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AMC Recap Written by Mary

This episode of AMC marked its 40th anniversary with quite a few of the stars coming back for special appearances. This episode was based on a documentary hosted by Hayley which celebrates Pine Valley being named the “Best Town in America.” This episode contained special appearances by the actors and actresses, who portrayed Maria Santos Gray, Palmer Cortlandt, Opal Cortlandt, Brooke English, Zach and Kendall Slater, Bianca Montgomery, Jackson Montgomery, Erica Kane, Annie Lavery Chandler, Adam Chandler, David Hayward, Jake Martin, Tad Martin, Joe and Ruth Martin among others.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Holden and Molly go to visit Meg, but Holden begins to have second thoughts that Molly had come with him. Lily tells Noah that they want to support his decisions. Noah mentions a Dr. Reed Oliver, who is going to help him get his eyesight back. Lucinda recognizes the name and knows that Dr. Oliver is very good. Katie wakes up and sees Henry and Simon asleep on her sofa. Holden and Molly visit Meg and can’t get over the change in her condition, but molly feels that something is not quite right about the situation. A nurse brings in Meg’s medication and Meg pretends to take it, but when the nurse leaves, Meg spits it out .Lily reminds Lucinda of the lunch date they have. Lily worries that she is pregnant. Luke starts to kiss Noah, but Noah pulls away. Holden notices a look in Molly’s eyes and knows that Molly doesn’t’ believe that Meg is doing as good as she claims. Katie balks at the idea of getting involved with someone so soon after Brads’ death. Katie mentions a new idea for a TV show to Henry which is aimed at Mothers with children. Clarissa arrives to help Simon at the diner. Meg meets with Dr. Wilson. Molly wants to go to Kentucky to meet with Grady. Lucinda gives Molly a helpful piece of advice that Holden and Lily will get back together . Simon and Katie eat dinner together . At the hospital, Holden finds out that Lily may be pregnant. Damian visits Meg and she reveals that she is only telling Dr. Wilson what he wants to hear so that she can get out of here .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke and Steffy that these new designs are still very risky. The Milan showing is just a few days away and no one should get a leak of this. Brooke feels badly since her position with her sister is built on trust. Katie tells Jarrett that they have never previewed their collection, but this is a change. She wants his honest, objective opinion. He can’t believe what he is seeing; that Eric and Ridge designed this! Marcus tells Ridge and Brooke that he delivered the designs to Katie. He hopes he did nothing wrong. Ridge says no, but it means that Katie still may have some doubts. Katie asks Jarrett if the designs are as bad as she thinks. He says it is worse. That does it; she is sure they are trying to sabotage their own collection. He doesn’t believe her sisters would knowingly deceive her, so it must mean that Eric thinks these are great designs, a new future. Nick tells Sandy that she will get her justice. He will see to it. She says all those backlogs are unacceptable; something has to be done. She gives credit to Nick. Without him, she would still be clueless. Now she has some hope and she can never thank him enough for that. Nick is upbeat. He tells Sandy with some luck the DNA results will come back and they will find her sicko. He tells her that he’d like to tell Bridget. It doesn’t feel right to keep all of this from her. She gets him to hold off for now until they do or do not get the results. Bridget pops in and thinks Sandy and Nick were pretty intense and then Sandy just ran off. He tells her to stop worrying; something very positive is happening.

Katie calls Brooke and tells her to drop everything and come to her office. Ridge knows what this means and asks Brooke how she is going to handle this. Ridge puts himself to blame. He doesn’t want the sisters to be torn apart; no collection is worth that. Katie confronts Brooke and tells her that family is more important to her; she even asked Bill to give the company back to the Forrester’s. But after they did not want Bill around for the holidays, she realizes just how far that rift is. She needed another opinion for Eric and Ridge’s designs. Steffy is sure that Katie won’t guilt trip Brooke and get her to say more than she should. Katie gives Brooke a pretty stern preaching that Bill did nothing wrong. He paid top dollar for the company and that might hurt Eric and Ridge, but he did nothing wrong. She is going to ask Brooke one more time for the truth. She wants to know if the DARE line is legitimate. She wants to know that they all, especially Brooke and Donna, are being honest or are they betraying her. Is this a joke with her as the punch line?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo confronts Hope about kissing Justin, and they both admit that they don’t see how to work things out between them. Maggie later advises Bo to do whatever it takes to get Hope back. Sami and EJ receive another note from the kidnapper, and Sami later speaks to Anna, though her voice is distorted. She demands five million dollars in cash, and warns Sami not to tell anyone about this, especially her boyfriend. Later, EJ tries to gather the money as Sami considers telling Rafe the truth. Troy hires a man to kill Arianna and make it look like a robbery. Brady worries about Arianna’s well-being and warns her to keep the doors at the pub locked when she is alone.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky catches Sonny looking at a case file. Sonny notices Dante/Dom’s phone number on Lucky’s desk. Dante/Dom explains himself by saying he was invited to Lucky’s home at Christmas. Sonny also questions why Dante/Dom was at the PCPD “three times” lately. Dante/Dom brushes Sonny’s questions off and says he was there merely to “answer questions about Claudia’s death.” Sonny fills Dante/Dom in on Lulu’s childhood and says she’s “fragile.” Jason goes after Franco after he (Jason) unties Carly. Franco gets away and Carly hurries and calls Jax to check on the baby. Jason gets Carly home safely, and then goes to check out the nursery. Jason fills Lucky in on what he knows about Franco’s “game.” Lucky wonders who Franco will snatch next and worries for Elizabeth. Jax plans to take the family to Australia as soon as possible and Carly agrees. Michael calls Sonny and fills him in on the trip out of the country. Dante/Dom grills Ronnie on his connection to Franco but Ronnie admits nothing. Nikolas and Steven disagree on hospital business. The two have a tense discussion about Elizabeth. Lulu and Maxie discuss Sam’s kidnapping by Franco. Maxie fills Lulu in on Franco’s obsession with Jason. Maxie calls Mac and asks him some hypothetical questions about getting a search warrant then she heads over to Franco’s loft. Lucky catches Nik and Liz in the middle of a heated discussion. Dante/Dom catches Maxie at the loft. Carly tells Jax that Franco knows the truth about Claudia’s murder. Jax says the whole situation was handled badly by Jason. Sonny arrives at Carly’s house and says he wants the boys to stay with him. Jason pays Ronnie a visit in the hospital and demands information about Franco. Franco heads to Crimson looking for Maxie but he finds Lulu instead. Franco says that since Maxie isn’t there, Lulu will have to “do.” When Lulu tries to call for help, Franco grabs her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian takes the evidence that Mitch gave her to bring charges against Bo and get him fired. Natalie and John defend Bo. Each takes the rap for stabbing Mitch. Dorian tells them all that as mayor, she's going to clean house, Yet, she privately tells Mitch that she will no longer do his dirty work for him. Mitch is confident that Rex will get rid of Gigi and also wants to prevent Jessica from marrying or having kids with Brody. He tells them he wants to "guide" his children and keep his blood line pure. Gigi admits that she is done with Rex and wants to be with Schuyler. Matthew is happily with Dani. But she announces that her mother is going to make her move again. And it's just as well since she doesn't want to live in the same town as the man who killed her "father". Yet, it appears Todd and Tea can't live without each other. Blair and Elijah appear to be hooking up at the same time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay thanks Jill for finding her daughter as Jill accompanies Kay to find her daughter. Paul tells Nina that he had uncovered some things about Joanne Glover that he thinks that Kay should know. Nina tells Paul that he is too late that Kay and Jill are already gone. Paul tells Murphy that Kay’s daughter could spell trouble for Kay. Heather is surprised to hear that Adam had married Sharon. Jack visits Sharon and asks her to tell him that it isn’t so that she had married Adam. Sharon affirms that she had married Adam. Chloe can’t believe that Chance would go and see Riggs without calling for backup. Chloe asks Mac to watch Delia for awhile. Mac agrees. Billy arrives to take Delia for the evening, but soon changes his mind when Delia has a fever. Chance meets with Riggs, who asks Chance for help in getting him out of here. Jill and Kay meet up with Jo-Jo (JoAnne). Mac takes Delia's temperature and finds that she has a low grade fever. Chance calls for help, but gets knocked out. Chloe calls for Chance and finds him just waking up. Chloe finds his radio and calls for help. Paul and Nina fill Murph in on JoAnne’s rap sheet. Kay asks Jo-Jo if she is JoAnne Glover. Jo-Jo affirms that she is . Kay also asks when Jo-Jo's birthday is . Kay lets Jo-Jo know that she is her mother. Chance gets examined and needs to be taken to the emergency room. Sid questions Chance as to what had gone down with Riggs. Mac and Billy stay with Delia until her fever breaks. Paul lashes out at jack for being engaged to Emily. Chance gets arrested for being in possession of drugs. Kay asks Jo-Jo to go home with her and Jill. Jo-Jo agrees.

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