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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee asks David to tell her the truth about Kendall. Amanda tells Jake that if he keeps on attacking David, she doesn’t know how they can go on. Jake thinks David is working her, but she doesn't agree. Opal interrupts Ryan and Erica’s kissing long enough to break the mood. Finding it hard to get back to where they were, Ryan leaves. David lies to Greenlee about the happenings of the last year, assuring her that her father is still with Erica and Ryan is lonely, just taking care of his kids. Eager to get back to her loved ones and pick up where she left off, Greenlee wants the surgery done now. Amanda wants to do what is best for Trevor, but Jake insists that David is not dying. Bailey goes to Liza for help with her boyfriend, Damon, who is in jail for assault. While Liza goes to bail Damon out, Tad gets Bailey to admit that she made Liza’s life miserable by taking Stuart from her. David meets with Dr. Clayton and Gayle, because he wants them to lie to Greenlee about her family in Pine Valley, so that she retains her will to get better and return to them. Dr. Clayton sees Greenlee and admires her fighting spirit. Tad apologizes to Bailey for his remarks. Bailey owns up to Tad that she misses talking with Liza. When David informs Amanda that he's going for treatment to Malaysia, she offers to go with him, but he thinks it's too dangerous and says goodbye.

Liza comes home with Damon who immediately wants to leave. Liza asks to hold Stuart. With Tad's prompting, Bailey confesses that she misses Liza. Jake borrows a bag of Tad's for his trip and informs Krystal about Amanda's ultimatum. He insists he has to go to Gloucester to save his marriage. Upon hearing the news, Opal tries to get Jake to stay put, but he refuses. Jake just starts toward the door when Amanda comes in with Trevor. Amanda informs Jake that David is on his way to Malaysia and that he might not be returning. After Damon and Bailey leave with Stuart, Tad apologizes to Liza for what happened between her and Bailey. On an airplane, David asks the pilot if he filed a flight plan for Malaysia, but he asks to make a detour to Gloucester, Mass. Meanwhile, Greenlee dreams of being reunited with Ryan while he and Erica finally make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara tries to see if Paul would forgive James if he were alive but Paul is happy that James is dead and he doesn't have to even consider forgiving him. Barbara tells Paul that she wants him to be whole and happy because he owes that to Eliza that is why he should forgive James even if he is dead. Paul tells Barbara this talk with her has persuaded him to forgive Emily because he doesn't want to treat Emily like James treated women. Paul tells Barbara he has to go so he won't be able to have lunch with her and Mick.

Mick tells Alison that he had to defend her when Dr. Kantor treated her badly because he can't stand to see someone he cares about treated unfairly by anyone. Alison asks Mick not to help her anymore because all he did was make her working relationship with Dr. Kantor worse. Mick admits that he did get out of control but sometimes he feels like he looks at life with two points of view the controlled ,logical, research side of him and the other side that functions purely on his instincts. Alison tells Mick she can call him anytime he feels he can't handle his inner conflicts and they can talk. Alison asks Barbara if she has ever felt that Mick isn't acting like himself. Barbara gets jealous when she finds out Mick is friends with Alison and they argue because Alison thinks Barbara is acting like a jealous lover.

Emily is suspicious when she finds an envelope that belongs to Mick with pictures of Paul as a child she confronts Mick about it and he admits to her he isn't who he claims to be but Paul isn't ready to know the truth yet. Emily threatens to go to Paul with her suspicions and Mick shines a blue light in Emily's eyes and she passes out. Paul finds Emily passed out at Fairwinds and rushes her to the hospital. Mick watches Paul arrive at the hospital with Emily and he gets another nosebleed.

Janet feels guilty about sleeping with Dusty and confesses everything to her priest who advises her to forgive herself before she decides what to do about her marriage. Janet can't forgive herself and doesn't understand why Dusty doesn't think they did anything wrong. Carly thinks that Jack should move out of the house because she and the kids are getting to comfortable having him there. Jack is upset at first but Later realizes Carly is right when Sage tells them she has gotten into the semifinals of the Miss Snowflake America pageant and the rules say that her parents must accompany her to Detroit. Carly and Jack say no and Jack goes to mend things with Janet and get his life back. Janet tells Jack she wants an annulment because she will always come in second to Carly. Jack tells Janet the he is moving out of Carly's and into the Lakeview and pleads with her to wait on the annulment and try to work on their marriage. Janet agrees until Jack gets a call from Carly and he agrees to go talk to Sage because she is upset about not going to the pageant. Carly and Jack see that Sage has her heart set on the pageant so Jack, Carly, Sage , and Parker decide to go on a family road trip to Detroit.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Ridge standing there with smug written all over his face, Bill tells the group that they have no idea what he is going to say or do. He tells them they are all the little con artists. Ridge replies they did what had to be done. Bill taunts by telling Ridge that he grew up collecting millions by designing pretty little dresses, but he doubts the unemployed masses out there will feel sorry for him. He tells them to get over this fantasy that the company will ever be theirs again. He rebukes Eric’s retort about building the company by saying that Caesar also built an empire and look how that turned out. He owns the company now and they work for him. Sternly he reminds them that he and Katie are in charge and the Forresters will do their job and do it well and collect their paychecks. If not, they can quit. He cuts Katie off every time she tries to talk and soothe things over. He adds insult to injury when he says their kind is a dime a dozen in this town and he’d be happy to replace them. But if they quit, of course with their clause they can’t work anyplace else in the fashion industry. He opines that he hears they are hiring at the mall. Why don’t they take that leap of faith. He DARES them. He goes on by saying that they should be thanking him. He saved their sorry butts. They would have been the ones looking like fools, not Bill. He doesn’t like Donna’s tone and questions how she can stand there looking so high and mighty. He says at least Eric did build the company and worked there. But the Logan sisters did nothing but sleep with every man in the company to get to the top. He sneers by calling them a paragon of virtue and exclaims how they schemed against their sister, even lying to their own husbands. Katie wanted to be married in their old neighborhood so she could prove what values she had and how special her family was. But he sees them now as just sick and pathetic. Katie bristles when he calls the sisters tramps.

Over at Jackie M, Bridget and Nick set an elaborate dining table to treat Jackie and Owen, complete with a surprise. They give them all the credit for turning them on to the surrogacy program and they shower Owen with gag gifts for Grandpa Six Pack. Brooke says they have heard enough. Okay their little trick didn’t work. Eric and Ridge both say that Bill can not talk about their wives like that. Bill makes it worse when he says he is surprised that Brooke held back and didn’t take her clothes off. He ignores Katie’s pleas to not do this any more. He tells them he gets to see them suffer now because he owns them. He starts to leave and calls out Katie’s name for her to follow and she does. The tension in the room is unbearable; Ridge wants to strangle Bill. He still feels there is some way to get the company back. And Steffy is sick and tired of the sisters sticking up for Katie. Things have changed from when she was growing up. She now is a back-stabbing egomaniac. Tempers flare and she too accuses Brooke for sleeping with her father and grandfather and she accuses Donna of disgusting things with the honey and Eric. She blames all of them for kicking her grandmother to the curb and that’s when they lost their moral center. She claims the Logans will not walk out and leave their rich husbands. But also do not blame Bill Spencer; just blame themselves. At the beach house, Katie confronts Bill. She got the silent treatment on the way home, but now she wants to talk. He starts on the same old same old of how her sisters threw her under the bus and he was trying to treat them like his family. They shout at each other. He wants to make it perfectly clear to Katie that he does not want to take anything back and wants nothing to do with any of those people outside of their working for him. And for her to stand there and defend them is like a knife in his back. She needs to shut up and listen. She needs to see them for who they really are and she is unwilling to do that. She rails at him that he can not call them tramps and think that is all right with her. She cries that they are her sisters and everything is not black and white. He says that gives them no right to walk all over her. Simply, the wanted the company so they were willing to sacrifice Katie in the process. They were willing to embarrass her in front of the entire world. Her blind devotion to those women is so frustrating to him. Katie grabs her coat and purse and says she is going for a drive. He commands her not to leave; do not walk out on him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Much to Sami’s chagrin, Nicole is only sentenced to twenty years in prison. Arianna is unhappy because Brady’s testimony, and the two get into an argument. Chloe and Brady both say goodbye to Nicole later, and she insists that Brady not call or write her, as she needs to let him go, though he will never be far from her thoughts. Meanwhile, Arianna vows not to let Nicole usurp her in Brady’s heart. Mia tells Gabi that she and Chad are soul mates, but Gabi catches her kissing Will later and confronts her about it, accusing her of leading Will on. Will overhears. Maggie prepares to leave for her cruise vacation with Mickey. Rafe becomes suspicious when he overhears Sami and EJ arguing about the ransom note. EJ shows up at Anna’s hideout, surprising her as she is on her way out with Sydney.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Franco shows Sonny the picture of Michael sitting next to Claudia’s body. Carly gets the kids ready for the Australia trip, in spite of Sonny’s objection. Michael blames the entire Franco mess on Jason being weak. Carly sets Michael straight and tells him Franco witnessed Claudia’s murder and later stole the body. Lulu tries to break free while Dante/Dom worries Franco has her captive. Lucky puts the blame on Nikolas and tells Elizabeth he heard Nik confess his love for her. Lucky says he walked away after hearing Nik’s confession. Lucky is angry with Nik for making Liz uncomfortable. Liz asks Lucky if he can “forget” what Nik said and not “confront” his brother. Liz later tells Nik what Lucky overheard and asks him to do whatever it takes to “make things right with Lucky.” Franco tells Sonny he wants another meeting with a solo, unarmed Jason. Sonny calls Jason and fills him in. Lisa wonders if Patrick misses his past. Jason finds evidence of Franco’s explosives. Dante/Dom tells Jason his suspicion about Lulu then he calls Lucky. Michael tells Carly he thinks of himself as “a killer” and she does her best to talk him into accepting her help. Michael says he dreams about Claudia’s murder. Michael breaks down and says he was trying to “help” Carly, not kill Claudia. Jason tells Sonny he has to go along with Franco’s request in order to save Sam and Lulu. Sonny disagrees but Jason says he must play by Franco’s rules. Sonny wants Franco taken care of. Sonny later goes and tells Carly he’s changed his mind and she needs to take the boys out of the country. Maxie tells Spinelli it’s her fault that Franco took Lulu. Jason tracks Franco down and the artist prepares to “search” him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian shocks everybody by appointing former Mayor Stanley Lowell as the new police commissioner. Everybody is shocked as Lowell engineered the drug trafficking in Llanview, almost got Starr and Cole and baby Hope killed and went to prison. And they appear to know that Mitch might be behind this. Right then, the mysterious nurse working for Mitch finds Stacy and attempts to inject her and knock her out so that they she and Mitch can take "Rex's" baby. Stacy appears to be afraid. Rex asks Elijah to represent him to get full custody of his son. Elijah warns him he might have a hard fight ahead of him and nobody will win, remembering what happened to Ross in a custody battle. Blair, Starr, Addie and Langston all leave Dorian's house telling her they are not safe with Stanley Lowell near them. Charlie reaches out to Natalie when they both grieve over Jared.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Michael reprimands Lauren for skipping breakfast, then informs her that he finally tracked down Heather. Lauren tells Michael that Daniel must be frantic with worry waiting for news about the results of the things that they found in the duffel bag. Daisy tells Eden and Noah that she hadn’t been seeing much of them since she spent Christmas with Eden and her family. Noah invites Daisy to go to a movie with him and Eden. Daniel tells Amber to calm down as they await Deacon to be brought out. Sid finally comes out and tells them they have four minutes with Deacon. Amber asks Deacon where Little D is, but he is reluctant to tell her. Jack and Emily prepare to fill out the wedding questionnaire, because he promised Chloe. Sharon arrives home and finds Adam already there. Ashley visits and brings them a wedding gift of a picture of their wedding .Ashley invites them out to eat where they run into Jack and Emily and Nick and Phyllis. Sharon causes a scene by telling Jack exactly what she thinks of him and his recent engagement. Deacon tells Amber to forget about Little D because he is with her mother. Michael gets the results from the tests back from the duffel bag. Michael tells Daniel that he will not be indicted for a long time because the other person in the alley was a woman.

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