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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee wakes up and asks for Ryan. David tells her that Ryan believes that she is dead. Adam reprimands his guards for letting a helicopter land on his property. Hayley and Mateo come home for a visit and to do a documentary on Pine Valley which had just been named the “Best Town in America.” Liza and Mr. Beardsley walk into the courtroom. Mr. Beardsley tells Liza about the threat that Madison had made against him. The hearing begins with the judge asking Mr. Beardsley how did he plea. Madison walks into the courtroom carrying an attaché case with a file in it which she holds up and shows her father . Mr. Beardsley pleads guilty to all charges against him and tells the judge that he will get help. Greenlee tries to get up, but notices something wrong with her legs. David proceeds to tell her about a surgery that she was in need of. Adam and Annie are remarried. Hayley intercepts a glance that Ryan gives Erica and asks Ryan are he and Erica dating. David gives Greenlee a cell phone and tells her to call Ryan to discuss with him. Ryan takes Emma home despite Annie’s wishes. Hayley and Adam have a heart to heart talk about what had been happening.

Once at home, Ryan and Erica cuddle while looking at the full moon. Annie and Hayley have a run in. Angie questions Madison as to how she had gotten her father to back down. Frankie gives Madison some kind words of comfort. At home, Angie promises Madison that she will have people to help her through the rough times. Greenlee tells David to call the doctor for her surgery. Greenlee makes David promise that if she dies during surgery that he will not tell anyone in Pine Valley that she had even survived.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Jack get close, as they ring in the New Year, but Carly pulls back reminding Jack that he is married and that he needs to tend to fixing it. Soon after, Carly, Craig and Jack are rescued, but there is only enough room for two people to go into town so Carly offers to stay behind with Craig much to Jack’s chagrin. A horrified Janet awakens naked in bed with Dusty and immediately is defensive and wants to get home. Dusty tries to convince her that she did nothing wrong, but Janet is very upset. Dusty thinks she is trying to convince herself she didn’t want this to happen when she really did. Katie tells Henry about her encounter and goodbye with Brad, as Henry tricks Katie into running into Simon while getting them some food. Katie learns Simon is working at Al’s and planning on staying in town. Katie doesn’t like the idea if it is about her. Simon wants to go legit. Katie is unsure at first, but then warms to the idea and heads home with Simon to have dinner with him and Henry. Katie, Simon and Henry enjoy some laughs, as they watch a Twilight Zone marathon. Katie feels a sense of happiness surrounded by Jacob, Henry and Simon. After Janet hurries off from Dusty, she runs into Jack in the lobby. Jack offers her words that she has wanted to hear for a very long time; he loves her, wants to make their marriage work and wants to come home. Janet is nervous and overwrought but is happy to hear those words. However she is gun shy, but Jack does his best to assuage her fears. Jack wants to stay at the Lakeview and celebrate a late New Years, but once Janet sees Dusty, she can’t get out of there fast enough. Craig wants to make amends with Carly, but she wants none of it. He thinks he can help her get past Jack again. Carly just wants to take him home and be done with him. At the farm, Jack tries to cuddle up to Janet, but she is different now; she is angry and telling Jack that it is too late for them. He can’t just recapture his life this easily; too much has happened. Jack doesn’t understand, but Janet doesn’t want to go back and she asks him to leave… her guilt overtaking her. Jack is shocked because he thought Janet was happy that they were reconciling, but he does as she asks and leaves. Janet tells Teresa that her marriage is over, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Teresa asks her if there is anything going on with her and Dusty. A sensitive Janet snaps that there is nothing between her and Dusty, but Janet is not happy when she hears Teresa may be getting interested in Dusty. Dusty recalls his night with Janet. Craig stares at a photograph of Carly promising he is not giving up on her yet. Jack shows up at Carly’s asking to spend the night on her couch again; he tells her sadly that Janet doesn’t want to reconcile, as Carly is in disbelief. Jack is sure his marriage has ended now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In an old police warehouse, Nick and Sandy go down through rows and rows of unopened evidence with DNA, clothes and fingernail samples. They can’t believe that it looks like this has been there for years and has not been opened or even touched. Lt. Baker admits that he too is shocked at the sheer number, but sometimes these sorts of things do fall through the cracks. Baker says he works for them, the public and he is ashamed of the way they have been treated and neglected. Brooke catches Whip going through some papers on Nick’s desk. She’s actually there to see him as she wants to ask about Sandy….err Agnes. And she finds it more than just coincidence that he just happens to be back in her life again and now with her daughter and is Agnes’s cousin. Bridget has lunch with Stephanie and wants her more involved in her upcoming baby’s life. She brings up old animosities between her mother and Stephanie, Stephanie and her grandfather, but says that is all in the past.

Bridget tells Stephanie that she admires her and Stephanie will take that backhanded compliment. Bridget wants her children to grow up thinking of Stephanie as their grandmother. Whip tells Brooke that it is just a coincidence. Sandy has gone through something pretty dramatic in her life and it looks like now she is trying to turn the page. Baker explains that each case costs about $1000 to get DNA processed, so murders, kidnappings, children’s abuse always take precedence. Unfortunately it is a slow process. Sandy cries that why didn’t they tell her that there would be no justice. They did nothing for her because of lack of money. All of these innocent women were somebody’s mother, sister, daughter and they did nothing wrong. Now nothing is being done for them. Baker calls someone and tells them he wants to make this top priority. All start looking for Sandy’s case kit. A chill comes over her when she finds it. She leans on Nick’s shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Stephanie head down to the jail to bail out Nathan and Philip. Once alone, Nathan begs Melanie not to marry Philip. She vows that she loves Philip, and that she is doing what is best for her. Meanwhile, Philip tells Stephanie that Nathan is using her to get over Melanie. She subsequently decides not to bail Nathan out of jail. Victor throws Justin out of the mansion after he catches him kissing Hope. Hope threatens to move out if Victor doesn’t butt out of her and Bo’s business. Victor reluctantly agrees. Bo learns that Vivian wasn’t able to learn much from Carly’s records, thanks to a flood in the hospital, and Carly is relieved. Carly later learns that Justin was kicked out of the mansion and assumes Hope was involved. Vivian tells Bo about Hope and Justin kissing. Brady and Nicole talk about what may have happened between them if they had admitted their feelings when he first returned to Salem. He then begs Nicole to fight for her life at her upcoming trial, but she decides to plead guilty and throw herself on the mercy of the court.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly assures Michael that he’s a good and protective brother for Josslyn. Sam wakes up in a cell to find Franco photographing her. Lucky pretends to arrest Jason for Claudia’s murder in order to save Sam. He then sets Jason free due to insufficient evidence. Mac shares an arrest folder with Lucky on the graffiti artist (Franco) arrested by Dante/Dom a few years earlier. Sonny tells Dante/Dom to find Claudia’s body. When Michael hears that Jason was arrested for Claudia’s murder, he wants to confess but Sonny talks him out of it. Johnny is haunted by dreams of Claudia. Dante/Dom realizes that Ronnie talked him into letting Franco go a few years back. He plans to ask Ronnie what the story is. Carly finds Franco in Josslyn’s nursery. The artist then takes Carly to his studio, insisting she reports Michael as Claudia’s murderer. When Jax arrives home, he finds the baby unattended. Sam’s cell has a live bomb in it. Jason arrives at Franco’s studio and starts shooting when he hears the artist speak.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian fires Bo and tells Mitch he needs to leave her family alone since she did what he wanted. But he tells her it's not over and gives her more ammo to bring charges against Bo and more threats. Viki tells Dorian she suspects that Mitch is behind it and offers to help Dorian. But Dorian does not listen. Charlie is having serious problems and cannot stop drinking. Brody offers to help him but he feels hopeless. Viki tells him she won't give up on him. After finding out that Mitch is the father of Roxy's son, Kyle asks Roxy what is up with that. She does not want to answer. But he tells her he thinks she really needs to discuss it with somebody. Gigi and Schuyler sleep together. Shane comes by and tells them he knows what is going on and is angry. They know that there are always problems when they are together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Chloe and Chance discuss her being a nurse. Sid walks up to join them. Chance introduces Chloe as his girlfriend. Chance asks Sid if there is any leads on Riggs. Nick remembers Phyllis telling him that she hated him as he prepares her breakfast. Phyllis comes downstairs and immediately asks where Summer is. Adam brings Sharon home and is greeted at the door by Noah. Emily tells Paul that she will leave Jack a note just as Jack walks up and asks if everything is o.k. Jack asks Emily if Patty knows about their engagement. Jack tells Emily not to tell Patty. Emily tells Jack that she may have to postpone the wedding. An orderly checks on Patty when she screams. Chance goes to talk to Brian about the night that Riggs had gone missing. Jack calls Chloe for a meeting that he has a proposition for her . Sharon tells Noah that she and Adam had eloped. Adam tells Ashley that he and Sharon are married. Chloe asks Jack what is the proposal. Chloe tells Jack that Billy had fired her from “Restless Style.” Jack tells Chloe that he is getting married and asks her to help plan his wedding . Chloe readily accepts. Emily visits Patty and tells Patty that another doctor would be taking over her case. Patty is upset over this, at first, but agrees to try her best.

Ashley asks Adam if he and Sharon would move in with her and Abby. Adam hesitates, but tells Ashley that he will ask Sharon. Chance asks Heather to let him look through Riggs’ things, but Heather refuses. Jack visits Ashley and lets her know that he had asked Emily to marry him and she had agreed. Ashley tells Jack about Adam and Sharon’s marriage. Sid confronts Chance about Chance’s interfering in Riggs’ case. Chance gets a call from Riggs to meet him. Adam bumps into Heather and she notices the wedding band. Adam tells Heather that he and Sharon had gotten married.

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