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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Ryan are awarded joint custody of Emma. Annie is thrilled by the news, but Ryan is more stunned than anything . Ryan tells Annie to abide by the rules of the judge when Annie receives the first week with Emma. Erica tries to comfort Ryan after he hears the news. Colby lashes out at Liza for letting Annie receive joint custody. Liza tries to talk Colby into moving back in with her, but Colby refuses. Greenlee gets the devastating news that Dr. Coleman doesn’t want to do her surgery because of her blood count. Greenlee coaxes Dr. Coleman and David into doing her surgery. Jake surprises Amanda with a poem (he had written himself) which she reads aloud. Amanda is also surprised with music from a trumpet player. Amanda and Jake kiss. Dr. Coleman agrees to Greenlee’s surgery. Ryan and Erica arrive home to his condo . Emma, excitedly, comes running downstairs and wants to know what the judge had said. Ryan tells Emma that he and Annie had been awarded joint custody, and that she can go home to Annie tonight . Colby surprises Annie by congratulating her on getting joint custody of Emma. The surprises for Emma arrive at the Chandler mansion. Scott congratulates Annie for obtaining joint custody of Emma through being honest.

The surgery for Greenlee begins. Ryan takes Emma to the Chandler mansion. Complications arise during Greenlee’s surgery when she dies on the operating table, but Ryan’s love for Greenlee pulls her back from the white light and Greenlee pulls through the surgery. Dr. Coleman assures David that Greenlee will pull through. David calls Amanda and tells her to give Trevor a kiss for him. Amanda lies to Jake as to who had called.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

While Carly and Jack are hiding in a closet, Jack asks Carly if she got him to Detroit to seduce him. She explains that she told Craig that to make him leave, but she does ask him why they always end up being drawn to one another like now. Jack and Carly almost kiss, but when Hayden and her mom leave the room, Jack and Carly race out of the closet with Sage’s CD. Sage is watching Hayden’s act when she seems to be having second thoughts. Carly and Jack give her a pep talk, but Sage finally admits that this was a ruse and she has no interest in the Miss Snowflake Pageant. Jack and Carly are angry, as Sage explains why she did it and how she is sure they still love one another and they just needed to spend time together to remember that, as Carly and Jack are speechless. Outside the hotel where the pageant is being held, Parker and Liberty walk in the woods and talk about how they have been forced to grow up quickly due to circumstances in their lives. However, trying to have fun makes them lose track of their surroundings and they get turned around. Parker is then hurt, as he tries to hide how badly to not alarm Liberty, as they try to find a way out of the woods. Clarissa tries to coax Simon back into their long-standing deal that is about to payoff, but Simon wants to stay in town and make a life, as he turns her down. Clarissa offers him some money tempting him to think about it. Katie is feeling more positive about life these days, as she tells Henry about Kim being back in town and how they are due to meet about her show. However, her happiness is short lived when she sees Simon with Clarissa. An annoyed Katie wants to forget so she abruptly heads home. Soon after, Simon heads to Katie’s to ask her out now that he has some green, but she can’t help but ask about Clarissa. Simon explains who she is, but that he wants to stay in town to be there for her instead. Henry approaches Clarissa and tries to strike up a deal with her for him to replace Simon in this mysterious deal. Clarissa is not biting at first, but Henry is persistent. Carly and Jack talk to Sage about their disapproval of her behavior. Sage presses them to admit their feelings, as they admit they will always care for one another because they have history, but then Carly’s attention is turned when Hayden’s mother eggs her on. Sage is happy to see this interaction and heads onstage and sings a song, Never Surrender, dedicated to her parents. Later, Carly and Jack seem to be trying to convince themselves of a reason they can’t get back together, but they seem to not have a reason off the top of their heads. They are about to share a kiss when Janet interrupts. After a sad Carly leaves them to talk, Janet explains that she has come to fight for their marriage, but she can’t help but notice the vibe between him and Carly. Parker and Liberty get more lost but find a place to stay, as Parker’s leg gets worse and Liberty has to care for him. Getting colder, they huddle for body warmth and are about to kiss when Parker passes out. Katie tells Simon that she can’t make any promises, as Simon claims to accept that, but he wants to be there for her, as he kisses her. Henry continues to try to convince Clarissa that Simon will never change his mind because of Katie, but if Simon has never met the mark then he can play a fill in as the mysterious Australian. Sage is upset to hear from Carly that Janet is with her dad, as Carly seems to not be able to hide her disappointment either. However, she is becoming more worried about where Parker and Liberty are now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thinks back to what he told Katie that nothing good would come of her walking out the door. He puts his sword necklace back on, here comes the old Dollar Bill. Brooke wakes Katie up from the couch where she spent the night. Brooke hopes Katie will forgive her as she wants them to be the way they all used to be. Steffy puts papers on Katie’s desk, sees the photo with Bill and thinks about the latest kiss. Thomas catches Steffy and wants to be filled in with what happened when she ran out last night. She tells him that she went to see Bill. Katie returns home and apologizes to Bill for last night. He is sorry too. She says last night was one of the worst days of her life and the part that she feels the worst about was her walking out. She doesn’t want him to shut her out. It was a mistake and she should have stayed and fought it out. She knew she shouldn’t drive and she hopes he will understand and forgive her. She wants him to remember how much they love each other. He regrets last night too, and he reminds her that he asked her not to walk out on him. She explains that she felt attacked the way he was disrespecting her sister and she did not want to fight with him.

Teenage Hope makes her late entrance and asks about Aunt Katie. Ridge and Brooke fill her in that it was a bad day at the office. Hope puts in her two cents that she always thought Steffy was sweet so she is shocked that she lashed out at Brooke. Ridge says she got emotional but he will talk to her. Thomas wants straight answers why Steffy went to see Bill and then what happened when they were alone. She asks if she can trust him. She tells him she and Bill kissed. Thomas tells her that if Bill has the hots for her, and he thinks he does, then they can take advantage of that. She agrees that she hates Darth Vader in grandpa’s office. She says she respects the institution of marriage, but she doesn’t respect Katie. She asks Thomas not to say anything to Ridge about Bill or the kiss. She is not going to pursue Bill. They will find another way to get the company back. Bill tells Katie that this bothered him more than she will ever know. It reminded him of when he was abandoned as a baby and as a boy growing up and being ignored by his father. It opened a nerve and was still raw after this many years. He can take the name calling, but he can’t accept her walking out on him again. He over-reacted and he is sorry for that. She cries and hugs him and begs his forgiveness. They will never let anything like this happen again. They tell each other they love one another.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Carly make love as Vivian and Victor move ever closer to finding out the identity of Carly’s daughter, planning to use her to make Carly pay. Vivian also makes nice with Philip, approving of his plan to elope with Melanie. Hope breaks the news about Mickey to Julie, who tells Nathan and Doug. They all head over to Maggie’s place to comfort her. Melanie heads over to borrow some jewelry from Maggie before her trip, and learns of Mickey’s death. She does her best to comfort Maggie, and Nathan thanks her for it, telling her he will miss her while she is gone. Philip heads over to Maggie’s to look for Melanie, who is late meeting him for their trip to Vegas. Brady and Victor argue about Nicole. Brady later heads over to the pub to apologize to Arianna, vowing to her that Nicole is out of his life for good. She agrees to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Troy plans Arianna’s demise.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Franco talks about the first time he killed a man. He says he felt nothing so he “turned it into art.” Jason and Dante/Dom race to get to Lulu and Sam. Jason frees Sam two seconds before the bomb is set to explode. Strangely enough, the bomb never explodes. Lucky arrives at the warehouse looking for Lulu and he runs into Steven. Alexis gives Sonny a piece of her mind regarding Sam’s situation. Sonny says Franco is after Jason and it has nothing to do with him. Alexis and Sonny disagree about Kristina. Sam calls and tells Alexis she’s safe. Lucky, Sam, and Jason await word on Lulu’s fate. Lucky assumes the worst, blames Jason and then attacks him for choosing Sam over Lulu. Dante/Dom brings Lulu safely out of the building. Steven checks her out at the scene and says she’s fine. Kristina heads out for some alone time with Kiefer. She confides Sam’s situation in Kiefer. Kristina puts the blame on Sonny. Spinelli tries to get info about Lulu for a worried Maxie. Dante/Dom calls and reports Lulu’s rescue to Sonny who praises him for his “good” work. Olivia happens by Sonny’s office so he tells her what happened with Lulu. Sonny tells Olivia he’s tired of being considered a “bad” parent. Johnny, Sonny, and Olivia head to the warehouse to check on Lulu. A rescue worker says there’s a dead woman inside and she’s been dead for a while. Johnny assumes it’s Claudia. Ethan comes to see Nikolas on his private jet. Ethan wonders if Nik is going after Rebecca. After she learns Nik is heading out of town, Liz heads off to see him. Nik plans to leave town to avoid the fact that Elizabeth plans to marry Lucky. Nik wonders why Liz “keeps coming back” to him if she’s so in love with Lucky. Liz tells Nik that she loves “both” him and Lucky. Nik wonders if Liz’s love for Lucky isn’t merely “comfort” and “gratitude.” Jason says “Franco’s game” isn’t over. Lucky insists that Jason help him track down Franco. The two get to Franco’s place but Jason is certain they’re walking into a “trap.” Franco appears to be heading out of town. The building explodes as he heads off.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is outraged to find out that Dorian has appointed former Mayor Lowell to be the new police commissioner and that Lowell has acquitted Mitch Laurence. Lowell wants to arrest and fire John but knows he cannot. Mitch is very disappointed in him. Mitch warns Dorian that he will know if she tries to pull anything with him and will go after her family. Dani and Tea area alone in Tahiti. It appears that Ross is alive and well and ready to secretly find his way back to his daughter. Back in Llanview, Todd reveals to Starr that he won't let her move in with Cole when she turns 18 because he won't "lose another daughter". Clint is growing closer to Kimberly and grateful for her support when he's ready to divorce Nora. When she says she's looking for a place to live, he offers to let her stay at his empty home with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jill visits Tucker to tell him that her and Neil had been working on the proposal all night on the deal. Neil interrupts Jill and Tucker and lets them know that the group wasn’t convinced about the stock swap was the way to go. Neil talks Tucker into calling Margaret to help seal the deal. Murph tells Kay and Esther to listen to the quiet since Hurricane Jo-Jo had blown out to sea. Jo-Jo comes barging in bringing some of her hoodlum friends with her. Jo-Jo demands food and drinks to be served to her friends. Sharon tells Michael and Lauren that she didn’t know what Noah and Eden were doing at the house. Adam tells Michael and Lauren that he had found Noah and Eden in Noah’s bedroom. Nick and Phyllis doesn’t like the idea that Noah and Eden are sexually active. Michael tells Sharon that he will help her with the deductible for the homeowners. Nick thanks Adam for saving Noah’s life. Sharon and Adam agree to live with Ashley. Michael and Eden are having a shouting match when they arrive home and find Gloria there. Michael demands to know what Gloria is doing here. Lauren tells Gloria that Eden had burned down Sharon’s house. Tucker calls Margaret and seals the deal on the stock swap, but all they need now is Kay’s consent. Kay interrupts Jo-Jo ordering Esther around and tells Jo-Jo that she had crossed the line. Kay demands a DNA test from Jo-Jo which Jo-Jo refuses. Esther, Kay and Murphy come up with a plan to get Jo-Jo's DNA for testing. Murphy keeps Jo-Jo occupied while Esther goes through her things. Esther fails in her attempt, but Murph manages to get Jo-Jo's DNA on a glass which she had drank out of . Abby finds out that Eden had burned down Sharon’s house. Daisy admits to Ryder that she had burned down the house to get back at Eden for always being on her case. Ryder demands that Daisy let him stay with her, but Daisy refuses. Daisy gives in, finally and gives Ryder the keys to Fenmore’s so that he could stay the night there, but to be out before Lauren comes in to work the next morning. Nick visits Ashley and is surprised to see Sharon and Adam there . Dr. Taylor calls Ashley and wants to see the baby.

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