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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Colby have a run-in over Colby’s outfit that she plans on wearing to court. Adam intervenes and takes Annie’s part. Tad lets Liza know that Judge Robinson had been bought off by Adam. Ryan and Erica wake up in each other’s arms after a night of lovemaking. J.R. and Marissa meet with his doctor, who wants to get started immediately on his cancer treatments. Marissa looks through the mail and sees a travel brochure on Brazil. J.R. walks in and Marissa immediately hides the brochure. J.R. asks Marissa what had she been looking at. J.R. notices the travel brochure on Brazil. Opal visits Erica and immediately feels the presence of a man in the room. Erica denies that anything is going on between her and Ryan. Liza meets with Ryan about the custody case. Corinna brings Emma home from her sleepover. Emma asks Ryan if Liza is going to get her to talk to the judge. After talking to Adam, Colby has a change of heart and decides to change her clothes. Scott sees through Colby’s change of heart and wants to know what is going on.

At the courthouse, Adam and Annie find out from Judge Robinson that he has removed himself from the custody case. Annie worries as to what will happen with the new judge. Erica arrives to give Ryan moral support. The custody hearing begins with Ryan’s testimony. The next testimony is Annie’s. During Annie’s testimony, the judge tells them that she had heard enough and was ready to render her decision. J.R.’s doctor wants him to start the cancer treatments immediately, but J.R. insists that he wants to take Marissa on a honeymoon to Brazil. J.R. walks out on Marissa and his doctor. The doctor tells Marissa to back J.R. in what he wants to do. Outside in the hall, Tad tells Marissa to get tough with J.R. At home, J.R. is busily packing for the trip when Marissa comes home. Marissa tells J.R. that if he goes on this trip that she won’t be here when he gets back.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack, Carly and Parker are on their way with Sage to Detroit, much to Sage’s delight. Janet and Dusty spend time alone at the Metro. Janet pours out her heart to Dusty about Jack being with Carly, Sage and Parker. Liberty comes in with the good news that she had been accepted to college, but she needs help from Carly with her portfolio. Janet gives her permission for Liberty to go to Detroit to see Carly. After some very hurtful remarks from one of the other Mothers, Carly gets into the swing of things concerning the pageant. One of the contestants come on Parker. Liberty arrives just in time before Parker gets too involved with the girl. Janet goes back to the ranch to pack up her things to move out of the ranch. Dusty arrives at the ranch to help Janet move out . Craig tries to talk Carly into coming back to him, but Carly tells him that she loves Jack and is going back to him. Carly tells Craig to go back to Llanview. Before Craig leaves, Craig goes to talk to Jack and tell him how that Carly loves him and always will. Janet and Dusty move her things into a room at the Lakeview Hotel. Janet and Dusty start to kiss, but Janet pulls away. Dusty encourages Janet to fight for her marriage to Jack . Jack catches Carly breaking into one of the contestant’s hotel rooms. They quickly hide in the closet when they hear someone coming.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that nothing good is going to come from her walking out the door. Some day she will have to choose between her sisters and him. Nick cleans up the office after his dinner for Jackie and Owen. Sandy comes in, and he offers her a ride home since it is raining. She says she is actually feeling much better now after going to the police station. She will just grab a cab. Nick tells her that Baker is going to be working on this and she will get her life back. Katie barges in on Donna and Brooke at Brooke’s house. She cries that she walked out on her husband after defending them for the last hour. In a down pouring rain, Steffy shows up at the beach house. She’s glad Bill is alone. He asks if she is Forrester’s avenging angel. He says he likes to drink alone and he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. She claims that she is glad he is drinking; he will need it by time she is through with him. He tells her to leave, but she says she is not going anywhere. Katie rails at her sisters for what they attempted to do – to her job and to her marriage. They try to get her to calm down and not go back out on the roads in this weather. They beg her not to shut them out of her lives.

Bill gets a text from Katie that she is okay and is at Brooke’s. Steffy sees it too and points out just what this means. Their fight must have been a real doozy. He continues to drink – this time straight from the bottle. Sandy has a new attitude and says she has new hope that they will find this bastard. Baker arrives at the office and says the DNA did not help them find the guy but, she has his word they will not stop. Nick tells her the guy did not get away with this and for her not to slip back into that dark place. One day she will be able to open up her heart. Katie tells Brooke that she should not have come. She needs to go home. They try to convince her otherwise. She says she just feels completely beat up inside and doesn’t know who she can trust. They point out that she has had too much wine and it is raining too hard so she should not be driving. Steffy tells Bill that he should just give up the company because he won. He brought them to their knees. This is ruining the company and his marriage. She says she has watched the Logans her whole life; they always stick together. He better get out before they hurt him. Katie walked out on him; that was a choice. He mumbles something about it not being the first time….he knows what it is like feeling like you grew up without a father. He hands her her raincoat and tells her to leave. The lights go out. He tells her that Katie will be home any minute, and he does not want her to find Steffy there. He checks his messages and the one from Katie is that she is spending the night with Brooke…..he doesn’t see the part where she says she loves him. He looks at Steffy, she looks at him and says this is not right with Katie leaving him so soon after their wedding. They both rush to kiss each other. Once…..then she pulls away, but ends up kissing him again, then rushes out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Justin argue over Hope. Vivian taunts Carly into admitting the truth about killing Lawrence while together in an elevator. After Vivian leaves, the elevator breaks down and a panicked Carly runs into Bo’s arms. Bo and Carly kiss. Will confronts Mia about Gabi’s advice to stop leading him on. Will decides to break up with Mia. EJ has made a deal with Anna to keep Sydney in exchange for what should have been Tony’s inheritance. Sami comes close to telling Rafe about the ransom note but changes her mind when EJ puts the decision to tell on her shoulders. Maggie discovers Mickey dead in their bedroom. Hope helps Maggie arrange to have Mickey’s body removed.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu tries in vain to escape from Franco’s shackles. Meanwhile, Lucky works with Dante/Dom to find her. Lucky reminds Dante/Dom that his “cover” will most likely be jeopardized but he (Dante/Dom) insists on finding Lulu. Dante/Dom finds some clues that may lead to Lulu’s location. Franco searches Jason for weapons then shows him a picture of Sam in her cell. Michael tells Sonny he “almost” called Lucky and confessed. Michael says he acted quickly and without thinking when he hit Claudia. Michael says what he did was “wrong.” Sonny advises Michael to leave the country with Jax and Carly. Sonny puts the blame on himself for Michael’s “situation” and says Michael can’t tell the truth. Steven questions Robin about Jason pulling a gun on Ronnie. Robin then tells Steven about Patrick and his “need for excellence.” Franco grills Jason about “killing.” Jason cooperates in order to save Sam and Lulu. He tells Franco about the car accident that damaged his brain and how it changed his life. Franco isn’t impressed and says Jason just takes “orders” instead of using his “gift.” Jason attacks Franco when the artist says “everyone” Jason loves can “burn in Hell.” Franco says Jason must “choose” who to “save” and tells him the locations of Lulu and Sam. He says both are in different locations, strapped to bombs that will go off at the same time. Sonny calls Alexis and tells her about Sam and Lulu. Kristina blames the situation on Sonny. Jason goes to save Sam and calls Dante/Dom and gives him Lulu’s location. Franco sits and talks to himself about his lack of emotions. He says he killed a man and “watched him die,” then turned killing into “art.” Dante/Dom and Jason race against the clock to reach Sam and Lulu. Jason reaches Sam’s location with only 12 seconds left on the clock.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After everybody has left Dorian alone in her home, she gets a visit from Mel. She asks him what she is supposed to do now that Mitch has threatened her and owns her. He encourages her not to be afraid of Mitch nor believe she needs to protect her family. And she seems to have confidence. Blair takes the family to Todd's. He is alone and lost in thought about Tea and Dani. Blair encourages him to know that they will come back to him. Tea takes Dani to Tahiti. Dani misses Ross. And Tea misses Todd. Mitch and the nurse are ready to inject Stacy, take her baby and kidnap them. Rex is meanwhile homeless after agreeing to let Gigi live in the carriage house with the condition that she cannot have Schuyler over. Rex catches Mitch threatening Stacy and what he believes is "his" baby. He agrees to move back in with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Amber cannot believe their ears that the person who had murdered Elkins was a woman. Michael warns Amber not to go off on her own and do anything stupid . Amber agrees. Jana tells Kevin that she never sees him anymore since he went to work for Chandler. Kevin reminds her of all the extra money they will have because of the extra work. Ryder asks Kevin about Tucker and what he is like and what work he does for Tucker, but Kevin refuses to tell him anything. Ashley, Adam and Sharon arrive home to see smoke coming out from under the door. Sharon sees Noah’s car and knows he is inside. Adam hurries inside to find Noah and brings him out safely. Ashley calls for help while Adam goes back inside to find Eden. Ashley finds it hard to keep Sharon from going inside the house. Daisy comes into Crimson Lights. Ryder tells her that he got a text from their mother. Michael begins to ask about the woman in the alley, but Kevin refuses to tell them anything . Kevin puts Ryder out of Crimson Lights as well as his and Jana’s home for not cooperating with Michael . Adam and Ashley take the dog to the vet while Sharon goes with Noah and Eden to the hospital. Nick and Phyllis are finishing up their chili dogs when Nick gets a business call and has to take care of it instead of Adam. Nick gets a call about Noah. Ashley asks Adam to move back into the ranch. Daniel agrees to help Amber find Little D.

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