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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby comes into the Chandler living room and finds Annie playing with Emma. At the hospital, Angie and Jake try to assure Amanda that they will do a DNA test on Trevor to find out if he has David’s disease. Amanda and Jake come to Tad’s to pick up Trevor and lets them know about David and his disease and that Trevor may have it. Tad tries to console Krystal concerning Little A and whether or not that he may have this incurable disease (which he doesn’t) Tad asks Krystal had she ever kissed Rob which she doesn’t tell him. Marissa comes home and tells J.R. that she may have the incurable disease that David has. J.R. assures her that they will get through this . Annie starts to a provocative dance for Adam. Scott watches from outside. Liza comes to visit Colby. Liza and Colby hear Annie scream.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie brings Jacob to the studio with her to start filming her new show. Kim and Katie marvel at how cute Jacob is. Kim assures Katie that if she needs time then she can have it . Katie assures Kim that she will be fine. Simon meets with an employer about a job, but gets turned down because he is a jewel thief. Henry meets with Clarissa and Mr. Lee at the Lakeview. At the hospital, Barbara and Mickey discuss Paul and how that Mickey wants to get Paul to trust him again. Barbara demands to know what is wrong with Emily and why she wont’ wake up. Paul sits beside of Emily’s bedside while she is still unconscious. Mickey assures Barbara that Emily will be fine in time. Mickey tells Barbara that Emily was butting her nose into his business and was about to find out his plans before he wanted anyone to know. Katie is shocked when she sees a pic of Brad which one of the employees has under her arm. Katie seeks comfort from Simon. Henry and Clarissa begin to finalize the deal with Mr. Lee when Barbara comes in with Mickey. Henry and Mr. Lee start out of the dining room, but not before Barbara yells for Henry. Henry tries to ignore Barbara, but Barbara persists in getting his attention. Mr. Lee becomes suspicious as to who Henry really is and demands to see his driver’s license. Katie pours out her heart to Simon about her feelings about Brad. Henry calls Simon to let him hear what is going on at the meeting . Simon senses that Henry is in trouble. Susan finds out that Alison is engaged to Casey and hadn’t told her anything about it . Paul interrupts Mickey and Barbara and demands to know what Mickey had done to Emily. Mickey tries to assure Paul that Emily will be fine .

Katie comes up with a plan to help Clarissa and Henry. Alison apologizes to Susan for not telling her about her engagement to Casey. Clarissa tries her best to assure Mr. Lee that everything is fine when Katie and Simon come up, pretending to be the FBI and takes Henry and Clarissa away. Once back at Katie’s apartment, Clarissa lashes out at Henry and Simon for ruining her deal. Katie remarks that they will never change . Paul checks on Emily and urges her to wake up. Katie tells Simon that she still wants him to leave.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge lets Hope do the honors by throwing the DARE line sketches in the trash. He congratulates her when Brooke announces that Hope is joining FC as an intern. Steffy is shocked. She tells Ridge that Hope can’t do this. It is not right. She confesses they are father and daughter again. She does not want to have to share his office with Hope now. He doesn’t want her to feel cheated. Thomas tells his mom he had to take a break at work; it feels like he is working for the enemy. He’s not sure what it is, but he’s also worried about Steffy. She’d headstrong and makes bad choices about men. He’d like his mother to go talk to her before she gets in over her head. Taylor arrives at Ridge’s office while he is talking to Steffy. Steffy tells her mom and dad that FC is overrun by Logan’s; they are popping out of the woodwork. She feels like the Forrester’s are being forced out.

Hope is sensitive and tells her mom that she doesn’t want Steffy to feel jealous of her, but she understands how she would want her mom and dad back together and not have all the Logan’s at work. Brooke suggests she give Steffy some time and it will all work out; one big happy family. Taylor and Ridge try to get Steffy to understand that Hope will be no threat to her. Nevertheless, Steffy would like Ridge to talk to Brooke and maybe suggest another place that Hope could intern. She doesn’t want to share Ridge with Hope, and she does feel like she is losing him all over again. Ridge admits he is working for a guy that he loathes. But he does not feel that the Forrester’s are being squeezed out. They will all just have to adjust. Taylor says unlike hi problems with Spencer, the fears of Thomas and Steffy can be fixed. Unsuspecting that Brooke is listening at the door, Taylor say that the Logan’s and Spencer’s are running the company now. Their own children are being challenged and he needs to step up and do something about it now. Brooke has heard enough. She bursts in and tells Taylor that Hope has as much right here as Steffy and Thomas. And she can’t believe that she is going to pass the Forrester/Logan feud down to another generation. Taylor snipes that it is a little hard for Brooke to get her facts straight when she is eavesdropping. As they banter back and forth, Brooke calls it emotional blackmail. Taylor retorts that Brooke would know what that is. Ridge is caught in the middle with all of them looking at him to do something. He tells the girls to take a breather here.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna, Brady, Daniel, and Chloe double date. Arianna expresses her fears to Chloe about Nicole, but Chloe assures her that Brady is just a good guy that likes to help his friends. Later, Arianna is dismayed when she overhears Chloe telling Daniel about her marriage with Brady, and how he only seems to be interested in women that he can save. Troy learns that Arianna will be alone at the pub the next day due to Mickey’s funeral, and arranges for the hit man to kill her there. Hope and Carly face off over Bo. Melanie overhears Hope talking about Lawrence’s murder, and shows her disgust for Carly. Bo later shows up and tries to prevent everyone from finding out, but Hope informs him that everyone already knows. She then asks him to leave, but later expresses regret to Doug that she waited too long to take Bo back into her life. Carly plans to leave town, but Bo tries to convince her that he doesn’t want her to go. Maggie continues to grieve over Mickey. Lucas advises Will to comfort Mia, despite the fact that they have broken up. Nathan wants to talk to Melanie about their kiss, but she refuses. She and Philip later plan to have their wedding in Salem next month so that Maggie can attend the ceremony. Nathan assures Stephanie that nothing is going on between him and Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly tells Jason not to feel guilty about Franco’s actions. Nikolas and Elizabeth have a talk about their situation. Nik isn’t happy that Liz withheld the truth about their relationship with Lucky. Nik wonders how long they can go on “pretending” and asks Liz to consider a “future” with him. Lulu stops Lucky from laying into Sam about Jason’s choice of who to save from Franco. Lucky apologizes to Sam. Later, Lucky returns to Crimson and asks Lulu if she knew Nik “was in love with” Liz. Lulu is clueless so Lucky fills her in. Maxie gives Lulu an expensive bag to ease her guilty conscience about Franco. Dante/Dom talks with Michael about respecting women. Dante/Dom tries to warn Michael away from a life in the mob. Michael accuses Dante/Dom of “using” the family to get in good with Sonny. Jason tells Carly how he and Franco are similar when it comes to taking the lives of others. Jax tells Olivia he plans on telling Carly “the truth” as soon as Sonny is out of the way. Patrick and Lisa don’t appreciate Steven “looking over” their shoulders “in the ER.” Johnny is tormented as he waits for an autopsy on the body found in the warehouse. Lucky takes his frustrations about Nik out on Jason then apologizes for rehashing all the history about Jake. Jax and family plan a ski trip. Robin and Emma head for the airport. Jason tells Sam he thinks Franco will eventually “make contact.” Spinelli tells Dante/Dom and Johnny that the dead body is indeed Claudia and her cause of death was a “blunt force trauma to the head.”

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ross tells Dani that Todd is her biological father. He tells her she should go back to Llanview and get to know Todd. Dani says Todd will never be her father and that he creeps her out. Téa tells Dani that she won't report to the authorities that Ross is alive if Dani comes back to Llanview to get to know Todd. Ross tells Dani he will be at their house in Tahiti and she can come back whenever she wants. Starr and Langston move in with Cole and Markko. Mitch Laurence goes to Todd’s house and tells Todd that he knows what it is like to lose his children. He comments on Todd losing Téa and Dani and now Starr moving out. He offers to arrange for Cole to have another accident so that Starr will turn to Todd, but Todd warns Mitch not to touch Cole. Mitch says Todd owes him because Todd killed his brother, Walker and had plastic surgery to look like him. He wants Todd to help him get Rex's child because he is not leaving Llanview without the chosen child. Todd refuses.

Rex moves back into the loft with Stacy. Rex and Stacy tell Jessica about Mitch wanting to take their baby and mold it from birth as his heir. Jessica tells Rex that some of the cops on the Llanview PD moonlight as security guards. She warns him to watch out for Stacy. Layla tells Cris and Fish that she was told not to report to work until further notice. Ford is informed that he will not get graduate student housing at the university. Layla, Cris, and Fish discuss how Cris sleeps in Layla's room and Fish usually sleeps at Kyle's place. They decide to invite Ford to move into their apartment with them. David Vickers vows to find Ford.

David goes to the Buchanan mansion and confronts Kim about being a gold-digger. He tells her that he will not let her sleep her way through his fortune. He tells her to get out of Clint's life or he will be forced to tell him the truth about how she manipulated Neville to set into motion the events that led to Clint finding out about Nora and Bo. Clint overhears the end of the conversation so Kim admits it and says he only did it to prevent Clint from being embarrassed by finding out another way. Clint thanks Kim and tells David that Bo is no longer his brother therefore David is no longer his nephew. David leaves. Clint tells Kim that it is obvious that she is looking for a sugar daddy and that they will eventually have to talk about the sugar.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy reads a rival newspaper when Mac walks up and asks him if he isn’t afraid of ruining his image. Billy asks Mac if she knew that Sharon and Adam had gotten married. Billy begins to throw slurs at Adam and Mac defends Adam. Mac questions Billy if he doing a story on Adam. Billy doesn’t really give her an answer. Adam asks Phyllis what she had said to the police. Phyllis tells Adam that she had told the police that she had told them exactly what she had seen that two men were arguing and the one had run out into the street and had gotten hit by a car. Phyllis asks Adam what were he and the men arguing about, and how did Adam know him. Adam lies and tells Phyllis that the man was drunk. A man approaches Adam and begins to question him about the accident. Phyllis tells Nick about what had happened with Adam and what had been said. Nick tells Phyllis to meet him to discuss this further. Nick tells Ashley and Sharon about Dr. Taylor getting hit by a car. Kay asks Jo-Jo to accompany her to the bar, but Jo-Jo lets her know that she has other plans. Esther questions Jo-Jo about her plans. Kay tells Neil to prepare for their first cell tron stockholders meeting. Phyllis questions Adam if he feels responsible for the accident. Sharon finds out that Adam was with Dr. Taylor when the accident happened. Billy questions Rafe about Adam and his past. Rafe opens up and tells Billy everything. Jo-Jo has an estate sale at the Chancellor’s. Esther interrupts and stops the estate sale. Esther lets it slip that a DNA test is being done to see if she is Kay’s daughter. Nick lets Phyllis know that Adam is hiding something about the accident and about Dr. Taylor. Ashley finds out that Dr. Taylor had delivered Sharon’s baby. Sharon calls Adam to see where he is and she finds out that he is at the office. At the hospital, Sharon finds out that Dr. Taylor had never regained consciousness and had died. Sharon tells Adam that Dr. Taylor hadn’t survived. Jo-Jo goes to Jimmy’s for a drink and meets up with Tucker. Jo-Jo lets Tucker know that the fun will be soon be over since a DNA test is being done. Tucker tells her that he has another plan in mind. Mac interrupts them and inquires that she didn’t know that they knew each other so well. Jo-Jo denies the accusation. Ashley and Phyllis find out that Dr. Taylor is dead. Phyllis, in talking to the doctor, finds out that Dr. Taylor’s alcohol level was really low. Phyllis knows that Adam had lied.

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