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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie brings Randi to work at Fusion. Randi mentions to Frankie that she wishes that Erica would hire some help for her so that she could take some time off to spend with her husband. Madison tells Randi that her secret is sate with her. Frankie and Randi are both surprised that Madison is here. Frankie asks what Madison is doing here. Madison lets them know that she is here to talk to Erica, but thinks that she will just leave her a note. Frankie encourages Randi to ask Erica for a job for Madison. Randi agrees with the plan. Randi calls Erica to see where she is, but Erica doesn’t answer her phone since she is in bed with Ryan. The alarm clock awakens Jake and Amanda. They kiss and cuddle before Jake has to get up to go to work. Jake questions Amanda if she is happy because he had heard her up pacing the night before. Greenlee wakes up to find David watching over her. Kendall calls Erica, but Erica thinks that it is Randi calling again. Ryan suggests to Erica that he help out at Fusion. Dr. Coleman tells David that if Greenlee rushes her recovery then she will never walk again. Erica comes in to work at Fusion with Ryan right behind her. Randi suggests to Erica as to giving Madison a job at Fusion. Erica surprises Randi by giving Madison a job as her personal assistant. Randi feels betrayed by the news. After Jake leaves for work, Amanda calls David to tell him about Trevor’s new tooth. Jake walks back in during her conversation with David. Jake confronts Amanda about the call to David and if it had been David, who had called last night . David opens up to Greenlee about his feelings for Trevor. Gayle overhears his conversation and later confronts David about maybe overplaying his hand when it came to his talking to Greenlee about Trevor. David warns Gayle about the people, who betray him. David suggests that this conversation never happened. Amanda does research on David’s disease and realizes that it is heredity and that Trevor may catch it . Amanda, panicky, first calls Jake and when she cannot talk to him, asks to talk to Angie. At the hospital, Amanda confronts Jake as to why he hadn’t told her that Trevor could die from this disease. Angie suggest that they do a DNA test on Trevor. Madison walks in on Ryan and Erica kissing .

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry persuades Clarissa to allow him to replace Simon in the con. Simon isn't happy about it until Henry tells him that he is trying to make Clarissa leave town quickly so that he can be happy with Katie. Simon tells Henry to be careful because Katie couldn't handle losing another important person in her life. Clarissa thinks Henry is in love with Katie, but he tells her they are just good friends.

Katie feels guilty because she is having feelings for Simon so soon after Brad's death and considers selling the house. Katie admits to Simon that she is afraid of falling in love with him again because every time they fall for each other he leaves her. Simon tells Katie that he is determined to leave his old life behind because she is the only person that makes him truly happy.

Janet and Jack are determined to save their marriage and they are brought closer together as they search for Parker and Liberty. Sage tries her best to get Carly to admit that she wants Jack back in her life, but try as she might Carly won't admit that to Sage or to herself. Dusty arrives to help in the search for Parker and Liberty after Janet calls and tells him how scared she is about the kids. Parker and Liberty find shelter in a shack and when daylight comes Liberty is able to find a piece of wood to make a crutch for Parker. Parker is able to walk back to the hotel with help from Liberty as well as the homemade crutch. Everyone is relieved to see Parker and Liberty, but Dusty and Carly aren't too happy to see Jack and Janet back together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie kisses Bill. She says they had their first fight, but it is behind them and they can get over it. They can forgive each other, and he will never have to spend the night alone again. Steffy explains to Thomas that she does not have feelings for Bill. She just finds him fascinating. Ridge calls a meeting of the Forrester’s. He says Bill kicked them around pretty good yesterday. They were at a disadvantage when their plan failed. So now they need to regroup. Rick doesn’t know how they can do that. Bill and Katie are on to them; they won’t be able to fool them again. Ridge is not even that encouraged that Bill and Katie spent the night apart. He tells them Bill still owns the company and the marriage could go up in smoke and that wouldn’t change things. Rick says they need to fall back on Plan B. Bill and Katie walk in and Bill makes a snide remark about the gang being all here, time for class. Are they planning another coup attempt? He says he will be brief. Playtime is over and they are to get back to work. He wants to see some real sketches on the new line by the end of the week. He’s not firing them; they still work for him. He doesn’t have to like them, but Katie has convinced him that it is in everyone’s best interest to put this unfortunate incident behind them and that is what he is going to do. Katie is not going to even punish them for their mutiny. Ridge tells Bill he should just cut his losses and let the company go. Bill scoffs that the word quit is not even in his vocabulary. He reminds Ridge that he bought the company to make it a success. They are the ones who plotted to bring it down. They work for him; he pays them a ridiculous amount of money so they should be grateful to him. When the word forgiveness doesn’t go over very big, Bill says okay they can hate him if they want to, but they do work for him and this company will never ever fall back into their hands.

At the doctor’s office, Sandy wants to be sure that Nick has not told Bridget anything about her past and her ugly experience. Everything is going great now with the pregnancy, their friendship and her job at Jackie M. She doesn’t want that ugliness to taint this. Sandy tells the doctor that she is happy and healthy and everything is good. She’s pleased to see the sonogram and reaches out first for Bridget’s hand, and then Nick’s. Brooke tells the group they need a new plan…..one that doesn’t involve her sister. Bill is pleased with himself, and tells Katie that if she wants everyone to play nice, she is going to need him as referee. Thomas tells Steffy that he saw the looks between her and Bill at the meeting. He’s not accusing her of anything, but he wants to be sure that nothing is already happening between the two of them other than a kiss. She says Bill and Katie hit a rough patch, but now they seem solid. Thomas thinks maybe she has something on Bill now if he did not tell Katie about the kiss. Steffy tells him that he is treading in dangerous waters right now. She has no intentions of making another move on Bill. She is not a Logan; that is not her style. He says she definitely has something with Bill, not sure what but something. He just hopes she won’t close that door. Katie tells her sisters that they are all okay. She never wants to think of deceit and betrayal from her sisters again or from her husband. Steffy returns to find Bill in Katie’s office. She congratulates him for the way he handled things. She notices that he is wearing his sword necklace. She comments that she is glad he and Katie weathered the storm and she hopes that they will have a great life together. Katie walks up and stands just outside the door which is ajar. She sees Steffy put her hand to Bill’s face and caresses his cheek.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Doug, Lucas, Melanie, Philip, Stephanie, and Mia all gather at Maggie’s to comfort her over her loss. Nathan kisses Melanie. Later, she and Philip decide to put their wedding off for now. Hope calls Bo for support, and thanks to a nurse at the hospital, she learns that Carly and Bo were together all day. She assumes the two slept together. Carly comes by Maggie’s to check on her daughter, and Hope lays into her with both barrels. Rafe talks Will into trying to be friends with Mia. Sami decides to tell Rafe the truth about the ransom note, but when EJ supports her decision to do so, she changes her mind once again, deciding that she can trust EJ.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason spends the evening searching for Franco and finds nothing. Carly and family decide to stay in Port Charles. Lucky confronts Nikolas about his feelings for Elizabeth. The brothers have a heated discussion and Nik admits his feelings for Liz. Nik says he didn’t plan on falling in love with Liz. Steven and Liz discuss her inability to “let go” of Nik. Steven tells Liz to stop being afraid “and take control.” Carly worries that Lulu isn’t coping well with what happened with Franco. Lulu confides her feelings in Carly. Robin makes plans to visit Anna in London with Emma. Dante/Dom fills Ronnie in on what happened with Franco. Dante/Dom confronts Ronnie about “covering” for Franco in the past. Ronnie says Franco once took the blame for a liquor store he (Ronnie) robbed. Steven isn’t happy when he learns Lisa is performing back-to-back major surgeries. Patrick gets upset and assumes Robin reported Lisa’s actions to Steven. Dante/Dom finds Lulu standing outside the warehouse. Jason tells Sonny that per Franco’s “rules” he will likely “kill someone” soon. Dante/Dom tells Lulu he had nightmares about being unable to reach her on time. Kristina worries that Michael is crossing the line when he skips school. Michael gets offended when Kristina calls Sonny “a violent criminal.” Dante/Dom steps in and tells Michael to stop yelling at Kristina. Carly gets in the middle of Jason and Sonny’s disagreement over Franco. Lucky is less than friendly with Sam because Jason “chose” to save her over Lulu. Sonny says Michael must be protected if the body in the morgue turns out to be Claudia.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd reluctantly agrees to let Starr move in with Cole, afraid that he could lose another daughter. In Tahiti, Ross shows up. Dani tells both of her parents that she wants them to be a family again. But they tell her that's not possible. And Ross admits to his daughter, for the first time that he is not her father. Todd Manning is. Matthew is back in Llanview missing Dani. Clint slaps Nora with a multi million dollar lawsuit for all of the expenses she cost him in the short time they were married. She is outraged to see that Kim is moving in with him Elijah represents Nora. David Vickers finds out that Kimberly Andrews has gotten hired by Clint and is ready to take all of Asa's money. He reveals that he knows her. And he goes to confront her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Emily and Jack have breakfast together when she begins to question him about his involvement in Sharon’s life and in every decision that she makes. Nick calls Sharon and tells her that they need to discuss what had happened last night just as Phyllis comes downstairs. Sharon tells him that she will come by. Dr. Taylor stops by to see Ashley and is surprised to see Adam holding Faith. In his talking to Phyllis, Nick blames Sharon’s negligence for Noah almost losing his life. Tucker and Jill propose a toast to their latest business triumph in acquiring a major corporation. Jill suggests Cane for the position of Senior Vice President . Lily tells Malcolm that she and Cane are going to be parents and goes on to tell Malcolm that Mac is carrying their baby. Jack questions Emily if she is jealous of Sharon. Emily denies the accusation. Nick tells Sharon that if she had been home with Noah then none of this would have happened with Noah and the fire. Nick tells Sharon that he wants Noah to move in with him and Phyllis. Dr. Taylor asks Ashley if they could talk privately. Dr. Taylor tells Adam that he is blowing his plan out of the water. Adam tries to talk Dr. Taylor out of ruining his life as well as everybody’s else. Dr. Taylor insists that he is telling Sharon and Ashley the truth. Adam begs Dr. Taylor to meet him at Jimmy’s so they can discuss this. Noah shows Eden a business card that he had found on the door and Noah insists that that is not Sharon’s handwriting on the card. Noah and Eden make the connection that it must have been Daisy, who had caught the house on fire. Jill calls Cane to meet her and Tucker at the club. Jill offers Cane the position of Senior Vice President at Chancellor. Cane turns down the job offer. Eden confronts Daisy about starting the fire at Sharon’s. Daisy denies the accusation, but instead lays the blame on Ryder. Nick stops by Ashley’s and apologizes to Sharon for his remarks . Adam fights with Dr Taylor outside of Jimmy’s. Tires squeal as a car hits Dr. Taylor and he falls to the ground. Adam stands over him as an ambulance is called. Phyllis questions Adam as to what he was fighting with the doctor about. What did Dr. Taylor mean when he said that Adam was finished?

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