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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake meets Tad at ConFusion where Tad is enjoying a salad. Tad doesn’t believe David’s story as to why he is in Gloucester. Liza joins them and serves Tad with a restraining order to stay away from the bar in Gloucester. Amanda takes Trevor for an exam at the hospital and joins Angie. David also joins them. Erica sits alone in her hotel room when Opal comes to ask if she's seen the documentary on Pine Valley. Ryan stares at a blank television when Emma comes downstairs with Corinna. Emma asks Ryan if he is going to watch the documentary. In Gloucester, Gayle comes in to check on Greenlee. Greenlee tells Gayle that she has to get home. Greenlee clinches her fist as she imagines how it would be if she were home. Erica panics as to what Ryan might have said on the documentary. Erica receives another copy of the documentary that Hayley did of Pine Valley. David asks Angie if read the gift that he gave her. Amanda tells David that she knew that he had lied to her about having patients to see at the hospital and instead had gone to Gloucester.

Tad reprimands Jake for wanting to go to Gloucester without telling Amanda. Jake gets up to go back to work and sees Amanda and Trevor. Jake asks her how long she had been standing there. Amanda answers, “Long enough.” Madison and Angie discuss Madison’s mom. Erica finally gives in and agrees to watch the DVD. Opal is thrilled, but Erica insists that she wants to watch it alone. Ryan visits with DVD in hand and suggests that they watch it together. David meets with Dr. Clayton and tells him about Greenlee. Greenlee dreams of her family and friends back in Pine Valley. Erica and Ryan watch the DVD. Liza lets Madison know that her father had gotten jail time, but would be out of jail within a year. Amanda and Jake discuss David and how Jake doesn’t believe that he is really sick. Amanda tells Jake that if her persists in accusing David then she doesn’t know how much longer they can go on. Greenlee meets with Dr. Clayton about her surgery. Ryan and Erica kiss. Liza and Tad kiss in his apartment.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison comes to visit Casey before work and is turned on when he comes out of the bedroom without a shirt on. They immediately start to kiss. Barbara opens the door and sees a beautiful bunch of roses whom Barbara thinks are from Henry. Mickey join Barbara and asks her how does she like the flowers. When Barbara finds out the flowers are from Mickey, she tells him to take the flowers back . Paul arranges a time of sledding for Eliza. Emily comes into the room, and upon hearing they are going sledding, wants to join Paul and Eliza. Paul lets Emily know that she is not invited. Meg apologizes to Damian for her treatment of him, but when she is fully alone with Damian, she tells him that she will see him dead. At the hospital, Holden finds out from Lily that she thinks that she is pregnant and Damian doesn’t know yet. Holden offers to stay with Lily, but Lily refuses. Emily visits Barbara and finds Mickey there with her. Emily admires the beautiful roses and finds out that they are from Mickey. Emily demands to know what is going on between Barbara and Mickey. At the hospital, Alison has a run in with Dr. Kantor about a patient. Mickey overhears the conversation. Holden and Molly share a drink in a bar. Holden tells Molly to hold off on going to Kentucky. Molly plays a slow song on the jukebox and asks Holden to dance. Molly and Holden kiss.

Molly analyzes the kiss that Holden had given to her . They leave the bar together .Lily and Damian find out that she is not pregnant. Damian suggests a honeymoon. Emily confronts Barbara about ratting Meg out to the police. On the back steps, Mickey has a confrontation with Dr. Kantor of his treatment of Alison. In the Lakeview bar, Barbara looks at a pic of herself, James and Paul. Paul visits Meg and finds out that Meg has intentions of murdering Damian. Paul join Barbara in the Lakeview bar and sees the pic of James, Barbara and himself. Paul questions her as to where this had come from. Dr. Kantor apologizes to Alison. Alison helps Mickey once again when his nose is bleeding. Alison urges him to see a doctor. Emily steals a file from Mickey’s attaché case. Alison confronts Casey if he had had a run in with Dr. Kantor. Alison finds Mickey at the church and questions if it was him, who had approached Dr. Kantor .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie questions Brooke’s loyalty. She wants Brooke to tell her that she is not being sabotaged. These Dare designs are not going to be laughable and get her booted out as the CEO who brought the company down. Brooke explains that they tried to buy back FC, but Bill would not sell. Now Ridge and Eric can not work under these conditions. She admits the Dare line is going to be a failure. Katie declares that her own sister set her up. Ridge and Eric are upset that the meeting is lasting so long and Katie has demanded to see the mockups. She’s going to know the truth. Bill bumps into Steffy at lunch and she tells him not to flatter himself. She does not have a crush on him; she actually hated him and that’s what led to everything that happened with the kiss.

Brooke asks Katie not to tell Bill. He will only come down on all of them and Katie will have to live with it. She admits she is sorry for hurting Katie. Katie thinks it is a strange sort of protection, and there will be repercussions from what the Forrester’s are doing. Brooke thinks it will be best if Katie stays quiet for right now, and someday she will be able to forgive her. Katie is hesitant, but when Bill returns she tells him; their suspicions are true. The Dare line has been set up for the company to fail. Brooke returns and faces Ridge and Eric by telling them that Katie knows the whole truth. Bill laughs. He says the Forrester’s were fools and worse yet even traitors. It was bad enough what they did to him, but worse yet because they did it to their sister. He demands for her to gather them all back in the office for a meeting. Madison comes in and tells the Forrester’s that Bill wants to see them all immediately. He tells Katie that he has his doubts about the line, but he agreed to it because it was now HIS family. Katie begs that he let her be in charge. He will ruffle their feathers even more. Ridge tells Bill that he can save his speech. They know what he is going to say. Bill assures them that they have no idea what he is going to say…..or do.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady foils the attempt against Arianna’s life by showing up at the pub just in time. Troy then tells the hit man to kill both Arianna and Brady. Nicole’s sentencing gets underway, and Mia, Chad, Sami, and EJ all testify against Nicole. Brady ends up showing up to speak on her behalf. Nicole finishes, and breaks down on the stand, asking for the harshest possible punishment. The judge seems impressed by her remorse, but EJ and Sami interrupt him to declare that Nicole is lying. They’re shocked when the judge turns the tables on them by reminding EJ of his criminal activities, and reminding Sami that she isn’t blameless in this whole thing since she lied about the paternity of her child to begin with. The judge then prepares to sentence Nicole. Mia, jealous of Gabi, has her come to the hearing to find out about her and Chad’s baby. Much to Mia’s delight, Gabi confronts Chad later, angry that he didn’t tell her about Grace before he asked her out. Melanie fantasizes about Nathan, but tells Philip that she wants to take an extended honeymoon in Europe to show him all the places where she used to cheat men out of money. Philip agrees to this. Nathan apologizes to Stephanie for his behavior, claiming that Melanie is out of his system for good. Stephanie tells Philip as much later, while Melanie informs Nathan that she is dropping out of nursing school.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny wants the boys to stay with him while Jax and Carly take the baby and head out of the country. Michael says Morgan should go along with Jax and Carly. Lucky over hears Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss their affair. Lucky says nothing when he sees Nik and Liz a few moments later. Lucky later visits Liz at home and admits he overheard her chat with Nik. Jason forces some information about Franco out of Ronnie. Lisa sees Jason holding a gun on Ronnie but Robin helps diffuse the situation. Patrick explains Robin’s past with Jason to Lisa. Dante/Dom finds Maxie at Franco’s loft. He also finds “specs” for a bomb there. Spinelli finds a possible location for Franco thanks to Ronnie’s information. Jason heads to the warehouse and finds a red case but no Franco. Olivia warns Maxie to stay away from Franco. Max and Milo find Franco “tagging” the window at Sonny’s office. Franco is brought before Sonny. The artist remains smug when Sonny warns him about threatening Michael. Dante/Dom worries when Maxie says she can’t find Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu is strapped to a chair in an undisclosed location and she has a bomb at her feet.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Markko tells Cole that he is going to work out to build up his muscles. Cole thinks Markko feels threatened by Ford. Ford meets Cristian and Layla when he hits on Layla at the gym. Cole sees Ford and Cristian comparing their huge biceps and tells Markko he has his work cut out for him. Markko asks Ford what he thought about his film. Ford says it is good, but the story about Dorian Lord's election isn’t believable. Markko tells him that everything is true; he filmed footage of actual events. Ford tells him that it still lacks point of view, but he will teach him. Meanwhile Langston has writer's block while trying to write a musical for school and Starr thinks Langston has her mind on Ford. Langston wants to write Starr and Cole's story but Starr objects.

Tea goes to Todd’s house to tell him that she and Dani are returning to Tahiti so Dani can mourn Ross and heal from the loss. Todd admits to Tea that he doesn't hate her; he has missed her. He asks her to stay the night with him before she leaves Llanview with Dani. They admit their love for each other and promise to wait for each other. Meanwhile Blair and Eli have sex to take their minds off Tea and Todd. Destiny and Shaun work out to get their minds off Matthew and Rachel. Dani kisses Matthew goodbye and admits that she has never kissed a boy before.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Murphy mentions to Kay that she was awfully quiet when she came home last night. Kay vows to get to know Jo-Jo better. Esther complains as to how Jo-Jo had asked her to do her laundry and how that Esther had found a gun and knife in her duffel bag. Jo-Jo comes in and asks for breakfast. Jill humps into Cane at Crimson Lights and tells him about Jo-Jo. Tucker tells J.T. that everyone of these proposals would be good for Chandler Industries. Neil walks in and tells J.T. that he didn’t’ know that he was so involved in Tucker business. At the police station, Nina tells Chance that she doesn’t understand why he can’t leave. Chance asks Chloe for help in proving his innocence. Sid takes Chloe’s statement and then takes Chance’s statement. Billy visits Lily and tells her that he is glad that she is out of the hospital. Malcolm also visits Lily. At home, Sharon tells Adam that she doesn’t want Noah walking in on them. Adam lets Sharon know that Noah had left the house a while ago. Nick tells Victoria to read over the papers before she leaves for Dubai. Neil meets up with Sharon. Neil lets Sharon know that Malcolm is back in town. Sharon and Neil discuss Malcolm being Lily’s father . Sharon tells Neil that she and Adam were married. Victoria visits Billy and tells him that she is going out of town on business. Neil also drops by to see Lily and finds Malcolm there . Malcolm tells Neil that he is taking a job in town and had decided to stay. Cane finds out that Billy offered Lily a job at “Restless Style.” Chance gets suspended with pay. Chance feels that someone is targeting him and wants to know why. Nick, in his statement to the press, congratulates Sharon and Adam on their marriage. Kay demands a DNA test to prove Jo-Jo is her daughter.

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