to Carly that he helped Sage with her plan because he wanted them to be a family again. Jack and Carly tell Parker that he is moving out of the house because he is going to fix his marriage to Janet. Parker encourages Carly to tell Jack she doesn't want him to move out. Carly tells Jack she doesn't want him to move out and Jack is speechless. The doctor notices a bruise on Liberty' arm and puts a rush on a test while Dusty does his best to keep Janet calm. The doctor tells Janet that he ran some more tests on Liberty and it isn't good news.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that Hope only has an internship at FC while Steffy has a high publicity position. They are not in competition. They should be able to work within the same company despite personal feelings. Hope comes in and joins in that she wishes Steffy could just look at her as another girl; not as a Logan. They might be running the company someday. Steffy comes around and tells Hope that she should have a chance to work with the best in the business. She just wants to be assured that she won’t lose her father in the process. Ridge assures her that he loves her and she will never lose him. Katie confides to Donna that she has forgiven her, and she is not the problem. It is Steffy and what she has done and still doing. She saw Steffy stroking Bill’s cheek in the office. She knows exactly what a girl like her is capable of. Bill is completely innocent in this. It is Steffy’s doings and Katie is going to put a stop to it right now.

Owen and Jackie discuss the matters over at FC and she even encourages Owen to check in on Steffy. She could probably use a friend about now. Katie tells Donna that her marriage is too important; she will deal with Steffy. Hope tells Katie that Steffy had reservations, but that seems to be all worked out now. Katie is enthusiastic and insists that Hope give some thought to her own presentation for the future. She’ll help her set it to paper. Ridge stands by while Brooke, Steffy and Taylor bicker about who should be in the head office. Brooke says Katie is not the enemy. She will continue to support all the Forrester’s, even Steffy…..if she is loyal. Katie confesses to Donna that she loves Bill more than any man she thought she could. And if Steffy doesn’t respect that, she wants her out of the company and out of her life for good.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After Mickey’s funeral, everyone gathers back at Maggie’s place. Melissa shows up, as do Sarah, Marie, and Bill, though the latter three never appear onscreen. An embarrassing moment ensues when Melissa mistakes Stephanie for Melanie. Later, she is angry to learn that Nathan has been arrested twice, and that Melanie was involved both times. Nathan assures her that he is going to stay far away from Melanie from now on. Later, everyone says a few words about Mickey and how he touched their lives. Vivian works on finding out who Mia’s daughter is, but after running into Mia and Melanie, she assumes is Carly’s daughter must be Mia and tells Victor as much. Later, Carly and Bo talk about how her daughter hates her, and we learn that Carly’s daughter is actually Melanie. The hit man nearly kills Arianna, but Brady intervenes and chases him off. Hope and Bo discuss the end of their marriage, and Hope admits that while she now knows this was partly her fault, she doesn’t think they can go back. Later, Hope is upset when Bo excuses himself to give her some time alone with Justin. Rafe and Stefano question EJ about his dumping his DiMera stock at a loss. EJ claims he just wants to rid himself of everything ‘DiMera,’ but later we learn that the money is going towards paying off Anna. EJ vows to put his plan into motion soon and arrange for the ransom drop.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu confronts Elizabeth about Nikolas. Lulu accuses Liz of leading Nik on and even asks if Liz is “pregnant.” While on vacation with the family, Michael relives the night of Claudia’s murder. The boys dare Carly to try her skills at skiing. Mac tells Sonny that the autopsy “confirms that Claudia was murdered.” Sonny tells Mac he wants Claudia’s killer found. Dante/Dom gets upset with Olivia because Johnny knows his real identity. Nik goes to Liz’s house but finds Steven. Steven tries to be understanding of Nik’s feelings for Liz. Nik takes all the blame for the situation. Johnny tells Dante/Dom and Olivia he won’t lose any sleep if Sonny is found guilty of Claudia’s murder. Patrick offers to help Lisa settle into her apartment. Kristina wants to see a movie but Kiefer seems to only want sex. Ethan intervenes when he sees Kiefer push Kristina. Dante/Dom promises Johnny that Claudia’s killer will be found. Dante/Dom tells Ronnie they “need DNA evidence” to prove Sonny guilty of the murder. Kristina opts to stay with Ethan and sends Kiefer away. Ethan wonders what attracts Kristina to Kiefer. Sonny comes to GH to supposedly check on Ronnie. Sonny is suspicious as to why Franco would have run Ronnie down and left him for dead. Steven wonders if Liz chose Lucky because he’s the more stable choice. Lulu pays Nik a visit to discuss Lucky. Carly suffers a minor injury on the slopes. Claudia’s forensic report and autopsy results are “sealed.” Evidence is found linking Claudia’s death to “the torched cabin.” Sonny tells Dante/Dom they should pin Claudia’s murder on Franco.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David is ready to sue Ford for casting a character who looks like David in an unattractive light. Markko is not interested in helping David until David shows him a video of a girl in Langston's image making out with Ford. At that point, they both want to sue him. Ford moves into the apartment with Layla, Cristian and Fish. Kyle is not ok about him living there and is afraid that he's tempting Fish. Meanwhile, Stacy has to keep the secret that her baby is not Rex's. But Schuyler knows better and when he finds out that Mitch threatened the baby, he goes to see her and is overheard by Kyle admitting that it's his baby. Rex asks Fish if he could offer Stacy personal police protection. Still nobody except Stacy knows that her baby could be Fish's. Dorian tries to reach out to Blair and to David. But they won't forgive her for what she did.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon tells Adam that she has a lot of questions to ask him. Adam tells her to ask away. Sharon asks Adam what the argument was about between him and Dr. Taylor .Phyllis lets Nick know what Sharon’s reaction was when she had found out about Adam lying about Dr. Taylor dying. Phyllis tells Nick that this story had to be uncovered. Nick tells Phyllis that she sounds like Billy. Mac questions a detective about the report which showed that the death of Dr. Taylor had been ruled an accident. Billy finds out that Dr. Taylor is dead. Mac tells Billy that she is going for an ultrasound and that Cane and Lily is stopping by to pick her up and take her .At home, Cane assures Lily that this will be their first ultrasound. Lily tells Cane that she doesn’t want to know what the babies are. Neil buys Ashley breakfast and they discuss the shareholder’s meeting and how proud Neil and Kay should feel at acquiring cell tron. They make plans to celebrate later. Tucker tells J.T. that he is pleased as to how J.T. had been doing in his company. Kay tells Murph that she had promised Neil that she would be in early for the stockholder’s meeting. Jill wants to ride in with her, but Kay asks Jill to stay there to get the results of the DNA on Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo walks in and lets it out that Esther had let it slip that they were doing a DNA on her. Adam lies to Sharon about his meeting with Dr Taylor. J.T. lashes out at Billy for the article that he had written about Victoria. Tucker arrives at the Chandler mansion and lets Jill know that he has a surprise for her . Heather meets with Billy, but when she finds out that he is doing an article on Adam, she refuses to help him. Sharon confronts Nick about his and Phyllis’ treatment of Adam. Tucker gives Jill a diamond bracelet. Esther gets the results of the DNA. At the stockholder’s meeting, Kay finds out that Tucker controls her company. Kay is quite beside herself as to how Tucker could do this to her. Tucker reveals to Kay that he is her son. Jill tells Jo-Jo that she is not Kay’s daughter, but Jo-Jo lets them know that she had known that all along. Adam and Nick are in a heated argument and about to come to blows when Victor walks in and wants to know what is going on. Ashley and Sharon find out that they were in the sanitarium at the same time. Mac, Cane and Lily visit the doctor for the ultrasound and find out that Mac is having twins.

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